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    Part of the issue is not aknowledging the player agenda. There are times in an RPG (those who take the player agenda into account, and not have an arbitrary player-character agenda imposed upon you), in which you have no option to go through a certain path, but that doesn't prevent the game to take into account that the player can have a different agenda.

    For instance, you HAVE to go through the Temple of Trials. But yet, the game doesn't assume that you do want to do it. It doesn'T use your character mouth to say things that are the opposite of your intention. It takes into account the fact that you might want to cheat your way into the trial by convincing Klint to let you go (for whatever excuse). It takes into account the fact that you might want to kill Klint (the guy tells you that it requires two people to move away the thing that block the path to the village). It takes into account the fact that you might not be a coward or a monster, but still consider that thing silly. Ultimately, you still do the Temple of Trials thing, but the game acknowledge your agenda by taking into account the fact that you might have different intent.

    Here, the game assumes i have an intent that i don't have, which break the immersion, by dissociating my intent, with some arbitrary intend of the player character. When Lystra sees me talks with Benicio, it makes sense that she would be pissed off and that i find myself unable to convince her that my intends are different, but it would make sense that i would have the option to try, instead of having a maniac evil laugh of a AAA diabolical moron.

    Once again, it doesn't mean the rest of the game is bad. I am just explaining some of the reason that questline missed the mark for me. If you are happy with how it turned out, it is your right. Doesn't mean my reaction has no basis.
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    Perhaps you've skipped some dialogue lines.

    1. Everything starts with Terrak, who gave you the permission to enter the Imperial City in order to meet Elisa and help her track down Anonymous.
    2. Benicio popped out of nowhere after talking to Terrak, offering a job from Anonymous. This is a scripted event following your chat with Terrak.
    3. Now, after talking to both Terrak and Benicio, is up to you whom you'll be working for. The game doesn't force you to work for anybody at this moment, you can also talk to both Elisa and Benicio without accepting any job.

    Why would you start working for Benicio before visiting Elisa? Terrak told you he's a security officer and he explicitly sends you to his superior in order to find out what's going on and help her. Player's agenda has nothing to do with this, you've simply decided to ignore Terrak's instructions and game allows you to do so.
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    Oct 19, 2006
    I am kind of hexausted to explain and have little time. See what you want.
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    @naossano Interesting review: http://nma-fallout.com/threads/guid...enture-with-original-fallout-gameplay.212036/
    This was not my impression at first, but thinking about it it's an accurate assessment.

    All “good” choices usually mean to defend the helpless and the weak. Either as they are powerless or too meek. While characters of power and capability usually have a second agenda or a moral blind spot that makes them questionable.

    I didn't realize that before, but the mod really is: defend the helpless or dealing with a lot of grey.

    The only exception I can think of is to convince Imperial City to open up to the world. That's a powerful faction that can turn to good.
    And perhaps Lystra who is a strong and capable character, just a little naive maybe. Like an unspoiled (or should that be spoiled?) citizen growing up in a protected society. Aka: moral is a luxury. In fact, Lystra is often the only one who gets upset about the world.

    But there are no characters like Rebecca in the Den. A strong character surviving on its own without being corrupted. In Resurrection it probably would be Rebecca asking you to destroy the distillery of the Hole and not the other way around. Creating the dilemma between good leadership (Rebecca) and moral (fair competition).

    It's basically following the idea that “power corrupts” and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And you can't take something without taking it from others, and there is no gain of power without hurting someone sometime somewhere. Like the choice between the red pill (action, change and violence) and the blue pill (passiveness, peace and death).

    We may not see eye to eye on the Anonymous quest, and I would still rather compare it to the “Murder Carlson in the NCR quest” with Bishop being Terrak/Elisa and Benicio being Westin. But that disagreement is in part also a product of the mod's faction feature which in the end comes down to a matter of taste (i.e. you can dislike it as options narrow down after the point of no return, but it's fine in itself once accepted as such).

    I would say most complaints about Resurrection seem to made about the faction system as the warnings for the point of no return are too easily missed. The second most, that the player can't rest, and last, that the fights are too tough.

    However, all three points need getting used to, and are manageable, once figured out.

    One element in which the mod excels, however, is its solid design. I think that point can't be underestimated. It's very stable, hardly crashes, causes little problems and its mechanics and quests are very intuitive. In fact, the mod feels better than everything else I've played so far. It's not as buggy as Fallout traditionally is, it's not as clunky as FO2 with its shifty mechanics (EDIT: I meant erratic, i.e. struggling with the controls/input), patchwork and recycling of dialogue to get somewhere. Nor is it as confusing as Fallout often is (for example Nevada is running over with game-play questions, Resurrection has almost none.)
    So the fundamental design of Resurrection is quite outstanding and needs more praise.

    I also liked the creative writing. Characters like Trevor and George (Rat Hole) or Father Malcolm and Charly (Lost Town) were quite memorable. The English isn't always as polished, but that doesn't take away from the creativity behind it. I also liked the attention to detail. For example, the grave-robber does carry a shovel, or a smoking character does have cigarettes or a lighter on him. Which is not a big deal, but shows the care that went into this mod. And it shows.

    Anyway, it's a good review that made me realize an aspect I haven't before.
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    There are a couple of characters that are both strong enough to handle themselves and not outright evil. But those character represent like 1% of the cast and are involved in 0,1% of the quests. Most of the time, you are speaking with monsters who lack empathy, or morons that you know will be doomed. It can be interesting when making choices, but it can be suffocating as well, when you spend so much time talking to people and see so few signs of humanity in them.

    Many of the *evil* factions of the classics had a softer side. Enclave wanted to rebuild their country. Vault City considered themselves a separate nation and didn't want to get *corrupted* by the outside world. Darion wanted to repair his shame for leaving his friends to die and was treating the squatters alright. The wright protected their own. Bishop wanted a more functionnal government (that he could take advantage of) than the chaos of Reno. The Master wanted to make the wars disapear. In 1.5 the softer sides, if they exist, are much more downplayed, and the meaner side overplayed more often than not.

    I might do a bigger review later on. The short review on the guide to fan-made adventures is more to give an idea of what the mod is about, so people can choose which mods they intend to play.

    I am planning to replay the big three anyway, before or after i am done with the guide.
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    Oct 29, 2013
    To me faction system is something that may encourage the player to play again, same thing with the morally ''not that bad'' and ''bad'' choices. It's really fun to play as a murderer that teams up with Gabriel (Gabriel will demand regular payment from you for his assistance - great!). I agree with @Muttie that Resurrection is stable and intuitive, whereas Nevada can give you a headache sometimes (but there are plenty of people that say they got through it without a walkthrough).

    Other things worth nothing: Resurrection has probably best companions (*a floater* companion for stupid character) in history of isometric Fallouts (they can level up even to level 6! they added that in last post-premiere patch), good new weapons and their upgrades (though anti-material rifle could be better), challenging fights that may require taking as many drugs as possible (great addition - I was using Psycho and Buffout very often).

    As far as I know they only added one perk - Brutish Hulk from Tactics; but as far as I know Nevada also added only one new perk...

    After Nevada got released I was close to being sure that Nevada is better (new art, gameplay tweaks, stunning, fresh content), but as time goes by I'm more convinced that Resurrection is a slighly better mod overall even if it doesn't look so. It feels more complete, closer to the originals while when I was playing Nevada I always felt that this is a Russian made ''hardcore'' mod. I didn't even finish Nevada, that obligatory end boss fight made me quit.

    @naossano I'd love to read your longer reviews of all three.

    This track could be in Fallout 1&2. I liked Progema in Fallout 1.5 more than I liked Area 51 in Nevada.

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    And strategies, as I found :).
    When working for the raiders, the caravan raid seems almost unwinnable. However, the trick is not to fight. If you run immediately north north-west and get enough distance that the ghouls lose their focus on you. You can hang out and watch the „buffed“ up raiders take out the ghouls. After that you only have to mob up the remaining caravan guards and done. I did this about 10 times by now, sometimes with nothing but a Leather Jacket and on lvl 4. It was very rare that the ghouls one-shoot me. However, you will have to tank one or two shoots.
    And similar to this I found a „trick“ for almost every fight in the game. Sometimes it only means to get the local gear first. Other times it's using a strategy.
    And if all fails, Psycho is always an option.

    Another very interesting addition to Resurrection is Leader (also from Fallout Tactics, I believe), which needs CH 6. It gives companions +1 AP, which makes a notable difference for Gabriel and Lystra (i.e. it upgrades them to two single shots per turn). Keri only profits if having her go Melee (3 attacks).

    Here is a list of all new perks: http://www.resurrection.cz/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=812
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    i think besides "Brutish Hulk" and "Leader" perks "Hide of Scars" is also what Resurrection borrowed from Fo:Tactics this last one might be unnoticed since it's a deathclaw only perk in Fo:Tactics.
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    Oct 9, 2017
    And more it seems!


    In that list appears Brutish Hulk (also Deathclaw only), Die Hard, Divine Favor, Hide of Scars, Leader and Loner. (Some specifics like requirement and effect appear adjusted though).

    And Tech Wizard (Ghoul only): http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Tech_Wizard (also FT, it just doesn't appear in the list above)

    Only Heavenly Gift and Miraculous Healing (could be cancerous growth, though) seem from a different source or new.
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    The game gets better with each playthrough, folks tend to be pissed off far less after third run. Since 1.5 is rounded down to 1 here, being much closer to first Fallout in terms of general tone and scope than to F2, it takes some time to get used to it.

    Also fun fact: pre-release mod builds were designed for true Fallout vets, with much harder and more unforgiving fights. End game ghouls ripped me a new one on my first try! Many fights have been nerfed after 1.0 though.
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    Damn. I found the ghoul fight already impossible.
    I had to cheat my way out by opening combat, moving a few hexes, then opening again as soon as it closes, because i didn't raise sneak and didn't want enemies to detect and engage me. And i still lost Lystra on the groud level.

    About the companion system. It is indeed great that you can open up new dialogs with them way after you recruited them. They took notes from New Vegas that would have definitively improved Fo1-Fo2.
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    Jul 12, 2015
    I have two questions:

    1. Where can I find Charlie in Lost Town?

    2. How do I establish a caravan route to New Hope with the Crimson Caravan? I've already completed their other two quests (Peter's brahmin feed and killing Tadeus.)
  13. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    1. Charlie is a „loser model“ walking around the north part of the map talking about „his spot“ and shooing others away. He should always be at the north end of the main road, i.e. the one between the casino and the row of houses (he's closer to the top two houses. That's his spot :)).

    2. And the trade route is a semi-hidden bonus quest you've missed at this point.

    The requirements are: you must have talked to Helen (New Hope) and learned of their “surplus”. There are several dialogue nodes with her that set that trigger. Secondly, you must select a specific dialogue path when talking to Demetre for the first time. I believe it's “why are you the best” followed by exchanging war stories, during which you'll casually mention New Hope and their surplus, which triggers Demetre's quest. Otherwise the opportunity is missed.
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    Jul 4, 2019

    Anybody knows how to use a custom sfall with Fallout 1.5? I'm using NovaRain's sfall from https://github.com/phobos2077https://github.com/phobos2077 . The game has worked fine up till now - I've come to a point where I have the Bruttish Hulk perk, but it's not working. Under the debug mode, the game is giving me some error messages about global scripts not being loaded correctly. Anybody knows what to do?

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    Oct 28, 2009

    this topic was already put up in sfall's thread in this subforum.

    thing is sfall since 4.1.7 changed the way it handles certain scripts. There are workarounds in sfall thread for this, however, there are still unresolved glitches, although brutish hulk works fine after aplying the fixes.

    Go to:

    and find attached file res_global_edit.zip . unpack it and place it in resurrection's script folder and overwrite the existing one ( be sue to backup the original file first).

    next go to:

    and download unpack and place in the game folder patched ddraw.dll . It worked for me with the brutish hulk. however there is still an issue that ocasionally npcs will steal your xp and gain ghost levels, but only if you control them directly in combat.
  16. kokeeby

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    Jul 4, 2019
    Tested it and Brutish Hulk now works. Thanks!
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    Oct 28, 2009
    got couple of questions regarding fallout: resurrection.

    Does anybody know where to find Pocket Lint, the ingreadient required for McGyver special encounter. got all the stuff from McGyver exept Expanded Lockpick Set which reuires pocket lint Tragic Cards and Flare. two latter are obtainable, However I haven't found pocket lint anywhere and I preety much pickpocket every bum in the game.

    Also I saw in Vad's savegame editor that resurrection has Killing Spree perk and Drunken Master perk. although they are not possible to be obtained via perk choosing. Does anybody know how to get them the legit way?
  18. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    From what I remember Pocket Lint can't be pickpocketed from anyone, but is somewhere on a shelf in either Sedit or Albequerque (I really can't remember, but it's propably either Salem's store or Chuck's basement).

    I got a "Berserker" perk during my Kill Everyone run as I was finishing the Empire, otherwise I haven't encountered either of them.
  19. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Oct 28, 2009
    Berserker is not a perk but a karma triat. Killing Spree and Drunken Master are actual perks that are obtainable via Vad's editor in Fo:Resurrection, however I don't know how to obtain them legitly ingame.

    As for Pocket Lint. It definetly ain't salem. He's got no such stuff for sale and the only way to acces his table is to kill him as even 300% sneak doesn't help there. So it's probably Chuck's basement. Luckily I've found a way around killing one of the best supplied merchant's in the entire game (Chuck exactly) and still get to confront Zack Bowman and solve Felix Velasquez quest and get Sophie into the Imperial City. So i Won't need acces to Chuck's basement, especially that Pocket Lint is sepose to give acces to Expanded Lockpick set from McGyver, which dumbly enaugh is present in stock of one of shopkeepers in Albq.
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    Jul 4, 2012
    Sorry for bumping this thread but is it possible to install a newer version of sfall into this mod or not?