I know this is heresy, but I like Fallout 76

Discussion in 'Fallout 76' started by T-65PowerArmorisCool!, Feb 3, 2022.

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    For most of the internet this place still holds the stereotype of what it was (supposedly) like in the mid to late 2000s. I’ve seen people claim that NMAers hate New Vegas with a burning passion, which is provably untrue if you’ve spent more than 5 minutes browsing here.
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    That's good. I learned the hard lesson of FOMO and "Micro"-transactions from that game (believe it or not, I hadn't played a game with that apart from CSGO and TF2 where I just used the marketplace to buy the things I wanted for actual microtransactions) as well as the daily limitations and rewards that encourage players with addictive personalities (me) to come back day after day to stay the hell away from games like that.

    And because of that I don't really like the idea of encouraging anyone to play that game. You might be fine but I worry about others like me who decides to give it a try and then get stuck in that addiction machine.

    Like, the game is predatorily designed to catch people like me.

    So just a warning to anyone else with addictive tendencies; Do not play Fallout 76.
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    Yes, if you can't control yourself, don't fall to Bethesda's money-making scheme.

    Oh, I've already player Fo1 and Fo2. My opinion? FUCKING AWESOME! I clocked like 18 hours on both games, and while I don't spend most of my time in the dialogue options, I actually think the gameplay is amazing. There's just something about melting traders near the hub random encounter with a turbo plasma rifle while im in Hardened PA just shredding people. Fallout 2 reciprocates this and has funny moments too. So far in fo2 I've discovered just about every location except for 4, and for Fallout 1, I'm completing the rest of the game before I fight the master (though I find there's not much to do in Fo1. If you know where any quests/content are pls tell me! Tactics crashes alot tho :/. Ty!)

    Pretty much this yeah. Bethesda's Fallout's would be downright enjoyable if they were considered FanFic or spinoff dont'cha think?
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    Fallout 76 is a pretty fun game and I've clocked more hours in it than probably every other Fallout combined. It's a niche game in the series though. Shame it's dogged 3 years later by its shitty release, they really turned it around.
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    At the very least it's a better game than 4
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    While the writing and lore on the whole is better than Fallout 4, the bad parts are really bad it seems like. I will never forgive the double-feature of the Brotherhood in this game, so insanely retarded in both instances.
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    I wonder what places like Fallout Reddit would say if they knew an admin from NMA likes Fallout 76.
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    Eh eh, it's always funny to see people struggling with Cazadores, I mean with Entomologist and Better Criticals perks they are fairly manageable, sniping them is the best way or if you feel for a more up close and personal two-handed melee is great too (not the Super Sledge though, but Fire Axe (and Knock-Knock have better reach), or cripple one wing and they are pretty much done, heck even a Flamer is great against them. For me, it was the Super Mutant Overlords, Feral Ghoul Reavers, and the Albino Radscorpions (all added from Broken Steel DLC in FO3, their HP pool or damage resistance was just ridiculous), Reaver's are much easier in NV (I think they have less HP, and we have a better choice of ammunition types like the Hollow Point to deal with unarmored foes and AP ammo for the opposite situation). In fact, funny to see that Beth Fallouts lack any ammo types (it sucks, to say the least), and Fallout 4 lacks weapon diversities (and I despise the Legendary drop system, it make the FEW already unique weapons rewards or already placed obsolete). The fact that they have sold over 13.5 units/copies of FO4 is beyond, people are gone mad, to encourage a greedy company like that ...
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    The reason why Cazadore's became a meme of how dangerous they were was because back when it was released they had a crazy aggro distance and they move so fast so before you're even aware of their existance they're blindsiding you with a heavy hit and that poison effect.

    It was patched relatively quickly and they got nerfed to hell and are a shell of their former self.

    I think at this point it is something that people just agree on as a fact because they don't want to go against the popular opinion when in actuality the whole fear of them is insanely outdated and makes me wonder how many people even experienced the original cazador's.
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    The fear of them is real if you are a Fallout 3 player that does not understand zoned leveling.
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    True, I suppose some players first encounter very well might just be the ones to the north of Goodsprings as that would make them the first enemy you encounter in the game.
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    Thanks for the education, I didn't play NV on release so I never experienced the unpatched Cazadores (but I experienced the unpatched Fallout Dust tunnelers detection bug, when you're crouched they detect you more easily to not say almost instantly from very far and they, most of the time, are in packs and WILL outrun you), I first played NV in 2011 if I remember correctly. Of course, like many others, I've tried to go North from Goodspring right away, after a very brief encounter leading to my death I said to myself "Well, fuck it ... South it is". Same the first time I met the guy from Sloan (was around level 10) who warned me about the Deathclaw at the Quarry (of course I wasn't equipped to deal with them), I was like, you won't discourage me in my quest of domination of the Wastes, it was the second time that I told myself, "Fuck it let's go South", then I stray to Black Mountain ... (got my ass kicked ... again). After that, I simply swallowed my pride and did go clear Ivannah Race Track instead ... Lesson here is to not bite more than you can chew. What a nice game, I'm the kind that likes to get put in place from time to time in games. Would have been nice that they keep a variant of Cazadores that keep this level of difficulty though.
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    I had a weird path to New Vegas. I first went east for Powder Ganger quests, then south to Primm and got an incinerator then traveled north along the tracks until I got to Hidden Valley, squirmed into the cliff paths and went up Black Mountain, killed my way through the super mutants using that incinerator as it packs quite the punch and then dropped down the northern side of Black Mountain and saw I had a straight path to New Vegas, went up to Gun Runners, realized I probably messed with the questline by heading here too early and fast traveled back to Primm and continued the intended path.

    Oh and the Cazadors are easy to deal with if you want to head north fairly quickly. Just go to the neutral powder ganger camps and disarm their explosive charges (mines), grab a bunch of dynamite, set up traps for the cazadors to fall into and then vats them with the dynamite. You only need to kill like... 6 cazadors? And none of them are adult IIRC.
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    Pretty much this, for me
  16. T-65PowerArmorisCool!

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    Feb 3, 2022
    Picked up NV a week ago and the cazadores are laughable by level 30
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    I’m not in love with Fallout 76, but I love the art, the presentation is fantastic. I know the omission of NPCs was something HAAATTTEEDD by a lot of people, but I’ve actually enjoyed how creative the storytelling is without NPCs in the pre-Wastelanders quests I’ve been doing.
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    When I picked up F76 on that last Steam Sale (I mean, 10 bucks is ten bucks, I would either hate it or love it and it's cheap) I kinda had a mixed bag feeling on it.

    I loved the 'pick a spot and that's your base' bit, and I found a rather nice spot after a while, but overall what I like the most was the solitude. With fast travel being directly tied to caps I wound up being frugal and walked everywhere a lot before I learned money making tricks, and the long walks in the forests with next to no interaction with other characters (be they NPC or PC) was surprisingly effective on me. Something Fallouts 1 and 2 did well.

    All that sadly fell apart when I went to talk with the Wastelanders Expansion NPCs; ironically enough they were fun additions to be sure, but overall the interaction with story giving NPCs in a world that was designed for complete solitude save for robots, other players, and hostiles put me off. I wound up uninstalling after a while, made room for other games.

    Not a terrible game to my surprise -- not the best by any means what with micros and typical Bethesda Handling of the IP -- but I'd rather figure out some way to make some jury rigged FNV/Fo3 multiplayer mod work.
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    FO76's only advantage is that it's not Fallout 4
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    I don't know if I've ever been on the /r/Fallout sub-reddit but I assume it's a cesspool. I'm relatively well known on the /r/fo76 sub-reddit though.