Any chance for Van Buren? Ever?

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Maybe I choose my words wrong I was trying to be a bit funny. Probably either my bad skills in langauge or it just doesnt translate very well trough written text. Of course Fallout 1s writting never accomplish the level of Shakespare. But in many aspects it just definetly has a higher quality compared to F3. Its a fact by simple comparision. Compare either the Master with Eden, Seth with any Ghoul in Fallout 3 or just Harold from F1 with Harold from F3, Lynette with Moira or any character of F1/2 with 3-Dog and tell me with a straight face most of the Talking heads have not more meaningfull and better dialogues then the characters in Fallout 3.

    In F1 and F2 you have short, meaningless dumb dialogues with some characters and you have intelligent meaningfull ones. I dont say that the long answers you can give to a drug dealer in New Reno are "excelent", but it adds to the game. Its a difference sometimes. In Fallout 3 your "intelligence" answer just repeat the obvious, nothing really interesting. It never represents really what a egg head would say for example. Its in many parts cause of how the skills work in F3, 10 in intelligence has less of a meaning in F3 as it does in F1 or F2. And same to the other stats. YOu can have a 1 in strength and 1 in perception and still win the game rather easily. The system is more forgiving while it was not in F1 and F2. People sometimes say meaningfull role playing.

    Its just to easy to make a super fighting mix between Conan the Barbarian and Archimedes/Socrates in F3. And by playing a "Socrates the Barbarian" character hes also a mediocre one when it comes to dialogues. And to say that I am not even one that calls english as his native language and I never was really impressed by the "ingelligence" answers in F3. Talking now about a game like Plansecape for example which really does possess some issues for a person not well experienced in English language, well if you want to really understand everything.
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    I did a little experiment, I played Fallout 3, then I started playing Fallout 2, you're right, the dialogue is kinda bad compared to the other ones. I guess it's because I have been playing the first Fallout none stop then I started playing F3 only to realize I was wrong. I mean I still like Fallout 3 but now I can see where you guys are coming from.

    I read my posts, I feel like a damn idiot, but I guess I'm just bad at arguing.
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    how about this

    there is an open source ENGINE called FIFE on which open FO game is based

    FO New Vegas ?? developed by the old INTERPLAY team
    have no relation to FO3 placed in the same place as VAN BUREN here look:;topic=416667.0;attach=120473;image

    amd with van buren much of the plot and locations complete its possible
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    In regard to the above YouTube video: So, that's where the VATS targeted shot idea came from. *Watchs the body slowly fall to the ground*. You bastards . . . You [ruined it]! *Falls to knees and proceeds to punch the sand.* And the violence is "******' funny" and the . . . and the . . .
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