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  1. Serifan

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    Aug 3, 2006
    Every place has some filthy gutter trash that defies society's standards what type of hobo trash do you have?

    I have three that come to mind

    Pigeon lady

    Was this 40 year old women from Sweden, ok I have no idea if she was Swedish she had a euro accent and was blonde so it points to Sweden. Anyway story goes she came to Australia with her family and the first week here she had a car accident and killed everyone in it but herself. She now walks the street pushing a cart with bags and she has a pet carry case where she keeps a pigeon most the time it's a dead pigeon and she rambles all crazy. One time I went up to her to get her story and find out why she like this but her first response when I walked up was it's ok if you rape me. The fuck I'm not raping you I bet it's like a Bangladesh fish market down there.

    Junkie Chris

    This guy is a relatively new hobo been around a few years, he stands on the highway always trying to get a lift. I actually gave him a job once and he stank next level and was pretty crazy he used to drink left over coke from our rubbish. He lasted one week and when he got paid he got more drugs and disappeared. I see him time to time once he was in the bush with this big log and was doing weights. It was funny as fuck.

    Lumpy Bob

    Lumpy bob was this crazy old guy that would walk around in the tropics with a winter jacket he got his nickname from the giant tumour on his neck. Sadly lumpy is no longer with us seen the poor old bastard dead on the side of the road probably a combination of heat stroke and the tumour poping or something.

    That's my hobos. What have you guys got.
  2. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    We had this one homeless black dude that always asked for change at the gas pump. He walked with a bit of a limp, but supposedly he could run really fast, and used to know martial arts or some shit. I don't know what ever happened to him but I like to imagine him wandering the country like some mentally handicapped Ronin with a fro.
  3. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    To consign all hobos to a category such as 'piece of shit', thats pretty cuntish. Rather than the scum of the earth, although plenty of them have some gross habits, this is usually because of a mental illness IMO. The reason in the first place that many ARE homeless. And of course the majority are less than clean, but when you are on the streets there aren't showers and baths on offer everywhere are there? the best that can be hoped for is use of public toilet facilities in restaurants, fast food joints etc.

    I've known some homeless folk and they aren't all trash. Used to pick up H through one of them, although he is dead now, after a wave of what had, going from potency vs weight, to be cut with one or other of the fentanyl type ultrapotent opioids (I'm a chronic pain patient and extrapolating from pure diamorphine and dipropionylmorphine [the latter being at least as potent again as heroin/diamorphine is as H is to morphine] (I'm also a scientist, hobbyist chemist of at least modest talent in the lab, a facility I daresay I'm somewhat proud of, not undeservedly IMO, considering the effort I've put into building it) and knowing my response to pure, uncut, non-street H, the stuff that turned up could not have affected me at all, were it pure H, this being street gear which means pure H it certainly was not, at doses, vaporized and inhaled, which proved sufficient to easily knock me out cold so the cut was quite obvious, and duration of action, somewhat cold, clinical feeling to it, was quite in keeping with fentanyl)

    So are all the contacts he knew, all the dealers, maybe a month after the stuff turned up, despite my circulating warnings through covert channels and through drug worker and needle works programs via anonymous phonecalls to raise awareness of the stuff, I'm sure it killed a lot of people.

    BUT, this guy, he wasn't a piece of shit. He used to have a home, he used to be just like you or me. Circumstances in life took a turn for the worse for him, and he lost his job, couldn't find more work and as a result he lost everything and ended up cold, and usually hungry, on the streets, just trying to stay alive.

    Anything I scored through the guy I'd always get him a ten wrap for himself and a hot meal, soft drink with it.

    And he was an honorable guy as well, even insisted I hold his phone, which was worth more than what we were picking up (rather than what I was picking up for me, so he would have lost out if he had run off with my money), so I could be sure, when we first started knowing each other, that he wasn't going to rip me off.

    Guy just like you or me.

    And a lot of the problems with homelessness could be solved if the world at large were to follow the model of...arrgh, I read of it recently, either norway, sweden or scandinavia. Somewhere up viking ways at least. Apparently they completely turned things upside down paradigm-wise and started big programs to get them into supported housing and work and the homelessness rate practically evaporated.

    Rather than spit on them, judge them as homeless pieces of shit just because they don't have a fixed place to live (question for you-how do you ever expect a homeless person to GET work, and get OUT of homelessness off their own back alone, when you need a HOME, a postal address, to get a bank account, with which to get paid for work, facilities to get cleaned up get clothes to attend an interview?)

    Everything is stacked hard against those people who lose it all ever regaining it no matter how hard they try. So get off your high horse and show some humanity.

    Oh, and this deserves a separate mini-post, just to make sure it gets seen.

    You imply people deserve opprobrium for trashing the trends and mores of society, being different?

    Does that mean I am trash? I'm classically autistic, I've hung out with a homeless friend, I AM different myself by respect of being autistic, hell, I built and run my own lab, chemistry, biotech, psychopharmacology, soon as I can get the money together for things like the turbopumps and build the ion pump system for final hard vacuum purge, and some spare high-efficiency vacuum pumps to chain up for use as roughing pumps (you can't cold-start turbomolecular pumps, you need significant vacuum just to get them going), other than the pumps to supply the vacuum lines for my chemistry work, large dewars for liquid nitrogen for cooling the electromagnet coils and spares, then plan to add an isochronous cyclotron (in this case intended for accelerating deuterons and tritons, at least, as built to begin with, for the first series of experiments I want to perform)

    With the chemophobia and the way people freak the fuck out about people having anything more complicated than the bottle of bleach and bog cleaner under that cabinet all 'those chemicals' are kept in in the household. There are way too many folk that would be delighted to make me a pariah, and other fellow citizen scientists along with me. Just because rather than that bottle of bleach, there is a 4 or 5-gallon drum of industrial hypochlorite concentrate, and rather than a few percent ammonia, mine is saturated, or else anhydrous NH3 as a cryogenic liquefied gas, although the latter is generated on requirement, or that there is a separate fridge in my home not for food, but for keeping the 5l jugs of THF (tetrahydrofuran), diethyl and diisopropyl ether, acetonitrile (methyl cyanide), DCM, and bottles of 2-pyrrolidone, chloroform etc (all various solvents) and things like chromyl chloride, iodine monochloride, tubs of iodine, bottles of bromine, and my shelves are stacked with kg tubs of quicklime and red phosphorus, various acids and bases, hydride reducing agents...

    So, before you judge those who are different, take a look in a mirror and ask yourself what your own faults may be.
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  4. Serifan

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    Aug 3, 2006

    Have you met Crni, you two will get along just fine.

    Also TLDR

    I looked in the mirror saw my sexy self and had to bat one out. Don't judge me.
  5. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Crni? not sure. It's been a while since I last logged in. Haven't been well. And I had forgotten my pwd, and I'd hurt my foot pretty badly and then had it take a fairly severe infection. Had the port number I need to connect to to get into my email written in one of my lab notebooks so I didn't forget that too, and with it being my foot that was the bit of me that got messed up I couldn't get up the stairs to fetch it from the lab.

    And TLDR? you mean you are too damned lazy, to read through a thought out response to your damning all of the homeless as worthless trash. Sure, there are some scumbags amongst them, but there are filth in all of society, and most homeless folk are..well, you can't just judge a book by the cover. And how many of the homeless do you think CHOSE to be unfortunate, to be stuck in a position difficult, if not impossible to climb out of solely by one's own effort? to have to endure it without shelter whether its pissing it down with rain, pelting down in the freezing, icy cold of winter with icy hailstorms, blizzards, the wind-chill increasing the already frigid, bone-chilling weather.

    You've been in such weather I'm sure. Think what its like not to just go out to the shops and come back aching and frozen to the marrow, but to be there for many months of such weather, with a best a sleeping bag and maybe some plastic sheet to keep the worst of the rain from soaking it, and for that plastic sheet to be something you'd have if you were LUCKY?

    To have to sleep in that cold, outside, shivering and hungry, whilst people walk by and if you get really lucky throw you some change enough to get a meal a day, a couple of burgers maybe, while the worst of the people walking by might spit on you, shit, the homeless guy I knew, he told me of a time where himself and another homeless guy (they stick together out there on the streets, because they have to), they were attacked by a mob with baseball bats, and the guy he was with nearly killed, beaten unconscious and left for dead. Thankfully my (now dead afaik) friend managed to get him to hospital, where his broken bones were set. I don't know what happened to him after though, I never met the other guy.

    And one point in my other post you obviously were too lazy to see.

    For a person to get a job, they need a bank account. To have a bank account, the bank will demand an address. Once you lose your home, you haven't go one, and you can't get a bank account, meaning you can't get a job unless you get 'lucky' enough to find somewhere that will pay you a pittance below minimum wage under the table. Where as a worker you'll be driven as hard as the employer can drive you, because you have no rights, as an illegal employee and they know they can get away with it, because as a homeless person, thats all you've got, and you haven't got anywhere else to go so you won't report them.

    Oh and don't judge you? you ask for something that you yourself refuse to accord others. Thats pretty damn rich. (just noticed this part of your post)

    You ask not to be judged, in the very same thread that you start by defining whole sections of society, and at that some of the most unfortunate sections of society, as 'filthy gutter trash', and, simply for finding themselves homeless, 'hobo trash'

    As for that pigeon lady, the way you describe her response to your approach as 'its ok if you rape me' sounds to me like she had been raped, probably repeatedly from the sound of it, and was afraid that you yourself would rape her too, not saying you would, but it definitely sounds to me like she was afraid that you would, and was basically trying to make sure if she was to be subjected to being raped again, that she could get the awfulness of it over with a minimum of brutality dealt out to her.

    That is not something to hold her in contempt for, its something you should know sorrow for, that its almost certainly the case that shes been repeatedly raped and with it, subjected to the worst kinds of savagery. Have some pity, some compassion and empathy for that poor woman. I don't know personally what EXACTLY she has been subjected to or how many times, but in her response it makes it pretty motherfucking clear that she was desperate not to be raped so brutally as in the past when you did it (from her point of view)

    Just think for a minute, the circumstances, the way a woman has to be treated for a response like THAT to become ingrained as a self-preservation and survival mechanism. How bad do you think things had to get before it gets to the point where it gets to 'you can rape me', with unspoken 'just please, please don't knife me to death'
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  6. TerminallyChill

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    Feb 16, 2018
    Wow, and I thought I was the king of derailing threads. All aboard the vats train, everyone. As a former homeless person, I'd just like to point out that regardless of economic situation, human beings are still the same pieces of shit they've always been. The local hobo doesn't deserve your hatred anymore than he deserves your pity. He's just a dude living his life.

    One of the local "main street freaks" used to always walk down to KFC and ask me for change when my buddies and I were smoking outside our club. He was an old guy with white hair and a trench coat, so I'd usually humor him because I respect my elders. Trenchy was always adamant the money was going toward fried chicken, but I knew some drug dealers also operated down that way. Either way I figured it was his decision to make. I certainly spent my cash on nothing better.
  7. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Pity, no. Empathy, yes.

    And if your homeless and have to suffer the ravages of the climate, however filthy the weather, freezing in winter, getting soaked, being abused by people who aren't not homeless.

    Then numbing everything out with H, or a moment of euphoria amidst a lifetime of misery with crack, or whatever, smoking weed, that there is anything 'wrong' with doing any of these things is judgement of society based upon a LONG period of govt propaganda, dehumanizing drug users, supported by the alcohol and tobacco industries who don't want other psychoactives diminishing their profits. An adult has the right to sovereignty of the territory that is his own body and mind. As long as they do not harm another, then they have that right to do what they will with their own mind.

    And to numb the misery of being homeless in such awful circumstances can they be blamed for using H, etc?

    I should know what these drugs do for the people in question, because I take similar ones, and I've tried others, including H, make my own dipropionylmorphine (essentially similar to H, diacetylmorphine, only using propionyl chloride/propionic anhydride in place of acetic anhydride/acetyl chloride, to provide a C1 extension in the ester sidechain groups, which confers both much higher potency, a far, far longer duration of activity than either morphine or diamorphine, as well as being more euphoric. So, I am not without the capacity to know what these drugs do for those stuck in misery on the streets. Although my own reason for using them is, aside from novel, little explored opioids, in which case it is for explorative reasons, but otherwise, its so I can walk, stand, lie down without my hips and knee screaming in pain no matter which way I would move or lie down.

    People need to have more compassion towards the homeless. We cannot know the circumstances that led to their becoming homeless. Some, its because of mental problems, for which if they had received treatment they might not be there on the streets now. Some, it is sheer misfortune. Do these people deserve our condecending pity, our hatred, contempt, or do they deserve our compassion?

    I for one, think the latter. I give when I can to put a bit towards their eating, or if I've a tram ticket I've used and no longer needed, a day ticket, that is no longer of use to me, I'll give it them so they can get about without having to walk so hard and tax themselves even further.

    I don't want to see these people suffer any more than I can help. What might be a few bits of pocket change to me, could be a hot meal to them. I know that were I in their position I would be glad of someone doing the same for me.

    The homeless guy I spoke of, the one that I'm pretty sure was killed by fentanyl or something like it in dope (I'm positive it was cut, since pure H of pharm grade at the doses used couldn't have affected me at all with the tolerance I have to opioids because of my chronic pain, and knowing specifically what doses of H, pure and uncut DIY product, it had to be cut with a superpotent opioid, the guy was like you or I; a man, a person, a human being. He didn't use to be homeless but circumstance lead to his losing his job, and then accordingly his home.

    He didn't deserve to die, on the streets. I helped in what respect I could, and he was ALWAYS decent to me. Steering me away from ripoff merchants in an area I wasn't familiar with, essentially being quite protective of me, looking out for me. (yeah, I've used H, last time I saw him, bought a £200 lot of gear, the same stuff that offed the guy, cut with fent or something like it), does it make me any worse a person for using it? because I enjoyed it. Putting my feet up and loading a portion into a pipe blown from a borosilicate glass pipette and test tube with a few modifications (I'm by no means an expert glassblower, although I'd love to learn, so I could make my own lab glass without paying so much for new pieces..hell my last one, a 4-necked 24/40 round bottom 5 liter flask cost me almost £100, and my rotovap over 1K, about 1600 USD IIRC) but I can definitely make a good pipe, got a design that creates a small partial vacuum when inhaling, that helps lower the BP of whatever is being vaporized inside and thus is more efficient.)

    So, yeah, I've tried H, I've had analogs of it I worked on, I've tried many psychedelics (designer psychedelics are my chemical specialty actually), and stimulants, entactogens like MDMA, the cathinone analog of it, cathinone analog of 2C-B and many others.

    But it doesn't make me any worse a person than you or any other here. I hurt none by it, sure its illegal, but one cannot harm words in a lex legis, one can only harm people. And providing one does not do this then the right to alter their own mind for a time is the person's right and theirs alone, without consent given for another to involve themselves in so doing.
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  8. Serifan

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    Aug 3, 2006
    Jesus Christ your worse than Crni, you just rambling on about shit I'm not going to read. O noes you did drugs why the fuck would I care about that.
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  9. Cimmerian Nights

    Cimmerian Nights So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Aug 20, 2004
    Had this conversation with my son when he was about 6.

    Son: Dad, what's a hobo?

    Me: A homeless dude.

    Son: Why aren't they called homos then?

    Me: Well...
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  10. Jogre

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    Oct 25, 2015
    @Urban Predator I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but doubleposting is against the rules here. If you've made a post, either wait for someone to respond, or edit your post to contain new information.

    Nobody likes it when you post twice in a row instead of letting other people get their turn at posting.
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  11. TerminallyChill

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    Feb 16, 2018
    Yeah, just to echo Jogre here, I want to agree with a few points made by Urban Predator as I'm sure many users here do, but I have some serious problems with the forum etiquette being disrespected. First of all, these posts are unecessarily long. While this normally wouldn't be an issue on its own, they also get extremely off topic. As was already pointed out, the double posting is not appreciated either.

    From what I understood, this was a thread created for telling stories about local homeless people, not a political debate stage. Keeping that in mind, there was this guy in Wyoming I sometimes used to pass by on the road. He would always be carrying at least four plastic shopping bags and wore just about every piece of clothing he could find. With temperatures dropping below -20F, the man certainly wasn't stupid. The saddest part was that any time I tried to strike up a conversation, he just kept walking and looked straight ahead. Would have liked to hear his story.
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  12. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    My bad. Main reason was that the OP likely doesn't give a tinker's toss about the plight of the homeless, and he had specifically made clear, 'TL DR' about my original reply, thus, logically editing that post, which the OP had already made that statement about, would only serve to lengthen my reply.

    So it would have been illogical to edit my first post. And I must confess, I slipped in suppressing my emotion for a moment. I am not perfect in that. And I was rather pissed, at seeing the OP consign all homeless as worthless pieces of shit, fit only for the trash.

    Cimmerian nights-that must have been a difficult conversation with your wee spawn :D

    Also, is there any option whilst editing posts to make it so that the rest of the screen isn't darkened? that makes it really difficult to see other's posts and thus difficult to respond to different points in different posts.
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  13. Aurelius Of Phoenix

    Aurelius Of Phoenix Pseud

    Mar 9, 2018
    When I was a young boy I went on a trip to Laughlin Nevada with my Grandparents, while navigating through the labyrinth of the casino I was staying in I met a scruffy man whom I assumed was a hobo by the state he looked. He gave me a high five as I walked passed him mentioning something to the effect of scoring some poon, it took me a few years to find out what this meant. :)
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  14. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    LOL Aurelius!

    Question for Serifan. What if you ever become homeless through some awful circumstance not of your making, say, some arsonist burns your house down, or its burnt down by a lightening strike and insurance refuses to pay out, so you get left homeless.

    What would that then make you? a worthless piece of shit? a subhuman piece of trash? a fucking piece of dirt? disgusting piece of filth? all of the above? or would you somehow magically be exempt from the judgement you see fit to pass down from your privileged position on high, where you are better than everybody else?

    And tell me this, too. Does everybody 'different' in some way make it into your big black book of what makes someone a worthless subhuman piece of shit? is it all differences, or only obvious ones that you cannot help but see staring at you if you look in the tdirection of the individual concerned?

    Because let me tell you this. I'm autistic. Not aspie, but classic, Kanner's autie. I rock back and forth, I spin around, I flap and I like it. (and aesthetically, just to see if this sticks in your craw, I find the above downright sexy in women too)

    Does that make ME a worthless piece of shit too? go on, out with it, be up front with it and lets have it said, one way or the other, with total honesty. (mods, if he does reply yes, do not punish him for saying so, I invited his response to a question I posed, and I asked for nothing less than total absolute honesty in answering. If he has the balls to say 'yes it does', then I told him to say what he thinks, and any punishment, as such, I can take, and I can hand out in return in equal measure. I've got a thick enough skin, hell I might be better looking, but my head aside, It's as thick as a super-mutant.)

    [ESPECIALLY down there :D ]

    So, serifan, does that make me a worthless piece of shit. Or any kind of piece of shit. Obviously I can't be called a homeless one, because I have a home. But does my stimming, does my echolalia, does the fact that I occasionally, when the mood takes me, decide to shoot up some dipropionylmorphine (I don't see the point in H, for one I wouldn't trust the stuff on the streets, too likely to be full of fentanyl or its analogs, and economically its a waste of morphine in terms of half life, potency and euphoric potential compared to heroin)

    Hell, if that doesn't, then what about say, use of stimulants? psychedelics? downers? dissociatives (E.g PCP, ketamine, DXM and other NMDA receptor antagonists) ?
  15. Serifan

    Serifan Orderite Orderite

    Aug 3, 2006
    I'd buy a new house after the sale of the land and live off my savings. Plus I have insurance.

    That would make me smarter than the average hobo.

    Yes, especially them spastic humans.

    Yes you will probably never amount to anything thus making you a worthless piece of shit.

    I was part of the rave scene in the 90s I've done it all and still not a hobo.

    Anything else?
  16. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    This is fun because Serifan is the most hobo looking motherfucker ever :D
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  17. Prone Squanderer

    Prone Squanderer A bit of a Sillius Soddus.

    Jan 3, 2016
    There used to be an old guy living rough near where I work. He'd usually sit on the bench for a while before wandering off somewhere and I think he slept in a box most of the time. The kicker is, he was apparently quite wealthy, or at least had enough money to live comfortably but instead chose to live on the streets.

    Haven't seen him for well over a year though, I figure he's either in care or he's passed on.
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  18. TerminallyChill

    TerminallyChill Be excellent to each other.

    Feb 16, 2018
    The real life Frank Reynolds.

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  19. Urban Predator

    Urban Predator First time out of the vault

    Jan 9, 2018
    That reminds me actually, of someone that was round here, at least they used to be. Everybody knew him either as 'market dave' or else 'oi man' (because his response to everything (and frequently nothing and nobody) was something along the lines of 'OI! FUCK OFF!'. A rag-and-bone man, pushing his handcart everywhere. Thing was, he was apparently stinking rich, when he died, and he had a house and lived in it, but pretty hobo-ish.

    Unfortunately, he was singled out for the worst of people's brutality. No, not people, chavs (big difference there, the average pikey tosser might just pass for mammalian, if not simian, but definitely NOT as 'people') and teen gangs of pikey trash, one of them the same as tried to off me as a kid, and the same as responsible for my joint problems now, or partially (stamped repeatedly on my kneecap, same one as I'd had recently before, to go to hospital about after falling on a spike of broken sheet glass and had it go through the patellar tendon and into the joint, and to limp home after pulling it out and breaking the larger piece off, that was weighing down on the joint as I couldn't get it all out, while I was recovering, shortly after I'd recovered enough to be able to walk again)

    And eventually, after years of this same pack of subhuman offal and dog shit tormenting him, bricking his windows, following him and throwing things, attacks in groups like a pack of jackals some of them ended up battering him so badly that they beat him to death. I'd like to think that at least a few of them felt what was probably an iron-fisted knuckle sandwich, because whilst he was a rangy bugger, and somewhat old, he wasn't geriatric old just grizzled and old, and from pushing that twisted steel cable is skinny, and getting punched by him would probably be like being smacked by a boxing glove made out of lead and gristle, and he'd almost certainly have had a piece of metal pipe I should think, and would have fought back.

    But yeah, a mob of pikey charver trash ended up murdering him several years back.

    Would definitely have taken him for a hobo, if it wasn't for the fact that I'd actually SEEN his house, and tried a couple of times I'd seen the shitheads start to accumulate around there throwing stuff at his house windows and making with the abuse (got to admit, there were moments that I wish I'd have taken my homemade grenade launcher out with me, when I'd seen them at it, because I'd have used it for more than typical kids stuff buggering about, and blown a few of them to hell if I'd had reason to carry it around that area, or rather, realized I had reason to)

    That really would have been immensely satisfying, to pump a couple of HE concussion grenades or phosphorus shells into the middle of the crowd (as a kid, I'd built a grenade launcher for, well, shits and giggles really. Never used it in anger against people, just for your typical high-jinx that kids get up to when not under the oversight of their parents. But I think I would have in the case of these arseholes, they were relentless in tormenting the poor bastard.

    Granted he wasn't the nicest person in the world, but he was harmless. Just scruffy and immensely vulgar. But he didn't need a person present to be coarse and offensive in language, he was just vulgar, full stop, he'd mutter strings of profanity at thin air just as soon as he'd tell someone to go fuck their mothers, fathers, both, or just about anything, dead or alive with a cunt or chocolate starfish. Made him come off as an arse alright, but not a dangerous arse, I think he might have had tourettes, perhaps, from the way he'd start swearing at nobody in particular, and people that knew of him would have known that he'd swear at nothing just as soon as he'd swear at people nearby. Might not have been swearing at them even, just, well, being a vulgar little git.

    Guy was the epitome of 'steptoe' in the sitcom steptoe and son-an Ambulant lump of gristle and coagulated profanity, looked like what you might obtained if one used liquid nitrogen to condense a dewar full of morning-after flatulence from every greasy arab-run donner kebab shop, every prawn curry and every meatball hoagie and every pet cat or dog's fish-based catfood and any dogfood based fart passed in six months in the UK, distilled it down to the 5% foulest, most rancid, oleaginous, wallpaper-stripperesque corrosive stinkers and frozen that with liquid He around a stick, to create something shaped like an ice cream but more like a cacodyl version of a jagerbomb floated in a pint of pus and fermented urine in practice, served in a cryogenically shock-frozen cut-out rectum with a cork superglued in the sphincter to create an arse-based meat-tankard.

    But he really didn't deserve the way he was hounded by that pack of jackals, to have stones and bricks thrown at him and his house. Or to get battered to death. IIRC he was stabbed as well to finish him off although I'm not 100% on that. Told to fuck off right back at him sure, when he was gobbing off and shouting 'OI! OI!' at passersby. But not beaten to death and AFAIK shanked after years of persecution. Nobody ever got prosecuted for it either, those who know, obviously kept their mouths shut, and if there were any witnesses they either didn't come forth or were silenced. I know the group I very strongly suspect did it, but all I'd have to back it is the accusation based on the way they treated him in the past. Nothing to prove it, as I wasn't there. But I've got my suspicions. And I owe several of them a broken bottle or a sock full of rocks and gravel in the face. Given one of them a battering but not yet seen all of them again in a position where I can take them on in ones and twoes (not for an unfoundable accusation, but because the same cockeaters left ME with a crippled knee and bad hips by my late teens, so I do have a valid personal reason to introduce their teeth to a pair of pliers)

    As for you serifan, 'probably never amount to anything, making me a worthless piece of shit', sorry but I already have. I'm a self-employed chemist, and in the past have been selfemployed making guitar parts, turning out the parts for truss rods for guitar and bass necks on the lathe, brazing them together etc. and selling them in batches to a guitar maker, to supplement the disability income (which contrary to what they claim is what the law says someone needs to live on, amounts to way, way less than would take to rent a place, less than it would be to run a car if I could drive (I can't, for health reasons, seizures rule that out, before you ascribe that to some imaginary fault of mine), and wouldn't pay bills either. You couldn't do any ONE of those things, its about enough to pay for food, but thats it, and simply eating and shitting what you eat out after isn't living, it would be maintaining biological function, not living)

    But I'm an autodidact who taught themselves their scientific skills and I'd say, whilst surely there are those better at it than I, I am nowhere close to being the worst at it either. Run my own lab, thats kitted out with equipment worth a good many thousands of pounds and since I am my own boss I can have free choice in what I work on, no constraints in that sense which is good.

    And no oversight either, which is even better. My overheads are low, in that a chemist can start with more basic supplies and use them to create far more valuable and costly items for those willing to pay for them, and where precursors available by the kilogram at tens to hundreds of quid per kg can be used to make the refined end products at that per gram, tens of grams, 100s of grams etc. could go for hundreds for a couple of grams, for fine chemicals, especially for things like catalysts and for biologically active compounds.

    And 'spastic'? fuck the whore that shit your mongrel mother out of Tartarus 6-7 months after her anal gangrape. First of all, I'm nothing of the kind. And more importantly, those who are mentally retarded, they have the right not to be written off, not to be demeaned as garbage, or to have their beings and name used by the likes of some jumped up neurotypical POS like you to insult people by comparison. People with MR are just that.

    PEOPLE, who deserve dignity, compassion, and for those who seek it, and find it, are entitled just as much as I am to receive friendship, love, passion and kindness. Not to be viewed as if they were the real world equivalent of the ghouls of the fallout series. You aren't fit to lick dog shit off my boots if I get the soles covered in it as a result of kicking you in the face, so what the fuck makes you think you are better than those with MR? hell, there are MR ex g/f's of mine who would gladly knock you into the stone age where you belong. Or the early chalcolithic, if you got lucky, if they were to hear you speak like that. Assuming I wasn't there at the time to hear it of course. Because that would get you far, far worse than they'd mete out.

    And if you didn't know (which is probable IMO, especially considering what a smug, thick skulled sack of dog waste you have proven to be so far), there are plenty auties, aspies who would view you in the exact same light, just because you're an NT. I might not be one of the more rabid autistic supremacists who thinks they are better than you as some piece of neurotypical trash. They give the rest of us a bad name. But you are a piece of trash and I'm certainly both autistic and unlike you, not a subhuman mound of dung who needs to be raped, killed and raped again. But not because you are an NT, its because you are a knuckledragging mouth-breather who lacks the intellect to breathe and shit at the same time, and who makes the ideal poster manchild for legalizing retrospective post-natal abortions. ,
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    Feb 16, 2018
    This is the greatest post I've ever read.