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Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by MrBumble, Jul 23, 2008.

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    *rides off into the sunset on a robot horse, wearing a baggy vault suit and wielding a mini-nuke launcher*
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    It is true, Dutch Ghost, you must.
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    The thing is, I don't actually have a scanner for this.

    You... you want me to write down four pages of text?

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    Or a few interesting paragraphs.

    >>>YOU MUST<<<
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    Let me get this straight, so we are clear. Because (hypothetically) we didn't like the new graphics approach now we do like the new graphics? Why don't you ask your Beths and their "immersion". Considering this is their selling point and their direction they have chosen in the first place

    The more something approaches human reality the more glaring / creepy / alarming any flaws will be.

    If you want to do something productive and pro Beth FO3, you may kindly remind them to redo the anims and double check the human character appearances. They don't listen to the fans so for Beth's sake you're going to tell them for us

    Please refrain from posting if you are incapable of stringing together a logical sentence. Leave the PR to the pros. Beth would probably be better served employing your services at one of the more general sites. With the target audience and all

    Beth is running a cult
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    He has better grammar than you do. Maybe you should refrain from posting? ;)

    Anyways... I agree with the French article in that the graphics look awful. I really hope they improve the anti-aliasing in the game. Fallout 3 might have looked good for a game made in 2005, but it just doesn't cut it in 2008.
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    like I said, I didn't mean it like that... the impression I've got from lurking on these boards for a long time (waay before Beth announced their sequel) is that a lot of people here prefer well done 2D graphics over the next-gen 3D graphics.

    if you're just gonna take that as an insult then just forget I said anything about it.

    not compared to anything, just generally. I'm no graphics freak. I think that 3D modeling and animation has come so far that pretty much all games being released these days look great. I used to hate 3D graphics because it just looked stupid, but now I like it because the designers usually do a great job.

    jesus f c.... how come if someone says something remotely positive about Beth's F3 they automatically get marked as "fanbois" who only come here to stir up trouble and promote the game? it doesn't matter if I add that I'm a huge (and by huge I mean nearly fanatic) fan of the old games because that won't make me any more right or wrong in my opinions. I'm not too happy about Beth merging Fallout and TES like this, but I'm looking at it from a more positive point of view. simple as that.

    don't point out my flaws in the english language before you learn how to type properly yourself. half your post doesn't even make sense and you forgot punctuation on several occasions. that said, let's not go down that road... I don't want to start a flame war.
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    close, but still off by a bit.

    Fallout 3 is NOT next-gen.

    It might be made for so-called "next-gen" consoles, but that's about it.

    the engine they are using is antiquated, and looks very dated when compared to any other first person AAA game coming out this year.

    More polygons and extra shabbiness aren't going to disguise that fact, and the poorly done animations are entirely on Bethesda.

    The engine can do better, even given it's advanced age, but I doubt Bethesda can.

    seriously, look at what a 3d engine, that's touted as next-gen, should be able to do:

    Those aren't even the brand spanking new games that Fallout 3 is supposed to be competing with, like GOW 2..

    Yet for some reason we keep hearing about how good Fallout 3 looks and how "next-gen" it is, every goddam day.

    If I'm going to pay for a new game, I want a NEW game.
    Not some repackaged engine that they made 4 years ago, which wasn't all that good at the time.

    I would rather have well done 2d graphics (pre-rendered from 3d models like Fallouts) than poorly done 3d (ala oblivion).
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    Odd. Fairly sure no one except Sorrow has said that explicitly. And Sorrow is an idiot. So I think this "impression" is more one you created in your own head.

    Now, discount the term "next-gen", because that is a meaningless marketing term.

    Do we prefer 2D to 3D? I don't think that's the majority opinion. Most of us recognize the superior usability and popularity of 3D, and were fine with Van Buren being 3D.

    Some of us do disagree with the attitude the industry has taken towards 2D. 3D is better for most games, but 2D does have certain unique advantages over 3D that could be exploited for some types of games. Instead it's seen as just "old" instead of "different". Which is ridiculous, that's like saying drawn cartoons are "old" compared to CGI cartoons.
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    Well-done 2D graphics are preferable to poorly-made 3D graphics.
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    Thanks for the translation, MrBumble. I know it's a thankless task, so...thanks.

    Hell, Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube looks better than Fallout 3. Now, I don't think Fallout 3 looks awful, aside from some of the animation - but overall it certainly doesn't blow me away, visually.

    Hi! You must be new here.

    Seriously, with regards to 2D vs. 3D, look at what Blizzard is doing with 3D updates to two of their biggest franchises, Diablo and Starcraft. You can do 3D and still stay true to your roots. I think most NMA folks would be happy with a 3D Fallout 3, had it retained the classic isometric perspective (it'd be a good start, anyway). It's not really about 2D/3D. It's about the fact that Bethesda has stripped out the core of the series and replaced it with Oblivion.

    I find this VG Cats comic much more relevant to the discussion:
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    LOL ok nerd

    Stop rambling nonsensically, it won't work on us here. But when you go back to wherever you came from and link to this site, moaning about how ill mannered NMA members are and how mistreated you and your innocent doe-eyed self were, link that discussion back to us here. I'll enjoy rofling at the responses.

    btw, you will really be doing Beth a favor if you convince them to redo quality anims.

    My grammar is perfect. 8-)
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    Stop the stupid flaming.