What should Future Fallouts be like?

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    Thanks guys, you encourage me and that's dangerous :lol:

    Sure did, just breath and digest it. Then do whatever you like, hope I can help more. I like to imagine theses cities a bit like those towns shown in the Jericho series. Conflicts like that shown in the end of season 1 could have taken place between may towns in west texas, until these 8 cities estabilished themselves as the big players and got into a state of balance, with both some diplomacy here, conspiracy there, espionage, sabotage, etc.

    A confederation in which everyone wants more but can't manage to achieve it, so they cooperate here and there, but also make secret alliances, break them later, powergrab, then lose it... :twisted:

    Don't forget: they all carry the Texas flag, but also have their own by it's side. Like below (just change US flag for something else)

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    And lot's of lightning. Lightning in post a apocalyptic setting is awesome. The Nevada Skies mod for New Vegas does this.

    But adding vehicles or somesuch seems like getting ahead of yourself. I don't want gimmicks I want a solid world, quests, characters and skills/stats/combat.
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    Adding realistic weather effects, backpacks, pup tents, more complex weapon mod customization, and stuff like that is a must for me. The vanilla game should have stuff like that. I hate having to mod things in that should be in to begin with.
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    Future fallout?..hmmm maybe something like Fonline..but a LOT more balanced out, the towns population could be NPC free and players that come online act out the roles of shops and even caravan traders hiring other players to guard their caravans..ofc players would also become raiders and bandints forming small roaming bands, tribes of players..ahh how wonderfull it would be to belong to a tribe of other peopel willing to actually play the role of a tribel to a T. but people dont take the R in RPG seriously..and that is the Roleplaying wich is always butchered by people with either too much time on their hands who have small minds that get bored easily..or its ppl with too little time with no time to spare other than to grind..many problems with such a game it would seem but all too solvable, for example if a player playing a shopkeeper just goes offline, if hes not back within 12 hours he gets kicked and another may take his place i mean whos gonna wait 3 days to use the goddamn shop..and something in that direction, as for the engine and all..hmmm id hate to admit it but an overhead style like in dungeon siege would be good, works for dungeon siege multiplayer, and as for TB..say youre in town and someone decides to attack someone, the whole town goes into TB mode, same with other encounters..its not too far to assume it can be programmed into a player(or party) the system of declaring your targets first and then TB starts between you and your targets alone..i would suggest FFA style but i have allready considered the ammount of asshole carnage that would insue..im sure it can be figured out...and not to forget also add the weapona and armor crafting system that lets you take bits and pieces and put them together but use a crafter thats a lot like photoshop that lets you decide exactly what shape, color, and size(to a normal extent) you can make the gear as, ofcourse as long as the ammount of materials you have permit this..
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    Great minds think alike?

    Interesting, when I was thinking of doing a Fallout Magna Mundi the Game mod, I came upon a idea much like this. Though my idea was more inspired in the Holy Roman Empire. The idea is that there WAS once a unified Texas that sprang after the war, NCR-style, but it turned into a utter tyranny and then invasions from nomads, tribals and raiders from a hungry Middlewest, combined with the inane rule of the President drove the cities into active independence and eventually, after dealing with the new arrivals their own way (being invaded, allying, killing, outliving, etc...), they band together and wipe out the remants of the the Texas Republic and estabilish the League of Independent City-States (the name is cumbersome, though), which is a crazy HRE-style hodgepodge of republics, city-states, dictatorships, kingdoms, despotates and oligarquies loosely allied to each other to fight against common threats like raiders and invaders like Caesar's Legion and the Midwest invaders. Their "Imperial Army" equivalent are the Texas Rangers, though I'm thinking of taking off the Texas because they've just destroyed a Texan state, they might want not a Texan resurgence inspired by the Rangers' name or something.

    Personally, I think Fallout should't have many Republics or Democratic governments. Hell, Republics and Democracies should't be the main standards of goodness, even, and Dictatorships and Monarchies should't be evil by default. I blame modern post French-revolution brainwashing, Republic and Democracy, or any word based upon them, seems to have become trigger-words to most people. You hear them, BAM, Pavlovian reaction of goodness, justice, etc.

    Reminds me of New Canaan in Van Buren, where a radical Follower wanted to depose Jeremiah Rigdon and impose a democracy on the town. Interesting not only because it shows Democracy is not necessarily good, nor are its adepts. Also, explains why many governments don't like the Followers.

    By the way, hope MMG doesn't get axed.