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  1. RangerBoo

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    Jun 15, 2015
    Hey guys! I got struck with the modding bug and have worked on a idea for a mod called More Lived In Wasteland. It is inspired a bit by Interesting NPC's for Skyrim and random encounters from Fallout 3.

    My ideas for the mod include:
    A family fleeing the Mojave due to the Legion.
    A teenage girl and her little brother who survived the Legion attack on Nipton. They will be begging at the Mojave Outpost.
    A friendly traveler on his way back home.
    A survivor who escaped Searchlights radiation attack and will lament her family and friends fate.
    A writer who is writing a book on myths and legends of the Mojave. She will tell you some stories that hint at the DLC's and even some mods if asked.
    A poisoner for the Legion. Inspired by real life poison maker Locusta of Gaul who is said to be the Emperor Nero and his mothers favorite poisoner. She will sell you deadly poisons, but only to those have a high rep with the Legion.
    A gun shop and bar in Primm. The owners will talk about Primm's hard times.
    A brothel/bar in Nipton that shows signs of a struggle. Nipton is said to be a den of whores but I didn't see it. Hoped adding this will add a little more immersion.
    A Train Station in Nipton. Will also show signs of a struggle.
    Notes and holotapes left by wastelanders detailing their hopes, dreams and demise.

    Other things I want to include are:
    Independent slavers making their way to sell their stock at Cottonwood Cove.
    Independent slave hunters looking for escaped Legion slaves around the wastes. I wanted for people to get more of a feel that the Legion is making it's presence known and that people are taking sides.

    I would like to add more stuff but I am in a bit of a road block with ideas for what I should add. If you guys have any ideas on what I should add or what I can do to improve on what I already have, be sure to tell me. Don't worry, I'll give you credit once the mod is released.
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  2. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    I really like mods like these, as they're quite simple but add a lot to the game that you've played many times already.

    I've played several similar mods, so first I'll give you a list of factions and places that felt really underused.
    -Legion (Fort and Nelson)
    -Powder Gangers (everything)
    -Followers (everything)
    -North Vegas
    -Bitter Springs

    Locations that I feel are overused

    Some quest ideas:

    -group of NCR businessmen occupy a bar at the Tops waiting for their guide. They were supposed to go on "safari".
    Impersonate the guide, convince them to hire you instead or find the guy.
    If you take them on "safari" you have to hunt with them couple of unique creatures (Centaur? Gecko? Deathclaw?). Optionally you can take them to Cottonwood and sell to the Legion.
    -at Gomorra you can find a nervous man arguing with a member of Omerta. You learn that Wrights want to organise a bachelor party for one of the younger boys, but their reservation at Gomorra was apparently never made. Help organise the party and stop the assasins, help them or kill them and then complete a contract for full reward.

    Bitter Springs
    -some misc quests dealing with shortage of supplies (you have to decide who gets food or medicine)

    -add unsent letters and packages at some locations (NCR CF, Primm, Nipton, Nelson). Each of them gives a little quest to deliver it to someone- gaining karma and some minor reward, but used mostly to flesh out some of dead inhabitants of those place. Alternatively you can open them for small karma loss, small amount of caps or items and a note.

    Some encounter ideas:

    -you can meet the boss of Freeside Thugs at a speakeasy. You can pay a large amount of caps (2000?) to permamently turn respawnable thugs non-hostile. Or just kill them all so no thugs ever respawn.
    -more encounters connected to star bottlecaps (maybe other treasure hunters that spawn depending on amount of your caps?)
    -after sleeping somewhere in the Wastes you wake up next to older stranger. He introduces himself as an owner of a small club back east. He confesses that he is on the brink of bankruptcy. When asked what is he doing in Mojave, he answers that he looks for a new singer for his club and that he heard that Bruce Isaacs is somewhere here. You can also ask him about his family (father died after triggering a trap on his own safe). If you know where Bruce is he'll give you 100 caps for the information. Alternatively with high enough Intelligence you can tell him thay you know who he is- if you then tell him where Bruce is he'll give you Shark Club VIP pass (misc item worth 450?).
    If you told him where Bruce is, Bruce disappears. If you haven't recruited him for Rad Pack- Talent Pool fails.

    If I get some more ideas, I'll edit the post. Keep us informed on progress!
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  3. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    Not say for you to do it; because the script shoud be dificult I guess; but someone could make a post for the "Officiorum ab Famulatus", close to cottonwood cove.

    Obsidian forgot to put slavery in this game. How one can play a Legionary courier without sell slaves?

    Edit: agree with the user above. More MORE ranom encounters. Can't believe they made a Fallout game without random encounters.
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  4. WeissYohji

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    Nov 8, 2018
    If we got a mod like that and it was well-done, I'd download and install it. I'd love to have my Courier help a family of refugees fleeing the Legion's tyranny. Ditto hunting down slavers and slave-hunters.

    I love the idea of having a brothel in Nipton. The only evidence we had of prostitution in that town was the mayor's journal and what Vulpes told us. At least put a brothel in town, maybe a few corpses here and there. Oh, add a quest to find more captives a la Booted. I'd have loved to hunt down more Legionaries and free more slaves.

    A poison-maker for the Legion? I like that. I'd also appreciate an option to free Locusta from their clutches and then take her over to the Followers or NCR position at Aerotech. That and keep her as a companion, basically making her a walking campfire.
  5. RangerBoo

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    Jun 15, 2015
    Hehe. Locusta is not someone who one will consider good. In fact she kinda reveals in her new life in the Legion and enjoys her work a little too much. She serves as a contrast to Siri.

    Sadly, Win 10 deleted all 30 pages I had so far my mod. I am not discouraged though. I will just have to start over from scratch. I do have several new ideas for encounters though:
    • A orphanage in Westside run by a group of nuns. They will give out small misc quest and a named quest where you have to get some supplies that was stolen by a Fiend named Duke. Duke is a named Fiend in the base game with Very Evil karma but we don't know why. Now we will know. Nothing can be more evil then stealing from nuns and orphans right?
    • A photo journalist from the NCR who was enslaved by the Legion and is now forced to make propaganda pieces for the Legion to send out in the Mojave. This encounter was inspired from the Battle Angel Alita manga.
    • A writer from the NCR who is writing about myths and legends of the Mojave. Talking with her will give the player options to add to their characters background. Such as their past, family, ect.
    • A lone vigilante that has taken upon himself to hunt the Legion. I find it weird that for all their talk and bravado about independence and what not, the residents of Outer Vegas don't seem to care about a group of barbaric, totalitarian slavers coming to enslave them all. Hopefully this changes that a little.
    • A young woman named Tammy holing herself up in a abandon bungalow in Jacobstown. A slaver is after her and hopes to sell her to the Legion. A super mutant named Ben will ask the player to help Tammy and deal with the Slaver. Either through peaceful or violent means.
    • A rest stop and bunkhouse near the Northern Passage for players to rest and trade. You would think that there would be a pit stop for merchants and travelers coming to and fro from the north.
    • Some more options for Legion players, such as enslaving targets. The Legion is said to enslave those in war zones but we haven't seen it until now.
    • A highway man who will try to rob you. You will have some options when talking with him. Hopefully ones you will find fun.
    • A group of legionaries who will ambush you if you explore Legion territory. If your a male you can talk them down but if your a female not so much unless you have a high Legion rep or the Mark of Caesar.
    • A encounter inspired but someone that is well loved in the funny bad movie community. I will give you a hint; his films are filmed in Las Vegas and the Mojave.
    • Bodies of died wastelanders with notes or holotapes on their person. The Mojave is said to be a hostile war zone and I want to convey that with this mod.
    Think you guys for the ideas. If you have anymore or would like to contribute feel free to hit me up.
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  6. WeissYohji

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    Nov 8, 2018
    @RangerBoo: How did your mod files get deleted? Did you even back them up? Hope the recovery and rebuild goes well.

    I'd still want to free Locusta all the same. I already free Siri and all the other slaves at Fortification Hill thanks to a mod allowing you to do that. I never understood why the slaves just stand there and say "Excuse me" after I killed all the Legionaries. It's their chance to run to freedom! I just killed their oppressors! But I would appreciate a quest with her where you can poison key figures in the Legion's leadership and kill Caesar that way. Not that I really use poisons in the game. I've already got powerful weapons, chems such as Buffout, and damage-increasing perks and traits (particularly the orientation perks and Built to Destroy trait).

    In all the times I've been to South Vegas and Vault 3, I've NEVER found Duke. NEVER. I didn't even know there was a fifth named Fiend until I read your post and checked the wiki to confirm it.

    There's an abandoned shack in screaming distance of the Northern Passage. It's boarded up in the vanilla game, though. Why not use that for the rest stop? All you'd have to do is un-board the door and make an interior cell--whatever it takes. Bear in mind that I've got no such experience with modding so I leave it in your capable hands.

    I'll never play a Legion-aligned character but the notion of enslaving targets sounds immersive. Anyone who role-plays an evil character would appreciate the option.

    I never got how the residents of Outer Vegas could be so blasé about a slave army sitting at their doorstep either.

    I'd like to have more highwaymen trying to rob you. It always bugged me how I've never seen raiders along the highways respawn after killing them (i.e., near the NV Hwy. Patrol Station). Remember how you had random highwaymen attacking you in Oblivion? Remember how they also leveled with the player? I suggest doing that.

    Legion ambushes and Speech/reputation checks? Yes, please! I always nuke both the NCR and Legion at the end of Lonesome Road, well before ever going to the Strip. Between these points in the game, I like to milk the opportunity to kill as many NCR and Legion troops as possible. Even with the NCR, I hold off on killing most named NPCs so as not to fail certain quests. If I want to do those quests, that's what disguises are for. My current character left the Divide with Vilified rep with both the NCR and Legion. I found myself having to save-scum depending on whether I wanted to fight NCR or Legion hit squads. I ended up fighting too few Legionaries. I bombed both factions, killed Vulpes Inculta at Nipton, and shot both NCR troopers and Legionaries en route to Novac. I freed the captured Powder Gangers during the quest Booted. I got HELIOS One running at capacity and sent the power to the entire region before activating ARCHIMEDES to kill the NCR troopers guarding the plant. Then I went back a few days later to kill the Legionaries who took over as well as Fantastic for joining them. And I still feel like I didn't encounter enough Legion hit squads, save-scumming be damned. On the other hand, NCR Rangers in power armor are more of a challenge than Legionaries in sporting equipment. If possible, I think you should go further and have more ambushes from both the Legion and/or NCR, depending on how hostile you are with either or both factions. Even better: Be vilified by both powers and have both Legionaries AND Rangers attack you AT THE SAME TIME!

    YES to the corpses with notes and holotapes! But I wouldn't stop at dead wastelanders. I'd even add in stuff from dead vault dwellers and even casualties from the Great War. Throw in some more comprehensive logs a la the Survivalist's entries from Honest Hearts and I'm more sold.

    This whole thread really makes me imagine what Obsidian could have done if they had more time to make the game.
  7. RangerBoo

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    Jun 15, 2015
    I have no idea how they got deleted but somehow I did it. Luckily the mod itself was spared so I at lest don't have to remake the buildings from scratch.

    Great minds think alike. I have been modding both that shack near the Northern Passage for the rest stop.

    Another mod I will say for you to keep a eye on is Dracomies Brave New World. He plans on adding more voiced slaves to The Fort and Cottonwood Cove, some of which you can free. He also plans on adding holotapes around those areas too. I hope my mod will compliment his mod.
    It might be a good idea for me to contact Dracomies and ask him what he has changed around Cottonwood Cove. Just to make sure our mods don't conflict as I have some ideas for that area.
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