if you made an faction

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  1. overseeer106

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    Aug 11, 2011
    what would it be called?

    what would be it's goal?

    how would it treat it's citizens?

    what weapons and armor would it use?

    what would it do with raiders?

    if it took down a powerful faction such as ceaser's legion (doesn't has to be ceaser's legion) what would you do?

    what other factions would it try to be allied/neutral/enemies with?

    what would it's symbol be?
  2. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Not a faction really, more of a government or wannebee government.

    I had this organization in mind that calls itself the System (sadly I can not say I invented that name myself), a post nuclear version of communism but with its same goals, modus operandi, and flaws, oh most definitely the flaws.

    The organization of course is being led by the Chairman and the Party, and they seek to rebuild and civilize whatever territory they can reclaim and the people in it, scavenging the ruins of the Pre War world for resources and knowledge and use this to build their own world.

    But the thing is, they really are not doing that bad, compared to other settlements and communities they have a purpose and a goal.
    Their citizens are fed and protected, and have access to a reasonable level of medicine and education, and do have a chance to rise up in the System's hierarchy.

    They have a dedicated army, a police, force, a scientific and education department, workers and specialists like farmers, doctors and so on can get access to the things they need for their work, and the System is in the early beginnings of their own industrial revolution.
    Thats more than most of society in Eastern Europe can say.

    Its citizens are treated relatively well, there are always exceptions both bad and good, and the System is open for outsiders who wish to join, and in general don't stop people if they want to leave.
    However there is little point to do so, where else would they go?

    The System is quite harsh when it comes to raiders.
    If they are not killed during anti raider operations they usually end up front of System courts after which the sentence is usually work camps, or at worst public executions.

    The System crime system's policy is to redeem people through hard labor and re education, but its not uncommon for people to die from back breaking labor while carrying out their sentences.

    After they have fulfilled their sentences raiders are allowed to join the System civilian population, or leave, but are usually branded to indicate that they were once System prisoners.

    Edit: as for weaponry and gear, whatever they can scavenge and claim, and manufacture themselves.

    Police forces and soldiers have relative effective gear and equipment with the better (often Pre War) material reserved for elite forces and officers.
  3. Eternauta

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    Dec 8, 2010
    The Dutch Ghost's idea seems interesting. The only detail I would change about it is the "and in general don't stop people if they want to leave" part, but that's just a personal opinion.

    If I had to say what I think are its "negative" aspects, I'd mention:

    -It sounds too good. Although it seems they'd be violent, this violence would act mostly on outsiders and not on its own members. I believe a more oppressive society would fit better in the harsh Fallout world (and this has nothing to do with its inspiration in communism).

    -It's based on an Old World system. Although this is nothing bad in itself, I'd be more interested about "new" societies growing from the wastelands.

    But these are just very personal thoughts. And I don't have any faction idea of my own on my mind, but this thread is interesting, so I might think about something :)
  4. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Sometimes there is to much stereotypical evil so that is why I thought it make more sense if the System was not a 'closed' society.

    They just make it very unattractive to leave them and their settlements.
    And some people like their top ranking specialists are not allowed to leave at all. (to much investment by the System would be lost).

    The thing is, if people leave and settle outside System territory they would sooner or later find themselves back in it when the System decides to expand and claim the region where these people have settled, making them have to decide to rejoin the System or move on.

    There isn't much choice in the setting I have in mind, most of society is on a feudal level, towns and parts of pre war cities that have joined together to make a go at it, and eke somewhat of an existence.

    Of course that is still better than the various raider and bandit 'kingdoms' have also established here and there.
    Most of of them simply consist of a piece of land raiders/bandits have claimed and they extort money and goods from whoever comes though if they do not decide to kill or enslave them instead.

    In worst cases, a settlement like a town or inhabited part of a Pre War city finds itself under the rule of a raider gang or tribe, with their leader having proclaimed itself king, prince, duke etc, and the regular inhabitants his or her citizens and 'property'.
    These people are not allowed to leave and are taxed heavily as well having to fulfill other demands of the raiders.

    And again, people passing through like traders have to pay tribute or taxes as well.

    Of course people can also join groups or organizations with non political goals, or traders groups, but that is not a solution for every individual.
  5. Ben

    Ben Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 6, 2011
    I always thought it would be cool if some tribals stumbled on a Civil War museum. Then, their ultimate goal is to fight slavery and save the union.

    what would it be called?
    "The Army of the Potomac"

    what would be it's goal?
    They would fight to end Slavery, like the NCR Rangers. They would probably ally/assimilate into the NCR eventually cause they'd hate the Legion.

    how would it treat it's citizens?
    I see them more as roving mercenaries. Protecting places in exchange for services.

    what weapons and armor would it use?
    The armor would be Civil War uniforms, the Kepi & suit. They would wear blue, gray and butternut colors. The best would be rocking zouave uniforms. The weapons would be conventional small guns like the NCR; using pistols, revolvers, hunting rifles. Also, bayonets and bowie knives for melee.

    what would it do with raiders?
    They would fight any raiders they came across, seeing them as an affront to their envisioned nation.

    if it took down a powerful faction such as ceaser's legion (doesn't has to be ceaser's legion) what would you do?
    I think they'd be too small to take out the Legion (though they would hate them). I see them more like the boomers, who can be assmiliated into the NCR.

    what other factions would it try to be allied/neutral/enemies with?
    Followers of the Apocalypse
    Enclave Remnants

    Brotherhood of Steel

    Slaver's Guild
    Powder Gangers

    what would it's symbol be?
    Old world flag like Ulysses

    Also, if Ulysses met this group, he would be their commander. Named NPCs would model themselves and their looks after the greats from the Civil War, Grant, Lee, Johnston, Sherman, Sheridan, ect.
  6. overseeer106

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    Aug 11, 2011
    added 3 more questions and im likeing the factions i got one but it seems stupid :oops:
  7. Ben

    Ben Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 6, 2011
    Might as well share it. I updated mine
  8. Eternauta

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    Dec 8, 2010
    @The Dutch Ghost:

    Yes, what you say makes sense. I find your idea very interesting :)

    I have one question though: I am thinking about all the pre-War anticommunist propaganda in the USA, and probably even anticommunist censorship. Having so many positive aspects, how did the founders of the System learn about communism? Have they found pre-War marginal texts written by American communists, or maybe translations of classic marxist texts?

    (Sorry about the triple post, no idea what happened :S)
  9. Quagmire69

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    Mar 17, 2011
    The Workers Republic of Pittsburg(WRP). After Ashur died his daughter then 23 took over. Reforming the Pitt from a brutal den of violence into something slightly more respectable. Slave labour has been replaced with temporary forced labour, those captured in WRP raids and those breaking the laws of the WRP are required to spend a term of seven years of industrial labour. After that they become citizens of the WRP and become eligable for easier and more rewarding jobs. alternatively one can avoid forced labour by serving in the Wasteland Liberation Army(WLA) for ten years. This formally was a very popular route for those finding themselves at odds with the WRP but less so now with brutal wars being fought against both the Brotherhood and the Common Wealth.
  10. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hello Eternauta,

    Original I did have the System in mind as a rival to the NCR but then the Caesar's Legion came along and filled that position in just fine.
    Any future new government factions I would like to see would be a Lone Star republic in Texas or perhaps a new confederation.

    Instead I transplanted the System to Europe where it rose out of the Eastern European ashes.
    And it has been pretty successful because its main 'rivals' consist of feudal level governments such as kings protectors and so on.
    So far it has not ran into any significant democratic organization to challenge it but the Scholars of Humboldt (working name) could give rise to that.

    Another faction I had made up for my ideas are the Signal Listeners, a group that is partly tribal and part cult and is lead by Father FM (working name).
    They are sort of a cargo cult, mimicking the actions of the radio technicians of the old world, thinking they used radios to communicate with god or gods in orbit, and hope to get in touch with the other side or divine in such a way too.

    They are a bit looney but they have some real technical knowledge and know how to fix a variety of electronic equipment.
    Signal Listeners are driven to set up radio towers and equipment where they want to move, and if properly motivated could perhaps set up a new communication network throughout the wasteland, connecting settlements with each other.

    Last is an idea I just had recent but I have not given a name to yet.
    Not really a faction or a government but more a community of humans who see Ghouls and Super Mutants if they have met them by now as lesser creatures than humans.
    Something along the line of degenerates or something, and at best suitable to exist as workers or beasts of burden.

    Long lived mutants are actually treated as property that is passed on through the family as one member dies and the other inherits them.

    Edit: one more idea.

    A raider group that is obsessed about technological gizmos and gadgets and goes through great length to get these.
    They also abduct anyone who can help them maintain or fix what they have (technicians and scientists) as most of them despite their obsession don't know the full workings of what they have.

    I have no 'confirmed' name for them yet but I am thinking something along the name of Rusty Gears or perhaps the Rusty Hooks if people don't mind me recycling that name from Van Buren.

    They are mostly nomadic but they use at least one location as a headquarters and machine shop.

    The Brotherhood of Steel absolutely hates them as the raiders have targeted BOS patrols in the past and have stolen technology from the BOS.
  11. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    THat sounds liek my idea for THE RUST faction on my topic on future fallout games that I haven't updated in a wile.
  12. Relentless666

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    Dec 23, 2008
    My faction is basically a mexican version of the NCR made largely by ghouls. I call them Los Caranchos. They would have a modified mexican flag for a symbol, with the eagle painted like a black condor and the red part of the flag painted black or removed.

    Their colors would be green and black. I was thinking luchadore masks, but what would be way too over the top. So I guess olive army fatigues (Did Mexico have an army in the Fallout universe? ) with the condor symbol painted on the back plus some black feathers and maybe only the occasional sombrero or poncho on some of the people.

    They would have farms, cattle and maybe even some kind of fishing communities.

    They have taken control over most of Baja and are in diplomatic relations with the NCR.
    They let anyone (Even raiders!) join the community on one condition. Six months of paid mandatory manual labor.
  13. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Its honestly a coincide.
    I took some inspiration from the old FOBOS Vagrant Lands design document about raiders who stole gear from the BOS.

    I guess I could also mention my take on Shigor's Angels of the Apocalypse and the Followers of the Atlantis.
    Hassknecht has been a great help in working them out.

    The Angels are post apocalyptic Christian Luddites who want to cleanse the world of all advanced technology and create a new papal state.

    The Followers are post apocalyptic trans humanists who want to start a new age of science and technology and wish to become a race of self optimizing machine intelligences like their founder and leader ATLANTIS.
  14. Ohaimerk

    Ohaimerk modoc, den, grave Orderite

    Mar 30, 2009
    A mad genius with an army of rejects, residing in an abandoned scientific research facility, kidnaps a disabled nomad with a will of steel and, thanks to resources won in a war against a wealthy town, gives a broken world a life they would be better off not living.

    Basically just stylized militant/political raiders
  15. overseeer106

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    Aug 11, 2011
    great factions so far i decided to put my own

    they would be called The Authority which came from a vault which mainly focused on Military and Science so it had a loaded armory like 34 and great information like 84

    it's goal would be to protect the wastelanders and settlements nearby the vault and beyond

    it's citizens would be equallly trusted and fairly respected like all the others and have a fair trail if commeted a crime

    it's police units arms would be standered vault secerity armor,N99 10MM pistol,and a Police Baton.

    it's SWAT units arms would be Pre War Riot Armor,R91 assualt rifle,and a combat knife

    it's Military arms would be blue coated Renfiorced Combat Armor,Winchester P94 Military,and Chinese officer sword

    Raiders are people The Authority hates though they do raid other vaults that have been abandon or destoryed by it's expirments because of that The Authority does operations to wipe out raider strongholds.

    if they down Ceaser's Legion they would use all equipment for use or tradeing and would take over Arizona driving out all the Tribes

    it would try to be allied with NCR,Boomers,The Followers, and Enclave. if they could help it they would be neutral with the BOS.
    and they would fight Slavers,Legion,Powder Gangers,and Fiends

    Their symbol would be a Vault door
  16. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Well I wrote this one some time ago in the future game subforum:

    Haven is composed of today's cities of New Heaven, east Haven, North Haven, and West Haven, they are not a huge settlement but rather four middle sized ones connected with miles of wasteland between them. They travel around their territory in the restored monorail. Their production comes from Pisciculture, agriculture, textiles from the various animals they breed and metal work. They also have a small militia outfitted with weaponry and combat armor they scavenged, maintained and replicated from Black Rock Fort (wich was restored during the resource wars to house soldiers and backup equipment) Power armors were either dismantled to be used in other important tasks, sold or just given to the high ranking soldiers, and there weren't many of them to begin with.

    HAVEN doesn't have a single leader, it is mostly ruled by the 4 people in charge of the fourth sources of income and subsistence for the settlement, Father Verne, in charge of the Railworkers/Scavengers/Metalworks, Mother Jannice, in charge of the agriculture/Pisciculture/Textiles production, Mau, the one in charge of the caravans and external relations and communications, and Phil the leader of the Militia.

    Father Verne

    A pretty meek guy, he knows how to organize operations, schedules, etc, but he is not a strong presence, he is fragile and is mostly pushed around by the other three leaders, he is, like said above, in charge of the Railworkers, that also perform all sorts of secondary tasks.

    Yes that one there is a dwarf, I liked those guys from FO1 and 2, they should bring them back.

    Mother Jannice

    Already mentioned what she is in charge of, she manages how the people grow the crops, breed and use the cattle, but also the raising of this huge mutated animals

    mutated Shrimp/lobster/fishes, I still don't have a name for them. The yare the size of a shark, eat everything, from seaweed to meat to leftovers, are hermaphroditic so they can reproduce easily, their meat tastes great, their eggs are very useful for all sorts of things, and their skin is almost like hard scaled leather, meaning they also produce materials for textiles and armors. they herd them in huge cages on the coasts that allow for them to swim, reproduce and have their water changed basically by the second, keeping them healthy.
    Mother Jannice is a very pushy woman, strict and outspoken, she doesn't like Verne that much because of his meek nature.

    Mau, the Caravan organizer, external communications manager.

    A disturbingly cheery fellow, he is smart of course, he organizes the caravans and stablishes business deals with other settlements, but he is also shifty and treacherous, wich works for both good and bad, he can manipulate the other leaders into agreeing with a lot of his proposals and almost none of his men dare to disobey him or slack off in the job.

    Phil, the Militia Leader.

    A very efficient leader, he keeps his underlings in shape and is really into protecting the settlement, he may come off as a little nasty and impatient, but he truly cares about the people of Haven, being the most fairheaded of the four leaders.
  17. RogerMaxson37

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Exactly like the BoS, but with provisions in place to prevent the asshattery that got them into trouble with the NCR.
  18. Krinkels

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    Nov 12, 2011
    Political divisions between congressmen in the New California Republic sound fun. Creating factions within the evermore cumbersome bureaucracy would really help flesh out the society and give it the makings of a true democratic government. Perhaps at some point a political party effects the Republic's inevitable lapse into dictatorship, or maybe a power struggle between two cults of personality forces the state into stagnation for a few decades. Indeed, Vault City might have had agents similar to Thomas More creating political dissent amongst their enemies. It would be interesting to see the full consequences of such actions centuries after the fact.