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  1. Strigoi

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    Jan 21, 2014
    I know it sounds stupid, but I just had the idea, and I just want to see your guys' ideas
    Basically think of a post-apocalyptic civilization to that of NCR, Caesars Legion, BoS, or Enclave, hell you can make factions based on them (Considering the Legion is going to get balkanized, the Enclave DoA, and the BoS branches split off), and just post it. It can be anything really, small or big, worshipping old world values or odd new ones. I just want to see your idea of a faction in a Fallout universe

    I suppose I need a character sheet
    Faction name:
    Leader (Or what his/her title is called):
    Location & Capital:
    Religion (?):
    Technology (?):
    Currency (?):
    How nation was started, etc:
  2. Strigoi

    Strigoi First time out of the vault

    Jan 21, 2014
    Okay.. No one is doing this...
  3. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Meh, don't take it to hard, not everyone is into creating fan fiction.

    Check out my Fallout Texas description in the RPG forum, I have introduced at least three or four new 'nations', even if I have not gotten all the details down yet; the Lone Star Confederacy, the System, San Antonio, and I guess whatever has risen up in Fort Worth-Dallas and is being controlled by the Angels of the Apocalypse.
  4. Cave Bear

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    Apr 20, 2013
    Meh. I'll bite.

    Faction Name: The Colony
    Leader: Major Tom (a lost astronaut ghoulified by cosmic radiation)
    Location: A half-finished Enclave base on the moon.
    Ideology: To bring more ghouls to the moon and expand their nation across the lunar surface
    Religion: The faith of the newly arrived Bright Brotherhood
    Technology: Old space-age technology developed by REPCONN aerospace and the Enclave.

    Additional Notes: Ghouls created by cosmic radiation in a low gravity environment tend to be smaller and frailer than normal ghouls. They also have gray skin, large heads, and black spheres for eyes. If you ask them about flying saucers and the space aliens from Mothership Zeta they will look at you with befuddlement and dismiss the stories as myths and hoaxes.
  5. DarkCorp

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    Oct 27, 2003
    Name: Followers of Ludd.

    Leader: Adam Dullwred (phonetically pronounced as Dullard)

    Location: Multiple bases of operation, primarily underground habitats akin to Metro 2033 or cavern complexes.

    Ideology: Despite their name, they don't hate all technology per say. However, they would technically be considered the opposite of the BoS. They make use of knowledge that would help humanity but control it so that humans don't allow said knowledge to spiral out of control, resulting in technologies they deem contributes to human laziness, creation of WMDs, sheeple, big brother surveillance, nuclear power, etc.

    Religion: Any faith that does not directly contradict the ideaology or common sense is accepted.

    Technology: Best description would be whatever they could find that is allowed by their ideology.

    Government: Very small but best described as a council where membership is based on merit.
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  6. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
    I would make a faction by my model

    Faction name:The Commonwealth of Gulf
    Leader: ???
    Ideology: ???
    Government:Single federal state
    Technology level:3(Level 3 means medium technology,ranged from regular rifles like ak-47 scorpio to heavy guns like M249 SAW and M1 Browning)
    Military power:30000 Soldiers,500 tanks,5 airplanes ,378 cars(hummers,scout,buggys)
    Industry(the hard industry means the mining,tank creating,the easy industry means Wheat,clothes):Easy industry
    Minorities:Ghouls(0.58%),Super Mutants(0.24%)
    Farming:Cattle Farms,Pig Farms,Bird Farms
    People:2.329.100 million
    Enemies:BOS of midwest.
    Surface area:345.000 km2
    Settlement area:Florida,Georgia...
    Capital: Vault Of The Commonwealth(2530 people)
    Large post-war towns: Dubceka(5400 ppl),Saraceni(15000),Saint Germaine(5300),Saint Theo(11000)
    Post-war towns variations:Small to Medium(450-4500)

    Description(Desc.):etc etc...
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  7. BigBoss

    BigBoss Your Local Scrub

    Dec 24, 2012
  8. BigBoss

    BigBoss Your Local Scrub

    Dec 24, 2012
    You do that through factbooks. You write it down and detail your nation.

    This is MY nation.

    Here are the factbooks, though some of them are incomplete.
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    Aug 26, 2012
    Pretty sure you can't close a thread. Plus, why are you mad? You tried to troll someone and got banned. Not every site is willing to put up with someones crap, especially someone who is a noob there.
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    Feb 18, 2014
    The above commentary sounds like the rantings of a crack addict, and at the very least it's incredibly boring. No one honestly cares that you were banned from Nation States for being a jackass and frankly, the fact that you had to go back there to troll, shows either you're an immature child or an idiot.
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    Both, most likely. I like your avatar btw, where'd you get it? I like retro/propaganda posters
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    I thought you were more mature than creating a whole new ACCOUNT just to insult me via PM. If you think that I can not identify an actual new user, and a copy, then you're an idiot.

    Funny how you call your self "abdullah" in your signature after that last sentence.
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    The guy who's been on this site literally a month longer than I, and far less active calls me noob because that makes sense. And it doesn't matter what type of game it is, if you are new, you are a noob. That's how it works. You pass that word around awful lot, yet you don't seem to know what it means. Btw I never even insinuated that you were an idiot, but if the shoe fits...
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I've never been a fan of forums who use "post count peking order". It seems like a good idea at first because you expect the post count indicates experience, but that falls apart when you get situations like this:

    "2237 Post" User: OMG, that movie waz horrible, i waz going 2 vomit!!!!111!!!
    "652 Post" User: I dunno, the characters were pretty likable and the story could've been better if it was reworked.
    "2237 Post" User: OMFG, shut up n00b!!!111
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    I understand where you're coming from. But I was referring to the join date, not the post count. I view the post count as more of a way to see how active someone is in the community. Also, this thread has gotten miles off topic now.
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    Must've misread that, my bad. But still, I think being a noob should work by how much info you know rather than how long you've been active.

    It has unfortunately. It's like dominoes, a small problem causes a huge impact. :wink:
  17. Warhawk

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    Aug 14, 2014
    Sucks to see this one get derailed...

    A Fallout nation I'd like to see would have to be the New Church from that Hearts of Iron mod called "Fallout's Doomsday." Long story short:

    Faction name: "The New Church"
    Leader (Or what his/her title is called): Head Father
    Location & Capital: Austin Texas, the "Austin Vault" which was supplemented by a bunch of basements
    Ideology: Exaggerated 1950's Religious Theocracy centering on "the judgment of the bomb"
    Religion: A contorted form of Christianity, one which condemns witchcraft and wizardry as often as it ascribes miracles to common wasteland hijinks
    Technology: Backwards farmhands, heavily agrarian but with plenty of boomsticks
    Currency: N/A, might as well have everything go to an Alms house
    How nation was started, etc: A bunch of hyper-religious people are put into a vault beneath Austin, Texas in order to observe the effects Armageddon would have on them. Contrary to expectations, their fervor does not lead to mass suicide and/or blind hysteria, but a dramatic proselytizing crusade at gunpoint upon emerging from the vault. They are rapidly supplemented by similar farmhands and country folk who survived in the wastes, however many of these have been mutated or affected in some way. Things like telepathy, telekinesis, and a host of other Fallout-esque elements such as hypertechnology next to backhoes and pick-axes sends these religious zealots reeling, one minute burning ghouls at the stake, the next calling it a new form of stigmata.

    Not an original idea of mine, but you gotta give that author some credit. You don't see a lot of "country folk" living to the present day, just burned down animal farms and the like.
  18. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
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  19. Izak

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    Jan 29, 2016
    Faction name: The Historians
    Leader (Or what his/her title is called): Keeper "Insert Name Here"
    Location & Capital: Arkansas and Louisiana, Onyx cave
    Ideology: The keeping of all knowledge so that it may be applied to future situations and the tracking of the reemerging city states and empires within the American Midwest/West, they're basically brotherhood scribes but they send emissaries to groups to record their history and, try to stay neutral at all costs.
    Religion (?): A loose mixture of all major religions.
    Technology (?): Tech kept and maintained from the Police raid of 2077, whatever Henson brought with him and whatever the Historians scouts had salvaged.
    Currency (?): Barter system, trading valuable lost knowledge for supplies
    How nation was started, etc: A paranoid man named David Henson was convinced that Nuclear war was inevitable, he began hording valuable technology/books/terminal entries and hiding them away within the Onyx caverns. After declaring the caverns his own territory he had a brief standoff with local police which ended when America was obliterated, the forces and equipment which had been amassed by the police quickly retreated within the cavern where they began a small but well armed faction that would preserve the knowledge of the old world and store the history of the new one.
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  20. Classy Lizard

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    Jan 30, 2016
    Democracy of Deathclaws (DoD)
    Religion: Disciples of The Master. A religion that heavily worships The Master as he refined all Deathclaws. Their views on him have changed, from him being a cold heartless creature who wanted world domination into a more caring creature who wanted the best for their race. Other important figures in it include Goris, as he had a telepathic connection with other Deathclaws. He is seen as a Jesus like figure. Two other important figures are The Vault Dweller and The Chosen One, the ladder seen as a Peter like figure to Goris, and the former being seen as their Devil since he attacked their god (They do not know that The Chosen One and The Vault Dweller are related) and unbeknownst to them that he killed him. Super Mutants are highly respected since they also played a major role in their religion. Many Deathclaws do not completely agree with the Disciples of The Master, and are agnostic or Athiestic

    Leader: Uraihn Laydectus (Oo-Ray-Hn Lay-Deck-Tus), a Prime Minister of a sorts

    Ideology: The Improvement of all Deathclaws around the Wasteland. They look at Less smart Deathclaws with pity, and commonly try to take them in to slowly change them into more Intelligent creatures. Dislike of humans is common as they dominate the Wasteland and have a very shoot to kill attitudes towards them.

    History: Not all Intelligent Deathclaws were killed by The Enclave. Survivors were able to escape and retreated to a place where no one would hurt them, Mariposa Military Base. There they uncovered documents about how the Master refined them, and from these documents started a Religion Based around him. After some years living around the Base they left. They ended up settling around Northern Washington State and Southern Canada. There they spend most of their time building Settlements and repopulating. Groups are sometimes sent down South to try and get Deathclaws to join them. Re-population has been surprisingly fast, with each generation being just as or more smart as the last. They have amassed a population of 637 in the last consensus.

    So, there it is. Ask me anything about them and I'd be happy to try and come up with a believable answer. I've always found the idea of a entire Faction based around Intelligent Deathclaws cool.