Batman: Arkham City

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    Yeah, the story was absolutely brilliant. Atmosphere, presentation, acting-wise, it's as good as Batman has ever got. It helps that it's so closely based on tAS. Gameplay wise City doesn't add much to Asylum, and the combat is still pretty repetitive, but man what a game. GotY easily.

    WelcomeTNR, you kinda missed the point...
    [spoiler:57ba5cd639]Asylum and City are one story, the story of Joker and the Titan plot. It wouldn't make sense to switch primary antagonists in one continuous story. Also, City was Hamill's swan song, his Joker is dead now. That deserves a huge sending off, which it got, extremely well-done[/spoiler:57ba5cd639]
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    I was surprised at how hard Paul Dini( the writer) worked to make the story believable... When I first heard of the game's concept I assumed I would have to use lots of suspension of disbelief but that was not the case as the backstory of the game was fleshed out quite nicely....

    [spoiler:148f2b85ce] Some people on other forums were complaining at how some of the villians were just thrown in but I disagree. Each villian had some place in the plot and I never felt that anyone was just there for filler aside from maybe the sidequests. Some people were also mad that Raz al Ghul was the big bad but he has to be otherwise it doesn't make sense why he would be in the city in the first he HAD to be the big bad to not make it seem like he was just thrown in there for the lulz [/spoiler:148f2b85ce]

    Yeah, I noticed the police blimp in the sky which reminded me of The Animated Series...

    Maybe but all the cool gadgets you get help break this. I see what you are saying though....

    I agree! :)
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    I think I'd struggle finding any things in video games that aren't repetitive. What matters most is if it's fun. And combat in both AA and AC is surely that to me. I was glad to do these combos over and over again, and will be again when I replay it some more. Gliding around map is also repetitive, yet somehow I didn't get tired of it.
    Didn't really care that much for the story, but the presentation and atmosphere is definitely top notch. Amazing art direction too. This game does so many things wonderfully there's no way it isn't GOTY.
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    Last week I finished both asylum and city. I think city could have been better but these are still two excellent games. My only gripes are that robin had only a tiny part in the story. I wanted to go roam the city as robin, because his redesigned costume is badass! I would love it if the next game had batman and robin coop. In fact I remember a rumour that this is exactly what rocksteady has planned.
  5. I'm glad to find someone out there who also thinks Robin is great. But then...
    Batman: Go tell people about tge Joker blood.
    Robin: But-
    Batman: Do it.
    Robin: Fine...

    Getting to play as him in challenge mode (I got a free code) is hardly a consolation. You should have the option to play as any character you have after completing the main story. Not just Bat and Cat.
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    May 14, 2011
    Agreed, never cared for the Robin character in the past but in arkham city he's a badass. Let's hope Arkham 3 has Batman and Robin coop!
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    Should? That's pretty difficult to design and implement. Maybe on the next title.
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    The Arkham City Robin needs to her All Stars Batman speech aabout wearing hoods while fighting bad guys...
  9. Imagine how nice it would be to have that bullet shield in the city.

    Anyway, downloaded the Nightqing pack today. I like the wrist darts. It's a good thing you only get three, since those headshot are over powered.
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    Jan 16, 2009
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    Forewarning, I'm not overly far in the game (like 7-10%) so I'm working off of what I've played.

    I finished up 75% (according to Arkham Asylum) of AA before embarking on Arkham City and I disagree. I think that double pressing the hotkeys for gadgets is more annoying (I haven't tried the my 360 controller as both games seem to work well with keyboard and mouse) but the combat is much more fluid in AC than it's predecessor. Multiple enemies can attack you at once is nice, as is enemies homing less far with attacks. I feel like combat has been tweaked in a number of "small" ways that are noticeable and for the best.

    Heh, a very memorable WB logo for me, though TAS was a part of my childhood. That said, since seeing the first episode (beautifully animated) of TAS more recently, it's an even stronger association.

    So far my opinion is that Arkham Asylum is better designed due to it's lineriarity, as the challenges were better structured in AA (didn't waste much time, even if you spent most/all of the game in Detective Move) than in AC. It shows off the advantages of more linear gameplay versus more "sandbox" gameplay. The truth in AC is that while you can roam most of the city at any time, you are still heavily restricted by gadgets and the plot by how much you can explore and exploit, which can, depending on gameplay style/preference, add more tedium/wasted time. This is especially true depending on how much you roam before discovering Riddler's traitors, which isn't far but can still be notable.

    I'm happy to see where the game goes from here on out but the illusion of freedom I feel may be a major early downfall for the game.

    AC seems to offer the perfect example of why sandbox design doesn't work in a linear game. If you truly do venture out in the early game (as soon as you become Batman) and explore the world then you lack to the tools to map and truly use the world at that time. I appreciate that shortly after you do finally gain the ability to mark the challenges on your map but one could have very well found most of them before that point. Personally, I know that I found a number of them before that point. Sure, there is a bit of play style involved but the Riddler triators seem to undermine that completely.

    Ultimately it comes down to not liking the feeling like my time was wasted, as AC did with early trophy exploration. It's even worse seeing as the tool that is used to avoid this problem, the scanning tool, is available in AA. Granted it couldn't perform that function in AA but it should have been introduced before being exposed to the sandbox in AC.
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    My only real complaint about the game is there being too many Riddler trophies and challenges... aside from the 400 in-game there's I think 9 combat challenges, 9 predator challenges and then 9 campaign challenges (which are 27 combat/predator challenges in sets of three).

    Then you can do them all again as Cat woman or Robin. I guess they're not 'bad' but I hate 'grind' achievements and there are a lot of those in this title.
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    I spent last night playing Arkham City, I got a lot done and I was hoping to play today....

    Unfortunately mysave files are gone, I am logged into GFWL but I changed my profile name because I didn't like the default one, and POOF Save Files gone.
    Does anyoen know ho to fix this? I may just be pissed off enough to not play the game for some time after this shit. I now understand all the GFWL hate...
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    Same thing happened to me. They've been working on a patch for this for goddamn ever. Hopefully it comes out soon. I lost 11 hours and I'll be godfuckingdamned if I'm losing one more. It's collecting virtual dust on my virtual shelf on Steam until then.