Fallout 4 announced with official trailer

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    Holy what a bunch of metro-crybaby whiners. Funny to read literally 20 pages of whining, crying posts from supposedly grown men. Man up and move on already.
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    Cry me a river, kid.
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    Says the one crying about people's different opinions that do not include rubbing and sucking Bethesda's cock. Congrats, you're a hypocrite and a troll.
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    Sorry to say but which are people who buy the atrocity that a Bethesda Fallout is in their view are too.
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    Hahahahaahha. This forum:

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    I'll say, we are back in bussiness.
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    If the protagonist is voiced I'm not playing it until a mod comes out removing it.
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    The damage done by a voiced protagonist is deeper than any mod could ever fix.
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    May 23, 2015
    What are you talking about dude? I love Bethesda for Skyrim and Daggerfall, but seriously fuck them for this trailer. It looks like Fallout 3.1, taking place on the shitty east coast which I prayed we would never return to... knowing Bethesda they will dumb down the game further. They might ruin it with a voiced protagonist, they might remove SPECIAL because it's too difficult for millenial tards (in which case it will simply not be a Fallout game), they seem to be milking BoS and Enclave again instead of coming up with something brand new and cool that exists in the universe (Caesar's Legion, House), fucking Dogmeat AGAIN, fucking Lone Wanderer leaving the vault AGAIN, taking place in a city with heavy Americana AGAIN, that Diamond City seems all wonky, mismatched, and disjointed (a la Megaton) when people on the west coast are building perfect buildings and streets AGAIN... this seriously seems like a rehash of Fallout 3.

    I was super excited. They could have done something cool; radioactive swamps in Louisiana, glowing forests of the Pacific Northwest, the ruins of Detroit on the Great Lakes... nope. Fucking. Boston. Thematically identical to DC. And since Bethesturd is behind it I know the story is going to be stupid, make no sense, so I am not looking forward to that. The dialog will be embarrassing and god-awful. The visual style did not match the last two games, it looked all bright and cheery colored instead of gray and gritty. Hell, a few of the shots looked flat-out cel-shaded cartoony, of all fucking things. Reminded me of Team Fortress 2, or Borderlands. Also, the visuals made me wary because that's just more time they spent on making things look pretty for stupid millenials and less time spent making interesting characters.

    So yeah, I'm not "pretend" bitching. New Vegas set a standard and it looks from this little trailer that they went back on it entirely, creating the entire game based on fanboy selling points of 3 rather than new creativity.
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    May 23, 2015
    I've never played an RPG with a voiced protagonist so I have really no idea how much work it would take to remove it. But knowing Bethesda's rabid mod community, I would bet a great one that fixes it would be created with slavish care.
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    I mean the damage design wise. Just compare Mass Effect to Fallout in terms of dialogue choices and roleplayability. A voiced protagonist costs more money because they need to hire someone to do the voice, voice work is more expensive nowadays so they would seek to reduce costs as much as possible, which would translate to LESS dialogue choices, we might end up with a Mass Effect type of dialogue Wheel with very binary choices and probably not even skill checks or used extremely sparcely.
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    May 23, 2015
    I never played Mass Effect but I saw some screenshots. Even seeing that though, when I said rabid Bethestards fixing it I meant going whole hog, like, even if the responses are a few words they would upgrade them to a few sentences at least. That leaves the writing up in the air, but that's a guarantee of better quality over Bethesda.

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    Bethesda seems to have gotten confused, they think Speech means Jedi Mindtricks instead of using your speech to construct a proper argument to convince another character of something. I guess that's why FO3 fanboys think they are gonna convince us to follow their ways by repeating the exact same drivel, they actually think human speech works that way.
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    May 22, 2015
    Y'know, it's been so long since I've even played FO3 that I actually forgot just the depth of how awful it was. That's not even worthy of a skillcheck, anybody could've thought to say that. In New Vegas all of Eden's responses would have been prefixed by [Failed]
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    That won't help... If the protagonist is fully voiced, then the entire script of the game's dialog is written with that limitation in mind.
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    Paraphrasing John Boorman's post apocalypse:

    "A new trailer."
    "An end to forum semi-retirement."
    (raised Webley) "REVENGE."

    The trailer is well made, and gets the lizard brain interested in what the next Beth outing has in store. Then you stop to think about it...


    I wonder if what we hear: "My god.The soldiers were right. War. War never changes." is said all together in the game.

    If so, the first part seems like a more defined narrator persona than we've had before. The evident emotion contrasts with the dry history-teacher description from FO1 (and FOT, FO3, and FONV), as well as the metaphor-laden tribal description of FO2. But maybe Perlman voices an in-game character, distinct from the narrator, and the trailer-makers just pieced it together.

    If Perlman voices an in-game character and that character is also the game's narrator, that's a mess. It would imply that all the games are narrated by the same character. That could be as bad as a fully-voiced protagonist. Which I have grave doubts about.

    Imagine if Butch Harris had narrated FO1. "War, war never changes, war is money, change is not money." See how that sucks?

    Seeing the War:

    I have mixed feelings about this. It's very effective as a trailer, and kind of visceral, probably enhanced by the pseudo first person (first canine?) perspective. But a big part of the genius in the FO1 setting was the interplay between the dark humor, pre-war naive optimism, and (largely implied?) seriousness of the war. Actually seeing well rendered people running for shelter and being hit by the bomb's blast wave might make it harder for Beth to get the humor right. And they haven't managed that well at all so far. The Van Buren intro tutorial was not problematic, probably because of the iso view, and because it was suffused with the right sense of humor and slightly over-the-top "communist insurgents".

    Vertibirds or something like them:

    Someone already suggested what we see could be a prototype, variant, or even a similar craft made by another company. It is possible that we are only seeing one machine, flying over the suburban street right at the start of the war, then preserved, repaired, and eventually seen again in the events of the game. Work on advanced aircraft projects would not be too far outside the portfolio of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

    Intact Buildings:

    Those large buildings still standing are problematic. The explanation why New Vegas wasn't ruined was sort of believable, and maybe DC was defended somehow, but there's only so many times you can let that happen to a large urban area in the Fallout setting. A few buildings intact, part of a suburb still standing here and there, and small towns that went untouched are one thing. Mr House claims that Las Vegas and it's surroundings were targeted with 77 warheads. The Boston metro area is far larger, both in area and population, and I'm sure has more important manufacturing, scientific, and government targets than Vegas ever will. Boston would also have older buildings that would require more blast pressure to destroy, so weapon coverage would have to be quite dense. The only way a tall structure would be likely to survive even moderate blast pressure (15 psi) from a single bomb is if all the exterior cladding (glass, marble, or in the 50s some of those swell "Transite" asbestos panels) shattered or broke away, leaving a bare steel or concrete skeleton with minimal wind resistance. Anything with wall covering still attached is subject to drag forces as the blastwave goes by.

    The Timeline and Geography

    I can understand having more organized societies over time, and that is an interesting aspect of the post-apoc setting. Gradually larger bodies of people form up, and there is conflict or cooperation. It seems like Beth is committed to new games progressing chronologically, with the natural trend tending toward larger groups, and a gradual "closing of the frontier".

    How ironic that the newer games focus on areas that are a mere postage stamp on the map, compared to FO1 and 2, with their sparsely settled lands extending hundreds of miles. New Vegas managed this very well, being constrained to a small area, but connecting people and events with the outside world, to large organizations, each with vast off-map territories and diverse agendas. FO3 had a little bit of larger groups, mainly BOS and Enclave, but they were largely isolated from the larger world, and had agendas mostly contained in the poor vessel of the unconvingly named "Capital Wasteland".

    I guess on the plus side, we could eventually get FO games that jumped back in time, with proper large world maps, to explore other places. Places where a simple vault dweller or tribal could truly make their mark on the world.

    A related gripe is the sort of unhinged Beth approach to the passage of time. The abandoned Vaults in FO3 all had backstory elements about how they failed, but they mostly felt like they had met their end recently, maybe because some had rag-assed survivors hanging around. But by 200 years after the war, most Vaults should have opened long ago. The 2277-and-after games should logically move us away from having Vault Dweller protagonists (even Vault Dweller characters for the most part). But then how do the Vaults, in whatever condition they are in, continue to be relevant to the games?

    Life without the Vaults, is a big change.
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    Bethesda might want to take another approach with this franchise, borrowing elements from Borderlands and Last of us. The real question is; Is this a bad thing? Because i rather play Dishonored:Fallout 4, then an Elder Scrolls:Fallout 4, with the same shit mechanics, laughable writing, feedex quests, no real choices, or different options made to the player on how to complete quests, like all their "RPG" games. Hopefully they ask Obsidian to release their "spinoffs". I really don't get the frustration, it cant come as a chock that Bethesda can't deliver, so why even bother, atleast they make terrific action games. If you want a great Postnuclear RPG computer game, then send Inxile or Obsidian some letters, encouraging them to pitch the idea for a kickstarter. Fallout is dead!
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    Bethesda is the McDonald's of RPG developers.