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Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Brother None, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Jul 2, 2006
    Vehementi supporting what Angry_Games is saying, now there's a shock! :roll:

    Hi boer_kameel,

    I've been reading the news items on NMA and downloading FO content for longer than I can remember, but only recently got into the forums. I wish I'd investigated them earlier now that I see so many like minded people discussing one of their passions.

    I understand what you're saying about FO. As other games have come and gone I've always kept the FO games on the shelf, occasionally dusting one of them off to revisit the good memories I have. I guess the most disappointing aspect about FO3 to me is that Beth has all the previous FO history laid out in front of them to build on and possibly create another classic FO game. Instead they're aiming for a quick buck by creating yet another console action clone. FO3 certainly won't be a classic, and unfortunately nobody will be reaching for the install disks in 10 years time with the thought of revisiting some old friends and memories.

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    Maybe the Bethesda guys just didn't realize what history Fallout holds for it's truest fans...
    I couldn't call myself a board game / real-life rpg fan, so I cannot judge how the Fallout / Wasteland titles tried to emulate those experiences.

    This leaves us with 2 options:

    -1. Bethesda does not know of this history, it just judged Fallout as "a very good RPG", unable to find it's real life roots
    -2. Bethesda, whether understanding these roots or not, chose to make their version because they think their incorporation will please more people

    Option 1 would make them imperfectionists (is there a word for a person who is the opposite of a perfectionist? A sloppy-ist?).
    Option 2 would make them:
    -or just in it for the dough ($$$)
    -or think they're doing honest work, making something "better" in their vision

    In all options, they seem naive and quick. The original Fallout creators were acting more thought-through, open-minded, and had a transparent communication strategy.

    When making a game that features "challenging moral choices", why is it so hard for Bethesda to make such? Or, am I thinking too much "make them in our benefit"...

    Ahh well, I guess this was inevitable. After previous failed attempts to turn Fallout into something it wasn't supposed to be, some other moron was bound to walk in and think "but I CAN do it!"...
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    I've played tabletop PnP RPGs and LARP'ed. It.... doesn't really compare. The graphics suck and the sounds aren't very convincing. Also, you're not expected to just play the game, you pretty much have to build it up yourself, which sucks. Despite it's age, Fallout does a better job of sucking you into it's fictional world. At least I don't have to imagine I'm talking to an NPC, and wait for the GM to roll and make up his mind what the response will be. In Fallout he's right there, and he'll answer me in a split second, just like in real life.