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    Sep 14, 2009
    It currently has approximately 30 quests, and I think the reason for the cut was the location was just getting too bloated, sometimes too much is just too much.

    Alphabetical list of NPCs

    • Dame Sullavich (LVC30)
    • Dirty Dirk, the Earl (LVC7)
    • Duke (LVC1)
    • Andreas Sullavich (LVC31)
    • Booker (LVC49)
    • Buddy (LVC20)
    • Connector (LVC48)
    • Doc Rankin (LVC22)
    • Fernando the Kid (LVC37)
    • Gabriel (LVC8)
    • Lorraine (LVC3)
    • Reynald (LVC13)
    • Smith (LVC10)
    • Suarez (LVC29)
    • Titus Brown (LVC14)
    • Velvis the Entertainer (LVC18)
    • Wurlitzer (LVC12)

    • Abel Kilpatrick (LVC45)
    • Al (LVC110)
    • Alan Sullavich (LVC33)
    • Alexis Walker (LVC59)
    • Ant (LVC114)
    • Arban (LVC83)
    • Aretha (LVC40)
    • Awkward Customer (LVC34)
    • Ballard (LVC109)
    • Barstow (LVC101)
    • Big Winner (LVC119)
    • Boss Winchester (LVC52)
    • Capo Stigma (LVC125)
    • Conner (LVC54)
    • Cosma (LVC97)
    • Daddy May (LVC24)
    • Deuter (LVC128)
    • Diatheke (LVC4)
    • Dixie (LVC39)
    • Dolly Star / Ginny Dotson (LVC38)
    • Drew (LVC46)
    • Eirene (LVC6)
    • Elvin (LVC25)
    • Finn (LVC129)
    • Gaunt Gary (LVC94)
    • Haveck (LVC55)
    • Henry (LVC113)
    • Hill Giant (LVC21)
    • Holly (LVC126)
    • Inspector Ramses (LVC17)
    • Jenny "Tandi" Masters (LVC56)
    • Jimmy the Flea (LVC28)
    • Joanah Cummings (LVC108)
    • Keith (LVC2)
    • Las Estrellas Bartender / Cool Guy (LVC19)
    • Las Estrellas Janitor (LVC122)
    • Lee (LVC41)
    • Loaf (LVC5)
    • Lobster (LVC127)
    • Lola (LVC120)
    • Lombardo (LVC27)
    • Luis Mendez (LVC26)
    • Maggio Estrade (LVC36)
    • Manny Sullavich (LVC32)
    • Mercury (LVC9)
    • Moses Kirby (LVC115)
    • Ohea (LVC111)
    • Old Beggar (LVC11)
    • Old Hag Fitzsimmons (LVC103)
    • Old Man Fitzsimmons (LVC103)
    • Pam Flores (LVC121)
    • Pounder (LVC118)
    • Preacherman (LVC61)
    • Ranzo (LVC64)
    • Rascal (LVC35)
    • Rita (LVC50)
    • Sage Anthony (LVC23)
    • Sandro Sullavich (LVC104)
    • Sly-Fingered Chen (LVC123)
    • Stevie 'Balls Out' Bolter (LVC117)
    • Tobey the Town Greeter (LVC15)
    • Ursus (LVC57)
    • Vicky (LVC16)
    • Victor (LVC58)
    • Zinger (LVC51)
    • Beggar (LVC95)
    • Believer (LVC62)
    • Blackjack Dealer (LVC72)
    • BoS Agent / Star Bar bouncer (LVC70)
    • Boxer (LVC43)
    • Boxing Spectator (LVC44)
    • Ca$ino Patron (LVC75)
    • Ca$ino Bouncer (LVC76)
    • Daddy May's Molerat (LVC112)
    • Dawn's Haulers Thugs (LVC47)
    • Doc Rankin's Securitron (LVC130)
    • Drug Pusher (LVC87)
    • Duke's Guard (LVC69)
    • Earls Gangster (LVC65)
    • El Hombre Gordo Patron (LVC78)
    • Fighting Ring Spectator (LVC71)
    • Freakky Lobster Patron (LVC80)
    • G@mbler (LVC74)
    • Gaunt Gary's Thug (LVC93)
    • Gunslinger (LVC98)
    • Junkjacker Raider (LVC53)
    • Kidnapped Woman (LVC47)
    • Lobster's Ghoul Hooker (LVC81)
    • Lobster's Human Hooker (LVC89)
    • Lobster's Gimp (LVC90)
    • Minister (LVC63)
    • Muerte Legion Extortion Squad (LVC116)
    • Muerte Legionnaire (LVC67)
    • Mugger (LVC91)
    • Organ Legger (LVC66)
    • Organ Legger Fucker (LVC105)
    • Orgy Hooker (LVC107)
    • Orgy Master of Ceremony (LVC106)
    • Parlor of Sin Patron (LVC79)
    • Pimp (LVC88)
    • R0ulette Dealer (LVC73)
    • Secret Fighting Ring Challenger (LVC100)
    • Servitor of the Nexus (LVC60)
    • Sewer Ghoul (LVC92)
    • Skrapper Ganger (LVC99)
    • Star Bar Patron (LVC77)
    • Street Kid (LVC86)
    • Sullavich Thug (LVC42)
    • Supermutant (LVC124)
    • Titus' Mechanic (LVC82)
    • Vegas Streetwalker (LVC96)
    • Vegas Tourist (LVC85)
    • Vegas Townie (LVC84)
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  2. Golbolco

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    Jul 12, 2015
    How are things looking like right now for the development of the mod? Were you able to find scripters?
  3. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    I think 1 or 2 people are helping out with the scripting, nevertheless this won't be released anytime soon.
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  4. AltraWave7

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    May 21, 2003
    Those locations look so nice, I just wish I could remember which ones I worked on lol

    Looking forward to playing this when it's done, keep up the great work!
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  5. Yellow

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    May 23, 2007
    I remember working on Fan-Made Fallout wayyy back in 2007. Amazing work as always and ready to come back whenever It's ready
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  6. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    I rebuilt a few locations completely, New Vegas being one, other locations had serious upgrades with town layouts. All the maps had a series of cleanups and little enhancements with new art - tiles - walls - scenery, etc. Some of the original maps were really cool, Groom Lake for instance, so I tried to do as little to enhance them as possible, nevertheless they do look very different from the original maps back in 2010.

    Here are a few examples from back in 2010 when I first joined the team.

    NCR15 - Darwin's Ranch

    Red Sands - Entrance

    Dayglow - Dayglow South

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  7. Hubal

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    Sep 11, 2014
    What? This is 12 years already? I hope it will be done before I die.
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  8. Black_Electric

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    Jun 7, 2022
    How big is the team that's still working on it, it sounds like you are still looking for additional help?

    I may be interested in stepping in and lending a hand but I need to get more familiar with how the game scripts work and the language they are coded in. Have more of a background in VBA / python myself and work in semiconductor test but have been looking to get into the mod community as a hobby.
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  9. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Visit the Discord thread - https://discord.com/channels/662168370564694047/662168370564694053 those who know all about scripting can help you. Basically the game just needs scripting, there will alway be small things that will need fixing when the game is up and running, but we'll get people testing it before we release it properly.

    Just note these mods aren't for the faint hearted, it requires real time and effort, potentially hundreds of hours of work. Is the game worth it, I think so. It will be a great addition to the world of the original Fallouts.
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    Jun 7, 2022
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    They expire.
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    Works for me!
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    It worked for me a yesterday.
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    Jun 7, 2022
    Alright I'll try again.
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    Mar 1, 2016

    What language is used for scripting? Can't access discord link.
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    Mar 1, 2016

    Getting message that nothing is here or you do not have access

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    Channel links only work for people already on the server, you need to generate an invitation link, like this one: https://discord.gg/xksN4KVx (7 days lifetime) ^^
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    Mar 1, 2016
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    Can someone repost the link for the server?