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  1. mobucks

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    May 22, 2010
    Nice list. D'you do the whole merged patch thing with NVEdit?

    And, does the game still have that problem of say, fast traveling somewhere and the ground doesn't load (ex. NoVac) or NPCs bounce up and down through the floor? (outside New Vegas proper)
  2. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    It only does that when I fast travel from Goodsprings to Devils gulch for some weird reason. That's due to AWOP. Others have reported the same problem. Which, Devils Gulch is like 300 meters away anyway, so that's not a big problem. I think it has something to do with the quest he added in Devils Gulch. I'm in the process of correcting AWOP errors atm. I have to play through all the locations first. Of course, without AWOP I have no problems whatsoever. I really like the new locations though. I think with my anal retentive typo correction skills I can fix most of the issues with AWOP and more. I've been tinkering with the Geck for awhile now. I've fixed several bugs in other mods already.

    My ideas on it so far:

    *Complete NPC naming corrections. Names like Smorgan and Didesdario (or whatever it's name is) will be done away with.

    *Complete typo and grammar error corrections. Dialog, notes, and map names will be thoroughly checked and corrected.

    *Considering renaming the M class weapons to something more appropriate. Like, Custom 9mm pistol or a new unique name like the Maria pistol, instead of 9mm Pistol M.

    *Renaming AWOP quests. Some are named simplistic things like Hoffs Quest. I would go through and see what the quest is based on and rename it closer to other New Vegas quests, like the ones based on popular songs.

    *Minor NPC changes. The bluefaced girl at Frankies Guns is pretty lame. I would go through and correct that and make her look normal, and other NPC's with similar lore breaking stuff.

    * If possible I will attempt to fix bugs such as the one I have encountered.
  3. Wintermind

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    Jan 21, 2011
    I don't know how you can run more than two or three mods without using a merged patch. it's pretty essential to keeping your formlists and leveled lists from getting broken and failing to function right.
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Depends on the type of mods you are running. A weapon mod and a armor mod will never conflict each other, while two or three weapon mods can.

    In any case, I am running Sawyers mod always at the end of everything, as he does some deep mechanical changes to the game and the chance that another mod is fiddleing with some of these elements is quite high... and I don't want my Sawyer-mod-game-experience to be broken in some kind of way.

    Btw. this is also funny- a lot people complain about the game running bad and crashing all the time... while at the same time running a million mods, yet blame it all on the game and not their ultimate amount of mods...
  5. Wintermind

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Well, no matter what fashion I've played the game, it has tendency to crash within a few hours of gameplay. Usually just a sign I need to stop playing anyway.

    But depending on who made the mod, and how well and cleanly they made it, unrelated things can still fuck up a lot of things, especially if you use an overhaul mod like Jsawyer or CCO or PN's Rebalance Module, a merged patch is nigh essential to get things working properly.
  6. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I've always used a merged patch personally. The game crashes fairly often even without mods. Throw mods into the mix and it crashes a little more. All depends on the mods of course. Running below 50 mods I would crash every 6 to 8 hours. Running what I am now, around three to five hours. Still, not too bad, since it takes around 30 seconds to load back up, and I use CASM for quick saves. Increased spawns tend to increase the likelihood of crashes too, so there is always that. Purging the buffers helps a bunch. I remember crashing often at Hidden Valley when I played the Xbox version. Certain quests are even prone to crashes, carrying certain items can cause crashes. Pretty much, if you sneeze the game might crash. I was using Mission Mojave for awhile, but they keep adding more bugs with every new update. Now I stick to NVEC.

    I've had similar problems with all Bethesda games. Damn memory leaks happen way too often. If any background processes try to run while playing the game it will crash, so it's a no brainer to turn off your anti-virus and other related programs while playing. Like many have said, 4 gb extender is essential for running mods. Running in windowed mode or using the fake fullscreen mod helps as well.

    It is funny that people will be running well over a hundred mods and complain about crashes. You are reaching the damn memory cap people! Even with the extender you will no doubt have conflicts between mods. Wrye Bash supposedly helps but I haven't learned that program yet.
  7. mobucks

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    May 22, 2010
    merged is the only way to get all my companion tweaks to run. pain in the ass. Wish I had the patience to figure out how to get all the tweaks in one file that has Lings so I can do face/hair changes and keep all the tweaks. (like no auto-heal after combat ect.)
  8. Wintermind

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    Jan 21, 2011
    You can. You just have to spend a lot more time with it than just the automatic merged patch maker. You've got to go and copy in the appropriate records by hand. Can be rather timeconsuming.
  9. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Well, the first 100 or so corrections are done. There are a couple of possible lore breaking things in the mod. One is a talking Deathclaw that has ties to the Fallout 2 ones. The other is a alien named Mlix. I heavily changed the dialog for the alien to exclude stupid shit such as vampires, ghosts, God, and other awful back story stuff. I may completely remove the alien element altogether anyway. I also renamed the various Sniper NPC's, since they never had rifles. Smorgan is now named Morgan. Heh.

    Overall I have a lot of work ahead, but nothing too big. In order for me to remove the alien elements from the character Mlix, I will have to completely rewrite her backstory, associated notes in the Immortals Shack (rename the Immortals Shack), associated dialog used to get her to follow you as companion, basically every fucking thing to do with her character and her friends the vampire, ghost, time traveling hippy, and the super soldier (you can't make this shit up. It's just that bad. It was meant to be funny, but I hate lore raping material. It doesn't make me laugh) You might ask, Why bother? Well, the rest of the mod is pretty good, so making these changes will let me enjoy the mod without facepalming every couple minutes.

    Anyway, as I said, I've already made a shit load of changes. Minor changes really, but enough to make the mod a lot better. Most NMA users probably never even considered running the mod since it was just so... childish and inconsiderate of lore. I have gotten the blessing of the mod author, so I will do what I can to improve the mod, make it more NMA friendly, and overall, fit with the theme a lot better. I do think I will leave the Redoubts in. They could be renamed if enough people called for it. Fallout has always had elements of 50's sci fi, I mean, look at Old World Blues. My favorite DLC by far, and it included teleporters, so the Redoubt is possible in the Fallout lore. Honestly, I'm not sure how big the demand would be for the mod in the first place, around these parts especially. Just giving a little update. I may make a separate thread for this as I go along.

    Some might not like the Underground, but I feel that a place like that could exist. There are various reasons for it existing, and if some feel the troopers are too well equipped that can be adjusted easy enough too. Personally, I really like it. You can get lost in those tunnels and not see daylight for hours. Fun stuff. If anyone who has played it has any ideas, just give me a shout. Anyway, back to work. Writing new dialog will hopefully better prepare me for Mutants Rising. Good stuff! :D
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    Dec 30, 2010
    I have a hundred mods active all at once, and my game doesn't crash for hours, the framerate starts to drop tho, I just pulled a 6 hour marathon (It's been months since I last played NV).

    New Vegas interiors is a very nice mod, adds a lot of atmosphere. even if a lot of the interiors are filled with junk.
  11. Alphadrop

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    Aug 21, 2008
    AWOP is interesting but the lore breaky stuff always annoyed me, to much for the tasty level design and nice challenge to make up for it.
  12. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005

    Hopefully after I'm done with it you will want to play it. :)

    I completely changed Mlix's backstory now. She is no longer a shapeshifiting alien from another dimension. She is just a normal woman named Liz now. Removed over 60 enemies which were causing a great deal of lag. I felt the number was a bit excessive. Also removed a bunch of the Power Armored Tech Raiders. There are far fewer of them now, mainly only on named enemies. I figure the Military Base they took over would have manuals to teach them how to use the armor, but there wouldn't be a hundred suits. So in trying to keep with lore, I have drastically decreased the Tech Raiders strength. Before they would have been able to walk into Hidden Valley and completely take over the place, then proceed to Hoover Dam and annihilate every trooper there. Now..not so much.

    Earlier without the enemy adjustments, I encountered 10 Tech Raiders with top of the line Power Armor! I was actually disgusted by it. I quickly went into the GECK and nerfed the fuck out of those dudes. I even decreased the quality of the armor on the dudes that still have the Power Armor. Upon their death the armor they are wearing is unlootable as well. This is a part of the loot destruction patch, and tied to certain story elements. So far, I have decreased the lag by a LOT. Before it was waaaay too laggy in those areas. Now it runs fairly smooth.

    New thread and complete progress reports coming soon.
  13. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    And uh.... What mods did you use to accomplish these particular goals? =D Out of all balance and game functionality gripes I have with the vanilla game, those are my personal top priorities. I'd like to see the game economy totally overhauled, and the weapons completely rebalanced as well (even if they're the first weapon you get, I want 9mm Pistols to still have a USE by the end of the game, and enemies wielding them to pose a THREAT, like was the case in FO2), but I'd settle for just those HP changes. As I understand it, companions are massive resource hogs, so my wish to be able to recruit more than 2 at a time- assuming they were rebalanced, of course -would be quite unreasonable, but I'd be more than content with the same limitations, so long as they didn't spam shots like crazy, had to use and maintain weapons and ammo, and COULD DIE.

    That and everything else... of course. =)

    Nice mini-mod removing the dialog tags, Lexx. That was another thing I was looking for, so I'm adding that to my list! ^^

    Toront, your plans with AWOP look encouraging, whether or not I have any interest in using it, myself. Grammar and spelling correction, and broad conceptual redesign are things right up my alley, so if I could be of any assistance with your efforts to essentially "lighten your load"- or just have a third party's touch, or whatever works -lemme know if I could be of assistance! =)
  14. Wintermind

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Between Cirosan's Classic Overhaul, JSawyer's Mod, and Project Nevada's Rebalance Module, you can utterly customize the balance to your liking. CCO and Jsawyer alone make for a pretty nice going, but PN rebalance is nice for on-the-fly-tweaking.

    Depending on how you tweak a few settings you can make the combat as bloody as you like.
  15. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Well I decided to release my AWOP tweaks as is and start working on Mutants Rising instead. You need AWOP of course, and I advise you to download the low loot and low npc patches as well. It's not perfect but fuck it. I suck at multitasking. Most of you still won't like AWOP if you didn't before. :shrug: