Fallout 76 - BoS makes their appearance

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    Yep, that was my mindset on Power Armor as well in FO1, only the BOS had working suits.

    The whole "power armor" training was inserted in from Fallout 3 to prevent the player from using it at the first third of the game when he would come across suits in GNR.
    In a way it makes sense to a degree that someone needs to be trained to use Power Armor but if everyone else outside the player can use Power Armor immediately once they are equipped with it I think it is more giving the player the middle finger because they can't until the game allows it.

    I know that NCR power armor had its servos removed so that it could be used by non trained personnel, at least that is the lore explanation.

    Still I think that in at least in West Coast and nearby places the NCR should eventually be the Power Armor using faction, fully working Power Armor armor.
    The BOS simply are played out as a faction in general. I don't hate them but the games I consider canon have made it clear that they are a faction in decline because of their own failing ideology and politics.
    Bethesda ignored all of that when they made Fallout 3 because they wanted to make the BOS the "cool" Power Armor wearing faction.
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    This isn't worth it's own thread so I figured I would post it in this worthless 76 thread.
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    Frankly, I don't think that's the direction the Brotherhood is moving in. Its their arc from FO2 to FNV, sure. But I think we're going elsewhere with them.

    I think the future of the Brotherhood is to disperse into multiple different groups. Think about it:

    1. We know from the Fallout New Vegas Official Guide (and honestly, good sense) that the Core Region is pretty much picked out when it comes to scavenging things and tech. The one big exception we know is Big Mt, which is somewhere in California - its where the Kingston Peak used to be, if I remember right.

    2. I think its logical to affirm that the Brotherhood has large popullation growth. For one, they have very good living conditions in general. Proper nutrition, exercise, pre-war tier healthcare, cybernetics. Also, we know from Veronica that the Brotherhood is big on natalism and general "making babies", because its their only source of growth. Which is why the Brotherhood is not big on homosexual relationships.

    3. It makes sense that the Brotherhood sends out expeditions outside the Core Region. Big population growth and not much to do in the Core Region. It is simply logical to send expeditions to obtain more technology elsewhere. We know they sent expeditions to the Mojave, Montana and D.C. The NCR has destroyed quite a few brotherhood bunkers so I suspect there's more Brotherhood scattered around that we haven't seen - say, other parts of Nevada, maybe Northern Cali, Oregon, etc.

    4. The assembled body of knights of a military or knightly order was also referred as a "chapter”. The Brotherhood has been using the term for a while now. You know where else a similar term exists? Why, in Warhammer 40K, used for the Adeptus Astartes chapters. We all know Fallout has a lot of WH40K DNA, nothing wrong with that. But the Chapters only came to the fore after the Horus Heresy, they used to be big legions.

    5. In WH40k, the "vanilla chapter/legion" was always the Ultramarines. They're the "generics", but deeper down, they are also the all-arounders, the versalite chapter that's able to adapt. The later foundings and other chapters from different legions are the different ones with weird flavour. Which is why people often say the Ultras are "boring", but that's not true. They have their place. If everyone is weird, no one is weird.

    6. What's my point here? Well, my point here is that Lost Hills = Ultramarines. The old school Brotherhood is the default template to apply on. Lyons' boys would't be different if the Lost Hills guys were just like them, same for Arthur Maxson's boys and the Chicago Boys. Its worth noting that both Lost Hills and Macragge changed with time and their founder's absence. Both forgot or sacralized their histories.

    7. Bethesda is revealing in F76 that the Brotherhood didn't use to be as isolationist as they became. He was open to outsiders and did all of it for their sake, it was his son and the others who were isolationists. Which gells with High Elder John Maxson saying that their last outsider recruit happened two decades before the Vault Dweller got in. Also, worth noting that the Brotherhood doesn't care much about the softer sciences, like history and psychology.

    So what's their future? I think their future is for the organization to disperse in general. Lost Hills will never archive primacy within the larger organization ever again. The Brotherhood will have many chapters spread through the wasteland, and each chapter will become its own thing, with its own specialties and quirks and their own doctrines. There will be classic techno-religious isolationists, feudal-fascistic conquerors who openly recruit outsiders, charitable knights that dislike mutants and synths, insane tecno-dictators, a chapter that is defacto part of another state (like the NCR), etc.

    So yeah, I think Bethesda is playing an interesting game here. They can have their cake and eat it, too. There will be Brotherhoods of all flavours now. Is the Brotherhood declining? Yes. Also, no. Of course, the question is if they can implement it right.
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    The BoS from Tactics rule the entire Midwest with a robot army and nothing anyone says can change my mind.
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    Yeah, refreshed my memory and it seems that you right - training introduced because PA in FO3 more readily available, while in original games there are just a few obtainable suits of PA (3 in FO1, 4 in FO2, with 1 of them on oil rig). The suit is described as an environmentally sealed protection system, hydraulically driven, with mechanisms operated by electric servomechanisms.

    NV lore (NCR cant use PA) still fits in - they stripped servos because they can't maintain them. IRL hydraulics are complex things - you need to replace fluid regularity (and with not just any oil) and filters to avoid contamination, watch for pressure and working temperature, use proper pumps and so on - not doing it properly can quickly ruin the mechanisms, especially miniaturized ones. So, Shi engineers might know it - they scientifically advanced enough, but NCR is not there. And since FO4 even crazy raider gangs learned complex procedures which not every modern factory worker knows about.
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    The question at this point is not if the Brotherhood can survive but more from perspective of world building and expanding the Fallout setting regarding if the Brotherhood should be used over and over again.
    They have become the default high tech faction outside any new antagonist organization or occasional neutral party, a recurring element that is expected to be inserted in every Fallout title.

    From a writing point of view they don't offer really any surprises any more for a player. Occasionally good, bad, or neutral like you suggest.

    It is not that there is something against the BOS going out and establishing chapters in other neighboring states, rather why do we have to see more chapters when there could also be new tech factions for the player to interact with that offer something new.

    I do like how the BOS are used in Fallout Sonora. As the plot is based on abandoned ideas for an earlier Fallout 2 and the Steel Plague ending in Fallout 1, this BOS chapter is more manipulative and amoral, using people and various groups such as raiders and slavers in Arizona and Mexico for their own goals, even support/establishing a religion as part of their long term goal to establish industry that produces energy cells and technology for the BOS)
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    Come on man! You don't want to see the Knights of the Round save the people of West Virginia from the bad guys?
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    You really want me to answer that one? (yes I know this is a rhetorical question)
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    It would be cool to see them go BAAAAM and PEEW PEWWW and then BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM against the Enclave in 76 just for the lulz. I want the Legion in West Virginia before they even exist.
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    And the Shi. Put the Shi there too. With spaceships.
    Then you can add the moon as a new playable area. With a secret chinese moon base, with a chinese version of Liberty Prime. They can use this giant robot in their war against the Zetans that also have a base on the moon. And then we find out that there's and ancient alien base buried under the moon, this base belongs to a different alien race (not zetan) and then we can also explore that as another new area. The ancient aliens are at war with the Dark Elves and the Illithids.
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    I'm just gonna leave this right here.
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    So was that supposed to be an official advertisement from Bethesda? It seemed like one of those fan-made lore videos
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    The whole Bethesda Fallout is fan made lore.
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    Man I always like how in 76 the Great War is barely noticeable

    Remember when Randall Clark spent years in a cave sponging condensation off the wall and eating mushrooms because fucking Zion Valley of all the remote places was too irradiated?

    Yeah, me too.
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    yeah i really enjoy 76 its pretty fun to play with my friends
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    I tried slogging through it with a friend of mine back in 2019 and we gave up eventually because the novelty of "It's so bad it's funny" ran off hard.

    Repeatedly running against a kill-wall of level 40 enemies as low-level twinks because a high level player accidentally ran through the area was funny the first time, third and fourth it started to get grating
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    Seems generous to call them fans though
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    This is pretty low budget though.
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    Some new official videos on BoS:

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    For better or worse?