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  1. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Base game.
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  2. JunjiItosGio

    JunjiItosGio Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 29, 2020
    I'll throw my hat in this thread. In 2022, I watched the movie Six-String Samurai, a movie that came out n 1998 (one year after the release of Fallout 1, and the same year as Fallout 2's release) about an alternate history 1990s where World War III blew the world up in 1957.

    Russia took over the remains of America, except for the mystical city of "Lost Vegas" where Elvis Presley was crowned King. It is the last bastion of America and the land of rock n' roll. In the 90s however, Elvis dies, and Lost Vegas is in need of a new king. Enter Buddy, a parody of rock n' roll legend Buddy Holly, and the titular Six-String Samurai. A katana in hand and a six-string Hollowbody guitar on his back, he wanders the wastes of the Mojave headed for Vegas, followed closely by an orphaned boy he saved along the way and a band of killers lead by Death, a shadowy villain parody of Slash from Guns N' Roses who's goal is to take over Vegas and replace rock n' roll with heavy metal. The movie is very amateur, and if not for the film company putting the entirety of the movie free on YouTube would be extremely hard to find. It's a loose parody of The Wizard of Oz and doesn't try to take itself serious, it's just a fun experience. Had it not been for the movie coming out in the same year as Fallout 2, I would have believed this movie was inspired by the games. There's even a city in the movie called Fallout, Nevada, but I don't think Fallout 1 was even out during it's production. However, I can 100% say that the Fallout team has acknowledged this movie's existence in New Vegas itself as there's an achievement called New Vegas Samurai that's unlocked when you get 100 melee kills. Here is the Fallout Boy icon of the achievement:

    I personally loved the film and so after watching the movie I decided to play it. Sadly, I didn't finish the playthrough, so at the end of my story I'll detail what I would have done had I finished it.

    I'll be writing this recap of my playthrough mostly in character, interjecting my story with "[ ]" if I have commentary.

    So the game starts and my courier, Buddy, is given a SPECIAL that favors strength and agility as I'll be doing a melee only run. [With the help of an awesome little mod] I set out over to my shallow grave in the cemetery to don my gear, my mission: to find who shot me, and crash his gig. I talk to Sunny who teaches me to shoot bottles and asks me to clear some geckos from their water source. Upon returning I hear Joe Cobb threaten the town if they don't hand over a merchant who defended himself from attack. I'll need some money on my Yellow Brick Road journey to Vegas, so I head over to Ringo and offer him my help for a fee. He can't offer me an immediate reward, but a corporation as big as the Crimson Caravan owing me a debt is a worthy investment. I get the help of Sunny, and that's all I need. When the town is ambushed, I slice up the gangers with the help of Sunny who almost didn't make it and Ringo who stole my kill on Joe Cobb. Town loves me, and I leave a hero.

    In Primm, I help Deputy Beagle escape the Bison Steve in exchange for information about my attackers, and head off back on the road. The town will manage without me, and I have more important things to do. On the road, I am accosted by Vipers at the police station and the near Nipton. They get me pretty good, but they fall to my sword. [I should mention, I'm also running this mod on my Pip-Boy radio, which just makes this playthrough so much fun.] In Nipton, I meet Vulpes who tells me to spread the word of the fate of the town. Thinking it's probably best I let the NCR know, I head over to the Outpost and inform them. Not a fan of the Legion, they wanna cramp New Vegas' style. Then I make the long dangerous journey to Novac [where I admittedly die a couple times to the fucking crazy Bright Followers with energy weapons as I'm running the JSawyer mod]. When I make it to Novac, I rent a room and go to the store to sell the weapons and ammo I've collected from my enemies and get some medical supplies, then meet Boone who wants me to ask around town and fish out who killed his wife. I sleep, and the next morning ask around about both Boones wife and my attackers. First is Manny, who has information I need but wants me to do a quest before he'll tell me about my attacker. He was a member of the Khans, the gang who attacked me, so he must have some useful information. I'm not interested in doing something his lazy ass could do himself though, so I break into his house while he's on duty and get what I need from his terminal. I'll help Boone get his answer, but after that, I'm outta here. I ask No-Bark about it and he talks about something fishy going down in the hotel check-in. I talk to the lady who sold me my room and she gives off weird vibes, so I wait until night to pickpocket the locker with help from a skill mag and find the evidence I need. I tell her to head to the dino, and give Boone a clear shot to dome her. After I give him the proof, he thanks me and I head off.

    On my way to Benny in Vegas, I stop at Boulder City for a drink. It's there I find out some Khans are holed in and surrounded, and have taken hostages. I ask the NCR soldierboy to let me talk to them, and with no other options, he lets me through in a desperate measure. There I find Jessup, one of the Khans present during my attempted execution. He allows the NCR hostages to be let go in exchange for safe passage after I give him my word. He also gives me a lighter that belonged to Benny, who abandoned the Khans to the wolves here in Boulder City. Walking back to the NCR soldier, he's told he has orders to kill the trapped Khans regardless of my deal and is conflicted. I tell him to trust his instincts and make the right call, and he chooses to carry out his orders. I feel guilty knowing they'll die after promising them safe passage, even if one of them tried to kill me. It kills my wanderlust for power and revenge. Though New Vegas is on the horizon, I return to Novac where I now have permanent residence after the death of the lady landlord. If this is to be my new home, then I suppose it's for the best that I help the town out. I tell Manny to point me where to go, and then head for the Repconn facility.

    Repconn is filled with ghouls for me to dice up, and I meet the ghoul cult that I ran into on the way to Novac. One of them is a human named Chris, an idiot who thinks he's a ghoul. They ask me to clear out a basement full of "demons" [who absolutely rape me a few times] which I then do, allowing them to continue their mission to fly away on rockets. They need a few McGuffins which I get for them and everything is set for their launch. Chris finally gets it through his head that he's a human, and I point him to Novac where he can go be with his own people. I head upstairs and open the bay doors, allowing them all to fly off to who-knows-where. Novac is now safe from ghoul attacks, but what if Powder Gangers come to town? Or what if they attack the caravans who come here with supplies? I then think about how my focus on this Benny guy allowed me to abandon the town of Primm to the wolves. The NCR wasn't doing squat, and the people were living like animals holed up in the casino, the way those Khans were holed up at Boulder.

    I set back out for Primm, arriving to find the people still holed up in the casino. They need a sheriff and recommend either the NCR or a convict in the Powder Gang prison who was a sheriff before. The NCR isn't very reliable, so I elect to visit this convict ex-sheriff. Only problem is I don't think the fortress of Power Gangers will like me very much after killing their people in Goodsprings and on my journey to Vegas. I decide to disguise myself in their outfit and sneak into the prison at night using the Stealth Boy I collected from Joe Cobb all the way back in Goodsprings [there's an exploit I used to get into the prison without talking to Dawes where you essentially activate an outhouse outside the fence that teleports you to the inside of the prison to sit]. Heading into the building I sneak to Meyers and ask him if he'd like to be Primm's new sheriff. He agrees as long as it comes with an official NCR pardon as he's a man of morals still. Whatever. As I'm making my way out the prison, I'm sniffed out by Dawes who I have to kill. The prison is now alerted an I gotta get outta here. I high-tail it until I'm safe and clear back on the road. This time to the NCR outpost. When I get there I convince the Major that this guy is the real deal, an answer to Primm's problems and the NCR's lack of resources. He pardons Meyers and Primm now has a new sheriff in town. The townspeople can go back to their daily lives, safe and free of their captors.

    Helping Novac and Primm and seeing the change that one cat can do gives me a renewed wanderlust. Benny clearly had something planned with that shiny chip, and if it was worth killing me over it rather than just robbing me and setting up his own gang to be ambushed in Boulder, it must have more value than it's worth in platinum. With my suit back on, my guitar strapped on my back, and my sword in hand, I once again set off for Vegas. Only this time I'll take it slow and cool, and see if I can't do some other positive changing in the Mojave.

    It's here my playthrough was ended.

    Yeah it's anticlimactic, I factory reset my computer in order to get Windows 10 back and lost all my progress doing so. It was worth it in my opinion because really, FUCK Windows 11, but I didn't feel like starting this specific playthrough from the beginning. But so the story isn't completely abandoned, here's what I would do had I played to completion:

    -I would have strayed from town to town on my way back to Vegas, doing more side quests and playing the role of a rockin' good guy.

    -In Freeside, I would have done everything I could for the King, eventually using his favor to become a King myself. Fitting for the character I was playing.

    -I would probably have enough for the credit check by then, but if not, I would've probably done jobs for the Garett Twins, using speech rather than violence to get their money while also helping the Followers.

    -I decided early on to forgo the DLCs in this playthrough as it's irrelevant to my character.

    -I would have played as friendly with the NCR as I could, in the benefit of the Mojave itself and not them. This means only taking quests for them that would benefit the people of New Vegas and the towns of the Mojave, not them alone.

    -In Vegas, I would hear out Mister House and learn of Benny's plan for an Independent New Vegas. This is the route I'd go for.

    -I would try and help/settle all the faction's problems as best I could, using the NCR along the way while working with Yes Man in secret.

    -I would see an independent New Vegas, not leave it to the unreliable and power grubbing NCR, the bloodthirsty Legion, or in the hands of Mr. House (although House is my preferred ending).

    -The story would end with me as King and Vegas as my Kingdom, defending it from the threats outside as was the intention of Buddy in the movie.


    As for General Oliver at the Dam?...:

    "Float away, little butterfly. Just flutter away."
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  3. Proletären

    Proletären Vault Fossil
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Congratulations! And thank you for that extensive re-cap! Much appreciated.

    It's from the base game and I still remember that awesome feeling I had the first time I encountered it.

    You're a hero! I do that as well, of course.

    Glad you enjoyed it! I have never played for so long places got invaded. I would like to see that sometime even though it terrifies me.

    What ever floats your boat! Write more recaps like this and I'm more than happy. Also there's a questionnaire in the first post that you can select appropriate questions from and answer in the thread for each game you complete.

    Oh haven't heard about that I think! Thank you for the tip, sounds like a must watch! Sorry your play-through ended, but thank you for the recap! Give it another go!

    Onto my situation...

    I actually almost completed Klamath back in August but then I saw the notice about the fancy updated maps by .Pixote.. I installed them but extracted them in the wrong place I think. Then I reinstalled the game and had to do that horrible Temple of Trials again which put me off. The RPU installer had also managed to put the files in the wrong places without me knowing. I almost finished Klamath again last week but then I realised the bad installation and decided to do another reinstall.

    Anyway today I reinstalled Fallout 2, installed RPU and Fallout2Tweaks, the Talking Heads add-on and the various smaller mods by Lexx. I hope everything works now because this will be the third time I do the Temple of Trials, Arroyo and Klamath. Clearing the temple of every insect and then the rats in trapper town can be tedious at times. I'm looking forward to the Den now!

    I think I can squeeze in some 30 to 60 minutes a day now, let's hope so!
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  4. Proletären

    Proletären Vault Fossil
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Temple of Trials beaten for the third time! It was very tedious on my two previous runs back in August and October but this time I just flew through the temple in no time. I killed every ant and every scorpion without it feeling like a chore. It's nice to know it gets better if you just continue clearing the temple again and again.

    I'm on a speech build so I talked my way out of the end fight with Cameron (who is voiced now, using this mod).

    It would have been interesting to know about the pre-war history of the Temple. It looks too advanced to have been built by post-war tribals. No way they could have built that.

    It feels like Arroyo will be as fast and by now I know how to do Klamath in my sleep.
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  5. Gizmojunk

    Gizmojunk Antediluvian as Feck

    Nov 26, 2007
    Animal intelligence in Fallout 2 is such that almost any encounter can be walked away from. Not only do they lose a turn, but the PC can use Sneak to walk six+ hex distant and simply end combat.
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  6. Proletären

    Proletären Vault Fossil
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Klamath done! And I'm finally ready for the Den. No random encounters with either Kaga or Frank Horrigan yet.

    This time I managed to get the flint from Aunt Morlis in Arroyo for free. I don't use melee weapons but it's nice to sell the upgraded spear.

    I almost did a flawless Klamath run. I helped Torr with the Brahmins and told his mom, Ardin Buckner, about the Dunton Brothers dealings. I'm a bit annoyed you can't involve their mum Big Nose Sally in any way. Shouldn't you at least be able to talk to her about her sons or get a reaction from her if you've helped Mrs Ardin take care of them? The entire questline about the Brahmin could be made into more of a family feud I think. However I guess the developers wanted to keep things simple for the first town.

    This also annoys me, you are forced through dialogue to promise to not tell on them. That's the only option you get. Why aren't you offered more dialogue options? Like saying you will tell on them, threaten them, ask for a bribe or other. Not good.

    In Trapper Town you can get as much as 20+ in Outdoorsman from Slim if you pay 50$. I missed that opportunity and after you've started engaging the rats you will not be able to get that deal anymore. And after you have killed the Rat King you cannot talk to him at all, he just gives floating text. I would probably change this so that you can always ask him for training in Outdoorsman until you have taken it. However the Scout Handbook is pretty common so it's not that big of a deal, but would be nice. It's a good way to raise Outdoorsman by a lot early on and if you run with Gifted then every skillpoint counts.

    Another issue with Trapper Town is that when you have reached the Highwayman and taken the fuel cell controller you have to backtrack all the way through the underground to get back to the level exit. Why can't you just cut through the fence or climb it to get back out at the start of the level? A clever map designer could probably fix this. @.Pixote. as you are already updating the maps could you perhaps make it possible to use a rope or something from inside of the fence where the Highwayman is located? In Fallout: Nevada there were a lot of clever map features like that to save the player from unnecessary backtracking.

    Another nitpicking: the 350$ you give to Maida Buckner to free Sulik of his dept doesn't appear in her inventory so that you can trade it back. That's annoying.

    How can Xander Root grow down at the Rat Kings nest? Or is it a harvested root just lying there on the cave floor?

    Then there's the issue with the Fallout 2 into. I like the narration by Ron Pearlman, it's just as good as Fallout 1s and give you all the necessary background. It's even stated that humanity almost died out. The introduction to the GECK is also good and naturally there must be such a device as the GECK when you are going to repopulate the wastes. However I do not understand why the Enclave are shooting at the vault dwellers, aren't they precious pure bloods needed for some twisted purpose? Even if the reason isn't made clear you immediately start wondering who those guys are. People have probably answered this question elsewhere and it would be nice with a pinpoint.
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  7. Proletären

    Proletären Vault Fossil
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Den done!

    Finally a proper Fallout location with lots of things to do. It's riddled with drug addicts, criminals, slavers and a few decent folk. Perfect. I did the good guy route and helped everyone out. I love the first BoS encounter where you are given just a little info. But it feels very comforting that the BoS appears to know the grand schemes of things. It's well written.

    I forgot to bury Anna’s diary with her body, which annoys me. It sells for 5$ though.

    Another nice thing is the orphanage that you can help Mum set up. It makes you want to return to the Den after you're done there just to see how things turn out. There's also Fred and his lottery ticket. I remember when I helped him one of the first times I ever played Fallout 2 and was really caught by surprise when I returned later and he had gotten rich. Now, when you know how things turn out, it just becomes part of the meta gaming. To help him is an investment you do the get something back 6 months later.

    Is there a key to the locked door in Metzger's base that leads to his private room? Or do you have to pick the lock?

    Since I play a female char I should have just named her Buffy, then I would have been much better off. I don't care about the name anyway.
    A female Chosen One named Buffy can talk to Rebecca to receive a suit of metal armor, some stimpaks, a 10mm SMG and ammo, some grenades, and a flower. The conversation will only happen if the Chosen One is wearing at least leather armor.

    Some nitpickings again:

    Sulik wanted to find his sister and Vic the trader. But when you free Vic you can’t ask him about either Sulik nor his sister. And you get no additional dialogue with Sulik now that you have reached the Den. I freed Vic, obviously, and later I killed Metzger and freed all the slaves, some of them tribals, but I couldn't talk to any of them about Suliks sister. Later when I enter the world map I have Slaver Camp and Umbra Tribe there without anyone having told me about them. What have I missed?

    It felt very underwhelming having found both Vic and the Slavers, who Sulik told me about when I first met him in Klamath, and then you get no dialogue about it. Shouldn't you even be able to ask Metzger himself about Suliks sister?

    You can’t tell Great Ananias about the Ghost after you have helped Anna get peace. He lives next door and it was he who told you about the ghost from the beginning and how he keeps the door looked to that side of the house. In regards to the ghost. Tim Cain recently said he didn't like ghosts in Fallout and Annas ghost have been a topic of debate for decades. Why not just rewrite the quest so that it involves the same persons and events but without a ghost? Joey killed Anna and someone isn't happy about it, maybe a sister or a parent. Then you solve it, find Annas body and arrange a proper funeral.

    No one in Klamath reacts to Vics presence when you return there with him. Not even Jenny even though she was his favourite and mentioned Vic earlier.

    Anyway the Den is a nice location but I don't know where to go next. As I said I suddenly have the Slaver camp and Umbra Tribe on my map without anyone having told me about them. Should I check them out before I go to Reno? Or should I take Vault City first? Then I will get the car sooner... And where's Redding?

    Also I've seen Frank Horrigan now and it was great.
  8. Iprovidelittlepianos

    Iprovidelittlepianos Vault Dweller

    May 12, 2020
    When you free the slaves and talk to them one of them should tell you about the Slaver Camp. Talking to Sulik about his tribe should give you the location to Umbra Tribe.
    Technically you can. Ask him about his merchandise, and with enough Speech you can ask him if he has any other slaves. He’ll tell you about the Slaver Camp. Sulik’s sister is never mentioned but it’s implied that that’s who you’re after, as you can’t buy any slaves anyway (other than Vic I guess).
  9. Proletären

    Proletären Vault Fossil
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Thanks! It's difficult to keep track of everything.

    I loaded some earlier saves and Sulik must have given me the location of his tribe when I first talked to him in Klamath. Then I had asked Metzger about buying slaves and then he gave me the location of the Slaver camp. So that's must be why the freed slaves didn't talk about it.

    However I still wish there were some dialogue with Sulik about finding his sister upon reaching the Den and finding Vic.

    When I loaded an earlier save now I slept with Metzger to get the price down for him to let Vic go. If you do that then you are brought to his room and left there after he has finished. And then you can loot it. I don't feel like replaying from there so I have to open that room some other way. No key to be found.

    e: Metzgers room has a Guns and Bullets in a shelf and then 200$ in his safe. Not that much of a deal.

    e2: If you go from the Den to Vault City you will find Modoc on your way and if you go to New Reno you will find Redding. Previously I have always done Redding and New Reno first but this time I'm tempted to do Modoc first and then Vault City. Let New Reno wait.

    e3: I couldn't stop Sulik from killing Kaga on my first encounter with him. How much content did I miss? Should I load an earlier save and try to keep Kaga alive? Didn't get much XP for having him killed either.

    I shot him repeatedly in the eyes, getting criticals and blinded him. And then Sulik managed to cripple his legs so that he became sort of immobile and couldn't flee. Then Sulik just kept hammering him until he died. Vic killed the others.
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