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    Because I'm sure that if he hated the game he would happily burn bridges in a promiscuos sector like the VG industry.
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    I played through Fo3 once. Just once. All attempts to create another character and give it another play through resulted in me getting bored and stop playing it.

    That is not a good sign for a RPG (if you can call it that. Its as much as a RPG as Skyrim. Ha ha), especially one that tries to sell "replayabilty"

    FNV on the other hand I have completed approximately 5 playthroughs, making it the most replayed game on my computer. And there are quite a few games I love on there.

    Ergo, FNV is a superior RPG (and game, even!) to Fallout 3.

    Now as a game, FO3 is passable; I recall having fun that 1st playthrough, afterall, and that is worth something. It does not, however, deserve the title of "RPG," nor does it deserve the title of "best game of all time." That is pure hype.
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    Nov 19, 2012
    well when mr cain made that statement he was working at carabine games developing mmos , i think afaik that he has no connections to fallout or bethesda.
    Mr cain said and i quote:
    Well falllout has his creation and he would readily speak out if it had been defiled in the ways you mentioned in this post , he devoted his life to fallout and is best know for that game and franchise.
    Plus he critictized the ending of fallout 3 which was one of the points that baffled me the most as well . It wasnt all praise , well maybe you cant admit that even the original developer isnt with you on this one.
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    What does that even mean, and why does it even matter? Do the various opinions of the various posters somehow have to match up with Tim Cain's?
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    Nov 19, 2012
    Well he is the original developer , i think if someone can decide if fallout 3 is faithfull to the originals is tim cain .
    This is my opinion at least[/quote]
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    Star Wars, end of story. Basically the mentality of "the creators are always right" is what I'd say is wrong with what you're saying. They're NOT, because they can always stray from the path. Lucas certainly did when he incrementally fucked up his very own Opus of films, until he was so far from what made them great that by the time he started making the prequel trilogy, very few fans had any faith left in him. And the results, as you might have guessed, reflected that lack of faith was more than justified...

    I have more respect for the original creators behind Fallout, but at the same time, we haven't "had the chance" to see them fall from grace and show us any reason not to. But many seem to take this flawed way of thinking about always trusting creators and applying it to whoever WINS the rights to a series, like Bethesda did with Fallout. Okay, they own the series now, so what? That doesn't mean they can infallibly create THE right and proper sequel, or that the canon (Fanon) they make should actually be considered real.

    It really doesn't matter if the creators, developers, or current owners had the best intentions for what they made, because the final product is all that matters. If the finished FO3 just looks shameful compared to its predecessors (and it does), then that's it. FO3 was a disappointment of a game even when there was no FONV to compare it to.
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    Nov 19, 2012
    Well i only saw the first star wars so i cant comment on that.
    Nor am i arguing that fallout 3 is a great game , i think in my opinion it was bleaker tha the first two , in fallout 1 you traveled to populated mostly around town hubs and having to go trought the world map in a different fashion than the first two and sometimes wondering in the desert ruins without seeing a single human was something that i relished in fallout 3 , it did a post apoc setting really well albeit it was a very short game and the main story didnt compare to the first one.
    Now everything said here and every other forum is subjective and this forum is biased in a sense that it catters to hardcore fallout fans that rather disliked bethesdas past efforts ( from what i have read) while bethesdas forum is clearly biased as well.
    Im disucssing the feel of the game , the original creator can give more concrete analysis on this subject since he created the basis of the world , he thought that beth did a good job on recreating the key elements of the game , thats as concrete as we are going to get in this discussion .
    It was unrealistic of us to think that bethesda could do such a fine job as say obsidian(original black isle staff) did on the franchise but they nailed the atmosfere of the game franchise and at least moved it to another place.
    Fallout new vegas was much better than fallout 3 rpg-wise but im always spellbound by the atmosphere of the latter , its pretty fun but it gets old fast and its pretty thin quest-wise.
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    In fairness, Fallout 3 was only empty and bleak if you're talking about towns. As far as Super Mutants, raiders, slavers, and wildlife, there were enough of those to populate an entire wasteland, and they packed them into a space that was roughly the size of The Boneyard from the first game.

    (I don't mean to quibble, though-- Fallout 3 did a fine job honing the "lone wolf wasteland explorer" vibe, and for that it was quite enjoyable. It's just that you needed mods to add any real sense of danger and most of the things you ended up discovering were just mazes full of repetitive enemies leading up to yet another named weapon to toss on the pile.)
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    I think you have to be really careful about interpreting Tim Cain's comments as the complete sum of his thoughts and feelings about Fallout 3. Even if he disliked aspects of the game or design, he might be unlikely to mention his concerns for a variety of reasons, including a desire to be diplomatic and avoid burning bridges.

    The real telling aspect of this, to me, is that even though Tim Cain complemented Bethesda on Fallout 3, and in the past for that matter, the games he *makes* tend to be much different. Specifically, they tend to be smarter and more original in their design.

    edit: That quote you posted kind of sounds like it was taken from the Matt Chat interview with Tim Cain. below is the link to the video on Youtube. The Fallout 3 section is the first real question asked, starting at about a minute fifty in. His comments as a whole are not nearly as positive as you make them out to be.

    He also said, "There were a lot of surprises [in Fallout 3], some of them pleasant. . . I don't think I would have used as many of the same elements. . . but I think Fallout 3, they probably should have just taken it off in a different direction a little bit more."

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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    Nov 24, 2008
    Tim Cain is an overall nice guy so what do you think he'd say about Fallout 3?

    To stay on topic, yeah I pretty much hated everything everyone else did: the shitty story, the stiff characters, "OMGz over 9000 coolness momentz" mentality. I did like the exploration and most of all I loved the fact that even a piece of sh*t like this could produce a ground for modders like Puce Moose to create some of the greatest mods I've ever had a pleasure of experiencing.
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    May 28, 2010
    Whoa, still the same discussion? It's not surprising that Tim Cain liked Fallout 3, for a series of reasons, including the fact that some of Bethesda's core design elements match with his (non-linear story, amount of random stuff that differentiates playthroughs, etc.). He also criticized various parts of the game and some of his criticism more or less matches criticism that came from NMA.

    Besides, Per is right. Ultimately, what Tim Cain thinks shouldn't matter more than forming your own opinion. It's interesting to know that he enjoyed the game*, but if hearing that Tim Cain likes it somehow changes your mindset on the game, maybe you should stop a moment and think about how much of your opinion was something you really believed, and how much a knee-jerk reaction.

    * yeah, I know that he technically could be lying, but I honestly think it's more productive to take what he said at face values unless there's any reason to suspect otherwise
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    Jan 8, 2013
    I had a rather violent conversation with some prick on Facebook, and I suddenly realized that I made myself quite a long negative impressions list... Huh...

    Anyhow, thought I'd share it. I warning, though, it's rather violent and quite full of cussing. So if you're not into that, turn the other cheek...

    Prick: The reason Xbox gamers find this game to suck is because they always play CoD 24/7 and when they find a different game that is not an FPS, they say it sucks. This is an RPG, not your stupid little pointless FPS CoD. Fallout 3 was made for PC gamers.

    Me: No, bro. I hate it because it has crappy, boring combat, karma is 2D, characters are too hate-able, the leveling was unbalanced, it's too fucking easy, the story sucks, the plot holes are infinite, the questing is finite, the exploration was, in my eyes, boring, it's appallingly short, loot is EVERYWHERE, and the visuals are nauseatingly ugly.

    Prick: >Crappy, lol
    >Boring V.A.T.S.
    >WTF no they aren't and if they are you kill them
    >Leveling is not unbalanced good sir, would you care to prove it?
    >Options, difficulty, expert
    >The story is short, but meaningful
    >There are no plot holes
    >Questing is not finite, there are tons of extensive quests, take Arefu for example
    >Not short, hundreds of locations to find
    >Loot is on people you kill
    >Implying graphics affect game quality >Also implying that the graphics are bad

    Me: >Yes, the combat was all revolved around backpedaling as you spray and pray. VATS was not "interesting" to me, because I'm not the kind of guy who likes to go and watch a feature length movie every time I shoot someone. The first pistol you get in the game is appallingly more powerful than the two other pistols carried by raiders, once you get a combat shotgun or a Chinese assault rifle, there's no other gun that can compare (besides the generic "unique" weapons), and given the fact that ammo is so common that I can't walk a step without tripping on it, I'm pretty much more powerful than anything in the game, save supermutants. And you can acquire both a combat shotgun, Chinese assault rifle, AND a sniper rifle by simply blazing into Springvale school, which is right next to the vault.

    What's worse is that the enemies' combat AI is unfairly exploitable. Raiders shoot worse than I could ever IRL, supermutants constantly get stuck in rocks, and the path-finding is so shitty, I've had to wait more than ten minutes to get certain enemies into my line of sight. Stealth is unbalanced as FUCK! You shoot an enemy, whom is standing DIRECTLY in front of another enemy, he screams, dies, and the other enemy doesn't even bat a fucking eye. Not to mention no one ever seems to hear the blazing, unmistakable sound of gunfire.

    And VATS is unfair, as well. For some reason 90% of the time, enemies will just plum stop shooting at you as you stand right in their range, and shoot them. And even worse, the damage you take in while using VATS is only 10% of what you would take in real time. Is that strategy or just a fucking exploit? Plus, your AP increases faster than shit, and all you have to do is wait five or ten seconds before you're good to go, once more.

    The hardest enemy in the game, the Supermutant Behemoth can easily be two shot killed with a "Fatman", and you're provided with one, as well as TWELVE mininukes to kill him right on the god damned stage. And unless you're an idiot who wastes his nukes on radroaches, you'll be able to kill the only three SMBs in the game with six fucking nukes to spare, not counting the other thirty you can find in the wasteland.

    >Karma is unjustifiable.The whole fucking concept of the game is black and white as a chess board. You kill a bad guy, you get good karma, you kill a good guy, you get bad karma. But what if the Enclave soldiers you killed are guys just following orders? What if they've only been coaxed or tricked into thinking that what they're doing really is right. Colonel Automn or Henry Eden could have indefinitely convinced them that killing the innocent was right. Fuck, its highly unlikely that not one soldier had his reservations about the whole thing.

    And what about Jaime? The guy was literally possessed by Cthulhu. How could you possibly justify killing someone and getting rewarded for it when that someone was clearly not doing what he did by intention. And come to think of it, what did he do? I've killed so many people and was rewarded with good karma, but it's not even indicated whether or not the guys I killed were actually evil or did anything at all! Does having a bad or negative thought cross your mind make you evil?

    And let's not forget the guys that aren't given bad karma. Such as raiders. I've witnessed these guys eviscerate innocent wastelanders because it was fucking fun, yet I'm not considered good for sending them to the death? Yet when you kill slavers, people who by all means are just trying to survive, you're mega rewarded! And let's not forget Colin Moriarty! You kill him, you're punished, yet EVERYBODY hates him, including the town fucking sherrif.

    >Alright then. Name one interesting, genuinely nice character! One who doesn't act like a badass, but hesitates to prove it! Name one old man who wasn't voiced by that same highpitched actor. Name one guys who hasn't insulted me in some way, tangibly or nonverbaly.

    If I were to go with your solution, I would have killed pretty much every NPC in the whole damn Wasteland. And I digress, you're missing the fucking point. Shooting someone in the face is not going to make there performance any more bearable. And some NPCs you just have to tough out if you want to get any quests. You're not supposed to just kill the guys that you don't like, that completely ruins the idea of moral gray and decision making.

    >Alright, "good sir" I was able to max all of my skills before I even reached the level cap. If that's not unbalanced, I don't know what is. How did I achieve this, you may ask? A combination of skill books, unfairly powerful perks, bobbleheads, quest perks, and Attributes.

    You're not supposed to max all of your skills in a roleplaying game, that take away the "Roleplaying" part, and then it's just a fucking game. And I'm pretty sure it proves that Beth didn't even give the fucking cap a second look because it's pretty bad if you are able to max everything before even reaching it.

    >Funny how I was using "Very Hard". The whole time. Yet I was still able to kill a Deathclaw with a 10mm pistol.

    >How? Are you indicating that there was some powerful message in there? Hidden underneath the mounds of ripoffs and cliches? What was the message? Sacrifice? If that was the message, then it might of well have said that you should just abandon practicality for bullshit hero etiquette.

    Your dad dies trying to kill Colonel automn, but automn still lives just for the sake of Deus Ex Machina. That seems like he died in... I don't know... VAIN? And now I have to make his lifeless puddle of goo proud by turning into a lifeless puddle of goo, myself? When I have a supermutant, a ghoul, AND a robot who are fucking immune to radiation?! That's got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my entire life!

    And you spend the first few hours just looking for your dad! You know, the old guy (snicker). When you find him, there's no sentimental reunion! He doesn't ask to kill the fatted calf. He makes you do chores! What the holy hell? And why would I even want to find my dad? What discernible feature about him makes me want to go get him, other than the fact that he's voiced by Liam Neeson? I spent about an hour with him, and now you expect me to give a shit about where he goes? What if I wanted to stay in the vault?

    And what the hell does the Enclave even want to do? They want to turn on Project Purity, themselves! Of course, they'd like to put the FVE in the water, but why? HM?! WHY?! Why do they want to exterminate the mutants? Isn't that something that The Brotherhood of Steel - the alleged "BIGOTS" - would want to do?

    > Alright, now I know that you're just stupid. Let me name a few.

    -Why did the vault security not think to check MY room when looking for ME?
    -Why does the overseer keep his password in his pocket? Wouldn't that be something that you leave to memory? And the password is "Amata"? Boy, that's subtle.
    -Wouldn't a vault that's not supposed to opened be made so that it COULDN'T be opened?
    -We already have a vault that studies isolation, so why do we need yet another Vault that studies isolation?
    -Despite the fact that this Vault was supposed to be apart of an experiment, it appears that the residents are well within control.
    -How did a bunch of radroaches get into the Vault just by daddy opening the door for a sec? And if I recall correctly - which I do - that whole section of the Vault is put under complete lockdown. Even if some giant herd got in, they would never be able to get past the Autrium.
    -Amata claims that she changed the password in "Trouble on the Homefront". But she never did. The password was still "Amata".
    -Megaton resides in a ditch? Wouldn't they need a storm drain system or something? All we need is a rain cloud to pass over them, and they're doomed. Fuck, the place should have been flooded by the leaky purifier alone.
    -Why are YOU Mr. Burke's prime choice for the destruction of Megaton, when there's a whole group of loonies who literally WANT the bomb to go off? And they like to brag about that, too.
    -Why exactly do we need a giant water purifier, when we have robots that can literally make fresh water out of oxygen molecules?
    -What was that? It's impossible to finish the project? Took me a good two hours.

    That's just a few of the MANY!

    >You don't know what "finite" means, clearly.

    There was ONE quest in Arefu. Took me an hour to complete it. Then there's a solid twenty other quests, which all took around 30 minutes to an hour to complete individually. Some RPGs have more quests than that in a single town!

    There are not TONS; the quests are extremely limited.

    >Yes, hundreds of copy/pasted metros and ruins. How interesting. And even if every location was unique, none of them ever reward me for exploring them! No unique weapon, no Easter Egg, no note, nothing but more God damned generic loot!

    >Oh, I'm sorry. Here I was thinking that it was in every container you come across, all should have been looted YEARS ago. Here I was also thinking that you could find loot literally sitting VERY CONSPICUOUSLY on every shelf, of every nook, of every cranny. Essentially EVERYWHERE!

    >If graphics are nauseating, ugly, and bleak, then yes, they do very much affect gameplay. Why? Because I don't feel very inclined to travel in some cloudy, barren, depressing wasteland. I don't feel any motivation to do anything, at all. Because the world sucks! And there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

    Prick: >The only way to acquire ONE of those weapons (CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE) IN LOW LEVELS (WHEN YOU GET OUT OF THE VAULT) is to kill Lucas Simms or have him killed.

    >Untrue BS about stealth.

    >VATS unfair? You are playing against AI. And yes, that is the point, it is a high tech targeting system and when you "Stop Time" it is actually just simulating the computer choosing what to target (Except you are the computer) in real time this calculation is instant, it would be stupid if seconds went by while doing this, as it is in the future and the high tech pipboy would not take that long to do such a thing


    >Are you fucking implying that good people turned to bad people by a normal man that is convincing them to kill other people still makes them good people? You dumbass. It is their choice to become the enclave and kill innocent people, quit using this close-minded bullshit as main points.

    Sorry, never played the Jaime quest I believe

    >Heh, I applaud you! This point actually makes sense and I totally agree with you!

    > Your Dad, Lucas Simms, Three Dog, The old guy that runs the brotherhood of steel, all the members or Riley's rangers, all the ghouls, the guy that works at the water filtering plant and if you give him scrap metal he gives you caps, and many more, just none of which I can think of right now

    >Uh, that actually makes it better. In real life you have to tolerate people you don't like... You don't just shoot them...

    >I guess you mean unbalanced that you've played it so much and have put so many hours in that you have been able to accomplish these things and make yourself op. This is the same in oblivion after a long time of playing the same save. (Armor that deflects everything, one-hit swords) This is not being unbalanced, it's making your character so good and playing it for so long that not even the hardest difficulty is hard. Is this what you mean about it not being hard? If so, then I understand, but a regular person with good armor and some bobbleheads and good weapons there will be challenge still. This is a fair point, good job.

    >One of the expansions let you go past the level cap and see above for what I said about playing it for 500 plus hours...


    >Your dad sacrificed his life to save the world, and then you get the chance to finish what he as done and save millions of lives or walk away being selfish and only caring about yourself. No, powerful message, eh?

    >You are missing out on the point of why YOU do it yourself, for the world. You are trying to debunk a moral...


    >That was actually an introduction on how to find out/ hack into terminals using passwords
    >From the outside, dumbass
    >Close minded bullshit, how do you think roaches get into houses? THEY FIND A WAY
    >Didn't know that, interesting
    >An hour quest? There are lots of hour quests though...
    >And yes there are that are limited, and they are supposed to be, because they are small side quests.
    >Yes the metros are copy/pasted, I agree, so are the concrete frames of the buildings, BUT THERE ARE MANY UNIQUE WEAPONS YOU CAN FIND IN RUINS AND OTHER PLACES.
    >Of course it is depressing and cloudy, that doesn't make it ugly. IT WAS NUKED. And yes, the world does suck. WHEN ITS NUKED.

    Me: >Nope. Two of the raiders have them in Springvale School. There's also an overpass just behind the Vault, you can also get a rocket launcher there. So yes, I keep my stance on that.

    >Prove me wrong. There was a mod made on the Nexus to solve this very problem. You don't solve a problem if it's non existent. So that pretty much settles that.

    >Oh, now here I was thinking that it was unfair for a computer to flawlessly pick off my opponents through allegedly random sequences. My bad. I kinda thought that when an AI does the work for you, that's pretty much the ideal definition an "exploit". And I think you misinterpreted what I said. I never criticized the consistency of VATS timing, I was saying that your action points regenerated waaaay too fast. It literally only takes around ten seconds, and then you get to be overpowered once more!

    In the original Fallouts (I got this info from the Wiki. I've never played them) sure, turn based action may be considered an exploit as well, because it allows you to do moves similar to VATS, in of itself. But when your turn is up, it's the enemy's next, and you're just as vulnerable as he was. It is not that way in Fallout 3. You might as well just be given infinite turns, as your enemy is sitting hapless.

    >You hear that little "whoosh"? That was the sound of the point going right over your head. I was angry over the fact that you can kill a behemoth in two shots with a mininuke, yet it provides you with twelve. How many times does this game expect me to miss? That's just sappy combat right there.

    >I'm sorry, but if you honestly disagree with this, I'm very disappointed with you, and I question your critical mind. We've witnessed the Charisma of Henry Eden, ourselves. Is it that hard to believe that he could of easily coaxed his men into thinking they were doing the right thing? Disagree? Funny how you're accusing me of close-mindedness.

    It's not always YOUR choice. Stop being so naive. Think about it; these guys were probably born into the Enclave. This was their way of life and their way of rationale. You seriously expect me to believe that you can just abandon your way of life because our moral compasses always points firmly due good? That's the stupidest, most naive thing I've ever heard in my life, it really is.

    And you should play the Jaime quest. For what it's worth, it actually wasn't half bad.

    >Well, God damn.

    >Your Dad - The guy who's only dynamic was that he was voiced by Liam Neeson. Good choice.
    >Lucas Simms - The guy who threatened to fuck a ninja just because I cracked a joke his way, also calling me a psychopath because I was quiet. Friendly guy.
    >Three Dog - Bad choice. No matter what you do at the Tenpenny Tower quest, he badmouths you and he blackmailed me for personal information. That guy was a total douche.
    >The old guy that runs the brotherhood of steel - Lyons? Kinda find it hard to remember that guy because he was so fucking dull.
    >All the members or Riley's rangers - Meh.
    >All the ghouls - Touche. But only HALF the ghouls. Crowley, Barrows, and the like were complete assholes.
    >The guy that works at the water filtering plant and if you give him scrap metal he gives you caps - Terrible choice. That guy wasn't interesting at all, and he was voiced by the high-pitched old man whom I told you NOT to list.

    >I'm sorry, but just how does that make it any better? Aren't video games all ABOUT escaping life and getting into a world that's actually tolerable?

    >Didn't like Oblivion, either.

    >Ummm... Dude. That only makes the situation worse. Did that go in one ear and out the other?

    >Granted, I needed 230 bullets, but the rest was a cake walk. I shot it in the legs about 50 times, and that got it to just walking. How I was able to get it in the legs before it got me is owed entirely to exploitable terrain, getting it stuck in cars and road blocks. After that, I just shot it in the face until it dropped. Maybe you might want to take back what you said about how this game is for advanced players...

    >And there goes that "whoosh" again. James died trying to kill Colonel Autoumn, something that proved fruitless. You could go into the room, sacrificing your life, but WHY? You have three companions that could easily do it for you, and no one would even get scathed. The only possible reason you would do it is because you're an idiot who's incapable of practically thinking.

    And you literally ADMITTED that this water purifier is unnecessary, because we already have robots to fix the problem. None of this death had to happen in the first place.

    And in spite of it all, the whole "selfishness or generosity" message is a cliche that's been done to death since books first came out.

    >I'm trying to prove the non-existence of a moral.

    >I laughed. Maybe I actually sympathized with their rationale. Maybe killing the mutants was necessary for self preservation. Not everyone is going to think the same or have the same opinions. As a matter of fact, that's strikingly similar to the debate we're having.

    >Then why was the Overseer interrogating Amata for my whereabouts? Especially since I've been taking the exact route that everyone else is taking.
    >But why does he have the password on him? In fact, why does everyone else seem to carry there passwords in their pockets? This isn't a "tutorial". If it was, they would've stopped doing that by now.
    >"No one ever leaves" strike a bell, you idiosyncratic fuckwit?
    >The Vaults weren't made to save anybody. They were made so Vault Tech could study how people would adapt to extreme scenarios. There was already a Vault that wasn't supposed to open for 200 years, in order to study isolation. Why do we need another? WE DON'T!
    >Every vault resident is supposed to be hapless to their condition. Vault Tech is supposed to be the one in control. But it seems that all of 101 is pretty independent, being able to leave the Vault whenever they please, completely abandoning the project.
    >I can get that radroaches can tunnel through dirt and rotting floor boards. It's outright impossible for them to get through STEEL!
    >There's one.
    >I think you missed the one about flooding. Maybe because that one was too valid. OH! And BTW, you're logic sucks. Did you miss the part where I said "PROFESSOR CROMWELL WANTS THE BOMB TO EXPLODE"?!! Why would Burke possibly ignore him?
    >That's two.
    >Nope. Dr. Li said it was still impossible, even with James. Fail.

    >A good thirty. Totaling at 30 hours. Rather unimpressive, and ESPECIALLY finite.

    >No, dude. Small sidequests are supposed to be ANYTHING, but limited. ANYTHING.

    >Try Springvale, a town virtually untouched by raiders. Hmmmm... Why isn't everything from THERE looted? OH, and let's not forget, what's stopping THE FUCKING RAIDERS from looting that crap? You're a bit slow, aren't you?

    >Maybe ten unique weapons, out of hundreds of locations. Do the math, silly. And the unique weapons are all just tweaked versions of their original selves, so there's no reward at all.

    >The place was nuked 200 years ago. It takes 25 years for radiation to decay. It only take two - five years for radiation clouds to dissipate. And yes, ugliness does make something ugly. Sorry, bro, that's another invalid argument.

    I'm glad you agreed with some of my points. I didn't agree with most any of yours'.

    MAJOR props to anyone who read all that... :clap:
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    Not gonna lie, bit of a slog, but I did it :mrgreen:
    Bloody hell :boy:

    Nice work, I hope that guy shut up "They're EVAL" for god's sake, is this really what we have to expect from games now? This isn't Lord of the Rings good vs evil. it's a goddam apocalypse with groups choosing differing ways to survive..

    Anyway, good work
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    I got confused half-way...which one is you, and which one is the other guy?

    Also, I'm pretty sure Godzilla shrugged off a nuke.
    Just as a clarification, I am aware that the other bloke said that nukes can kill him; I'm just pointing out how wrong that statement is.

    That's not even go into how poor game design it is to give the player the means to kill a boss enemy in less than 10 seconds.

    In Doom, you were given a ton of rocket launcher ammo (iirc), and had to go against the Cyberdemon, who took about 5 mins to kill.
    Now that's a boss battle. The Behemoth is a fucking joke. Especially with paralyzing palm, which is a horribly unbalanced and silly ability.
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    Jul 26, 2003
    Killing a Deathclaw with a 10 mil was an impressive feat of patience. So was that conversation. My hat goes off to you.

    (On the Deathclaw issue, I understand it's technically a more advanced weapon than a pistol, but it always seemed ridiculous to me that the Dart Guns > Deathclaws. I used to keep my last ex, who was terrified of the things, laughing for long minutes at a time by rounding up a pack of them at Old Olney, pegginig 'em with one dart apiece, and then kiting them around with impunity like I was leading the Senior Citizen's 9am Power Walk at the local mall.)
  16. Sub-Human

    Sub-Human -

    May 31, 2011
    Don't bother arguing with the Fallout 3 crowd. I've tried, but you cannot reason with someone who uses no logic whatsoever.
  17. Alesia

    Alesia It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Mar 3, 2013
    Very true. I got banished from a couple of Fallout fan groups on Facebook for badmouthing FO:3.
  18. woo1108

    woo1108 Vault Senior Citizen

    Sep 27, 2012
    I just say one thing.
    There's no good point in fallout 3.
    If there's good point, it isn't matter of game play but sight seeing for while and song that doesn't help game fun though I didn't enjoy sight seeing though.
  19. Alesia

    Alesia It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Mar 3, 2013
    I'm guessing Beth thought a naive 19 year old walking straight into a raider hot zone would be "too hard." Would have actually been pretty fun if Springvale was overrun with them, like WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND BITCH!
  20. Lyra Heartstrings

    Lyra Heartstrings First time out of the vault

    May 4, 2013
    Different people have different opinions.
    Personally I think that FO3 wasn't that bad and I've really enjoyed it but .... well, maybe that's just me and I'm sort of a Fallout freak who can't see the "badness" of FO3.
    Truth be told I love every Fallout game I've played so far so get over it I guess ?
    Fun thread imho.