Fallout 2 Lore is garbage too...

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    Nov 7, 2015
    Thankfully I'm an expert on the subject. You see, in most of history, people didn't watched porn with a computer with internet access, and it go without having me to point out that your average wastelander don't have that, and even if he had one, he would found a better use.

    I think, and deeply believe that porn would be published and distributed through two medium. Seeing how the Mordino have an drug plant that can feed all NCR and beyond need in jet, and how the big casino are lit with electrical light, it is reasonable to believe that they have a print somewhere to print all sort of dirty and naughty books and mags, like in the past glory of eroticism before the advent of internet, you can also find some of the previously mentioned sexually suggestive books ingame.

    The second is my favorite. Theater, yeah, good old theater with projection, strip show, magic spectacle, comic show and all the entertainment for a city of excess, drug, gamble, exceptional spectacle, sex, tourism and debauchery. Unfortunately, you don't see them, so I'm pulling it out of my ass, but it would had been a nice touch. Imagine a place filled with whores screaming like a banshee, dealers, raving mad jet addict, tired bum jerking off, copulating animals, the foul odor of bodily fluids, all in a place where you can watch the last post-apocalyptic blockbuster with all your family in New Reno.

    Mags, and theater are the responses to all your questions, stop thinking and go mod for me a new location for the Biggest Little City of the World.
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    Aug 17, 2015
    We have a prof. here who knows his shit.
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    Jul 8, 2014
    The Enclave did nothing wrong.
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    Jun 25, 2014
    So? Do you honestly expect him to dig up threads from around 1998? It might have been a major point once, but does that really matter? At least he is not being smug and arrogant about it, he is just simply pointing out that Fallout 2 has some serious problems, both in its lore and humor (albeit using only easter eggs to support his argument); so I do not understand why you feel the urge to treat him like an oblivious twat over a topic that has been beaten to death.
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    Nov 26, 2007
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    If you hadn't noticed, I've only been around for 3 years. I'd never been on NMA before that, and yet I'm still aware of all of that. I don't expect him to dig up a thread from 1998, but doing a bit of reading before posting shouldn't be out of the question.
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    Nov 26, 2007
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    You might not realize this, but not everyone has the time to search and read threads from 18 years ago. And even if they did, it is not as though all of their concerns would be solved just by reading a couple of old threads. I honestly do not see the issue with bringing old subjects like this to light once in a while.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    Just something I've noticed from replaying Fallout 2:

    Why do the NCR think that Vault 13 is a myth?

    Like, the statue of the plaque on the statue of the Vault Dweller reads "To the Stranger and Vault 13: What doesn't exist, we must sometimes dream and let our dreams inspire us to greater heights. So it was with the Stranger and his belief in the legend of Vault 13."

    So, why exactly do the NCR believe the Vault Dweller made up Vault 13?, I mean, presumably, they know of the existence of other Vault's, given that the Vault-Tec holodisk in Fallout 1 states there are several vaults in California, and that obviously since there's a Vault 15, there must be other numbered Vaults. They are even outright aware of the existence of Vault City, implying there's more than just Vault 15.

    So, when a stranger comes along and says he's from Vault 13, what possible grounds do they have to doubt that?, They have every reason to believe there are other Vaults, and this guy is outright claiming to be from one of them, yet somehow that translated to "This guy is from a mythical location, which we have somehow decided doesn't actually exist"

    Not only that, but Vault 13 HAS actively been open for a while before the Enclave attacked. There was a rebellion against the Overseer, which lead to several Vault 13 residents getting out, and them openly trading with The Brotherhood to have a voice activated computer replace the Overseer's Podium.

    So Vault 13, has outright been trading with the outside world, but still it somehow doesn't exist.

    Also, if Vault 13 is aware of everything happening on the outside world(The Shrinekeeper in Vault 13 was aware of the statue of the Vault Dweller in the NCR), why is getting an all-clear signal a big deal? They can literally go out and verify how habitable the outside world is themselves, they've actively been visiting the outside world, yet when the Enclave send the all-clear signal, suddenly it's a huge cause for celebration, and they need to learn how to put goggles on, for something they can already go out and test themselves.
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  10. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    of all Fallouts, i think this one is the stupidest.

    My second favorite, however.
  11. Atomkilla

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    Dec 26, 2010

    Fallout 2 is quite irredeemably and supremely idiotic at many places, but how the hell do you think it dumber than FO3/4?
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  12. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    Another user already made a more than perfect summary of what I think about Fo2

    the seed of the plot, which is the search for fresh water in Fallout 3 and synthetic life in Fallout 4, I think it's ok.

    Too bad that Emil is the worst writer in the world, otherwise there might have been something decent.
  13. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    The plot of FO3, is a shameless mish-mash of the plots from Fallout and Fallout 2.

    And have you forgotten... FO3 has toilet drinking—even inside Vault 101.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    You forgot it was also a mish-mash of Fallout Brotherhood of Steel. Look at the BoS in both FO3 and FOBOS and they are pretty much the same. A rogue sect (abandoned the BoS code) that is helping people by eradicating all the super mutants they find.

    One thing that seems to be misunderstood in that quote about Fallout 2 plot is that... The only resources that were "ending" was fossil fuels... And the USA had the last remaining deposits of those left in the world (anchorage oil). So I don't think building the vaults would use much of it.

    And the point of the Vaults was to test subjects for the real objective of the Enclave: Colonize another planet/go to space, since they considered earth wasn't worth the effort anymore.

    So to me it makes sense that since you're going to leave the planet, that you would use some of the last fossil fuels to build the vaults so you know how to prepare for prolonged space travel. IIRC the spaceship was also built by the time the bombs fell. So all it was needed was the results of the vault experiments. So the Enclave was pretty much ready to complete their plan. But then the bombs really fell and spoiled that.

    I think it is quite believable that the powerful shadow USA government organization had put plans in motion to leave the planet once global matters got too chaotic and the fuel resources were running out, but got their plans foiled by the apocalypse. More believable than a wasteland that needs clean water after 200+ years (which would be fresh already, since most radioactive isotopes have a half life of around 50 years), if the water problem was so bad, no human would be alive in the Capital Wasteland anyway.

    Fallout 4's main plot is the biggest issue in my opinion. The whole idea of a secret highly advanced settlement of inbred scientists using infinite resources building a huge network of underground labs and synthetic humans just to enslave them and make a few more stupid experiments or some shit like that is completely ridiculous. :razz:
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  15. The Dutch Ghost

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    Indeed, other than that androids were one of the big "robots-in-the-future" idea in the 50s and using that as a new threat, and a weak one at that, the Institute was basically Enclave 2.0, but more focused on science instead of genocide and American exceptionalism (if you are pure human that is) which was basically the plot from Fallout 3 which was copied from Fallout 2.

    Fallout 4 added nothing to the lore of the Fallout universe, what exactly happened in the commonwealth that would change the former United States or the East Coast for decades to come?

    If the Institute wins they continue with expanding their underground utopia while sending androids to the surface to replace people for some reasons, and coursers to track down runaway androids which have to be returned for yet another reason.

    If the Brotherhood takes over they claim ownership of the commonwealth and extort its inhabitants for supplies and any tech they may have in return for protection against raiders and mutants.
    As they have not even been able to pacify their own home territory; the Capital Wasteland they will probably fail here as well.

    If the minutemen win they will protect settlements but it will not lead to anything of significance because they don't seem to be much about uniting settlements to give rise to some kind of state government. And as they were almost once completely wiped out who says it could not happen again and this time there would not be some convenient outsider to help rebuild the organization.

    If the railroad wins they will continue to help almost completely human like androids to escape, but with the Institute gone what is the point as there will be no new coursers to track them down and return them, let alone new androids that seek to escape the Institute.
    With the Institute gone they have basically accomplished their goal. All that is left for them to do is perhaps help androids integrate into the commonwealth.

    So what of significance to the Fallout universe happened here?

    Edit: okay we were talking in this topic about Fallout 2's lore which I admit has quite parts that could have been done better and with less pop culture references. But Fallout 3 and 4 basically flanderized the Fallout universe with what Emil took from Fallout 2.
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  16. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    my problem with the Institute is that they create their synthetics there to improve the quality of human life ..... but they never say how. The program Kellog was submitted to and canceled by Father, that did make sense.

    And we're going to have to agree to disagree on the Enclave. To me, it is one of the worst factions of this universe, and nothing convinces me the contrary that people only like them because of the cool armors and laser weapons and that awesome symbol.
  17. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    But no one likes the Enclave. I really don't know anyone who played the classic games that likes the Enclave. :postviper:

    Also, the Enclave in Fallout 3 is way more dumb and nonsensical.
  18. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    I've never played FOBOS, or FO4. The most I know about either, is from the game trailers.

    I liked the Enclave; though I must admit to never encountering them in FO3.
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    Even though it isn't terribly original, I liked the idea of Enclave. That being said, the execution is lackluster. And Frank Horrigan is one of the dumbest end bosses I've ever seen.