New Vegas a bit rewritten and a bit redesigned

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  1. Ediros

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    Feb 4, 2016
    ... Is it wrong that I actually would like to see something like that?

    That said, I believe we have pretty much exhausted all tibits in New Vegas that we could change. Maybe if the frontier comes out, we will have something to talk about.
  2. Ediros

    Ediros A Smooth-Skin

    Feb 4, 2016
    Actually I came up with something classic Fallout weapons!

    Here is a list of weapons that I found missing from Fallout 1/2. I didn't add all of them (Some exist in New Vegas under different name), like 9mm submachine gun and grease gun from Fallout 2 (Here is a mod for those that want it though: Here you go:

    -Shiv (a classic useless weapon) - missing

    -Club – actual police batton, not the telescopic variant of shitout 3 (could use a replacement)

    -Crowbar – added by Project Nevada (doesn’t have the uses of Fallout 1 and 2 though)

    -Wrench (as a weapon) – missing, only as a misc item

    -Throwable Rocks - missing

    -Sharpened Pole - missing

    -Spear as a melee weapon, not throwable - missing

    -Classic Sledgehammer – mod exists -

    -Super Sledge – Replace New Vegas variants

    -A unique baseball bat – like Louisville Slugger from Fallout 2 - missing

    -Classic Power Fist – missing - replace New Vegas variants

    -Desert Eagle – missing

    -Mauser – added by project Nevada, I believe (not 100% certain)

    -Needler Pistol – missing (Classic Weapons adds one, though)

    -10mm pistol and smg are there, though they could use a different model

    -H&K P90c – added by Project Nevada (uses 5mm though, worse than a minigun. Needs ammo replacement)

    -AK – 112 – missing.

    -XL70E3 – missing.

    -FN FAL – missing, but isn’t automatic rifle basically that?

    -H&K G11 – missing,

    -Tommy Gun – exists as a submachine gun .45 from honest hearts. Mod:

    -Pipe rifle – missing

    -Classic Fallout 2 hunting rifle – missing, we need a replacement for NV

    -Combat Shotgun – missing

    -Classic Sawed-off shotgun – exists as a big boomer and such. Here is a mod that brings classic version of it:

    -H&K CAWS – missing

    -Pancor Jackhammer missing – mod:

    -Flamer – well, it is replaced by incernator, which works the same.

    -Vindicator Minigun – missing

    -Light Support Weapon – missing. Although it reminds me of an inflitrator from shitout 3. (Project Nevada adds infiltrator, though, it is not the same)

    -M60 – missing – looks like a Light Machine Gun.

    -Laser Pistol – missing (the one in NV is different model) – added by Project Nevada as watz laser pistol

    -Solar Scorcher – missing – Euclid C Finder is basically that, but shit. Although recharger pistol are very similar (unlimited ammo). Still, would like it in game.

    -Plasma Pistol – exists as a Plasma Defender

    -YK32 pulse pistol – missing

    -Alien Blaster – missing, shitout 3 model does not count. Classic Alien Pistol mod exists

    -Gatling Laser – missing – shitout 3 variant does not count.

    -Laser Rifle – missing – Project Nevada adds it or

    -Plasma Rifle exists – as a plasma caster

    -Turbo Plasma Rifle – The smitty Special – it sucks. It does less damage and fires rapidly thus wasting ammo. Needs stat tweaking.

    -YK42B pulse rifle – missing (Project Nevada adds different version of it)