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    Whats your favorite Fallout 2 quote?

    Mine has to be when you poison Westin and after he dies your character says "Wow, I guess he did have a heart problem."
  2. JR Jansen

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    Apr 11, 2003
    Mine is when you steal boss Salvatore's oxygen tank and he chockes to death. Your character will say "I just love killing old people"

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    My favorite... I'll let you guess who says it: "We be good with fist, spear, big hammer, sub-machine gun. We be a handful." that and "Did you just ask me to weed your garden?"
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    >My favorite... I'll let you guess
    >who says it: "We be
    >good with fist, spear, big
    >hammer, sub-machine gun. We be
    >a handful." that and "Did
    >you just ask me to
    >weed your garden?"

    "We be good with fist, spear, big hammer, sub-machine gun. We be a handful." - Sulik

    "Did you just ask me to weed your garden?" - You, when Hakunin wants u to kill the evil plants in his garden.

    Here is my favourite quotes "My garden is well, how is yours?"
    and "we and my nose, thank you."
  5. Shadowman

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    Apr 24, 2003
    The most memorable quotes in the game are when you play with a low intelligence character. Sulik says to you:

    "You go to shaman, Get hole drilled in head. BIG hole! VERY big hole!"


    "The best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist."
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    The best quotes are the ones that you get playing a low intelligence charater.
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    Me hit people Monte tell me to. -Rico
    Shamma Lamma DING DONG! -The Retarded Chosen One
    A rocket launcher gives me all the spiritual peace I need, lady. -The Chosen One
    Be a big stone head! See the world! What hogwash. -The Vault Dweller's Head


    Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
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    "It's cold, and there are wolves after me"-Ghoul in Broken Hills. The Original quote is granpa Simpson!

    "Hey, I heard you blew the rig of every member of the Enclave."-Corsecan(SIC) Brother
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    "All right. I'll just watch your ass- oh! uh, back, carefully." - Myron
    "We be like ugly on... you! ha ha ha" - Sulik
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    "Oh, like: 'I should be able to have two guns.
    Why can't I use two guns?' Like that." - Dave Hendey

    "I am not part of the problem. I am a Republican." - Vice-President Byrd

    "Like I said, part of the problem." - Chosen One

    "I am the bringer of death. Fall on your knees and beg for mercy." - Vault Dweller

    (Alternate Version): "I am the bringer of death. Fall on your knees and beg for mercy... Or give me a sandwich, I'm pretty hungry." - Vault Dweller

    "It's not easy being green." - Seymour

    "I think I saw this same situation in an Anime video once." - Prostitute, New Reno

    "I always knew the President wanted to kill us all." - Townsperson, New Reno

    "People are always screwing me." - Customer, Mom's

    "What are you smoking!?" - Vault Dweller

    "The mutants at the watershed need dirtnaps." - Set

    "We're a band of musicians, tekheads, geeks, and artists. We thought we'd come back to someplace famous for artistic and personal freedom. I came here to spawn." - Punk, tanker

    "When the stars threw down their spears, And water'd heaven with their tears, Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the lamb make thee?" - Scientist, Enclave Oil Rig

    "Whatever." - Wiggum

    "Not tonight, I have a headache." - Vault Dweller

    "I am Loki, an initiate from the south." - Vault Dweller (do you spot the irony?)

    "You see Ed. Ed's dead." - Description

    "Wouldn't It Be Nice If Everyone Would Just Die?"

    p.s. Anyone else know where my signature comes from?
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    The whole conversation with Renesco about sneakin out with Reyna and then tellin him that he might like the elder was funny
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    "Myron, your hand is the only, 'one' for you" - Female Char
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    "Dirt! Nap! Dirtnap! Nap! Dirt! Napdirt!" - Set, Cafe Of Broken Dreams

    "Wouldn't It Be Nice If Everyone Would Just Die?"
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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jan-15-01 AT 08:30PM (GMT)[p]My absolute favorite:
    "Jellous? He's name Herbert. I talk to him when I'm lonly. He-he, just kidding. He's name's BOB" Harold the GHOUL when you ask him about the tree in his head.
    I recognise it but I don't know where it's from. Please tell us Pretender.

    [div align=center][hr]

    "Call me a vagabond, and I'll smile. Call me a thief, and I'll laugh. Call me a liar, and I feed you your liver."
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    "Can we go back to the first level of the dungeon where all the kobolds are?" -Myron
    "I guess all those years of D&D taught me a little about courage." -Myron
    "Moo I say." -Brahmin
    "CATS! I like cats. The word sounds like car and thats what I watch!" -That dude who watches your cars
    "Well, technically... It's a thingy." -Harold

    Cows rule.

    "Moo I say!!!"
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    It's from a poster for "End Of Evangelion" (the best movie ever made). I'm a devoted NGE fan.

    "Wouldn't It Be Nice If Everyone Would Just Die?"
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    The low intelligence quotes are the coolest.
    ANd such... you know?
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    I can think of one that SHOULD be in there... Vic should say it when you're walking around "Sushi, that's what my ex-wife used to call me. Cold fish." Now you just have to figure out where it's from :D


    "'Kill!' shouted Ford. He shouted it at his towel. The towel lept up out of Harl's hands. This was not because it had any motive force of its own, but because Harl was so startled at the idea that it might."
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    My favorite quote is the one when you ask Harold "what about my skin?"

    I can't remember the whole thing, but it's about carving your soft clean skin off of you and wearing it, I'll have to get that one.

    My other one
    "We Got Seven Demon Bags!" - Sulik

    And of course the Dirtnap tirade by Set.

    Anyone know where "Dirtnap" was originally from?
  20. Streeca

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    May 31, 2008
    Anyone knows what anime the whore is referring to?

    I love many of the whores' replies to power armor. For example - "Will my moisture make you rust?"

    Also, anyone knows that "The Seven Demon Bags" refers to?

    I love the conversation with Cassidi about spears, and how it changes if you bring it up again.

    Goris: "I put the DEATH in Deathclaw!"