Am I in the minority when I say I'm not bothered by Super Mutants in Fallout 3?

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    Very cool. I don't think Bethesda is into isometric games though.

    I am putting emphasis on soft. The whole point of a soft reboot is that it keeps stuff canon, but there's so much distance between the previous entries where completely new people have no problem jumping on board with the story. Like, there's a huge difference with someone jumping into Mass Effect 3 without playing the previous installments and jumping into Fallout 3 without playing the previous installments.

    I dont want to nitpick on the definition on reboots all week, but I think its more than reasonable to say it was EFFECTIVELY one, millions of more people go into the IP called Fallout, the distance and time from the previous game as well as narrative choices, made it almost a clean slate for gamers in 2007/2008.
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    That's the crux of the problem; it's a bit like buying the Metroid IP and not liking platformers, and making it an Oblivion clone for sake of selling their [one and only] game again in a different setting.

    They are like [skilled] plumbers who do only what's familiar to them... and so they'd make even a hammock out of pipes. FO3 is like that because its core design prevents all of what Fallout is known for. Pete Hines once said that they [Bethesda] would never surprise a player by having a choice that played out unexpectedly bad when they thought they were doing good. Now... Fallout had players re-playing the game start to end so they could ease their own conscience for dooming the Necropolis ghouls when they later found out they'd died when the player stole the water chip.

    *Originally Gizmo was the good ending for Junktown (with profits for all), where as Killian lead to indefinite martial law, and the town dries up. I always thought it was a shame to have changed it. But you see the point.

    All Bethesda cares about is selling the digital equivalent of a Delos theme park attraction; as seen in the film Westworld; they care —nothing at all— for the proper series' mechanics and intended gaming experience.

    *Contrary to title, this is not the authentic 1973 trailer.

    **Fun-fact: The Chief Supervisor in this film (The one who says, "Shut it all down!") is the voice actor for Skeletor. ;)

    It was a really dark day when they were allowed to buy the IP. I didn't know that at the time, but others did...

    I originally had high hopes for FO3, when I first saw, bought, and played Oblivion; initially. The engine seemed perfect for it, and had been used for games like Loki and Kohan III. I had no idea (whatsoever) that they would deface and debase the IP at every turn thereafter. :(


    I expected akin to this:

    But we got akin to this instead:
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    Feb 7, 2022
    OK sure! I think thats valid, but at the same time, Metroid Prime is one of the best Metroids and Fallout New Vegas is incredible. I don't buy that the 3-d FPS genre shift is a big problem, outside of the necessary growing pains.

    I don't think this is the thread to relitigate that whole ordeal. And yeah, I agree with all your other criticisms, the writing is bad, the choices offered are bad. That's a big problem. Those are the real problems with the Bethesda titles.

    Also, I havent played FO3 in like a decade, but I do think the Tenpenny quest matches that kind of ambiguity. You get the residents of Tenpenny Tower on board with having ghouls live with them in Tenpenny tower. You think thats cool you get the residents to live together in harmony with ghouls.... but then the ghouls kill everyone in Tenpenny anyway.

    You had way too much faith in Bethesda if you seriously thought you would get the above.
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    I had never heard of them before.

    In fact the only Bethesda title I knew of at the time was Terminator 2029, and I didn't know that they were the developer.

    At the time I thought that anyone capable of producing what I saw in the first 20 minutes of Oblivion would be more than capable of a game similar to the ISO-3D Fallout mockup I posted above [not my art btw]...
    Then I found out that Bethesda was surprised [shocked even] that outside of the US, people were playing Oblivion in third person (like I did).

    I didn't know how bad it would be until the first screen shots were released. :(

    As for the Ten Penny quest—I had actually forgotten about it :oops:, but the point is their policy of spelling it out. Also... Bethesda never seem to say 'no' to the players, only 'not yet'. That's the other shoe in this. The series premise was "Do as you will, but live with the consequences", and as we know, there are none; it gets pretty ridiculous in with them.

    Notice the AI does not react to the attack on the bomb—their idol, and also how the ai hostility comically stops on a dime the moment the PC turns invisible.

    Aside: IMO they waste the polygon budget during conversations —which were a notable and amazing feature of the series — by just using the standard NPC face. I would have expected [hoped anyway] for a conversation more like the Nvidia head demos for a game known for its talking heads.

    We could have had close up conversations like this:

    instead of this:

    And was peeved that they did not even attempt to design entities and items with a closer appearance to the original games; as I may have already mentioned. In their case they owned the assets, and could actually copy them.

    But no; we got shafted. Nothing that could compare to the [even so restricted] quality of the original games. We got Oblivion with gunz.

    Some of the devs admitted to not knowing about the Fallout series before working on it; others admitted to not even playing the games—apparently even after FO3 shipped.
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    Where is this from?
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    Those were created by "THE BROTHERHOOD" the devs of "STASIS", as a reimagining of what Fallout 4 could look like being isometric (before FO4 was even released).
    Here's the link to their "LABS" where they have several images of classic and not so classic games being in isometric or just reimagined by them.
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    Oh man, that was messing with my brain because I was trying to think of when the hell Red Rocket was in any of the Interplay titles.
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    man how the hell do you even get into fallout 3? maybe im just a pretentious dickhead and am setting my standards too high but whenever i play it that bethesda crust its got from the basic quests to characters themselves to alot of perks seeming to just bump your skills puts me off to the point i cant play much more than a small chunk before deleting it and going off to do something else
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    Just go full schizo.

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    Stuff like that was what bothered me the most about Fallout 3. Wasted opportunity to develop the lore of the East Coast and write a good story that wasn't a rehash/mixmash of Fallout 1 and 2's story; and maybe even expand on the original lore in a way that respectful to the source.
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    Yeah true, Fallout 3 sucked and fails as a fallout game. But seeing stuff like the super mutants and the original concept art, and even hearing that Fallout 3 was originally gonna be a prequel just leads me back in circle to why I hate Fallout 3. Just plain wasted potential! Under utilized assets! and of the worst offence- Copy/Paste lazy story.
    I think if it were done right and there was at least some semblance of anyone from Interplay Black Isle studio coming into to advise production on the game. Mainly it's writing, story, and character development, setting (as a way to make the Capital Wasteland interesting). Then maybe Fallout 3 couldve better than New Vegas. Or least not making us the fans beg for a reason to have New Vegas. Fallout 3 is like having a friend who's shown he's an amazing artist and damn perfect at his craft and has the potential to create a beautiful masterpiece on par with the Mona Lisa. And some many other works thatd put him as being one of the greatest artists of our time. But he wastes it by writing dick and fart jokes at a cabaret club and regularly makes a habit of being a criminal
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    I believe rad chickens are my favorite.
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    Edited: (after Morgan_'s rating)
    Nothing wrong with that...not at all, but Metroid Prime is not titled Metroid 3, and NV was not pushed as a Fallout sequel.

    They are spin-offs.
    *The one to bring up is Duke Nukem 3D; it is very different from Duke Nukem 2, and the '3D' is a play on the expected '3'—though it isn't a 3. ;)

    I would argue that Duke Nukem 3D is a superb spin off using Duke and the rest of the IP. It doesn't offer much in the way of DN 1 or 2 though. What does is DN:Manhattan Project; that would be proper DN#3 material IMO.
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