Ideas for Obsidian spin off?

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  1. Hardboiled Android

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    Jun 7, 2015
    Obviously, it may be a pipe dream that Obsidian will ever get made. But, what are you hoping for if they ever make an Obsidian game? I hope they mine Van Buren for more content set in the collapse of the Legion
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    Jan 11, 2004
    After the release of FONV Feargus made it clear to Bethesda and the gaming magazines/websites that he and Obsidian were interesting in doing future Fallout spin offs.
    One idea he proposed was going back to the West Coast and set a game in the LA ruins/Boneyard, which he described as Fallout meets the Walking Dead (lots of Feral Ghouls)

    Now I am honestly sick of running zombies/Feral Ghouls so I hope Obsidian drops that stupid idea if they do get the chance of making a spin off (fat chance).
    I would rather see Obsidian using more of the abandoned Fallout Van Buren ideas such as going to Denver and have Boulder and the Nursery make an appearance. I like the idea that Denver after the defeat of the Legion has become a sort of boomtown which has drawn in all kinds of prospectors so search the ruins for Pre War artefacts as well as construction material that is transferred back to the West by railroad. (the NCR does not control all of Colorado, Arizona or New Mexico, it managed to establish some tracks through it but most of these lands are still unexplored)

    The big issues would be the internal conflicts between the various prospector parties, the NCR's own interests in Denver, the increasing political and economic instability back West, and the continuous threats of factions like the Caesar's Legion that has started to fall apart after the death of Caesar and Legate Lanius.
    And there would of course be the possibility of Denver seceding from the NCR and becoming its own city state.

    I would like the Nursery to play a key role in the storyline, it being responsible for the recovery of plant and animal life in the Colorado region and one of the player's main quests being to find out the source of the 'Earth reborn', eventually having to protect it from exploitation or exploiting it themselves.
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  3. Deep One

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    Aug 24, 2009
    I would like to be able to play a more anti-protagonist character (not entirely evil and not good either) and have consequences from the actions he does, not only that but as a power armor lover my character would not depart from his suit for a minute as it is an extension of his body and survival and will and that means I want ALL of the npcs to notice and react straight away when a guy in Advanced Power Armor Mk2 walks into the bar for example, I want to see them scared and running at first until someone is brave enough to even ask something, same goes for raiders and other weaker lot who's top priority should be to stay alive and not run towards The-Death-Knight-Incarnate who's wielding a big gun that can turn you into a puddle of goo with one shot.

    What I want from a third person fallout 4 spin-off game (or any future Fallout for that matter) is IMMERSION, real tangible immersion. I need to feel like I'm in a vast open desolate and hopeless wasteland where my trusty power armor isn't just a meaningless shell of protection but a way to extend the way the world around you reacts to you when you manage to finally find a working suit and wander the wastes in it. Npcs should react differently based on what type of power armor model you're wearing and or color/insignia, say you walk into the bar in a good ol' T-51b restored to it's former glory the npcs wouldn't be as scared but still very cautious but if you went into the same bar with that T-51b painted say red or black or has some other paintjob that clearly states "Don't fuck with me or you're dead" the npcs should be afraid, very, very afraid. Basically lots of RPG elements and deep meaningful dialog attached to having a mobile armored infantry suit on your character.

    Sorry about going into a tangent here but that has been a big pet peeve of mine since Fallout 1. But yeah, my point stands and I will not argue with anyone here, got no time and nerves for it anymore as I've gone through so much mental turmoil over the years that I am at a point where anyone who has anything negative to say about me or my opinions or the way I do things or play games can kindly just fuck off with their shit, sorry but that's just the way it is, you can blame my mental imbalance/disorder for making me that way.

    Just need to throw my thoughts and opinions somewhere because I'm fucking tired that my over-cautious nature gets in the way of everything. No harm meant to anybody here except to the fuckers who thought abolishing deep RPG elements and or making it a lackluster in every new "RPG" was a good idea. Feh. :seriouslyno:
  4. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
    Game Idea Name: Fallout: Ruin (can certainly change)
    Setting: The West Coast, namely around the setting of the original Fallout game.
    Year: 2294
    Game System: Isometric Turn Based Game

    Idea: The Battle of the Hoover Damn ended in complete victory for the Caesar's legion, who overran New Vegas and the surrounding areas bringing slavery and death. Towns like Goodsprings, Primm and Novac are forcefully emptied and slaughtered while Caesar starts the preparation of New Vegas as his capital. The various gangs and groups in the Mojave are destroyed or made to join the legion, while the Boomers and Brotherhood of Steel are killed. Mr House survives in the Lucky 38, under what seems to be never ending siege while he tries to survive. The NCR's loss creates a tension of blame and paranoia, as the fall of the damn means that a large part is left without power.

    President Kimball abdicates with disgrace and the country is forced by the senate into martial law. Many commanders of the NCR detachment in Hoover Damn are shot, with people like Lee Oliver and Colonel Jame Hsu dying by their own army. The NCR is full of fear and many worry over the oncoming Caesar's Legion. The borders are closed and many people are purged for being malcontents or considered dangerous. Many cities become increasingly independent with a few like Vault City and New Reno even attempting to rebel. These rebellions are quashed, with lots of casualties. The situation is dire, and many predict collapse even if the legion doesn’t invade.

    The player is a force recruited NCR soldier who was drafted recently (allows for background role playing) to take part in the military actions in Necropolis, whose Ghoul population have taken their discontent made clear, especially as the NCR refuses to give them an actual vote. The player can either go along with his orders willingly, complain or even outright disregard them. This will allow for two MAJOR (keep in mind there are lot’s of small options depending on what you do) options in the beginning, become a deserter and attempt to help, ignore or join the various rebel factions or continue on as a member of the NCR, though this can be done quite willingly or in a more grey manner.

    Depending on what they do in Necropolis they can either become a Ranger, Diplomat or Sergeant. This is decided by their actions in Necropolis, possibly the PC could try to pacify the Ghouls with words, or slaughter them outright. Maybe he leads his fellows well in fighting the ghouls? These decisions help change the NCR based storyline, as the PC attempts to survive and help (or destroy) various factions and the NCR as it crumbles. This is limited as the player isn’t God Ruler of the NCR, meaning that while he can persuade NPCs not everything will be catered towards the player. Keep in mind various factions are against the NCR, and so too to the PC.

    If the player leaves the NCR he has more freedom, but a higher difficulty as most settlements are NCR controlled, meaning that disguises or persuasion will be in order. However this means that the player can ally the various outcast factions in the hope of allying them or annihilating them depending on their choices. They can even attempt to overthrow the NCR, which will be a long and strenuous task. Maybe they could join the outer tendrils of the Caesar’s legion? This option truly allows the player to forge their destiny.
    Is anyone interested in this idea? If so, please suggest factions so that maybe I could make a mod for this (a bit too big I know, but I can use the Fallout 1 map with changes, so perhaps not too hard).
  5. Earth

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    Apr 7, 2013
    I'm with Dutch Ghost. I'd love to see Arizona and Colorado after the fall of the Legion. It seems a perfect place for a "Fallout" environment at this point. A world of chaos and disorder with pockets of ordered and anarchic societies.

    Diana was part of the Nursery right? Kind of a nature loving GLaDos? To end the constant "join faction to fight war" stuff we've been constantly getting from Bethesda since New Vegas did it (seriously: the civil war in Skyrim, now this whole Institute/Minutemen/Railroad/BoS stuff in Fallout 4), It'd be cool to have Diana be more like a Master figure, wanting to "save the world" in some way. Maybe have an eco-terrorist style theme of her killing humans to further plant life? Like the Master she could have her human agents, the Twin Mothers tribe reappears after the Legion collapses in the area, or maybe a new group altogether, devoted to this new natural world and the "Machine God" behind it.

    While this is all going on in the shadows you have the collapsing civilisation. I love the Enclave Remnants in New Vegas andyou'd see a similar vein of people crop up all over the place from the Legion (if anything, this game would be a nice way of expanding on some Legion lore, such as the role of women, the issues of slavery etc.) so you'd have a world of freedom fighters, Legion-loving extremists, Caesar (or Lanius) cultists, runaway slaves, submissive slaves, slaver factions, old and new tribes and whatever foreign influences that might have sprung up such as trading caravans trying to establish new trade routes. Maybe some NCR appearances? If anything, you should meet some scouting rangers. Maybe even spies and agent-saboteurs amongst the Legion extremists. Followers of the Apocalypse would make sense in this context as well. Hell, some of them might be swayed over to the Diana cultist's side.

    Dr Fallout's idea is interesting as well. A failing NCR would be equally as chaotic. Personally, I'd like to see places we haven't seen before but seeing old cities again like Necropolis and Shady Sands would be cool. It'd probably also be the last real chance of seeing the Brotherhood of Steel again as a viable power player. With NCR territory you certainly would get more interesting tech than you would in Legion territory at least.

    I wonder if we could have a world where both could work? End New Vegas on the most apocalyptic note possible (I think that was what Chris Avellone wanted with Lonesome Road). An independent New Vegas run by Yes Man but started by an evil Courier who destroyed the trade routes of the Legion and NCR? Or maybe just have the Dead Money ending with Elijah killing everyone with the Sierra Madre cloud? Heh, I actually quite like the idea that winning the Battle of Hoover Dam was ultimately futile, as Elijah would "wipe the slate clean" anyway. If anything it'd be a break from the usual "good endings" of previous Fallout's. As we see with Dean Domino, you can, kind of, survive within the poisonous cloud. A world of gas masks, abominations and disease in the death throes of the NCR would be an amazing return to the bleak world of the original Fallout.

    Sorry. Talking all over the place here. There's so much potential with a New Vegas sequel. We'll be lucky to see any of it.
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  6. Hardboiled Android

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    Jun 7, 2015
    Personally? I'm hoping they ape Van Buren even more than they did with New Vegas.

    Like many of you, I picture the game set in post-legion collapse territory, centered around Flagstaff. It's sufficiently far north to allow us to have a slither of Colorado, and thus include stuff like Burham Springs (albeit not in the location intended in Van Buren), and the New Canaanites.

    House and the Courier won the day at the Dam, managing to negotiate the peaceful leaving of the NCR and Legion with Oliver and Lanius, with the Mojave serving as a buffer zone. However, Lanius's retreat was perceived as weakness. Lieutenants and Colonels all across the Four States declared themselves the inheritors of Caesar's mantel, in opposition to the Legate Lanius.

    There are three primary "Legion" factions: Lanius, and the remnants of the army proper- wants to re-impose the old order of Caesar, though not too fond of Caesar cultists. There's Aurelius, a former Frumentarus who has come back from the NCR with very strange ideals indeed- republicanism. Republicanism by a council of military officers and aristocrats, true, but republicanism nonetheless. And the Boy-king- one of Caesar's few non-slave bastards. Revered by cultists of Caesar and Mars, but his rule extends only to Flagstaff. His strings are pulled by the Frumentarus Vulpes Inculta.

    Another primary faction coming from outside the Legion is the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel- formerly cowed by the Legion, they're now making a comeback. Their territory is like something out of the middle ages- vast fields of wheat attended to by ignorant peasants, lorded over by massive stone Redoubts. Their primary goal is to destroy the Legion, once and for all, conquer her lands, and secure an advanced piece of tech they believe is waiting for them...

    And there is also you- you can choose to destroy all factions involved, destroy but one faction, or crown yourself King of the Legion.

    There are also a variety of sub-factions- Mormons, NCR Rangers, Cassidy Caravans, Hubbologists

    In broad strokes, it has a similar plot to Van Buren. You start the game as a Prisoner, and the ultimate MacGuffin is the B.O.M.B.
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  7. Banestalker

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    Jun 5, 2014
    Game Idea : Fallout - Lake City
    Location : Chicago
    Year : 2300

    Idea : You wake up from your deep slumber inside one of Enclave's clone pods. you've been created inside an AI controlled enclave cloning station called Eden Facility, the last stronghold of the Enclave since the annihilation of the Enclave forces at Washington. the enclave is deeply divided between following it's previous ideology or adapting to the situation and opening it's gates to the rest of the wasteland.

    The ruins of Chicago is currently a warzone between the Brotherhood and the Reavers. a new NCR-like faction is also making it's way to south from Canada, at first you can find their scouts (mountain rangers) scouting the ruins and wandering the wilds, as the game progresses their presence becomes more noticable. the legion is also on the march to expand it's influence from the south-west, having faced a broken and divided Brotherhood of Mid-west on their way they have easily captured and integrated intelligent super-mutants and ghouls into their ranks as slaves.

    It is up to the player to choose the fate of Chicago, You can attempt to hold dialogue with each faction or subdue/destroy them. after a set amount of time you have to face the might of the legion with your allies' help. if you have failed to prepare Chicago for the final throwdown the city will be conquered by the Legion, most of the inhabitants will be slaughtered or enslaved and only a few remote settlements will remain on the map to offer you services. you can also choose to join the legion, and help them capture and enslave Chicago one settlement at a time.

    as the game progresses however, you delve deeper into the mysterious AI that controls Eden and find the true purpose of your creation. and will have to choose to aid Eden or end the AI.

    Locations :

    Marilyn temple

    A temple build near the statue of a diety known as Merilyn. legends has it that the first followers of the temple were just settlers who lived around a broken statue of a woman. until one day they woke up and found the giant, restored statue of Marilyn in the middle of their settlement. unbeknownst to them the statue is actually an offline Liberty Prime built by the Enclave and concealed within a crudely built Marilyn Monroe statue to be used as a weapon in-case the Brotherhood became a danger to their existence, the plan turned out to be unneeded as the Brotherhood started to decay from within. player has the choice to delve deep into the sewer system underneath the statue and activate it to wipe out the settlement, or put it on standby to later use against the Legion.

    China-town : A small settlement inside Chicago. similar to San Francisco it has a chinese theme to it, the settlement is controlled by gangs who control the drug trade and offer mercenary services to other settlements, you can find some exotic gear/weapons there.

    Enclave Station Eden : a concealed cloning facility underneath lake michigan. you start the game from here and after a series of tutorials you are flown to the mainland to the nearest enclave outpost, things go hairy from there and you lose contact with the Enclave. you then start to roam the map on your own. you can try to find your squadmates or abandon the mission to travel around Chicago.

    :P Maybe I'll add more maybe I don't. but yeah I think it's about time we see a snowy terrain in Fallout.


    Choose Background : While you were inside the cloning chamber you were living inside a simulated enviroment. you can choose what sort of life you were having inside that pod, based on your past life you will gain some bonuses to your stats or perks. serves to provide you with a pre-selected character attributes.

    for example if you were living the life of a doctor your character is built with high intelligence and has perks that deal with stimpacks and chems. ofc you can still create your character the old-fashioned way.

    also you get to choose your age, the more aged your character is the more perks/stats you can choose from start. (up to a certain specified maximum so that you cant abuse it.)
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  8. Ben Soto

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    Jul 7, 2014
    New Orleans. Conquering Midwest Brotherhood vs imperialistic NCR vs a bunch of mutants who just want to be left alone.
  9. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015
    NCR would be hard pressed to go that far, especially through Legion territory.
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  10. The_Guide

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    Sep 30, 2015
    After I played the Age of Decadence, it will be the fall of Legion. Give me shield, spear and nets. Melee builds should not be boring.
    In the other hand, I have faith that they can make a good zombie story in fallout universe. It's just not really worth the effort since there are too many zombies.

    Ghoul origin could be an interesting topic, and I would like to know more about the new plague in Denver.
  11. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015
    I'd a love a game where the player is a human trying to survive a plague. Interesting survival mechanics.
  12. berlin1945

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    Oct 4, 2015
    i want them to redo fallout 3.
  13. PossibleCabbage

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    Jul 2, 2015
    I'd like to see a Fallout in the Pacific Northwest, set it around Vancouver for example. It would be interesting to have a game in the ruins of occupied Canada.
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  14. Someguy37

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    Nov 18, 2015
    Would like to see the same area myself, but setting it in Seattle would be better IMO.

    Gives more locations for DLC. You can go north to Vancouver, and south into Portland, since Seattle is in the middle.
  15. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015
    It's called Fallout New Vegas.
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  16. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Reposting this from RPG codex:

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  17. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015
    I want to see a Mad Max type spin off but retaining the RPG themes.
  18. The_Guide

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    Sep 30, 2015
    In that case, I would like to see roguelike Fallout. Somehow I hope the players dig the lore themselves. Find your own answers and solutions.
  19. Dr Fallout

    Dr Fallout Centurion

    Aug 17, 2015
    Hmm that could be interesting.
  20. Khannis

    Khannis Rebuilding America

    Jul 3, 2015
    I actually think that sounds really, really awesome (sans the Liberty Prime thing, sorry, but if I ever see that abomination in another Fallout game I'll kill myself).