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    Actually I came up with something classic Fallout weapons!

    Here is a list of weapons that I found missing from Fallout 1/2. I didn't add all of them (Some exist in New Vegas under different name), like 9mm submachine gun and grease gun from Fallout 2 (Here is a mod for those that want it though: Here you go:

    -Shiv (a classic useless weapon) - missing

    -Club – actual police batton, not the telescopic variant of shitout 3 (could use a replacement)

    -Crowbar – added by Project Nevada (doesn’t have the uses of Fallout 1 and 2 though)

    -Wrench (as a weapon) – missing, only as a misc item

    -Throwable Rocks - missing

    -Sharpened Pole - missing

    -Spear as a melee weapon, not throwable - missing

    -Classic Sledgehammer – mod exists -

    -Super Sledge – Replace New Vegas variants

    -A unique baseball bat – like Louisville Slugger from Fallout 2 - missing

    -Classic Power Fist – missing - replace New Vegas variants

    -Desert Eagle – missing

    -Mauser – added by project Nevada, I believe (not 100% certain)

    -Needler Pistol – missing (Classic Weapons adds one, though)

    -10mm pistol and smg are there, though they could use a different model

    -H&K P90c – added by Project Nevada (uses 5mm though, worse than a minigun. Needs ammo replacement)

    -AK – 112 – missing.

    -XL70E3 – missing.

    -FN FAL – missing, but isn’t automatic rifle basically that?

    -H&K G11 – missing,

    -Tommy Gun – exists as a submachine gun .45 from honest hearts. Mod:

    -Pipe rifle – missing

    -Classic Fallout 2 hunting rifle – missing, we need a replacement for NV

    -Combat Shotgun – missing

    -Classic Sawed-off shotgun – exists as a big boomer and such. Here is a mod that brings classic version of it:

    -H&K CAWS – missing

    -Pancor Jackhammer missing – mod:

    -Flamer – well, it is replaced by incernator, which works the same.

    -Vindicator Minigun – missing

    -Light Support Weapon – missing. Although it reminds me of an inflitrator from shitout 3. (Project Nevada adds infiltrator, though, it is not the same)

    -M60 – missing – looks like a Light Machine Gun.

    -Laser Pistol – missing (the one in NV is different model) – added by Project Nevada as watz laser pistol

    -Solar Scorcher – missing – Euclid C Finder is basically that, but shit. Although recharger pistol are very similar (unlimited ammo). Still, would like it in game.

    -Plasma Pistol – exists as a Plasma Defender

    -YK32 pulse pistol – missing

    -Alien Blaster – missing, shitout 3 model does not count. Classic Alien Pistol mod exists

    -Gatling Laser – missing – shitout 3 variant does not count.

    -Laser Rifle – missing – Project Nevada adds it or

    -Plasma Rifle exists – as a plasma caster

    -Turbo Plasma Rifle – The smitty Special – it sucks. It does less damage and fires rapidly thus wasting ammo. Needs stat tweaking.

    -YK42B pulse rifle – missing (Project Nevada adds different version of it)

    Edit 2:

    Wasteland survival guide WAS NOT written by lone shit and moira brown. Instead:

    A) NCR invention

    B) Third, unrelated party

    C) Anyone else from West Coast
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    Don't triple post, man.
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    Fixed it