Why is Fallout 3 so hated?

Discussion in 'Fallout 3 Discussion' started by MrMagic, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Jul 11, 2012
    Crni Vuk

    I have and provided a very brief overview in the prior paragraph.

    A lot of posts containing isometric/cavalier oblique as preferred view, and also preferring TBC vs realtime+vats. Per the writing/dialogue I think most agree it is half-assed at best and retarded at worst. Lacking in world consequence pertaining to your actions has another big post count.

    I lump all of that into style vs substance, cool vs meaningful, Beth Immursion vs story driven locations/quests/NPC's.

    Never said that.

    I agree, why are you trying to convince me of something I already know?
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    Feb 8, 2013
    Can't get away from the FO3 haters.
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    Can't get away from the FO3 lovers, either. :)
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    Mix those two together, and you get a mixed opinionated FO3 player. *Cough cough* This guy. *Cough cough*
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    Ha ha. YUHS!
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    I've posted in the Fallout 4 news thread, my view and explanation of this discourse:

    In the creation of Fallout 1, most of the story of Fallout 2, the Fallout universe and the mechanics of both first two Fallout games Black Isle had these things in mind, as I presume:
    -A deliberate and well constructed amount of pacing. You did not run from place to place completing simple tasks and objectives without any deliberation. You listen, you do things at a certain pace. The combat is the same. It's not fast paced, it's tactical and based on choice.
    -An emphasis on quests, with choice and consequence related to them as well as stats, skills and skill use.
    -A thought out and immersive story. Including villains that stand up to scrutiny.
    -The same deliberation and thought in the art design and world building. There were never androids who were exactly human 'just because'. When a weapon is powerful and fueled by energy it was big, when a computer was intelligent it filled a room. When a faction was set up it was not hauled from the other side of the country because the devs wanted to.
    -When it came to dialogue and story this attitude was shown as well. The tones were either serious or darkly humoristic (or plain jokingly, when it came to some references, easter eggs and plain old jokes, ofcourse)
    -This results in a story where themes are reinforced, characters are built up with the story in mind, and the game plays out using these things, in large part, to it's full effect.

    Bethesda subverted these stances, but it's at the core of the games which is why people get different opinions based on the surface of the games. Because Fallout 3 looks retro futuristic, and it's about shallow suffering and easy heroicism. It's easy to confuse them if you lack the knowledge necessary to identify themes and intentions in design, and the meanings of both. (Pssh, I'm referring to most Fallout 3 fans! But don't tell nobody)

    And none of these things appeared in Skyrim or even it's dlc. Bethesda shows us that it's fine with how they do things, and without a change in leadership things will remain as such. It's not all bad. Not for me. I like Skyrim, and Oblivion. Not in a way in that it results from quality, but personal taste. Nor does it result from technical aspects concerning game design.

    The Bethesda Forums aren't so bad though. There's a seperation between threads like: "What little things did you like in Fallout 3" where people just list: "I like the haunted manshion." without discussion and threads where criticism of Bethesda and deeper discussion is welcome.
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    Fallout3 is hated so much ( I'm one of them) because Bethesda killed the original Fallout. It is nothing like Fallout. The game was all about the money. Yes it was something new, but still... They just took a great franchise name and used the fans to lure them to support Bethesda by buying this product (cash machine). As for a new players it was great because they never played F1,2. Played the F3 but never completed it - got bored in first 3 hours of gameplay.

    Anyway, the creators of Fallout1,2 is coming back :D Black Isle joined Interplay again is on a so called "Project V13" and I truly believe that this will ACTUALLY be the real "Fallout3". Can't wait I put my fingers on this game :))
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    No :lol:
    They aren't real Black isle. They just using name of black isle.
    The real fallout creator is in Inxile or Obsidian not Interplay.
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    Mar 1, 2013
    Hi new member myself here and I too noticed a lot of hate for fo3 both here and on some other fallout related forums and my 2 cents on this (without reading most of what has been said in this thread) is that what the haters don't realize is that if they were to look at the earlier fallout games with the same critical eye, they'd find tons of things which are all of the things that they say fallout 3 sucks for. But ofc since it is not cool to find faults with fallouts 1 and 2 and New Vegas, they wouldn't bother!

    Theres tons of stupid dialogues and things which dont make sense in those games if you look at them the way the haters look at fo3 but at the end of the day, there's enough things to ensure that they are fun isometric turn based combat rpg's and I enjoy them because of those good things. Beth made such and awesome feeling world for the fallout series and I personally love them for it!! Its such a shame that they cant!!
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    Hi new member that joins just to post the same crap.

    The reasons FO3 is depsised is because of an inconsistent setting, inexistent choices and consequences and lack of any real RPG, allowing you to max out everything by the end so you don't really have to choose.

    Those elements FO3 lacks so much in is what makes the Fallout series FALLOUT.

    Also it has terrible combat mechanics. Lacking even Iron Sights of all things. Melee and Unarmed having virtually no support or use.
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    @OP, its made by the wrong guys.
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    When 3 came out I played the hell out of it. When NV was released I played that one damn near daily for almost a year. Last month or so I went back to 3 and the thing about it is it feels to me like reading the rough draft of a script or having a plate of side dishes with no entree'. That being said I kind of like it from an imaginative standpoint, everything isn't handed to me on a silver platter which makes me have to think for myself and make up my own stories and plots which I really love to do. The major letdown though in agreement with the rest of these posts was the main plot. As much as I love to create my own thoughts on different scenarios the water purifier has proven difficult at best to rationalize in any way. In short 3 was a nice rough draft for NV, I personally enjoy both of them and the originals. From my standpoint FO vs FO3 wasn't as horrific as say FFVII vs the attrocities FFXIII and especially FFXIII-2 are to the Final Fantasy franchise.
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    Feb 25, 2013
    Y, I see it now... I missread all of it... I think I was very excided and believed that it could be a real think - so silly of me. Sorry for my ignorance. Playing a lot of fallout2 lately in hope of sequel in a future.
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    I didn't necessarily hate it.

    I thought it was a fairly good game, by itself.

    I thought it was a bad Fallout game though, in terms of writing, story, characters, locations and how your choices have pretty much no impact on the endings. Just like a lot of the other people on NMA.

    I agree with what someone said before a while ago on this thread (Cnr or something?), if there was no Little Lamplight, the integrity of the game would go up a lot. It was a ridiculous location. I mean, how the hell have those kids lasted for 200 years? Surely they have sex with each other to keep their numbers going right?
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    Feb 1, 2013
    I rather enjoyed Fo3 because I enjoy nearly any game. I didn't and don't care for nonsensical things really. Not entirely sure, but one of my favorite and first games I've played was Time Splitters... So I have a thing for silly things in game anyway. Regardless, it's an opinion. They're like assholes. Everyone has them and they stink. blah blah.
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    That's only your opinion dude, my asshole smells of roses :wink:
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    To the OP:

    If you didn't understand then in a way you never would although your later epiphany seemed like things were clicking the right way.

    It all boils down to whether you care about the Fallout name and what it represents or not, its that clear cut.

    People who casually play the game and really don't give that much of a crap about complex writing or choice or consequence or whatever will obviously not see a problem, and will label us as die hard crotchety old folks who whine too much.

    We on the other hand have the opposite view. If those folks can call us whiners then we have every right to call them fucking simpletons who are your usual run of the mill casual gamer who will play call of duty, battlefield, killzone, etc, etc and not notice that its the same fucking shit over and over with slightly different toppings.

    Hollywood/videogame companies just put out more incredibly SHINY products that are simplified so they recieve the lionshare of the market, which is the casual gamer. This in turn encourages them to do more of the same.

    Have you noticed that until recently with Kickstarter, the games that 'we', at NMA want have become closer to extinction than ever before. Thats because we became the minority. Now I don't mind that there are games being made for the mainstream but if that means the small minority get fucked because of it, than I believe my and maybe our anger here is completely justified.
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    The reason I hate 3 not only Fo3 ruined Fallout's world setting, poor game, poor story and idiotically copying content from Fo1,2 and wasteland(I'm surprised beth copied lots of things from it) but also Fo3 worshipper is quite annoying. They don't listen to the bad point of Fo3 and they justify whole Fallout with fo3 which has weak bond with another fallout and says "Fallout 3 revived Fallout so you guys should have respect for Bethesda rather than shitty 2d game makers" or "NV isn't good fallout because there's too little ruins, dungeons." "why people live in normal house despite of post apocalypse" what a stupid.
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    May 7, 2009
    I'm sure that by now at least half of the kids asking that question are trolling - these forums have broken the issue down in so many ways, there's no way you can not understand "what's up with the hate".

    I liked Alesia's post about playing the shit out of FO3 and then playing the shit out of NV and then returning to FO3 and understanding its weaknesses. Two years is a long time, but I guess it is progress none the less 8-)
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    I don't like FO3 for the simple reason that its boring. It is good for exactly one play through. That's it. Any subsequent play throughs end up abandoned on my computer.

    For a game that tries to be an exploration based RPG, that's pretty pitiful.