Heavy Rain: What has been Watched can not be Unwatched

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    ^ Those are there to crate an atmosphere, and make the "immersion" (hate to use the word after it's been whored so many times) in the story and environment better. So it's not meaningless. Of course, it's not virtual reality or anything, but it's as close as it can get. I also don't see why you say there HAS to be a challenge in every action performed, etc. I mean, is putting on socks in the morning a challenge for you, or is scratching your back or not a decision of a lifetime? There doesn't have to be a consequence for everything. So what decides what counts for a "filler" and what for valid gameplay elements? Perhaps some people will say that long dialogue lines in games like PS:T are nothing but filler, because removing a lot of the options and changing the responses to one-liners would not affect gameplay in any way (albeit would make the games feel more empty and stale, compare FO1/2 and FO3).

    We've discussed the fringe nature of the genre and how it doesn't necessarily rely on the same things that say, a shooter does to provide entertainment. It would be foolish to expect otherwise, and frankly that's exactly what you're doing. That's why I can't consider that a valid argument. It's akin to FO3 fans "trolling" here by saying FO1/2 is boring becaue the TB is too slow, you can't directly attack people, and nothing cool is happening.

    I mean, have you ever played a visual novel? "The gameplay sucks, all I do is scroll through text!". Worse yet, tried a kinetic novel? Interactive movies work by the same principle, except that they cross movies and not books with a computer game. From what I've seen, Heavy Rain has gotten the atmosphere right, seems to have some mechanics issues, but I haven't heard much of the story so I can't speak in defence of the game. I can only speak in defence of the genre, and call bullshit on your argument.
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    Oh, right, I forgot. Putting on your socks, sitting on a chair aimlessly and taking a leak facilitates 'immersion'. Even though it does not introduce any story elements nor tell us much about the characters, unlike long dialogue in PST which actually helps advance the story or flesh out characters.

    Look, I'm not completely against putting some relatively meaningless things in a game...but only if they're not used profusely. In Heavy Rain they are encountered in almost every scene where there's any interactivity. I'm not exaggerating. You should have a look at that Let's Play (won't spoil much, since there's very little going on). If that does not convince you then I don't know what will.
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    Hm.., it's an interesting but somewhat weird discussion.

    Anyway, I never had any problem with visual novels games, since this is how a lot of early adventure/rpg games felt like. I didn't like the Myst series, but apparently, I was the minority. I did enjoyed D, Lunacy, and other oddball click/adventure/visual novel games.

    All these vitriol makes me interested in this game, maybe I'll go pick it up or at least rent it. Personally, I think most people aren't interested in a game unless they are shooting or slashing something these days.
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    Surprisingly unfunny considering what he has to work with.

    That said, he makes a really good point in regards to it being really bad design to have the identity of the killer always being the same, especially since it has obvious red herrings (like the dad (already forgot his name) being the Origami Killer).
    For Frith's sake, Quantic Dream, even Ripper got this right and that game's a joke. Congratulations, you made an interactive film that's actually worse conceptually than one of its 15-year old predecessors.
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    Ripper's ok, just because you get to hear Cristopher Walken say, "This guy is un-fucking-believable" and other So Bad They're Good lines.

    Anyway, so is this game as bad you thought, is it mediocre, or is it strangely good?
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    I played it.

    Didn't care for it, controls were uncomfortable and there's never really a hook to draw you in like there was in Indigo Prophecy.

    I'd much rather have a game that interests me and then peters out towards the end than a game that fails to garner my interest in the first hour.
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    You shouldn't say it without linking