Fallout Officially is Bethesda/Dead

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    It was sad (in a way) that WL2 was so utterly unlike WL1—but with a slight re-skin could pass for a FO:Tactics 2

    Mock FO3 screenshot. Santa's Sleigh seen from behind; past the sniper rifle. Caption is 'Escort Mission Ho—ho,ho'
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    Not to mention a ton of conversion mods for original games.
    There's plenty for fans of the genre. A huge number of indie titles that can satisfy the need. People just need to stop constantly bitching and try other things.

    Yes, Fallout is dead. Bethesda's take on the series has nothing to do with the originals.
    Yes, that particular itch of new BIS Fallout will never be scratched, but it's not the end of the world, there are good games to play and stuff to do.

    Just let go and begin again.
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    Oct 15, 2015
    I think the "Fallout is dead" Narrative is greatly lessened thanks to the works of Fallout fans. Besides the mountain of mods for the originals, and new games, the fan-games have a great deal of heart and merit that shouldn't be overlooked. And they are always trying to fix the holes left that the "Official" games leave in wake of wanting a truly authentic RPG experience.

    Fallout is only dead if you think it exclusively depends on what Bethesda Game Studios puts out with the 'Fallout' name on it.

    They might own the franchise legally, but indisputably the fans have done more for it and it's universe and worked more on it with more true, heartfelt passion than BGS ever has. Fallout Nevada, Sonora, Mutants Rising, FOnline, Project Brazil, Miami, Cascadia, Frontier, FO4NV, FO4CW, NV Bounties, so many more than that as well, there's more than a mountain of content.
    Some of it may not have the official seal of quality you would want to see from BIS or Obsidian but it's significant all the same. These fan-games and conversions are sometimes even at the scale of a fully fledged Fallout game. As well as the fully licensed indie games mentioned before. I think for that reason, the spirit of the original Fallout very, very much lives on.

    Just don't expect it from "The Man".
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    It was, yeah. The silver lining, though, was that it was a somewhat competent game even if not as good as it could've been.
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    Apr 1, 2005
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    Aug 28, 2017

    Somebody just put it out of its misery. Please, just get it over with.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Not only will it not be put out of its misery. It will be around and kicking by the time I am dead and gone.
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    Mar 29, 2016
    Looks like what he want is to have more story to be told before humanity truly rebuild, while Tim Cain have some strange idea...
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    Apr 1, 2005

    Read up on some history fellas. I have never seen this mentioned:

    In the BIS feedback forum Doomsayer/Visceris asked why should we be hoping for the success of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steal for the X-Box and PS2 systems, he got this answers , first from Damien "Puuk" Foletto:
    Gosh, I don't know, maybe so we can have the funds to finish Van Buren? God you're thick, Vis. I like you, Vis, but sometimes even you can wear on my nerves with your narrow, short-sightedness. Let's cancel FOBOS, now. And when IPLY folds because we have no revenue from shipped products, I'll remember your beautiful words of wisdom when I'm getting my unemployment checks and take solace in the fact that the people at IPLY
    maintained artistic integrity (which, of course, is subjective).

    J.E. Sawyer added this:
    What's even better is that this is essentially the scenario:

    1) BoS is in the final stages of testing. It's effectively done. It will get released.

    2) If BoS does well, that makes the likelihood of a future PC RPG Fallout title better, and gives it more resources.

    3) If BoS does poorly, that makes the likelihood of a future PC RPG Fallout title worse, and takes resources away from it.

    Basically, BoS doing poorly basically insures that what Doomsayer doesn't want to happen will actually come to pass. Sound thinking!


    Dark Underlord from Codex had this to say about that sentiment here at NMA:

    Hi everyone! I just want to say that I'm making the greatest computer game EVER!!! You'll all like it and want to buy it. Unfortunately, I'm not a multi-millionaire so I can't afford to make it. So, to show your support for me, I'm selling my faeces in little plastic bags. THAT'S RIGHT!! If you buy my shit, you'll be helping me make the GREATEST COMPUTER GAME EVER!

    Every time I do a dump, I fish it out of the toilet and stick it in a little plastic bag parcel, ready for you! Just buy my shit and help support me! For those of you who are thinking "Ewww, I don't want your shit" I say, why not? It's *exactly* the kind of logic that Interplay are using to sell their latest title Fallout: Piece of Shit. So come on! BUY MY SHIT NOW!!

    Little Bag of Delight: $20
    I've Got The Runs: $40
    Big Bag of Joy: $80
    I Spent Three Hours on the Toilet Making This Special Package (Collector's Edition): $200

    >Click here to purchase<



    We've been over this logic before. If FOBOS sells well, guess what we get? FOBOS 2. Rumour has it that FOBOS 2 is already in pre-production now. Interplay didn't get a clue when Tactics went bad. They still haven't got a clue, as evident by "turn based AND real time combat" plus "multiplayer". More importantly, they WON'T get the clue when FOBOS tanks.

    Goodbye Interplay, remember to turn off the lights on your way out.

    EDIT: removed the "purchase link". Sorry, but I like to keep the forums clean of goatse or tubgirl links -Kharn
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    Jul 9, 2014
    They heard you. Apparently all new beth-games now NEED the beth-launcher and wont appear on steam. 30% more money for beth to spend on kwalitti kantent such as TES VI trailers where the fans will figure out the hints about the new game themselves (thanks to whoever linked itsagundam's yt-channel here, had a damn good laugh).

    I'd ask why the hell they need a new launcher for themselves, specially since the current one seems to redirect you to their site for everything you do, but I think I hear creation club knocking on the door.

    PS: An old "it just works"-moment regarding the launcher: https://www.reddit.com/r/QuakeChampions/comments/6awuwo/whats_the_point_of_the_bethesda_launcher/
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    I had completely forgotten that Foletto wrote that, but I was just new on the forum when that was posted.
    Back then the forum was still hyped for Van Buren though though some some members felt that it broke with the first Fallout because of some of the rumors such as the Fallout setting actually having spacecraft and space stations! (apparently that would not fit) with the "no transistor" Fallout retro future setting)

    I definitely disagreed with these posters on that and it did indeed sound at the time that they would not be happy with any Fallout that did not resemble Fallout 1 (even Fallout 2 was lambasted for being to "civilized", or wacky)

    "Glittering Gems" before there were Glittering Gems.

    If I remember correctly some of these people were still around when Fallout 3 was announced and Brother None managed to sneak into one of the presentations Bethesda held.

    Ah how time flies.

    But yeah, had POS sold well it would only have resulted in POS2 and not Van Buren being put back in development.
    I actually have a PDF file for the design of FOBOS2 and from a rumor I remember it was suppose to be the second part of FOBOS before it was spun off into its own game.

    Still I like what Foletto contributed to Van Buren even if it did not get made and he told people to support and purchase POS.

    Also agree with Avellone's tweets (also think it would be better to move away from the Core region to maintain the Frontier feel) though I never knew that Tim Cain proposed Fallout games set in space and not just a single end game hope to a still orbiting space station which I can actually buy, but still functional space colonies perhaps inhabited by either Enclave like Americans or Communist Chinese and or aliens; yeah that definitely goes to far.

    Then we would probably have had a game in which one of the colonies decides to return to claim Earth and subjugate all the barbarians in the wasteland to civilize them or exterminate them.
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    Jul 23, 2018
    A few years ago, I might have joined the other critics and called out on the blasphemy that is Bethesda, watering down our favorite franchises into shallow, hollow and forgettable money-making sows. But now, today, what with the many franchises already watered down and milked dry (Mass Effect and Far Cry come to mind), I really couldn't give a shit anymore. It's just the way things are now in the industry.

    These franchises will wash out and be some uninspired piece of entertainment for future generations for all I care, but for me, there's always New Vegas to revisit. If not, I'm not really that much of a hardcore gamer anyway, so if future video games are indeed going to be only as engaging as FO4 and Mass Effect: Andromeda, I could always just leave video games behind as part of my childhood, alongside cartoons and Nerf guns. It's been a good ride while it lasted.
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    Jul 15, 2004
    Why would anyone want to have a remake of f1/2 from these troglodytes in the first place? Who inquired that? The guardian? I do hope they stick to their fantasy single player mmorpgs that are at least decent time sinks and good for what they are and not make embarrassingly grotesque parodies of franchise they have no clue about. Their Fallout games haven't been even "good for what it is". I've played TES games to some extent and i did endure Fallout 3 couple of years ago. While TES shit is silly it's sort of innocently silly and world building in them follows certain logic, which i can go with. F3 is like Micheal Bay struggling to make a sequel to Stalker.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    We should remake Fallout 2 and remove all the stupid. Actually has anyone ever fixed San Fran? It's awful. So bad.
  15. Atomkilla

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    Dec 26, 2010
    No, San Fran is best, CT Phipps said so.
  16. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    San Fran rulez.

    The Dragon wants you to take out Lo Pan - hand to hand = best quest of all time
  17. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I am referring partially to the totally empty buildings all over town. If they were all going to be empty then why put the buildings there? Make them boarded up or put loot or NPC's in there...
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    Jun 1, 2018
    Wasn't it speculated that when Fallout 2 mentions how Vaults are experiments that most of the experiments are extreme situations that could happen in a long term space voyage and that's why the Enclave were still monitoring it after all this time in case they couldn't stay on Earth or something? I know it was all just speculation/rumor but people also said this is something that Van Buren would have mentioned as you uncovered other plans the Enclave had.

    That's pretty damn funny and true though. I like the idea that a mainstream game could fund projects that won't bring mass revenue but what would end up happening is the studio focusing only on that.

    This was easy to see coming honestly. The way Bethesda has become huge, buying up well recognized brands (Fallout, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein), pushing their launcher with Creation Kits, Fallout Shelter, and TES: Legends, expanding their studios and making sure most if not all of them are owned by Zenimax.

    Bethesda is a big AAA player now, they'll do things EA and Ubisoft have done. They'll start monetizing the hell out of games. The games will launch on Bethesda.net initially and if they sell poorly, they fall back to release it on Steam until that trend is broken out of people.

    Just because a game says Fallout on it, doesn't make it a Fallout game like we know it. Take the new releases as if they were a different IP if you can, make your buying assessments that way. If the games still aren't of interest to you, then so be it.

    I'm just upset old school titles that were loved for certain reasons are being warped now to cater to AAA console audiences :rip:
  19. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
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    Jul 9, 2014
    Tbh F4 made me realize that I can't do this anymore because they broke it too much and now they try to milk it with F76 which is like GTA Online without pedestrians but certainly with microtransactions.

    I could bear with F3 when it first came out, new Fallout and all that, but it was stipped off me bit by bit and then torn completely off when I reached the (pre-Broken-Steel) ending sequence together with Fawkes.
    I tried to tell him that he should go inside the shiny room, rad-immunity, this, that...he tells me its my destiny (to die), way to show your gratitude, buddy.

    This got me properly mad, game uninstalled. Whole experience completely ruined, even after I managed to cope with crap like the much-memed 3dog-convo and other stuff.

    I reinstalled somewhen in 2014, now with DLCs and saw what they did there. Worst fuckin cliffhanger EVER. SO BAD. And then this hilarious moment in BCs main quest where this place literally has "ambush" written all over it and guess what, surprise, surprise, it's an ambush and they lazy-assedly take this stupidly overpowered gadget away from you again. And all I'm like is "called it", because it was plain obvious, not a single emotion. Story-arc trashed by bad writing. Don’t even remember the rest of the DLCs, I think I played at least the „the pitt“ one. Don't even ask me about companions, I dont remember them at all, except Fawkes.

    New Vegas came and altough the graphics still had the 2008 gamebryo optics this feels much more like Fallout. Didn’t like the cowboy-setting too much, most of the other stuff was real good. The first encounter with the legion is the very reason that I didnt join them on any of my playthroughs so far. Everything about the first encounter in Nipton is like them BEGGING me to put them down. I've read about the legions other exploits and always thought of joining them at least once to see for myself, but couldn't. Again and again decided against it. That's writing. It made me HATE them.
    Also I’ve spent more time considering how I should influence my companions to truly help them than I have spent on anything I did on 3. This goes especially for Veronica „IS IT A DRESS?!?“ Santangelo and Craig „The Last thing you’ll never see“ Boone. I even still remember their full names now, and when their ending slides were showing I still wondered if this was the best possible outcome for them. Why? Cause they were interesting characters who made me want to help them.

    Then F4 came around. I could ramble for days about it, and forced myself not to send the half-way rant I had already perfectly typed here.

    It’s just this non-sculped out design that ticks me off. Things happen and dont matter.
    Like when I got into the „combat zone“, the voice in the speakers announces my arrival! I'm hyped, an Arena! ALL EYES ON ME!!! 5 Minutes later everybody but Cait and her "manager" is dead and so is the whole place forever after. And it has 0 consquences, like everything else I do.
    I wiped the „Covenant“ completely clean because it felt all too weird to me and turned it into a new settlement. No consequences for genocide. Not even the new settlers giving hints in dialogue lines when you face them.

    All that while Muties, Raiders and vermin live next door to each others all the time everywhere, most quests are „choose 3 times one of 3 possible yes-options in dialogue, then go to X, kill all Y, retrieve Z, leave brain here if you like. And then even below that are the still more stupid radiant quests where the same villager goes missing/Captive 3 times in a row.

    Also as much as the interview with Pete Hines clearly foreshadowed it, but this „you can skip dialogues“ really became a thing. Because most of them were so bad that I used it. I have READ EVERY DIALOGUE in EVERY NON-VOICED GAME before, I was NEVER one to skip. And here I did. Gladly. they stripped an RPG of all character-definining skill- and attiuide-decisions and meaningful dialogue.

    After 160 hours (I'll admit the landmarks+blips-everywhere-thing hijacked my brain)and 2 attempted playthroughts finally the quest „Liberty reprimed“ popped up. I knew exactly what would await me. This was really the last straw. First this family-reunion mainquest AGAIN, now the first implemented, then effortlessly discarded op-gadget AGAIN to save the day? FUCK OFF. Uninstalled, never beat the game, havent since touched it again.

    If you bothered clicking the spoiler and reading down my rambles to this point, thanks. It was a lot less then what flooded my head, but it HAD to be vented.

    What I dont get about the AAA-catering you mentioned is that everybody seems to agree that FO needed a 3D-sequel to be revived and in terms of sales you could say this is true. All the while games like XCOM and Jagged Alliance keep getting 2D-Sequels in recent years, Pillars of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin were getting a lot of attention as well.

    I sometimes wonder what would have happened if we just got a 2D-Fallout Sequel. Would it be dead by now? Or just not as overhyped and shallow as it is now?
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