X-COM Files: No Aliens Allowed - Let's Play

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    As you can see I am really bored but reading this let's play reminds me of how much I loved X-Files back when I was kid and didn't know Chris Carter was just making up shit and tricking people into thinking something big was going on, so I write shit. Even wrote an entire other post but then that last part got posted and I decided to write an entire new one because fucking old ones showed up.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Yeah that is disappointing in retrospect. I stopped watching at Season Eight right near the end. Shapeshifting Nords were just too cheesy.
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    AREÅ 55
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    Mar 28, 2018
    I am pleased to see that I rank over Hass himself, as well as so many others. This may change but I'm thankful that I'm effective so far....
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    Damn I forget Per was a member here. I just knew about him for his guides on his website.

    Damn good stuff Toronto. You're updating so much I'm usually two posts behind when I get back to check. Good work man.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Not for long! I think he should at least outrank Throatpunch for fucks sake.
    I try to update twice when I do update. Now I am totally caught up on pics so it will slow down.

    Thanks everyone for your support!
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    Apr 1, 2005


    It's the 7th of August and all is well. Giant Red Wasps roam the backwoods of Oklahoma terrorizing locals with a passion. Business as usual.

    Yet another hangar for Area 55. Area 55 is like the bootleg Super 8 cam version of Area 51 and it's Blu-Ray alien tech. We have hangars filled with rental vans, a track vehicle that runs out of gas when it reaches the next state, and a bunch of sentient two seater sport cars.

    She is filling out nice. Not sure how this layout will survive when aliens invade. I can always do some September 11th Pentagon renovations.

    Another one of those sentient cars I was talking about. They have little computers inside them and everything. Plus AC and power seating.

    I'm not sure but I think people might be the real threat here.

    Pfftt. Plus it is a flyover state. They probably have a lot of stars and shit you can see when you go outside at night. Lame.

    Anyway let us now go attempt to stop the cultists from making more meth.

    Rose is unarmored because the Godhead is a tightwad.

    Roshambo: This grenade launcher better payoff.

    Hassknecht: Don't worry. We got your back.

    Odin: My White Fro is detecting danger. We are here.

    Just another American woodland.

    With masked men roaming the premises.

    Got a light?

    Hassknecht itching for that promotion lets her rip.

    Gun control.

    Odin's White Fro of Destiny detects another bad guy.

    It does not help his aiming though.

    Not at all.

    After unloading most of his clip Odin gets a kill.

    Hassknecht wastes the other guy before ending his turn.

    With another attacker moving in Hassknecht and Rose need to take cover.

    As shown by this flying arrow that was shot their way.

    A lone gunman is shot in the back by one of our crew.

    Apparently Odin needed to finish off that clip.

    Hoping to capture one of the men alive Odin takes a risky gamble.

    Bad guy is sound asleep now.

    Problem is his friends in the bushes.

    Roshambo launches a grenade to provide a little support.

    Too bad it was not one of the incendiary rounds.

    Roshambo takes a bullet in the scrape from far away while one of the attackers shifts positions.

    Too bad dogs aren't talented enough to bandage, but Rose was hit too, so she gets the bandage instead.

    They did not however design a dog diagram.

    Odin is getting shot at. The White Glow gives him away.

    Hassknecht, taking fire from both sides, is hit. Hassknecht takes at least one bullet wound per mission as a ritual.

    A failed grenade attack can be seen as more masked fuckwads approach. It's looking hairy.

    The dreaded bullet in the dark.

    Odin is hit bad. The bleeding can't be stopped alone.

    You can see Roshambo provided to provide some light/fire but it did little to help.

    Hassknecht: We got to get you out of here!

    Odin: What about the guy we knocked out?

    Hassknecht: I stopped the bleeding...I don't know if we can extract the guy. Roshambo keeps lobbing grenades that aren't helping. RETREAT!

    Taking bullets to the back as they go the group runs like hell to the van as they exit the map.

    With a good rating to boot! Mission Success. Protip: Just going in the mission, killing or capturing a guy, and then leaving will leave you with a better Council Score than ignoring the alert. It's the difference between -150 or -50.


    Meanwhile Corona R&D has finished a building.

    A Strange Life Form has been detected.

    So Jesse Ventura has been sent in with a Minigun that he cannot properly wield.

    Along with John Mclain since he knows how to get the job done.

    Additionally some guy named Bruce Lee. Not the actual Bruce Lee but a guy that did fake Bruce Lee movies until he decided to spend his life fighting aliens when he was recruited due to his great Kung Fu moves.

    Don't forget trusty Squat.

    Jesse: Clear this way.

    John: I see it! Looks like one of those zombies.

    John: Yeah it's a zombie alright.

    John fires off a few rounds.

    Apparently someone was out here hiking or something. These civilians tend to run right toward the enemy.

    John fires off more rounds.

    I think that is a bullet entering the zombies anus.

    Someone else fires overhead.

    The zombie now has it's sights on this poor retarded civilian that can't outrun a simple zombie.

    This guy has the right idea. Go in the opposite direction of gun fire.

    Suddenly the instinct kicks in.

    Squat rushed in to save the day. Nobody eats mentally ill people on my watch.

    Retard: Thank you kind sir!

    Squat: RUFF!

    Two civilians were saved today. It really puts it all in perspective. This is what it is all about. Better go kidnap some more farmers.

    At least that is what Dope Cleric thinks is in store for him when he is told to investigate a farm plagued by strange occurrences.

    He takes his Rabbi in case any Demons pop up.

    Dope: Keep a nose out!

    Rabbi: *grrrr*

    Dope: Over there?

    Dope: Oh shit.

    A strange occurrence.

    Prepare to fire!


    The explosion does major damage to the shapeshifting wolf monster. The Where Wulf?

    Foreskin is just waiting for this asshole to move forward.

    It lurches forward right into the trap.

    Rabbi Foreskin says a prayer in Dog language. Doggish?

    Now moving closer the dog prays more loudly.

    Then Rabbi Foreskin really lets the Where Wulf have it.

    A truly deep philosophical comment from the text box. I mean aliens are clearly here.

    Dope whacks the Where Wulf a couple times with the electric prod until it passes out.

    Apparently the dog helped by using his sharp protrusions sticking from it's mouth.

    Another successful mission on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Meanwhile on the opposite side of the globe Miroslav took the dogs on a hunting trip with mixed results.

    One of our Top Dogs was killed. Slim Jim. By legions of scorpions. Thank God it wasn't Squat. The bitches would be upset.

    You can see the wounded are numerous.

    But Corona R&D is coming together at last.

    They will even have a much needed hangar in a few turns. The R&D cover will continue to hold as long as the men keep spreading disease at the wet market. That is all for now. See ya soon!
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    Aug 19, 2008
    5th Meth Lab explosion this month. authorities baffled.
    Local park rangers and law enforcement said that the recent forest fire off of route 12 was yet another meth lab explosion. the 5th one in as many months. reported sightings of lights and strange happenings in the area are said to be unrelated.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Somewhat reminds me of this.

    Still the best videogame pack in of all time.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Ah, a person of my own heart.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    You are Blue too?
  12. TheGM

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    Aug 19, 2008

    Am I Blue too. . . Happiness runs through this body like a river. All rivers lead to Blue because Blue is the way. I AM BLUE.
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    Nov 3, 2007
    This guy looks blue.

  14. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005


    Your appointment to REDACTED should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the REDACTED...No the mole has not learned much yet...
    Yes they were so willing it was almost pathetic. Nobody will ever suspect...what do you mean this line is no longer secure? Hello?

    As August begins to turn into September we await a possible alien invasion. In the meantime Chunglord and Throatpunch are off on a mission.

    Chunglord: Did you get word from REDACTED?

    Throatpunch: We got the green light. You know the cover.

    Chunglord: Of course. He was coming right for us.

    Throatpunch: Shit he must have gotten word! Don't let him get away.

    Throatpunch: Fuck it. I got this.

    Throatpunch and Chunglord murder the cultist instead of bringing him in for interrogation.

    Chunglord: Haha. They are going to be so pissed.

    Just another research update.

    Apparently this is one of the guys we captured. Krazy Hassan. I knew a crazy Hassan once.

    These Osiron chaps are getting exposed for the trash they are.

    Dirty dopers.

    Meanwhile there is a crazy mass shooter on the loose in SLC.

    I thought the Mormons were a peaceful people.

    Let God sort them out.

    SQUADRANGER is a state of the art tank filled with dog soldiers so never take it lightly.

    See what I mean? No Humans Allowed.

    Ok a few humans.

    It's great to see tanks tearing up the streets of America like this.

    Dogs on the move as Agent A fiddles with his/her RPG.

    Toront decided to lead this noob mission to make sure it got done right. By done right that means forgetting ammo for his pistol.

    Risewild also forgot ammo for his pistol. Either that or the wombat stole it.

    Turn 1 ends with no bad guy in sight...yet.

    Gun shots.

    This man can be seen hiding in the shadows hoping the mass shooter does not pepper his flesh with buckshot.

    Alphons pops out to scout the area coming upon a Priest who is running his ass off.

    Is this wildman the shooter?

    Toront climbs up the hatch to investigate from a better angle.

    These two are going around the other side to see who is shooting off in the foggy area.

    Agent A really wants to blow something up.

    That guy looks suspicious.

    I see. These guys are from the third game in case you didn't figure that out.

    This guy is just a pedophile.

    Risewild: Good thing I brought this other pistol.

    Toront: I'm going to speak to the Godhead about buying us more bullets. It might help us to be more...alive.

    Toront and Risewild commence firing upon the Pokeylips Cultist.

    The dogs take fire.

    Poor Scrappy.

    He is near death. The least favorite Scooby character.

    Aurelius has a medic bag thankfully.

    So the bleeding can be stopped.

    Scrappy moves to the rear guard to avoid further gun shot wounds.

    Ranger Boo is eyeballing the female with the tazer but she is not the threat.

    You can tell because it says civilian over her head.

    Eissa attempts to find cover before her turn ends but it's not that great.

    Someone is about to get...dog piled.

    The Priest says a prayer.

    Then the Doctor comes over to say hello.

    Eissa takes a little damage from the whacko.

    But he is clearly outnumbered.

    And dead.

    18 civilians saved.

    Medals handled out like candy.

    These flare guns are going to come in real handy in the future. Yes sir.

    Concealable weapons are good for undercover missions.

    On the 22nd of August a Strange Life Form is detected. It's in India which is one of Dope Cleric's favorite places so he decides to pay it a visit.

    KITT: Dope Cleric, a lone crusader in a dangerous world. The world of...X-COM!

    Dope Cleric: I like the sound of that.

    Dope has a grenade launcher because they are a fun fire and forget weapon.

    The dog needs no explanation.

    It's a zombie map. Much better than a scorpion map all things considered.

    Here is a picture of zombie so you know what one looks like.

    Here is what they look like when hit with a grenade launcher.

    Dope breaks out the small arms as the zombie pack keeps on coming.

    The good rabbi warns of incoming walkers.

    One of the locals is also intent on getting eaten.

    Dogs like the taste of rotting flesh.

    Good thing that civilian tried to help.

    The Dope Cleric already has his sights on the next walker.

    Along with his recently reloaded Grenade Launcher.


    At least one of the zombies is on fire this time.

    A face only a dead mother could love.

    You can see this zombie is panicked at this point.

    The burning corpse is trying to make the civilian into a burning corpse.

    But the Jewish Priest Dog saves they day.

    Mission Complete! Or is it?

    It's not. There are more coming.

    More small arms fire from 200 meters away.

    They are still coming.

    The Rabbi stops the Fat Zombie in it's tracks.

    Then the Good Dog finishes the fat bastard off with a good disembowelment.

    The last zombie is right on Cleric now. Out of ammo and hoping for a capture he breaks out the club.

    Alright, alright!

    With Corona R&D becoming Corona Heaven a new dawn is approaching.

    The dawn of poorly equipped secondary base characters.

    They get a van.

    Basic equipment.

    They do get the new armor with the backpack though.

    You must have been thinking of some other Big Boss.

    Machinegun Kid doesn't quite have the machinegun yet.

    Grey Fox is a black woman due to Hollywood recasting.

    D-DOG is a regular dog instead of a wolf. Also he is gay.

    Two lonely guards standing watch over the blue spinning ball of alien Pit Stop bait.

    Finally we decide to research something I thought would not be of much interest and it unlocks something interesting of course.

    Of course the Japanese are ahead of the curve.

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  15. The Dopamine Cleric

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    Nov 3, 2007
    Wow, wasn't expecting that much action this time around.

    Aurelius and Scrappy are now bonded level 2. Good for them.

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    Apr 1, 2005

    Somewhere near New Orleans. Trouble is brewing yet again. This time it's not a meth lab. It's a monster.

    Business as usual in the monster hunting field. Is it a zombie? Did it look like a giant bug? Who knows?

    Millim and Jesse Ventura don't talk much, but they get the job done.

    Leroy is fearless, but it will be his undoing.

    Not the target.

    This is more like it.

    Dog moves in for the kill.

    Dispatched. Can't risk it killing civilians after all.

    Job well done!

    Things are getting back on track. More and more research is coming in.

    Yet another faction. They like to use ninja weapons. You can guess where they hang out.

    Trouble in paradise.

    Important research for more unlocks.

    These might be useful. X-COM Files rocks.

    Land Surveys usually turn up monster corpses which are always handy. I might have said this before, but I won't say it again.

    Here is one now.

    It's not a monster but it is still valuable. Meanwhile...


    He knows too much. I want him eliminated. A suicide mission. See to it personally.


    Throatpunch is sent with three dogs on a high risk mission.

    The bad guys are armed with better weaponry.

    They open fire immediately.

    The best early 90's graphics can produce.

    This guy opens a nice hole to enter through.

    Dakota makes sure to give him a nice thank you.

    Then pisses on his corpse.

    Lucy spots a lookout.

    Throatpunch is looking to make use of his H&K.

    But he is taking heavy fire on all sides. He did not expect the compound to be this well secure. He expected something like what Chunglord and him did.

    Throatpunch: Shit!

    One of the baddies moves for the window.

    Throatpunch: A fucking...setup.

    While Throatpunch bleeds out near the van one of the dogs is doing God's work.

    Lucy is busy dodging bullets most of the mission.

    Lord moves in to spread the Gospel.

    This guy won't be coming back to life in 3 days.

    The Lord comes and he goes.

    Lucy is taking fire while another dog moves in to cut the asshole off.

    Will he make it in time?

    Damn right.

    One dog was lost in the scrap though.

    The dogs manage to finish off yet another terrorist.

    Before scampering back to the van...and apparently driving it back to X-COM base themselves.

    Maybe the dogs were in on it. I've never seen a dog that can drive a van that well. At any rate with Throatpunch dead Chunglord is the only know troll left at X-COM. Area 55 is running pretty smoothly. We are losing dogs on the regular but bitches are always looking to hump.

    Speaking of bitches. These bitches don't know what is coming for them but it's not good.

    Squat eager as always gets a clean kill.

    Triggering a nice uzi spray from this camper to the south.

    Per throws a flashbang to stun one of the bad guys that is in the open.

    This guy has a clear advantage if he chooses to fire.

    AP dodging a bullet.

    Many doors can be heard opening and closing followed by all of the masked men coming out.

    Squat now injured from stray bullets is taking shelter.

    Per attempts to even the odds a bit.

    Squat attempts to make himself useful despite his injury.

    Not for long. RIP Squat. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. Maybe I should look into more armor.

    The men are handling targets of their own.

    It's a massacre.

    The men do their best despite taking casualties.

    But these guys have serious range.

    AP is injured.

    Per does his handy work. He even knows how to refuel the car.

    These guys never had a chance in the open.

    Just like target practice. The other dog must have been killed in the onslaught. It's body is hidden somewhere.

    Not bad. I do miss Squat.

    China is just getting started in their early terrorist/farmer capturing career.

    When a mission comes through in their neck of the woods they take Ocelot V (rental van) to the destination ready for some XP points. Or some body bags.

    Metal Gear currently has no bullets but it does make smoke.

    All Big Boss dialog should be said in as stereotypical a Chinese accent as possible.

    Big Boss: Spread out!

    Before they even get a chance a sniper opens fire. They knew X-COM was coming. But how do they keep staying one step ahead?

    Thankfully these rental vans are bulletproof. Only in America.

    Return fire.

    D-Dog moves forward hoping to find some up close dog work.

    Metal Gear is getting it's bearings. It will be mostly used as a scout...for now.

    The team moves under heavy fire.

    D-Dog takes a hit.

    Master Miller: We have you surrounded. Throw down your weapons and come out with your hands up!

    Master Miller: That went easier than I thought it would.

    Due to not having a prison yet Corona Heaven transferred the prisoner to Area 55.

    Red Dawn Gangers really took the movie to heart.

    This is the mission where D-Dog lost his eye.

    Ashamed of relying on Area 55 for help Corona Heaven works on a Prison.

    Farmers beware!

    These are heavily REDACTED files found on the Red Dawn Gangers computer. Obviously up to no good.

    September came and went with no UFO in sight. Will we ever manage to track one of the things down before it gets away?

    Metal Gear is analyzing some Crop Circle goo somewhere in China.

    This guy needs to be brought in. He knows too much. Or he might be a Christian. Can't have that around here.

    The most appropriate thing to do is to flashbang the suspect...

    Catch fire to his crops...

    And taze them until they submit...

    One sleeping farmer for delivery.

    With a little bit of Alien Fuel as a bonus.

    Yeah, yeah.

    Meet the new recruit at Corona Heaven.

    Area 55 is doing the research that Corona was going to do ironically enough.

    Soon the research for holding live aliens will advance enough to where we are more than ready for them to land.

    These Red Dawn people are really pissing off the Council.

    Better look into it.

    This new Intelligence Center should help to interrogate more efficiently.

    Make it so!

    X-COM starts selling off anything they can find for spar cash. Then the giant spiders came.

    Union Jack is a new recruit at Corona Heaven. Little did he know this was the Klendathu Drop.

    Giant spider things lurk in the shadows. They aren't spiders strictly speaking but they are very scary and arachnid-like.

    There are other breeds.

    All of them move fast as hell.

    One of the blue hard to kill ones.

    Union Jack lights one of the spiders up right off the bat. Any game where you can burn everything is alright by me.

    A civilians dog is running around trying to bite the spiders. Good luck buddy! X-COM squad shoots at the approaching spiders wildly.

    Overwatch kills one of the approaching spiders but will it be enough?

    One spider caught on fire runs madly towards Big Boss with it's partner tagging along for support.

    Big Boss can't get in the van in time to abort. He is eaten by two giant spiders as the remaining squad runs.

    All in all a failure. Under equipped for such aggressive enemies.

    The leader of Corona Heaven is dead.

    Here is a list of the dead. Some died off screen in unimpressive battles of no import. Sad.

    The Chupacabre research revealed they are clearly alien in origin along with some new drug that was discovered.

    Finally Corona Heaven can start imprisoning all the Christians left in China. Tune in next time as the B Team assaults a Cruise Liner run by Osiron Terrorists! It looks to be a bloody one!
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  17. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005

    I will likely be using this level of zoom for future updates just for my own sanity. It was getting really hard to tell who was where. I thought there was a setting but I didn't want to change the view due to it not being old school enough but I am pretty sure if they could have gotten higher resolution they would have.

    Keep in mind I need to use up the current resolution pics first so it will take a little bit for the changes to take effect. At least a few updates.
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  18. TheOtherManInTheRoom

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    Mar 28, 2018
    I have not featured in a while, so I scanned nervously to see if I was one of the dead.... but I continue to serve..... for now.

    (Don't want to sound like a broken record, but am very much enjoying this.)
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    Apr 1, 2005
    You are still alive to this day. So far. I recently lost a Commisar. Whoever could it be?

    Yeah. Some of these guys need some training. They can barely carry the decent weapons. The unlocks in this mod really keep you busy. Truth be told I didn't play base X-COM much so I don't know how it progressed past the beginning...but I do read a lot. I just want to capture a fucking UFO! This mod makes that shit really take forever. They want you to really work for it I guess.

    I unlocked those X-COM jumpsuits but they are ugly.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    CHAPTER 10

    October 15th, 1997. A special mission comes in. Not for the troops at Area 55 but for the noobs at Corona Heaven. The mission is in the Pacific and it's time sensitive. There is no time to send in the elite from halfway around the globe.

    Osiron have acquired themselves a Cruise liner. We better go investigate.

    These guys are green as baby shit. At least they have a mini Metal Gear. It won't be coming this time though.

    The ship should be easy to board with speeder boat. At least that is what the Iranians use.

    The OCELOT V is ready.

    Posing as a cruise liner but secretly transporting drugs and weapons and God knows what else. That sounds like a good idea actually. Sounds familiar for some reason...

    The squad sneaks on board without being detected. They make way for the interior since the outside of the ship is heavily guarded by snipers.

    D-DOG leads the way through the door with a fearlessness that puts grown men to shame.

    Down the hall one of the Osiron thugs is hanging out. You can see him reading a copy of Dianetics.

    Master Miller and Machinegun Kid move in with Grey Fox pulling rear.

    Miller gets his pistol ready. First he sizes up the enemy. These percentage points rarely mean a thing. When 0% hits you know numbers are a lie.

    That is a dangerous toy.

    He takes fire during overwatch and bleeds out but his friend is still in range. I'm sure there are only three people piloting this big ship.

    D-DOG moves in to finish him off. It's a dangerous job this "moving in" thing.

    Deceased. D-DOG moves to the best cover he can find. Behind a wall I think.

    Another Osiron asshole moves out of the shadows as Machinegun gets ready to fire.

    He gets a clean hit (or two) but it does not take the thug out.

    Plus he has backup.

    D-DOG is struggling to take cover as the others provide cover fire.

    The halls are filled with dead as more people come in.

    D-DOG knowing this is his only chance to get close enough to do some damage, comes out to face the mob. He has a job to do and it can't be spent behind doors.

    The Osiron lackey begins to run away when a thunk noise can be heard...


    Miller is getting nervous after seeing D-DOG get blown to bits.


    Another one down.

    But the grenade launcher guy is in the very back.

    As good a time as any to check the map.

    Machinegun is scoping out more bad guys that came down the stairs.

    Of course being a noob fuck he missed.

    Grey Fox takes aim with the flare gun to cause a little panic. You will see me use the flare gun quite a bit if I have not said that yet. You will hear me repeat myself quite a bit. If I haven't done that yet. Hehe.

    Fire will help block that hallway off as the squad goes further north.

    Doors open and close all over the ship. One guy walks into view.

    One guard is dispatched with the taser gun.

    After using another flare to light the hall...

    The soldiers overwatch the patrolling Osiron. Overwatch is the number one cause of most cultists in the world today.

    Leaving the lower deck (mostly) clear.

    Master takes the elevator up only to be greeted by men in elevated firing positions.

    Miller takes him out!

    The three regroup and attack another.

    Taking him down without a fight as well.

    Goons are all over the upper decks. Grey Fox starts taking fire.

    Fire is returned with little effect.

    Or so we thought.

    This Goon dropped his gun.

    But he isn't too scared. He picks it right up the next turn.

    The squad run back into the room since the outside is too exposed, but the interior is just a killbox with a basement of kill tunnels. This is not ideal.

    They are now taking heavy fire from a position they did not anticipate. Fuck these old "click to look up" buttons.

    Miller is taking heavy damage.

    He debates healing, firing, or hiding. He decides on hiding.

    Machinegun attempts to handle some asshole that keeps popping up from below deck to fire hot lead.

    The guy is hit and bleeding.

    Miller is bleeding out while the last two healthy soldiers fight it out.

    Miller and Machinegun die at the same time. It happens so fast I only have time to take the one screenshot.

    Grey Fox valiantly fights off the last horde of Osiron thugs...

    For one turn before dying. The entire team is wiped out. Grey Fox can be seen taking a shot to the head in the pic above.

    What a waste.

    With a little over $600,000 in the bank X-COM is skating on thin ice.

    This Gilldog autopsy is doing little to quiet the murmurs of X-COM failure. The Council wants results. -41 isn't results. It's...failure!
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