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    I have found myself several times not knowing where exactly to post thoughts and pics of Fallout related things. Often they don't warrant a new thread, but I have enough of these ideas pop into my head, so I figured the hell with it. Post your favorite memes, rants, videos, fan theories, stuff like that. I posted this one before I finished it over in The Order. I am working on more.

    Namely one that compares Tactics to PoS since they are confused a lot in some of the online communities. Thinking back on PoS when I played it on Xbox, it wasn't as egregiously wrong as it is now, because I didn't even own a computer at that point in my life. Of course I thought I was still getting a good Fallout 3 at the time. I essentially wanted MORE FALLOUT.

    PoS themed content below...

    So I want to explain Rhombus having a cape in PoS. That is because Rhombus is part of the mission(missions?) that were sent out around the time of Fallout Tactics. You can see this by their affinity for recruiting tribals and ghouls. Of course it is non canon because as recent posters have pointed out - IT'S BAWLS. All of the spinoffs appeared to use this idea. It doesn't matter though because this is Harold...

    Fucking guy cannot catch a break.

    Let us briefly look at the slightly more original plot of the planned sequel to PoS.

    FAT BOY. You heard it here first my friends. Bethesda is not to blame. It was Interplay that did us in. Bethesda just performed some necrophilia of some sort. That being said the story in PoS 2 sounded..promising? More original than Enclave Vs. BoS I guess.

    Fallout Extreme would have featured the BoS taking over even more territory and founding a new base in Alaska...http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Alaskan_Pipeline

    The more I look at PoS, PoS 2, Tactics 2, and Fallout Extreme, the more I understand about Fallout, how it evolved, and shelved concepts that were later reused.

    I suppose my thinking is Fallout could expand to 3 realms where it has not gone before.

    1) Fallout as X-com/Jagged Alliance 2.
    2) Fallout as Warhammer 40 K RTS.
    3) Fallout as Civilization 4X.

    I have talked about this before, but it is worth spitballing here briefly. I have potential games picked out already as you can see the templates are clearly there. We could get new spinoff with these concepts, or mods, but Bethesda already said they are unlikely to do any spinoffs using outside studios. This leaves me with tons of ideas for Fallout stuff that will likely not be used.

    You could do a prequel with the 4X , showing the war between the US and China. The RTS could really be anywhere in continuity. A sequel to Tactics with the X-com base implementation is what I really want though. Wasteland 2 could have been something like that but it was not meant to be.

    So now we are left with more FPS shenanigans and a shitty mobile game with 0 depth. We do have plenty of mods, but they are mostly for some ancient ass game engine from 1998. WE NEED THE ENGINE FROM TACTICS AND THE RPG FROM OLD FALLOUT.

    Another random spitball idea I have been pondering. Take FOnline or Tactics. Add all the locations from all the games onto a huge world map. Story would use vehicles of some sort to travel instead of walking to warrant such a large map.

    These locations would need to be fairly barebones at first if you wanted to make isometric versions of say...Megaton and New Vegas. There would be few quests, and the timeline would probably be as such where different NPC's would be seen. So no bitch ass Moira. I hate her guts.

    If the gameplay was more TACTICAL the focus could be more on level design and balance instead of 50 different endings and C & C. So your modern Fallout fan likes loot, atmosphere, and story. It boils down to that. Atmosphere boils down to how fun it is to explore. So tons of different units, armor, guns, and locations. Games where combat is focus don't need tons of reactive dialog, but a little helps. This would be a twenty year project at the minimum and everyone at NMA would be forced to work on it. That is how I picture it anyway.

    Get to work damnit. You have a world to make. Quit your bitching. Also, for fun add locations to that map I just posted. That includes all your favorite shitty Fallout 3 and New Vegas mods. So @lolpop109 Atlanta and @TorontRayne Motor City should be on there. I think it has the proposed PoS 2 location on there as well.

    Or just post some memes. Fallout is the first true MEME game. Thanks to Bethesda. The irony tastes like dog shit.

    I am a Tactics convert.

    So shit like this pisses me off.


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    From the bowels of my meme dungeon

    nadgodziny-53_179ko.jpg d8a.png image-322.jpeg elegant-blackjack-and-hookers-meme-ac29cc285-25-best-memes-about-fallout-memes.jpg bEQTHWy.jpg images.jpeg 595a765a208ad47b663ee027bf239c43.jpg 7f89505213d223f6add97b3e61335f650deb7d2e_00.jpg IMG_20180726_154041.png
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    Aug 24, 2017
    At this point "I love Fallout 3", "Is Fallout 3 Bettur than 2/NV" threads is a meme in and of itself. There seems to be a new one every week.
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    Fallout memes brought to you by Toronto Reign's Search Engine.


    Here is one I did.

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    If she gained 40 pounds she'd look like Alexa Bliss
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    I changed the captions on this one to make it a little funnier.

    Obsidian tried to use a city that Bethesda planned on using, for a Fallout game, before switching to New Vegas. What city do you think it was? Examining this you would think Obsidian would have stuck to the west coast with their first choice. So was it a city in California they planned on using before Bethesda stopped them, or was it another city in the region? If it was California I tend to think they would not reuse the exact same areas from the first two games. Dayglow was mentioned several times but never pictured.

    I brought up the biggest cities, most of which are in California...


    Los Angeles-Boneyard
    San Diego-Dayglow?
    San Francisco-Oakland
    San Bernardino
    San Jose-Sunnyvale

    If you aren't using California, but you want to show how the west coast has progressed, just going by the coastal region you are looking at either Portland or Seattle. Why would you choose Portland over Seattle? Oregon has gotten a few namedrops here and there before, but Bethesda goes big.

    Portland just doesn't really wow you.

    Seattle on the other hand already screams SHADOWRUN, but beyond that it is near Canada and Alaska and Oregon. All which have been mentioned before.

    Those mountains? You can go there.

    Did Bethesda tell them not to use Colorado or Utah due to them possibly using Denver or Salt Lake City in a future sequel, so they just tossed in the Van Buren stuff without featuring the locations only namedrops? I seriously doubt it. Although I could imagine Bethesda cracking wise with Mormons, I also imagine them not wanting to offend people. Plus that is essentially all the area has. Mormons. New Vegas did that.

    Going in a little more towards where Obsidian decided to work (Nevada/Colorado/Utah) we quickly see it comes down to Phoenix with little else of interest. Nobody wants a game in Albuquerque. Sure, you could feature Roswell for a one off joke, but the area offers little that the other games have not already covered.

    Say they wanted to redeem Tactics in some way and cover some region in the midwest but Bethesda decided they should keep their shit near California...

    Chicago had the random Enclave references. It is close enough to Bethesda for them to be comfortable with...you can't go much further over without hitting West Virginia country roads and killing yourself, so a couple of hillbilly states that are just like that wouldn't be likely. I will toss in my all too favorite recommendation for Motor City/Detroit. I do think it will be the first Fallout to feature vehicles. Bethesda is blatantly obvious with their themes. They are also not as shallow as they look since they are corporate run. Meaning they have potential themes/locations for games lined up years in advance.

    We had vehicles in Fallout 2 and Tactics. Bethesda can't do much more to "advance" the Fallout brand forward for Fallout 5 and 6. After 76 the series will either stop being a RPG, or evolve even more drastically than Fallout 4 did.

    Take Power Armor modding and do that for your DUNE BUGGY or HOT ROD or whatever shit they come up with. Granted it is a cool idea (mainly because I thought of it) but when they do cool ideas they are paper thin, with no depth whatsoever. A video in another thread with Emil essentially proved that much.


    I pick Seattle.



    As Bethesda Game Studios had dibs on the East Coast of America, Obsidian took the West. "Someone threw up New Reno as one of the crazy things we did and then we saw Vegas and," shrugged Urquhart, "we just went with it. From there it was like the '50s had the Rat Pack, then someone threw out the idea there was the scene in Goodfellas where you get taken out into the desert and whacked and thrown into a grave, and it it all kind of turned that way."

    Bethesda didn't need much convincing, given the history of Obsidian/Black Isle, so only a short proposal was written. "We put together a very short pitch, probably three pages," he said. "The first time we pitched it we pitched it as Fallout: Sin City. Very quickly it got changed to Fallout: Vegas and then became Fallout: New Vegas."


    In this interview he does not mention their first suggestion being vetoed though. Maybe they wanted to do a game in New Reno? Beth did mention it in Fallout 4.


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    Those were truly unique. Kudos.

    Start listening around...5 minutes in. See how long you can last.

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    b289b835565888d84006ff09ead79673.jpg 80efb139.png
    Fallout-Other-Fallout-фэндомы-stalker-other-4422329.jpeg Fallout-Other-Fallout-фэндомы-NCR-4402168.jpeg Fallout-фанатское-Fallout-фэндомы-Fallout-2-4386668.jpeg Fallout-фэндомы-гифки-Fallout-gif-4062111.gif Figure-3-–-Starship-Troopers-FSF-and-Putnam-Covers-CENTER.jpg Игры-Fallout-4-Fallout-фэндомы-2589625.gif

    I am going to EVENTUALLY be making a Fallout PC.

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    Did ya ever?
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    By the way just to solve a random little tidbit of trivia here from a post made over two years ago, the city that Bethesda wanted to keep off the books was San Francisco. This was why they also told Obsidian to remove a line of dialogue canonizing the Van Buren lore that the Enclave nuked the Shi. Originally, Emil wanted Fallout 4 to be set in San Fran but Todd Howard was very adamantly against this idea. However, you can see leftovers of this random California lust with the out of place San Fran references that exist in Fallout 4 (Namely Kellogg's memory sequence) and the fact that they totally ripped off the Chinese submarine idea.
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    No. Not enough disposable income to waste on showing off right now.

    Might as well destroy the lore in the California region.
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    Oh yeah the idea of doing a post-2 game set in San Fran would be disastrous. Especially by Bethesda. I think core NCR is far too settled for it to make a compelling post-apoc setting, especially with the Shi being as advanced as they are.

    Theoretically you could do a prequel game, San Francisco prior to the NCR even existing but it'd feel pretty redundant since we know exactly the outcome of the region and its people.
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    That is why it would be good/horrible. I am certain the Enclave would be involved. Then legions of Fallout 5 fans will swarm NMA and people will start posting again. Then people will get annoyed and want the site to be dead again.
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    I'm sure Emil would also handle the post apoc Chinese culture of the Shi with the nimble subtlety of a true artist as well

    Though mind you its not like Fallout 2 does that well either but whatever
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    Church of the Atom will for some reason be in San Francisco.
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    Didn't Fallout 4 dig up the Hubologists? I never played the DLCs.
  18. TorontoReign

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    Probably. It doesn't really make much sense so it must be true.
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    What kind of nonsense.
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    Knight Christine Royce RDT_20211013_2124378967617163226946403~2.jpg
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