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    Now Foxx I don't Like F4 probably as much as You do..
    But You need to understand that Nevada and Sonoora are only modifications to F2 they still use most of the assets and the engine which is *not* opensourced neigther by interplay/ black isles nor bethesda. so if You release a game that use their stuff in it you agree by default you can't charge cash for it.
    As for piracy i ment that whole F2 is released with Nevada's non 'Mod' version ( mainly in russian version it comes together with original fallout2's master.dat and critter.dat) in a way it is a standalone game not dependant on base Fallout 2 content. It can't be done this way in the western world.

    somply put You can't release stuff from fallout2 while independant form Fallout2 as it's aginst law in some countries.

    Frankly I'm not concerned about using pirated stuff. I'm more concerned however about quirks in local law..
    You see.. in my country it is not illegal to posess pirated .mp3s videos ant the like.. yet, however it is illegal for me to distribute it in any form paid or for free if it's pirated. The use of torrent involves not only downloading but also distribution of portions or whole of the product. Hence why when downloading pirated stuff from torrents I'm not only downloading but also giving it away to other people, and that's falling under the paragraph of distributing pirated stuff. In my country Internet ServiceProviders are obligated to strictly monitor all port traffic and suspicious behaviour. They are obligated to report such cases to authorities. So if they notice bittorrent.exe uploading shitloads of MB into the internet, they call police and I'd have an local equivalent of SWAT raid on my flat. Plowing through my apartament arresting me and putting me into jail for prison time. end of story...

    So You see, for me, it's mostly about torrent, rather than some moral code about using pirated stuff.

    You see If i download stuff via web browser i don't automaticaly distribute portions of downloaded file to other users and henceforth it looks to ISPs as normal web traffic (which it is) so they don't have anything to report on me to authorities, and everything ends fine.

    As for the independant release.. I don't care if it's breaking some piracy rules it's developer's problem not mine. It's the devs and their distributors that'll fall into trouble with bethesda if bethesda finds out.. I'm not breaking any laws i have Fallout 2 purchased on steam, gog, and old CD versions both US and UK, so I can basically show middle finger to pirate hunters, however downloading from torrents in my country is a risky operation because it's also distribution. and Distribution of pirated stuff where I live means Jail time.

    No hard feelings Foxx... but it's how it is where i live..
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    You know who to ask.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Maybe I haven't explained this properly...

    It used to be interplay and now bugthesda that owns the rights to the intelectual property of Fallout games. So by using the mapper, graphical assets, game mechanics and game engine without permission from *bugthesda* to make your own game you agree by default to make this a freeware or opensource. But Your product still cannot be a standalone product and *has to* require original copy of fallout2 to be installed on harddrive and your game must be dependant in some way from installed version of fallout 2 in order to not be considered pirated.

    As stated before I don't give a damn if it's pirated or not.

    Im more concearned however of the channel of distribution. Mainly torrents. As I can easily land in Jali if I download pirated stuff from torrents. Local Internet Servie Providers got it covered and they report to Police suspicious torrent activity (large amoutnts of data on ports other than default gaming ports and default browser ports). Internet Service Providers over here stash logs of internet usage, and briefly check it. if there's something wrong, Police knocks to your door and asks to lend them your hard drive for an *inspection* if they find pirated programs installed you go to court and than to jail. simply put.

    Other than that I see no point asking Pyran for permission, since Fo:Nevada is based on someone's elses work (namely Black Isles/ Interplay), and done without any permission from 'Fallout intelectual property' owners, it's eigther freware, opensource or it's a intelectual property theft otherwise. So I don't see a point in asking somebody for giving me a permission to play freeware or opensource game add-on. If this project is somehow *not* freeware or opensource and you don't want people to play it, than don't provide links to functional versions of it :p

    Up until now i figured that Fo:Nevada is freeware and anybody working on it did it as a volunteer. and I"m full of respect to that.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the way i see it.
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    Police don't give a shit about a modded version of Fallout, they won't waste their time...so be assured your safe. Bethesda also don't waste their time on small time modders, if they did they would simply send a cease and desist letter, which you have the right to wipe your arse with. After that if they want to spend bucks on lawyers that's their business. I haven't heard of a single case where Beth sued a modder for financial damages.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    As I said distributing standalone independant game based on Fallout 2 artwork and engine and mechanics *is* considered intelectual property theft as long as it is independant in any way from the base game.

    Also I don't give a fuck even if that's the case.

    the problem with me is as I said.. *torrent downloads* as couple of my neigbours already got busted for downloading stuff via torrent. As besides downloading You also upload portions of the progam to others via torrent download, and that is considered to be distribution. If You download pireted stuff from torrents Police also consideres you to distribute pirated stuff. and 'distribution of pirated content' get's one quickly into prison over where I live.

    So simply put if i download stuff (even pirated) from web browser nobody gives a fuck, since I don't distribute at the same time via browser download (and possesion of pirated stuff is not penalized overe here... yet). If it's a program Installed on One's computer that has been pirated than I don't exactly now how it's handled around here, however I'm 100% positive that torrent download of pirated stuff may sooner or later get you into trouble, at least my neighbours got into some after torrent downloads and we all use the same ISP, besides It's the law and those who keep in charge of it are picky about such cases.

    So In case You all wander.. Foxx's torrent downloads on nuclear city are a no-go for me, However Nevada Fixed Mod not only is not a torrent download, and laso depends on master.dat and critter.dat from Fallout2.

    So I've got my back covered using this version.
    I'm quite sure Foxx's Nevada Crazy Edition also follows the path of Nevada Fixed Mod that it depends on Fallout2's master.dat and critter.dat at least partially, which agin is fine by me.

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    Apr 22, 2012
    Maybe I haven't. I'm just saying that if you have a question about a build - updating sfall or whatnot, it's probably best to ask the one who uploaded it.
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    Oct 28, 2009

    Sorry, nevermind.

    I've asked about Sfall update in Crazy Edition thread as Foxx is the making and uploading it. However He said He already 'even forgot he made it'. So there's no point in scratching that.

    In case anyone doesn't know, 'Nevada Fixed Mod' in v2.0.3.2 uses outdated (v4.2.2 eXtended) sfall. The download of is from 24.Feb, and Sfall eXtended 4.2.3 was released prior to this date. So anyone intersted, simply downloading Mr.Stalin's sfall eXtended v4.2.3 and replacing Nevada Fixed Mod's ddraw.dll with the newer one, fixes a lot of things mainly video display with sfall mode 4 or 5. Perhaps Pyran could chimmie in about this, but let's not take his precious time, as He's probably doing something more important like a new nevada translation version or translating Sonora.
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    I don't think anyone will have/notice any problems playing Nevada with that outdated version unless they specifically look for them. Having new version will mostly work as a placebo, putting your mind at ease.
  9. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Perhaps You are not aware what's the difference between 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.

    This time the difference is noticable, as finally graphic mode 4 or 5 in sfall don't screw up colours in the movies. In 4.2.2 each time white colour is sepose to display, in a movie with sfall mode 4 or 5, it was replaced by black ( general issue since dx9 game mode was implemented into sfall). In 4.2.3 it is displayed correctly. So no more black sun in Resurrection, and no more black letters/glyphs in Fo:Nevada movies in mode=4 or mode=5.

    dx9 game mode is used in sfall mainly because it enables to set global shader and alternative music formats. which make falout games more immersive.
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    Playing alternative music formats doesn't require DX9 graphics mode.
  11. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    yeah.. I misttakened it up with video formats. As for global shader (at least the one for classic fallouts) it does it's job quite fine when it's enabled. Together with custom display settings for executables in graphic card software panel, (AMD & Nvidia software but not Intel or baseline M$ drivers for AMD & Nvidia), cause tremendous difference in image quality (at least for the game itself- not for the videos) at least to me


    Is by any chance somebody actively working on this or did development team mooved onto Sonora?
    found couple of problems:

    1.coudn't force blue pants dealer in hard rock las vegs map to record his confession ( no dialog line) and because of that i can't finish mayor's quest.

    2. There's no possibility to craft 7,62 ammo on ammo press (even the upgraded ammo press) in the fixed 'mod' (I remember it was possible in official 1.02HD), without this M-60 from Tibbith is extremely crippled as there's not enaugh ammo for M-60.

    3. bartender in hard rock says to pay back an absurd amount of $ for pizza delivery, although i had such an outrageus a sum, however it wasn't earned from the quest, only by gambling.
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    Jun 5, 2019
    Can you help me in my topic? (Fallout font ...)
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    Mar 16, 2017
    Yes, that's what I meant, you're right.
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    Oct 7, 2012

    I'm having trouble running the Fallout Nevada installer (latest version, as per 2020-04-07). Regardless of where I try to install the files--my C drive, D drive, the Fallout 2 game folder (I use the GoG version), inside Program Files or Program Files (x86), or without--I get a pop-up window called "Setup" saying "The path may be incorrect". This happens when I point the installer to a folder I have created. If I haven't created the folder beforehand, I get a pop-up window called "Folder does not exist" and it asks me if I want to create the folder. When I answer "Yes" I get the "Setup" window again which says the path is incorrect.

    I use Windows 7 (I know, I know...) and run the "Fallout Nevada Mod Us.exe" as an administrator. There was someone on Reddit who had the same issue, but it seems to magically have fixed itself--s/he did not know why it just worked all of a sudden.

    Any help with the issue is appreciated.
  15. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    You need to choose the folder where you have fallout2 installed for the mod installation (don't worry it won't overwrite your game. the mod will install itself in a subfolder) Just be sure that fallout2 is instaleed somwhere else than C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86) as it might cause problems.

    other than that Win 7 is out of it's lifecycle. Upgrade to win 10 asap. As far as I'm aware you still can do this legally and for free, it just requires some basic computer knowledge.
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    Oct 7, 2012
    Thank you for the answer! Hmm, it's very strange, I tried installing it my Fallout 2 folder, but that didn't work. Is it because I use the GoG version? I don't have a CD-ROM drive anymore, so I couldn't use the original disk. It isn't a problem, though, because I could run the Fallout Nevada installer on a portable USB drive, so I just installed it there instead (eventhough I didn't have Fallout 2 installed on it).

    I'm just happy I finally got to play it, because it's awesome! I'm having a grand old time playing it.
  17. Keyboard Gecko

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    Jan 15, 2018
    Have fun!
    I really hope that Pyran assembled the new version with the latest translation, because Uranium city is not something I was proud of)
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    Just started out with CE Nevada, last time I had the time to play the "vanilla game" I reached New Reno and RL kicked in, so might as well start it all over again; however, I don't remember finding any companions on my maiden run? Are there any followers available for recruitment in Nevada? The answer is probably yes, I assume, I'm just curios how many there are, since I didn't want to spoil myself by searching through the walkthrough or the wiki. Cheers!
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    No companions in Nevada. Crazy Edition adds a
    dog follower in Reno
  20. Violator

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    Jul 16, 2009
    What an odd design decision...RIP my hopes I guess. Althouh it is quite unorthodox for Fallout games I must say. Did the devs ever give an explanation why they've chosen not to include any? Is the same true for Sonora as well?