Fallout 3 GotY: EMA Best RPG, PC Gamer #1

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    Just picking up some of the bigger GotY awards. Fallout 3 won Game of the Year, RPG of the Year and best ammo (teddy bear) from PC Gamer.<blockquote>From the first time the Vault door rolls open to your initial encounter with a 15-foot-tall mutated monster with eight-inch claws to a climactic ending battle that we won’t spoil for you here, Fallout 3 is a game you can’t possibly experience by playing just once. It’s all of these memorable moments - just a few of which are captured right here - that put Fallout 3 ahead by a nose in the tough competition for this year’s PC Gamer Game of the Year Award. In an effort to give them huge egos, we asked Bethesda’s Lead Producer Todd Howard and Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo what they hope that other game developers learn from the success of Fallout 3.

    “Great ideas never die. It didn’t matter that Fallout was a series that was silent for 10 years. The world and core mechanics of Fallout 1 are so inherently awesome that they deserved to be done again, but in a new way. So much of reinventing something again is the presentation. Read old game reviews and see how the audience responded at the time, and find a way to make that happen again. Don’t let anyone tell you ‘People no longer like that.’ What I wouldn’t give to see X-Wing or Wing Commander reborn again. Hmmmm.” - Todd Howard</blockquote>Lessons learned: you can freely take an IP, turn it into something unrecognizable and the media will lap it up.

    Entertainment Merchants Association decided GTA IV beats Fallout 3, but the game did pick up best RPG/Strategy.
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    *Bullshit Corporate Doublespeak Alert*

    Seriously, it was so awesome it needed to be skullfucked into Oblivion?
    Or do you just lack the acumen to design a game any differently than your watered-down McRPG formula, despite the "inherent awesomeness of the core mechanics" which you seem wholly oblivious to?
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    Yeah, well gaming journalism as a whole has generally gotten worse and worse, to the point that alot of magazines and websites are little more than advertising. I was not too sad to see one magazine go the way of the dodo in recent months.

    On the other hand, sadly Fallout 3 was the best thing to come out last year. 2008 saw a lot of crap come out. GTA4 was generally ruined by the changes they made in the feel of the setting. The free wheeling chaos was just gone. Spore was a letdown in general. The best part of that whole game was the creature editor and that was free to download. And Dead Space did nothing but blatantly rip off System Shock 2, Resident Evil 4, and Doom 3. And it didn't even rip them off well. Other issues aside, you could predict with almost 100% accuracy whenever a monster would attack you or burst from an air vent, killing the suspense.
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    yeah, because just having a throwing skill wasn't enough.

    you have to have the ZuperAwesomeMatic3001HighSciFiCraptastic Rock-It Launcher to throw teddy bears around.
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    Yes, 2008 was a really poor year for gaming, but it wasn't that poor. GTA IV was massively overhyped, but it was still a great game, and while shitty porting makes me understand why PC Gamer wouldn't make it GotY there's no way you can defend that Fallout 3 is a better game than GTA IV.
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    Reviews like this?

    The character creation system in Fallout is fascinatingly complex...
    Every single choice you make has a consequence, both positive and negative, on your character's overall makeup...
    The subtlety in the interactions with other characters is astounding...
    This is one of those rare games that oozes quality from every pore. You get the impression that Tim Cain, the game's producer and lead programmer, really likes computer games, and he made sure that every element of the game is enjoyable.
    The game also features terrific voice acting performed by a cast of fairly big names...
    The game also features one of the best endings I've ever seen in a game...

    Yeah, you nailed it.
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    How in the hell did I miss that one? I must have roamed to a wrong side of the map during ending.
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    Going to have to disagree with a lot of you and agree with the GOTY awards.

    Fallout 3 definently was the best thing to come out this year.
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    Which only speaks for the bad shape the whole block buster game industry just is in at the moment if a game like Fallout 3 can easily become the "best RPG of the year". ... Kinda depressing.
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    Even if I had never played a Fallout game before I would say GTA and MGS4 were vastly superior games. People love to hate on GTAIV, often simply because they thought SA was the best GTA and people will criticize MGS4's lengthy cutscenes till the cows come home, but both of those games were better put together, more original, and just better games overall. MGS4 almost had as many rpg elements as Fallout 3, too.
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    Really? I disagree. My daughter was the best thing that came of last year (newborn). F03 is kinda like that new boyfriend she's dating, you don't like it but you have to accept it. Although if left up to you, you'd wrap your hands around his neck and choke the living fuck out of it. Wooo sorry.... Yup, shame it came out last year, because games like StarCraft 2 and Resident Evil 5 and some other exciting games coming upon on us would have swept FO3 under the proverbial rug.
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    Jun 18, 2007
    I dunno. I personally liked SA the best of all the GTA games. Yes, I did play all of them, but something about it made relish the fact that hey...you know what? Jet packs and FINALLY the choice to use Jet Planes!!!! (phuck ya!) Sold me.
    Btw, the storyline was good. Who would of thought your two best friends were traitors and murderers?
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    Avernum V and Geneforge V. Take your big budget games and shove it up yer cargo hold nimrods, I smoke my pipe while crawling yonder dungeon.
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    The new, Oblivion's way!
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    Good to know, I was afraid that I was enjoying L4D far more than this pathetic excuse for a sequel but I can always count on people like you, to remind me that I'm wrong and gaming journalists who don't know shit about gaming are right.
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    The climatic end boss with you, equipped merely with a plethora of weapons and the best armour in the game, against a man in a trenchcoat.
    You missed the most awesome 5 second end boss evah!
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    Jul 15, 2008
    I think they must be talking about the Liberty Prime scene. but it's only a battle if LP gets stuck, otherwise you hardly get to shoot anything.
  18. Alphadrop

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Yea I know, but it's hard to count a battle where you just hide behind a big robot thingie (seriously, how comes it doesen't fall over when it gets hit?) as a climatic fight.
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    MGS4, Little Big Planet, NHL 09, World of Goo, Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, and a multitude of other games were easily better than FO3 is almost every conceivable way.

    The fact of the matter is that FO3, for whatever reason (same reasons as Oblivion I guess) get's latched on to by the mainstream media, and hyped up into the stratosphere.

    Case in point: the reviews for the new DLC are nowhere near as good as the ones for the original game... perhaps now that the hype has died down a little, we're getting a more realistic view on FO3.
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    Tastes be tastes, guys. If Blargh liked Fallout 3 more than any other game, that's his deal. It's not his responsibility to explain why. Of course, journalists do have that responsibility, but they eschew it.