Fakenews website Screenrant lies about Fallout

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    The hilarity of the claim that turn based is outdated is that down the line games like Persona 5 and Dragon Quest 11 were released to great financial and critical success.

    And of course the journalists sucked those games's dicks so hard that it reached the point of hilairity, proving that "gaming journos" are just retarded trend chasers when they aren't being contrarians for the sake of getting clicks to their "controversial" articles.
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    Was just thinking about this yesterday. The Japanese market has still built some of its most popular franchises around mechanics (and aesthetics) that the western AAA industry has either abandoned or never explored. Dragon Quest is still a pop culture phenomenon on its own. Weird to think about that disconnect, considering that the entire console gaming industry was imported from Japan when it took off.
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    It's not only the Japanese games.

    My Steam Top-Sellers page, tells me that an Early Access game released 6 month ago with only Act 1 out of 3, and has a level cap of 4 (in the Early Access version) is the 20th top selling game. And to make things more hilarious, this game is the first in a popular series to have turn-based combat, the previous games had RTwP.

    The game is Baldur's Gate 3 (obviously).

    This leads to hilarious articles like this:
    It sucks that Baldur's Gate 3 is turn-based
    And avoid the comment section, unless you want to suffer.

    At the bottom of that article, there's a twitter poll from last year, named "Let's settle this". Where people voted for Real-time with pause vs Turn-based.
    With 33,337 votes total, we got 53.6% for Turn-based against 46.4% for Real-time with pause. So there's hope yet
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    Apr 7, 2017
    At least turn based won the poll.

    I will add another hilarity of claiming RtwP is more "strategic" than TB (according to a comment) when RTwP literally allows you to stop the game, look at everything that is happening and make decisions while the opponent can do jack and shit. RTwP might as well be turn based given how often people pause the screen to micromanage everything.

    Also, turn based is only slow when the devs make it slow. There are turn based games with well paced encounters, like there are slow RTwP games.
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    Yep, and not to mention how RTwP games sometimes just decide to throw a fuckton of trash mobs at you in late game areas. I guess because they don't have to stop the game and take turns. Annoying.
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    real time with pause only makes sense if you have a lot of A.I. making decisions etc. But when you have just a few A.I. making decisions take Civilization vs Europa Universalis IV for example. Turn based makes the most sense. But when you have many nations like in Eu4 it would be a slog honestly to wait for each and everyone to "Wait their turn" granted there are downsides to doing real-time with pause over turn based in other games.

    This is why I think real time with pause works for some games better then others and other games may very well benefit more from being turn based.
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    I think the NMA ranking has some credit. I think having some dedicated hero compose the total by reading people's opinions and personally surveying them so you could give a general blurb (I.e general sentiments agreed that whilst Fallout 2 had this, NV had this, however etc etc) and also throw a bone to the odd few who will champion positive elements of the later games just so it's not the predictable outcome we'd all guess just from the title, and without much elaboration.

    However to curtail autistic essayists like myself, I'd put like a 250 word cap on your thoughts on each game.
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    my video response :P
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    Yeah I bet they haven't even played the original 2 those bastards probably 76 and mean they're just scared of Fallout 1 and 2s dark and brutal atmosphere. You can't compare them to modern games either because they were made in the late 90s and Bethesda trashed story and Happy go lucky ones were made in the late 2000s and 2010s I mean games have changed since then these are not first person shooters these are RPGs with stories and quests not a fucking OH SHOOT EM UP to play the new games stories are shit! I don't want a bland side quests and do nothing all day I want to explore towns and help them Save the fucking wasteland not "Find my son, or dad" JESUS why is it hard to have a good story like the old ones have factions that really scare the shit out of me places to explore that are not just one huge market place I want to explore the wasteland with its dark environment not OH SHIT THERES A RADROACH WELP IM JUST GONNA IGNORE HIM oh wow! power armor this early! AND A MINI GUN? New Vegas right direction fallout 4 right gameplay mechanics JUST WTF WITH the story 76 is just bugs eating the shit out of the game.