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    Hello all,

    Well here is another pile of my ideas and thoughts on future Fallout settings.
    Sometimes I do wonder if its healthy to focus so much energy on writing projects like these that never get far, especially when there are mods and TCs that are in production and could do much more with extra hands.

    I already help Surf Solar with his project "What Remains" and I still want to help out Lexx with his FNV expanded mods, but sometimes I just can't resist letting my thoughts on this subject go.

    Despite all the mangling the franchise has gone through I still love it a lot and one of my biggest wishes in life is to become a designer like Tim Cain and Chris Avellone one day and actually getting to work on a Fallout game that will really be published

    Anyway, I hope people like it and that I get responses.
    Even if you do not like it or think some things can be done better I still would like to read your responses.

    * * * * *

    The Player

    The player starts the game as a recently made slave by the Caesar's Legion, rather than having a specific background like being a Vault Dweller like in Fallout 1 the player is questioned/gets to choose his or her own background.
    This can be neutral without cons and pros or one of the various backgrounds that come with startup bonuses and penalties, these options include being a Vault Dweller.

    To keep the game in character the player makes his or her face through an in game mechanic similar to the system used in Fallout New Vegas.
    After having done this two years of slavery follow which are broken up by interludes during which the player can make decisions that determine skills and traits.

    The game really starts when the player is transferred from the camp where he or she has lived for all that time to a new temporary camp the Legion has set up after they were forced to flee Eastwards.
    Like all other slaves the player is locked up in a cage with someone else; a dying Vault Dweller.

    The Vault Dweller asks the player to help him get some water and make his last moments tolerable, in return he gives the player his Vault uniform and Pip boy 2000, unless the player is a Vault Dweller himself/herself and already has these items.

    (note: perhaps the dying Vault Dweller recognizes the player as being another Vault Dweller from the same Vault he is, or another Vault. He sees kinship in the player anyway)

    The dying Vault Dweller reveals that he has secretly modified his Pipboy to send a distress signal with the hope that it might reach anyone listening.
    It is however to late for the Vault Dweller but the player might be able to use it and escape.

    Alternatively, if the player is a Vault Dweller himself, the dying Vault Dweller modifies the player's Pipboy to send a distress signal.

    This makes getting a Pipboy important at the start of the game.

    Once the player has send the distress signal a militia group attacks the Caesar Legion's camp, quickly dispatches the Legionnaires and frees the surviving slaves including the player.

    The militia soldiers identify themselves as the Rangers, an anti slaver organization that fights slavers like the Caesar's Legions and frees their captives.

    They provide the player with some information such as where he/she is, revealing that the player is far from his/her home and is in the former state of Texas.
    The Rangers give the player some supplies and a weapon and suggest that the player goes to Lone Star, the new capital of Texas.


    One of the first characters the player could potentially meet.
    Johnny was a reservist National Guardsman before the War and was a marksman, being proficient with loads of rifles and assault rifles.

    He and his squad were called up to secure important locations during the civil unrest crisis, preventing these from being overrun by protestors or possible Chinese agents or sympathizers who would seek to undermine order whenever possible.

    Only then the War happened and Johnny and his fellow Guardsmen took cover in any nearby basement or reinforced military structure.
    While they had some supplies to hold out for a while their shelter provided inadequate protection and radiation started to seep in.

    When the worst of the effects were over Johnny and the others started to look for more survivors, only exposing themselves to more radiation and released mutagens.


    Traxus is a Super Mutant mercenary and a former member of Attis' expedition to Texas which brought a group of Super Mutants to the region. He was one of the fortunate ones who was on the surface and outside of Los when the Vault Tec vault blew up and destroyed the entire city above it.

    After the survivors came together and started to look for a new place to live Traxus traveled for some time with them until the hit Austin and took up residence there.
    Traxus doesn't mind humans that much and perhaps he has more wanderlust than the others as he did not settle in Austin and instead traveled throughout the region, offering his services as an enforcer or mercenary to anyone who could pay his price.

    What Traxus' original name was before he was dipped he doesn't even remember himself or he simply chooses not to use that name any more.

    Traxus did have a brother who like him also became a Super Mutant and traveled to Texas, after Traxus left the main group his brother did settle in Austin but the two kept contact with each other until recently when Traxus' brother disappeared.

    Traxus' brother tried to become a caravan trader and set up business between Austin and surrounding settlements, it is most likely that he disappeared during one of his trade journeys.


    A special police modified Mr Handy, TASK was used by the Austin police’s anti terrorist department, designed to locate and dismantle explosives and traps. To suffice in this role TASK is equipped with an enhanced sensor package.

    TASK was also used for administrative tasks such as computer maintenance and is therefore programmed to operate computers and other electronic devices.

    Currently the robot is located in its docking stations in the ruins of the Austin main police station and it is programmed not to move beyond a certain range from it.

    Paladin Cage Blackwood

    Cage Blackwood is a Brotherhood paladin who has grown disillusioned with the Brotherhood of Steel, finding its policy of not getting involved with the wasteland matters and politics something that would sooner or later would come back to haunt the Brotherhood.

    He holds the stagnation that nearly destroyed the Brotherhood as an example on their self imposed isolation.

    However that does not mean Cage believes that the Brotherhood should be going around doing 'good deeds', or sharing their knowledge and technology randomly.
    Just taking a more active role in order to further their interests.

    Considered a ‘troublesome’ element by his superiors Cage Blackwood was sent Eastwards with several other paladins to locate the Texas Brotherhood of Steel which Lost Hills has lost contact with around the time of the NCR-BOS war and bring them back into the fold.

    Catherine Rivas

    Rivas is a combat medic assigned to the NCR expeditionary forces sent to San Antonio to take control of the Sunset Route which is critical to NCR resupplying.
    When the player meets Catherine she has been gone for years from home, having had little contact with her family.

    Vandez (working name)

    I have Vandez in mind as somewhat of a Spanish or Latin playboy, had he been born before the great war he would probably have moved around in many social circles and high society, found in various night clubs, bars, and casinos, impressing the ladies and making the men jealous. (the latin lover stereotype)

    Vandez is a charmer, the so called ‘lover rather than a fighter’, and he prefers to settle disputes with words rather than with weapons but should the push come to call he is quite skilled with his fists, the knife and handguns.

    Though a likeable scoundrel Vandez can occasional cause problems when his past catches up with him such as one of his many enemies or former lovers. He is also a pick pocket and takes use of an opportunity when it presents itself, even when the player has not authorized it.

    Ashiak (working name)

    A rather cunning and deceitful creature, Ashiak is a tribal shaman the player comes across during the visits to the more tribal regions of Texas. Her elaborate dress up and body paint makes it clear she is not a regular tribal and she makes it clear she is not one either.

    Though she understands little of technology other than basic devices and of course weaponry she is hardly impressed or superstitious when people try to intimidate her with advanced know how or machinery, considering these little more than distractions to the mind.

    Ashiak has a connection to a mysterious tribal cult called the Daughters of Hecate and has been sent as an advanced scout to the East to make contact with the tribes there and monitor the movements of the Caesar’s Legion which she hates with a passion.

    Ashiak would be even more in tune with nature than a survivalist as Johnny, knowing what plants are beneficial and which are poisonous and capable of concocting a variety of recipes of stims, drugs, and poisons.

    NPCs (so far)

    The Ricochet Brothers

    Despite their name the Brothers are actually traveling entertainers, performing gun tricks, music, songs, and jokes in return for food, drink and caps to keep them going.

    Currently one of the brothers is suffering from an infection and he desperately needs help, unfortunate the other brother doesn’t have the caps to pay for the medical costs.

    The player can help them out and in return receive some gear, the caps they do have, or get some gun training.


    An addict who hangs around Four Winds, when the player meets him he is suffering from chem withdrawal and he asks the player to help him get inside the trailer where the local doctor stores his medicines and drugs.

    The player can do so but can also inform the doctor of Cecil’s intentions who then confronts Cecil on this, beating some sense in the boy.

    If the player helps Cecil to stay addicted he will eventually become a highwayman who harasses travelers for caps and things of value to pay his dealer.

    If the player helps Cecil break the habit (this would require multiple confrontation) Cecil eventually manages to get through his cold turkey and cleans up his act, eventually becoming the doctor’s assistant and getting medical training.


    Lone Star Republic

    The biggest free nation in what is left of Texas, the city of Lone Star was built on top of the ruins of Abilene by Vault Dwellers and wastelanders that were already present or were later invited to join the growing community.
    Originally already enjoying some economic strength thanks to the energy provided by surviving wind farms Lone Star’s position increased when they started to manufacture weapons, ammo, and other gear for their own defense force as well as commercial products.

    Like the NCR Lone Star has its origins in the old world ideals of freedom, liberty and form of government. It is led by a president and a senate elected by the people that are elected every four year, it is divided in separate branches.

    Though almost founded at the same time as the NCR Lone Star has suffered somewhat less of corruption as it lacks the size and influence of powerful economic players that the far larger NCR does. On the other hand it has done very little to assist other settlements in the state or rebuilding of the wasteland itself, preferring to keep its resources and assets close at hand.

    Though it may sounds less intrusive and territory grabbing than the NCR back in the West critics have rightfully accused Lone Star of being stubbornly conservative and even more focused on its own interests than the NCR which at least has done some part in rebuilding parts of the US South West.

    Lone Star politicians strongly believe in self reliance and only grudgingly formed a military alliance with the People’s Republic of Killeen and other settlements when the Caesar’s Legion was threatening to overrun West Texas.

    In general believing itself to be the best of Post Nuclear civilization that rose from the ashes of the Old World, Lone Star was rudely woken up from this dream when the pursuing NCR followed the Legion into Texas and the two governments met each other.

    NCR shared various similarities with Lone Star yet expanded outward instead of isolating itself, gaining control of large territories and resources which it was developing into an infrastructure.

    Lone Star was a nation founded on Pre War ideals and values like the NCR, had garnered great economic strength, yet suffered little from the corruption and political differences that were slowly dragging NCR down.

    Lone Star fears possible annexation by NCR if NCR manages to expand into Texas, and NCR sees a possible rivaling government and economic power in Lone Star if it manages to throw off its conservative attitude and convince other settlements to unite under one flag to oppose the NCR.

    Like NCR slavery is forbidden in Lone Star and it is a nation governed by law rather than warlords and despots, making it popular with a lot of people in Texas who seek a life free from oppression and slavery but who have little realization of the other side Lone Star’s politics.

    Lone Star Rangers/Texas Rangers (undecided yet)

    Perhaps the biggest symbol of justice in the wasteland of Texas, the Rangers are a group of men and women who seek to bring order and law into the wasteland and fight crime and slavery whenever possible.
    The rangers are no fans of tyranny and aid those who seek to escape it or overthrow it though they themselves in general try to stay out of political matters.

    Many settlements and local governments support the rangers and bases and safehouses can be found throughout parts of Texas. It’s not unusual for when a ranger retires that he or she takes up the position of sheriff in a town to help its people and keep down the crime rate.

    Despite sounding like vigilantes the Rangers believe in the rule of law and that justice should be found in a court and not by the hands of an angry mob. This has resulted into some animosity from time to time but in general no one questions the word of a ranger as they have proven themselves to be more honorable, brave and fair than most people in the wasteland.

    The Rangers are open to all as long as they do not have any criminal records and even Ghouls and very rarely the occasional Super Mutant has become a member of this small but proud organization.

    The Rangers are the sworn enemy of the Legion and seek to dismantle and destroy it whenever possible, freeing slaves and bringing them to safety whenever they can.

    (the Rangers are what the Desert Rangers in the Mojave were before they decided to be absorbed by the NCR).

    People’s Republic of Killeen (working name)

    Somewhat of an anachronism in Texas or the United States for that matter, Killeen (Fortress Killeen) was founded by survivors of Killeen and Chinese POWs who managed to escape the internment camps at Fort Hood just before the bombs hit.

    Despite the severe distrust for each other the survivors had little choice but to work together to survive the suddenly changed world and the danger and anarchy it held.
    Using material recovered from the destroyed base and the city a basic fortified settlement was established that in time would expand into size and design as the population within increased.

    Killeen is a somewhat of a democracy but it is a military nation, ruled by a government that is made up of former military officers who have served the as soldiers for at least several terms before they are allowed to run for government official.
    Service is not mandatory but in general those who choose not to serve or cannot serve as looked down upon and have limited chance to rise into social status.

    While companies such as trading groups and banks exist within the republic they are strictly monitored by the government who seek to prevent the scale of corruption that happened in the governments before the war caused by corporations and international banks that had become to influential.
    Still despite this strict control officials are most definitely bribed and manipulated from time to time and the government’s anti corruption policy is more an ideal than a truly attainable goal.

    Economically the Republic depends on the trade of salvaged goods though it seeks to expand its food and manufacturing capabilities beyond being self sufficient and could eventually become an economic power house.

    Killeen also offers protection and education opportunities to outside settlements in return for goods and resources but imposes strict rules and regulations on those who that desire these services.

    Like Lone Star, the republic also deals in weaponry but depends more on what they can salvage than manufacture themselves.
    Most of this weaponry and gear is intended for own use.

    The people of the republic are somewhat distrusted because of their mixed background and focus on military rule.

    When the Legion entered Texas it tore through the state until it was halted by the big settlements Lone Star and Killeen who were able to resist the invasion. Reluctantly both settlements formed an alliance in order to fight the Legion and there are still critics on both sides who believe that the alliance was a bad idea.

    (still not completely happy about some parts of this idea)

    The New California Republic

    The NCR won the second battle of Hoover Dam and came out nearly unscathed, though they suffered losses during the battle and afterwards they managed to overcome this, growing stronger in the process.

    Though unable to annex New Vegas as the leaders back in Shady Sands had intended the NCR had managed to gain full control of Hoover Dam and a road into the East. NCR diplomats even managed to convince the rulers of New Vegas to put caps and resources back into NCR expansion, convincing them it would be in their own interest as new markets and customers would present themselves the further NCR went East.

    This optimism wasn’t completely justified as despite the deaths of Caesar and his Legate the Legion still proved to be a powerful and resourceful foe as the NCR entered their lands.
    NCR expansion was slow at best as it tried to convince settlements to join them while driving the Legion further Eastwards, even worse was the fact that Legion started to practice a burned earth strategy, destroying infrastructure and razing entire settlements to the ground to prevent the NCR from capturing these.
    So next to having to set up longer supply routes Westwards the NCR also had to rebuild bridges, roads and settlements while advancing on the Legion’s positions.

    Fortunate for the NCR at the time it was the Legion’s increasing internal conflicts that would hinder the Legion from forming a united front against the NCR and others who now targeted the Legion for revenge. This divide in the Legion’s unity allowed NCR forces to take on Legion factions separately, destroying they more easily than they would have had the Legion remained together.

    The Legion’s response was of course severe but it was never again on the same scale as the second battle of Hoover Dam and the NCR continued to spread through Caesar’s former lands as the Legion could do nothing else but to retreat and dig themselves in.

    Though perhaps military quite successfully the NCR was rapidly losing the hearts and minds of the people back in NCR territory. The victory over Caesar’s Legion during the second battle of Hoover Dam had been a boost in morality but this was rapidly overshadowed by the fact that NCR’s expansion still continued to drain resources and lives as it cross the Colorado, and on top of that the Legion still wasn’t completely destroyed.

    Corruption is also still wide spread as Brahmin baron and trading houses seek to increase their influence on the NCR senate, and the divide between the poor & the powerless and the rich & the powerful is increasing daily.
    An attempt to sent troublesome elements Eastwards to colonize the new territories has not been received well.

    Frontier towns and settlements are not doing much better, they have to pay taxes and amounts of resources to maintain the spread out NCR forcers and interests and receive little in return.
    A lot of settlements still do not get enough protection from outlaws and mutants wildlife which the NCR has promised, and little is done to help with locals problems that prevent settlements from thriving while laws and legislations are thrown upon them.

    Some settlements believe that they may be better off without the NCR and govern themselves, an action the NCR senate opposes as it fears that if it allows settlements to leave the NCR that it will lose control of profitable resources or those considered necessary and essential to the NCR such as Hoover Dam.
    As a result the NCR is on the verge of a civil war.

    Then discovery of rival governments in Texas such as Lone Star and the People’s Republic of Killeen have not helped to improve this matter and some senate members fear that these outside powers might make use of the NCR’s current problems to further destabilize what they consider to be a threat to their own influence and interests.

    The NCR has set up an outpost in the pre war city of San Antonio, having taken control of the historical San Antonio Station which serves as the current end station to the NCR’s railways that lead back West to Los Angeles/the Boneyard, a critical supply route on which the NCR depends for its control and expansion in the lands beyond the Colorado river.

    The station now serves a military headquarter and local administrative center but it is also an outpost to monitor the Caesar’s Legion in the region, especially the largest group that has settled in the ruins of Corpus Christi/The Corpse.

    Several refugee camps can also be found in San Antonio, home to NCR settlers who seek to establish themselves in Texas, and survivors from various parts of Texas that were destroyed when the Caesar’s Legion invaded and started to pillage and burn settlements.
    Others have come from Austin which they were forced to leave when the Master’s Army invaded when looking for Super Mutants.

    Caesar’s Legion

    The second battle for Hoover Dam proved to be a disaster for the Legion, the original Caesar was assassinated right before the battle by an outsider and Legate Lanius would fall at the same assassin’s hands later when the NCR stormed his camp during the fight.

    Despite Caesar’s planned line of succession his ideals did not prove to be the strong motivation that would keep the Legion together, it has been his ruthlessness that had done so and without it and Caesar’s own staff his former commanding officers started to fight amongst themselves of who should rule the Legion now.

    The officer next in line to Lanius died while fighting the NCR as it headed into Arizona and the following Caesar was assassinated by one of his subordinates when his campaign to take West Texas failed after the siege on Lone Star proved to be disastrous, killing many Legionnaires in battle.

    Afterwards the top ranking officers of the Legion split the empire in portions with each of them appointing themselves the rightful heir to the original Caesar. Some of these heirs remained in the former lands of the original Caesar such as Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Utah and Colorado, while other parts crossed the great radioactive no man lands into Texas, seeking to establish a new empire there.

    The most powerful of these would be emperors headed south after the failed attempt to take control of Lone Star, eventually coming to a former pre war metropolis which was now known by its residents as the Corpse.
    There the Legion took control of a nearly intact sports stadium, converting it into a fortress and calling it Numitor after the father of Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of ancient world Rome.

    Currently several groups of Caesar’s Legion are present in Texas, between attacking settlements and caravans for resources and slaves the Legion targets each other in an attempt to make the weaker party join the stronger party or to completely destroy the other that would pose an obstacle on path to a successor to the position of Caesar.

    The Texas Brotherhood of Steel

    Nearly a century ago a brotherhood expedition led by Rhombus left Lost Hills to pursue a rather well organized group of Super Mutants into Texas in order to determine what their goals were and if the Super Mutants continued to be a threat to the BOS back on the West Coast.

    Rhombus himself led the group of Paladins that followed the Super Mutants’ leader Attis to a destroyed Pre War metropolis where he was captured by the insane leader of a Ghoul cult.
    Attis was later freed by an unnamed hero who also sought to stop Attis and gave this person the means to pursue Attis into a hidden Vault before succumbing to the wounds caused by an attack.

    The other members of Attis expedition had discovered an intact Vault that had served as a prototype to the larger hidden Vault the Super Mutants had been looking for, and in it they discovered a cache of technology and weaponry the Brotherhood had never found in other parts of the wasteland; holographic devices, electrical weapons, unique design defense robots and Power Armor suits.

    Realizing that it was too much to take with them back to the Lost Hills installation the Brotherhood instead set up base in the Vault, becoming the Texas chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.
    Even when news reached of Rhombus’ demise the chapter decided to stay as there were still a lot of Pre War resources for them to discover and they had established relations with neighboring settlements and tribes which had worked very favorably for the chapter.

    Contact with the Brotherhood in the West has always been sporadic at best conditions and the Texas chapter lost complete contact when the Brotherhood-NCR war started, being completely in the dark about this conflict.
    Some Brotherhood members choose to organize expeditions back to the West to re establish contact but after several of these disappeared without a trace (most likely being intercepted and killed by the Legion) all efforts to make contact with the West were suspended for the time being.

    Because of the distance between the chapter and the BOS main base of power some differences have crept up over the years, some of them being that the Texas chapter continues to trade knowledge and some technology with the outside in return for things they want, occasionally even giving aid to those they consider worthy of their help.
    The chapter also from time to time recruits outsider they consider to be most gifted and able to become a member of the Brotherhood.

    Now that the NCR has entered Texas contact with the West is once more possible. The Texas chapter still does not know about the animosity between the NCR and the BOS back West and the NCR is not planning to inform them of this, at least not until they are ready to take on the Texas chapter.

    If an outsider would inform the Texas BOS of the war there would be a good chance that the Texas chapter would destroy the NCR’s presence in Texas.

    The Followers of the Apocalypse

    The Followers’ role during the second battle of Hoover Dam was not forgotten after that conflict and relations somewhat warmed up between the two organizations despite that some NCR officials sought to downplay it.

    The Followers were allowed to stay in New Vegas and were even allowed to establish camps and outposts in other NCR settlements, as long as they stayed out of NCR politics and no let their opinions be said to loud.

    When the Legion was broken Eastwards and the NCR crossed the Colorado river the Followers felt it their missions to follow as well and aid those who had suffered under Caesar’s rule, helping settlements to rebuild and become self sufficient and ensure that they were not trampled down by NCR expansion.

    Especially tribes who were nearly destroyed or absorbed by the Legion received a lot of Follower help with trying to find their own identity again and trying to coexist into another rather than falling back into tribal warfare.
    As the Followers feared the NCR started to ‘rehabilitate’ theses sometimes displaced tribes to prevent them from becoming as problematic as the Legion was while at the same time seek to annex their lands.

    After the NCR expanded into Texas stories and reports of the chaos and destruction the Legion had left in its wake to deter NCR pursuit also reached the ears of the leaders of the Followers. Realizing the anarchy and destruction the Legion had caused the Followers decided to organize an expedition to this distant and unknown land to help the people there.

    Reminding the NCR of the help they gave during the second battle of Hoover Dam, the Followers were allowed to accompany the NCR forces that would eventually set up base in San Antonio to secure the Sunset Route on which local forces depend for supplies. They themselves setting up camps and outposts in the rest of San Antonio while under protection of NCR.

    Lone Star Trade Outfitters

    The biggest trading organization of Lone Star, the Trade Outfitters deal in a variety of goods, from water and fuel to medicine and food.
    They are sort of like the Crimson Caravan of the Texas region.

    On this moment I have not decided yet if they also handle the transport of weaponry and gear manufactured in the Lone Star manufacturing plant of the weapon manufacturers handle their own caravans.

    Horizon Traders (working name)

    A smaller trading house that competes with the Lone Star Trade Outfitters for supply contracts in Texas.
    Not much yet on their background yet.

    The Master’s Army

    More than a generation ago a group or organized Super Mutants that was led by one of the Master’s Lieutenants named Attis came to Texas to look for a Vault that according to records might contain a cure for sterility caused by mutation as well as a stockpile of advanced weapons and technology Attis wished to use to restore the Master’s vision and make Super Mutants the dominant species of the wasteland.

    This plan did not work out and Attis and many Super Mutants were killed when the hidden Vault was destroyed by an unknown hero, leaving the survivors shattered and disorganized.
    In time more Super Mutants, fleeing the growing NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel in the West came to Texas to try to build a new life for themselves.

    These Super Mutants together with the occasional group of Ghouls and very rarely regular humans united into groups and communities, in time establishing their own settlements and outposts, forgetting the Master’s dream of Super Mutant dominance with the exception of some hardliners who wished to continue it in any way possible, resorting to raids and even slavery of regular humans.

    These hardliners would most likely die out, either finding their death in battle or in the wasteland and no longer bother the more peaceful Super Mutants who rather sought co existence or isolation.

    Unfortunate for them a new Super Mutant leader would rise up who believes it is better for the Super Mutants to go out fighting while trying to claim the wasteland for themselves rather than slowly dying out in the wasteland trying to live some meager existence.

    In the ruins of the Old World ######, the new Super Mutant leader found his tool for conquest and rebuilding the Super Mutant forces; an abandoned crawler-transport that were once used to transport rockets and other spacecraft to launch pads.
    Like the Enclave ####### had his Super Mutants and captured Ghouls engineers convert the crawler into a mobile fortress, equipping it with armor and weapon systems.

    A massive scoop was also installed that would ‘suck’ up resources and survivors from the settlements #####’s fortress would crush under its tracks, supplying him with equipment, weapons, and possible slaves.

    ###### is now using this behemoth of destruction to overrun settlements and outposts were Super Mutants are suspected to live, scooping them and up and forcing them to join the Master’s Army.

    ######’s goals are most definitely insane and most likely unattainable but he will do a lot of destruction and causing many casualties before he is finally stopped.

    Note: the Master’s Army’ strength is not in numbers but in weapons, they aren’t a very big group and will in general stay around their mobile fortress for protection.

    (this idea is of course inspired by one of the original ideas that had been intended for Fallout 2 before the final version was decided)

    The Texas Hellrazors

    One of the two biggest raider groups the player would encounter during the game, and their strength various depending where the player encounters them.
    The first groups would carry relative simple weaponry and gear so not to overwhelm a low level player while the groups met later on carry much heavier firepower and better armor.
    (perhaps some kind of custom made armor could be modeled for them)

    The Hellrazors are the mortal enemies of the Trashers, the second biggest gang.

    The Trashers

    The second biggest raider group in Texas, like the Hellrazors they are also found in various numbers throughout the wasteland and attack travelers, caravans, and occasionally military forces.

    During the game the Trashers would be the explosives obsessed raiders, using dynamite, grenades, grenade launcher and any heavier explosive firing weaponry they come across.

    The Copperheads (working name)

    This would be the smallest raider group in the game compared to the other groups but it would be infamous for the fact that its members used poisoned blades and spears during combat and use gear and clothing that hides them amongst the background, making it extra difficult for the player to see them beforehand.

    One of my ideas is that the Copperheads are actually related to tribals and that they are somewhat feral, as a character in the setting might say “Just above the level of animals”.
    However they are not stupid.

    The Vultures

    These would be the most desperate raiders in the game, usually targeting groups or individuals which they perceive as weak and follow in the tracks of more powerful raider groups and pick through whatever these leave behind during their raids.

    Their gear is a mish mash of whatever they managed to find or steal and they don’t have real powerful weaponry.

    The Vultures are sometimes targeted by other raider groups when they have something the more powerful groups want or if they have the idea that the Vultures are growing to powerful for their liking.

    The Claws

    Another raider group, no description for them yet.

    Poseidon Energy

    The big energy corporation which was mentioned before in Fallout and which holdings the player visited in the previous games such as Helios One again makes an appearance and this time plays a strong role in the storyline, but separate from the Enclave organization it is normally connected with.

    The corporation controlled various energy concerns before the war, dealing in fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and oil, but also power stations such as nuclear power plants, and experimented with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar
    Next to that its various laboratories also did research into new types of weapons and other technologies such as computers.

    As in the previous games holdings of Poseidon Energy can be found in the region, the regular gas stations and perhaps some power plants, but also one of their big oil refineries and those mentioned laboratories.
    Having strong connections with the pre war government these research facilities were given extensive protection that spared them from the great firestorm.

    Its these laboratories and the secrets they contain that play a role in the storyline.

    Note: this is no like the Big Empty facility that appeared in the ‘Old World Blues’ DLC, so no wacky immortal scientists still doing bizarre research centuries after the war.

    Robot City

    Robot City is to be a new machine faction introduced in Fallout Texas, a civilization of machine intelligences that are descended from AIs that were created by corporations and universities before the Great War and who managed to survive the Great War.

    Their city resembled the ‘city of tomorrow’ as envisioned by 50’s futurists and science fiction artists; large skyscrapers, suspended roads, monorails, and of course flying cars and robots. Despite the appearance the city is not intended for human occupants and it is located in or near the radioactive no man’s lands where humans normally do not venture.

    I don’t have Robot City in mind as an ‘essential’ location the player needs to visit but the city expands on the lore of Fallout and tells what happened to some of the AIs that were around before the War.

    The machine intelligences are normally indifferent to humans and mutants, not caring about affairs of the wastelanders and driving those off who approach Robot City, occasionally trapping some for questioning and experimentation.

    During the time period of the game a discussion has broken out amongst the various AI regarding human expansion. The no mans lands no longer provide the isolation the machine intelligences prefer and the debate is now if the AIs should either make contact with humans and mutants, brokering some kind of deal, or if the AIs should use their vast knowledge and resources to clear out the region of wastelanders to ensure the safety of the city.

    Robot City also has other problems such as an increasing number of robots that drop off the network and turn against the AIs and the city.

    Ideas still in development;

    The Four Winds

    A symbolic name of a small outpost which was inspired by the pre war cross roads where it is located. A pre war bar and grill is also located here and took the town/settlement name as a new name for the establishment.

    This is most likely the first location the player gets to visit after leaving the Legion camp at the start of the game.

    Fort Worth/Dallas

    No ideas yet but most probably a ruined metropolis

    Abandoned oil fields/Poseidon Oil refinery

    A relic and memento to the energy crisis of the past, after the oil ran out the oil fields were abandoned and fell into general disuse. Occasionally Poseidon used the old shafts to dump chemical and toxic waste underground which had mutagenic effects on underground dwelling life.

    Parts of the buildings and towers have been dismantled by various communities after the War to be used for the construction of houses and buildings.
    Raiders also from time like to use the ruins as temporary bases.

    Despite the time past the refinery is relatively intact with only a few sections broken down or collapsed, this is due to the security system that still functions.
    It had been installed before the War to deter saboteurs and Chinese agents though it is far more complex than would have been necessary for even a facility of this size.

    Unknown to everyone after the War is the Poseidon Energy research facility that is located underneath the refinery. The facility like the security system still functions after all this time and contains various secrets and supplies.
  2. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Guest

    Nice job Dutch. I like the Poseidon Energy idea, and have something similar in mind for the Enclave. I also like the idea about the dying Vault Dweller.

    Johnny sounds like a interesting character. I would like to hear a soldiers perspective on the Great War. Fallout 3 fell short on this with the Mothership Zeta soldier (forgot his name)....

    I think your idea for the Legion is dead on. They would most likely fall apart into bickering states after Caesar died. I don't know if they would be educated enough to know about ancient Roman history though, unless Caesar left some books lying around. I was under the impression that they were brainwashed.

    The Lone Star Republic appears to mirror the Texas ideals that founded the state. If I remember correctly they wanted to stay separate from the US at one point. It would make sense for them to have that viewpoint after a apocalypse.

    I love the idea for the Texas BOS. Take that one and run with it. Just don't let the BOS wear cowboy hats ! :wink:

    If you need any info on the Fort Hood/Killeen area just let me know. I was stationed there for 7 years.

    I would comment more, but I am a bit busy. A lot of good ideas though! :)
  3. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    I would have the dying vault dweller draw a map for the player for location of hidden pipboy etc.

    Ceasars legion would take something like that off of a slaves wrist. They are expensiave/valuable
  4. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    The Vault Dweller concept came up when I tried to think of a reason how the player gets a Pipboy without having selected the background of being a Vault Dweller (I copied some text from an earlier description)

    The whole distress signal part is to explain why the player doesn't throw it away, its quest essential.

    You are probably correct in that one, the original Caesar does try to keep his followers ignorant on these kind of subjects and my idea might not work because of that.

    I got my idea from the split that occurred in the original Roman empire and thought that it would be interesting if something like it happens with the Caesar's Legion, splitting up in smaller groups that each call themselves the true Caesar's Legion.

    It indeed is inspired by that but I think I was also inspired by other people's ideas for Fallout mods.
    Lone Star would indeed want to stay separate from the NCR, remaining its own state.
    They just don't have the strength to keep the entire state out of NCR's hands, their own conservative attitude being the problem.

    I honestly don't know if people feel that the republic of Killeen would work, I just wanted to do something of a government that was different from the NCR's and Lone Star's without it immediately being despotic in any form. (though it probably is)

    That is not my intention, they are also not using the Alamo as a base.

    The Legion more likely would have had it destroyed as they see it as a useless trinket.
    They themselves do not rely on advanced high tech devices.

    Again I keep the background of the player rather vague deliberately so that the player can decide what kind of person their character was before he/she were enslaved.

    The dying Vault Dweller would have been a more recent capture, not having gone through processing yet, explaining why he still had his uniform and Pipboy
  5. Chromevod

    Chromevod Nope.

    May 25, 2011
    I have to say I do really like how you would put together the introduction to the game. There are some similarities with how Fallout 3 began with growing up in Vault 101, but it's more streamlined. Trying to survive as a slave to the legion is much more interesting than just growing up. It would throw the character into a conflict right at the start.
  6. Ben

    Ben Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 6, 2011
    Dutch Ghost, I've always liked your ideas and this one is great.

    A few things about Johnny though-

    don't use "Reservist National Guardsman" the Army and Air Force reserves are completely different organizations than the Army and Air National Guards. I can elaborate on this if you really want. That is my only complaint

    My suggestion is that you incorporate symbols and references to the 36th Infantry Division-


    I'm talking keep the patch, maybe adopt "Fix Bayonets" as his motto (from the 3/144th Regiment)

    Also, most National Guard Armories are pretty small; unless they hid in a weapons vault, it is not likely they would be able to survive in there.

    EDIT: Also, Nuka Cola must stand aside; Dr Pepper is a true Texan drink, it should populate the vending machines
  7. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Guest

    What!? Mountain Dew is the true Texan drink.
  8. Walpknut

    Walpknut This ghoul has seen it all

    Dec 30, 2010
    Mountain Dew is a Drink? it tastes like how Floor Cleaner smells.
    But there are members in the Ranks of the Legion that are more aware about the Legions weaknesses than Caesar would want, soem are not even that fanatic about the whole thing, like Silus, The Legate and probablynewly integrated members. A Split wouldn't be out of chaaracter for them IMO.
  9. Courier

    Courier Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Apr 10, 2011
    Dammit TDG, I was going to use the Poseidon Energy thing for my Fallout game idea.

    Still like it all though.

    Edit: The idea I'm working on heavily involves several factions vying for control of a functional nuclear power plant.

    Edit: Actually two functioning plants, the area I have in mind has two nuclear plants nearby.

    Edit: And the headquarters of the real-world counterpart of Poseidon Energy, Duke Energy.
  10. Ben

    Ben Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 6, 2011
    Have you ever visited Dublin, Texas?

    Read up-

    Where else but Texas can you go and find Diet Dr Pepper in a drink fountain?

    Don't be hocking this Mountain Dew nonsense. I will let you go with a warning this one time.
  11. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Guest

    I just got served.
  12. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Truth be told, I never really researched the subject as I was not aware that there were different, but I do indeed mean army reservists and not air force reservists.

    Not necessary that Johnny and his fellow soldiers took shelter in one of those, they were called up to guard other locations that were considered important.
    I am going to keep what kind of structure vague as its not plot important on the moment.

    Its unlikely I get to make this into a game or mod anytime soon but I would remain with the fictional brands.
    If a new soft drink would be introduced it would probably have a fictional name but with clear hints on which it is inspired.

    Courier, regarding power plants, my plot isn't heavily focused on the capture and control of functional power plants though I can not rule that not one would make an appearance.

    It goes a bit more deeper, on the level of the Master, the Enclave and Dr Presper with the real goal being far more ambitious.
  13. JackBurton

    JackBurton First time out of the vault

    Dec 14, 2011
    Really a pleasure reading it. Nice intro and story, hope it becomes something... :clap:
  14. Ben

    Ben Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 6, 2011
    I was a bit unclear; the Army National Guard is distinct from the Army Reserve. The ARNG is state owned, meaning Johnny would be a Texas Army National Guardsman; the USAR is a federal organization. Putting him in the ARNG would be advantageous because the USAR does not have any Combat Arms units.
  15. Hassknecht

    Hassknecht For hate's sake. Staff Member Admin Orderite Board Cop oTO

    Aug 16, 2010
    As always, excellent work.
    Looks like you spent quite some time on fleshing out these ideas since I last heard about them, very nice.
  16. aboniks

    aboniks Still Mildly Glowing

    Jan 17, 2012
    I like this idea. One thing I have to question is: Why would the legion allow a captured slave to keep something as valuable as a functioning pip boy?

    Even if they're unaware of it's full capabilities, they'd realize it was worth taking. If there's some sort of locking mechanism, they'd just cut your arm off. It's definitely more valuable than any old meatbag slave.

    Perhaps finding a way to get it back from the guards after it's confiscated (from whichever character has it) would open up some of those character defining moments at the beginning. A task like that with multiple avenues of attack might be an interesting way to set your tag skills.

    just thinking out loud, TDG. Carry on.
  17. StroHersh

    StroHersh First time out of the vault

    Jan 18, 2012
    Just before I begin, friend, it is quite hard to read your post, I think you should break it up into headings and stuff.

    Otherwise, good idea. I like the developing of the Lone Star Republic, though I feel as though the NCR already have a monopoly on the whole "republic" name. I'm not smart though, I can't think of anything better.

    Also, I know there's alot of hate for Fallout 3 around here, so this is either the stupidest idea ever or one that'll let you blow off alot of steam: One of the people in the Master's army is a D.C Mutant, who everyone really hates for being different, being a mirror for Fallout 3 it's self.

    Just an idea though.
  18. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011
    Doesn't make sense to me. I don't hate Fallout 3. I dislike some points, but I like it. But DC mutants is the part I dislike the most. They seem to be completely unable to think in anything but destroy. It just wouldn't fit with the ideals of the Master, it's the kind of things which made him want to make the final Unity. Also, if it were like that, the Master would've known of the other strains, which actually makes the diplomatic ending impossible (you can not convince him to destroy the Cathedral if he knows there are different strains of the FEV, simply because he would think about looking for another one, or even modifying the one he used for his army). And it's far from impossible.
  19. ncr_insurgent

    ncr_insurgent First time out of the vault

    Nov 29, 2010
    I was initially skeptical about having the NCR and Caesar's Legion involved in things once again, but once I read the narrative that you have in store for the latter I was sold on the idea. I also like what you had in mind for the Texas Brotherhood of Steel.
  20. Makenshi

    Makenshi Ahoy, ye salty dogs!

    Jul 28, 2006
    Dutch, you are in for a treat now (big image below):

    [spoiler:698a7a63ca]Damn, forgot to add: the black arrows point the influx of salvage. That city in the northwast does incursions over Dallas; those two southeastern ones do it over Austin and San Antonio. Who salvages Houston? God only knows, it's too far into the radiation zones. Maybe the robots...? :twisted: Or even people at the other side, if it exists! :o


    I chose these small cities to be the ones who eventually grows into the independent members of the Texas Confederation (numbers are population today):

    • 2,452 Panhandle

      1,201 Fort Davis

      2,673 Tahoka

      2,641 Quannah

      2,936 Big Lake (renamed Lone Star)

      1,182 Rocksprings (renamed Killeen)

      2,034 Albany

    Took this from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_of_Texas_cities_in_2000

    Chose these because they not only are small but are in the less populated half of Texas, meaning it wasn't bombed (or not as bombed as the other), as per this map:

    Lone Star Republic

    Big Lake, being near a rad free big lake,as the name suggest, had it easier than Shady Sands. Ths, became Lone Star, as back then they thought to be the last remaining lucky bastards in Texas, maybe the entire US or even the world; they found the other cities later but the name was already stickied. Thank God they're not too expansionist (or had tougher nuts to crack, as the other cities here are strong).

    People's Republic Killeen

    I don't like the name, but since you said chinese guys took control early, the homage to their motherland is ok. People's City Killeen could ring better, since there are so many republics already, plus they could feel part of China in the first days, so naming it People's City could point to the idea of them wanting to join China, had it survived and invaded US (one can dream, why could they not?)

    Anyway... Killeen is like you said, but those prisoners escaped from detention camps between Austin and San Antonio (lucky bastards, look at those places now!). Their business is centered in salvaging pre-war assets from the ruins of those metropolis, which only strenghtened the military roots you said they have.

    Tensions between them and Lone Star are all you said: mistrust + different ways (not necessarily opposed). They also have disputes over salvaging San Anatonio - sometimes armed, and mediated by the other cities - with the nameless city to the south.

    The Union

    Let's call it this for now (you change it if you want, it's your setting; these are just ideas, you asked for them).

    This one, btw, was founded by people who fled from Hebbronville, Loredo, Cotulla and San Diego. The reason? Dunno, get you fat ass working mofo, and give us a cool reason ASAP. The name "The Union" is kinda good, since it refers to them coming from those old cities and uniting to survive.

    Oh, they sometimes try something into The Corpse, and there are disputes between them, too. Could be attempts of anexation, or pressure for pre-war assets, maybe even slaves/raider/etc activity coming from The Corpse, if you make it into a place of bad reputation; again, your choice.

    Fort Davis

    I don't like having the BoS yet again, I can't believe they (and Enclave) where the only remnants of the US army that survived with PA and stuff. I suggest you use Fort Davis (also a city state, the westernmost up there) to make another surviving branch of the army, something like BoS (excuse for some PA in game, hehe) but also very different:

    * they are open to the civilians who show most potential in trials (once every year). they want to boost ranks, but don't let anyone in, only those with potential (WBoS takes no one, while EBoS takes anyone). these trials are not only for combat, but to bring in people with INT or CHA 10, for example, as everyone can bu seful in the right position;

    * they don't revere technology, but police it (since they rule) and open it for the people to use;

    * there is democracy: people vote (but only military members run, so they are always in the power, like the oposing inner groups in China's Comunist Party) and can talk politics (except subversive stuff like electing civilians; every soldier can be a candidate, so become a soldier if you want to rule - while it is really allowed, only a battle hero could be popular enought to be elected, most of the time it's charismatic and/or influent officers who run and win; but overall, it's an honest system in which even the old generals believe)

    * insert more ideas here, for a BoS almost-like faction who rules one of the confederated cities

    wow, goddamn what a wall of text... hiope you guys read and enjoy, specially you, Dutch!