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  1. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    I am trying to understand which skill was used in HOOK_TOHIT and my head is spinning. Any help is appreciated.

    There is Attack Type parameters which tells from which hand weapon was used and which type of attack was used (primary/secondary/...). However, this does not completely answers the skill question. Is there a ways to understand which skill weapon uses for each attack type? I could not find any definitive indication of that in documentation, headers and Proto Manager. Someone already gave me hint to use weapon animation to try to deduce the type but this is pretty vague. Does vanilla engine is indeed trying to guess the skill this way?
    Also how to determine if secondary melee weapon attack is melee or thrown? Like spear can be thrown but sledgehammer cannot.
  2. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Yes, that's how the engine chooses skills as the tohit base when someone tries to attack.
    Check item_w_subtype procedure in gl_compute_damage example script in the modders pack for a partial logic.
  3. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    Not 100% sure I understand this, could be that [HRP's windowed mode and resize the window to smaller size during the gameplay] is exactly what I'm doing, or it is not...?

    Anyway, I checked with newest sfall (4.3.2). And I still crash. I'm not in window mode, in fact everything is pretty vanilla.
    But what I do is I adjust the screen setting in the game menu. Doing that and it crashes.
    It requires a new start to adjust.
    For example, I set hi-res on 800x600, start game, worldmap interface is small, I adjust to 1280x720 under options/screen settings, load a save/start new game and worldmap interface is still small.
    When I do it the other way round, it crashes.
    However, when I set “ExpandWorldMap=0” to 1, and hi-res to 800x600 before starting the game (exe), then it works fine [turns itself off], however, this cannot reset until I close and restart the exe.
    So this function seems to knock-out the option to use: “Options/Screen Settings” [as going above 890x720 (after it blocked itself) doesn't adjust, going below (after it enabled itself) and it crashes].
    Not sure this is the same thing you meant...
    but I'm not in window mode. Hi-Res is set to:
    ; Set WINDOWED=1 to enable windowed mode.
    And I'm not doing anything during game-play. I just use "Screen Settings" in the main menu. Which seems a "no-no" with “ExpandWorldMap”. As it seems to require to close and restart Fallout if wanting to cross the 890x720 barrier.
    Isn't this just an oversight? I'm not really sure, but doesn't changes in “Options/Screen Settings” trigger a new start of Fo2? I'm pretty sure Hi-Res says as much when doing that in the BiS Mapper. Not sure though.
  4. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    Awesome example! Thank you.

    Even though it is example for HOOK_COMBATDAMAGE and not HOOK_TOHIT I assume that hit_mode parameter in former is the same as Attack Type in latter. Let me try.
  5. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Example script code of how the engine determines which skill the weapon should use:
    procedure item_w_skill(variable weapon, variable hit_mode) begin
       variable attack_mode, skill := SKILL_UNARMED_COMBAT, dmg_type;
       if weapon and (hit_mode <= ATKTYPE_RWEP2) then begin
          attack_mode := get_proto_data(obj_pid(weapon), PROTO_IT_FLAGS);
          if (hit_mode == ATKTYPE_LWEP2) or (hit_mode == ATKTYPE_RWEP2) then
             attack_mode := (attack_mode bwand 0xF0) / 16; // shift 4 bits to the right
             attack_mode := (attack_mode bwand 0x0F);
          if (attack_mode > ATKMODE_PRI_THROW) then begin
             attack_mode := get_proto_data(obj_pid(weapon), PROTO_IT_FLAGS); // now check the item flags
             if (attack_mode bwand WEAPON_ENERGY) then begin // sfall flag
                skill := SKILL_ENERGY_WEAPONS;
             end else begin
                dmg_type := get_proto_data(obj_pid(weapon), PROTO_WP_DMG_TYPE);
                if (dmg_type != DMG_laser) and (dmg_type != DMG_plasma) and (dmg_type != DMG_electrical) then begin
                   if (attack_mode bwand WEAPON_BIGGUN) then begin
                      skill := SKILL_BIG_GUNS;
                   end else begin
                      skill := SKILL_SMALL_GUNS;
                end else begin
                   skill := SKILL_ENERGY_WEAPONS;
          end else if (attack_mode == ATKMODE_PRI_THROW) then begin
             skill := SKILL_THROWING;
          end else if (attack_mode > ATKMODE_PRI_KICK) then begin
             skill := SKILL_MELEE;
       return skill;
  6. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    Awesome example. Thank you again.
  7. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    Anybody knows how darkness affect ranged accuracy? I have seen somewhere it says -10% at 1 hex, -25% at 2, and -40% at 3 and farther. However, this seems to be related to the light dude emits. There is no other formulas as how it depends on darkness level, etc.
    I see this function "tile_light" returns lightness at the tile. So, I guess, this what is used to determine hit chance penalty for object on the tile but could not find any specifics.
  8. Timez

    Timez First time out of the vault

    Feb 12, 2019
    Another question about accuracy. Ugh. Sorry but all internet formulas are just wrong and incomplete.

    It seems that with PE >= 5 and for weapon long/scope range there is indeed a distance within which the accuracy does not change. Seems like a cap of some sort but I could not find any explanation of that phenomena. Anybody is aware of the matter? Thank you.
  9. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
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  10. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    Great stuff. I have read the whole procedure! If anyone is interested I can put it all in words somewhere on a wiki. Just don't know where.
  11. Mr.Stalin

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    Oct 29, 2015
    You can not do this, the exe must be patched when the game starts.
  12. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    Trying to introduce QoL change when lockpick skill accounts for lockpicks in inventory even if user didn't explicitly use them on object.

    First, let me know if this is already implemented by any mod or sfall. Seems to be a natural thing to try.

    Then, I see this code in game engine (obj_use_skill_on_):

    0049D0EB            mov     ebx, esi                  ; target
    0049D0ED            mov     edx, edi                  ; source
    0049D0EF            mov     eax, ecx                  ; src_sid
    0049D0F1            call    scr_set_objs_
    0049D0F6            mov     edx, ebp
    0049D0F8            mov     eax, ecx
    0049D0FA            call    scr_set_action_num_
    0049D0FF            mov     edx, use_skill_on_p_proc  ; proc
    0049D104            mov     eax, ecx                  ; sid
    0049D106            call    exec_script_proc_         ; use_skill_on_p_proc
    0049D10B            lea     edx, [esp+28h+buf]        ; outScript
    0049D10F            mov     eax, ecx                  ; result
    0049D111            call    scr_ptr_                  ; возврашает скриппт по его SID
    0049D116            cmp     eax, 0FFFFFFFFh
    0049D119            jz      short loc_49D135
    0049D11B            mov     ebx, [esp+28h+buf]
    0049D11F            mov     ebx, [ebx+Script.override] ; 1 = переопределить стандартное поведение объекта
    0049D122 loc_49D122:                                  ; obj_use_skill_on_+71j
    0049D122            test    ebx, ebx
    0049D124            jnz     short loc_49D133
    0049D126            mov     ebx, ebp                  ; skill
    0049D128            mov     edx, esi                  ; target
    0049D12A            mov     eax, edi                  ; source
    0049D12C            xor     ecx, ecx                  ; bonus
    0049D12E            call    skill_use_                ; HOOK_USESKILL
    0049D133 loc_49D133:                                  ; obj_use_skill_on_+ACj
    0049D133            xor     eax, eax
    Apparently it circumvents HOOK_USESKILL if there is a
    call in it. And there are tons of such scripts for generic doors/locks as well as location generic. That is why this hook is not called for most of the doors in the game.

    Questions to sfall developers.
    • Would it be possible to hook any of the calls above the 0049D12E to intercept the action before it is called by script? This would guarantee the hook for skill use on for any action including lockpicking.
    • If not the above, is it possible to write a map location based SSL script overriding lockpicking?
    • If not the above, then most likely I would need to modify each and every map location script that contains lockpicking procedures. That is less desirable as it could be incompatible with other mods.
  13. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Have you tried HOOK_USESKILLON?
  14. Timez

    Timez First time out of the vault

    Feb 12, 2019
    Yes. That one triggers. I then can search for lockpicks in the inventory and call use_obj_on_obj standard function or fallback to default if none found.

    Now the problem came from the least expected direction. It turns out that lock type is hardcoded in object script like that:
    #define LOCK_STATUS                     STATE_STANDARD_LOCK
    #define LOCK_STATUS                     STATE_ELECTRIC_LOCK
    Which puzzles me how am I going to determine the type of the lock in hook if I have object pointer only? Sure, I can get script number (?) by
    but what does it give me? Am I able to extract this assigned hardcoded value?
  15. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    what is hit_mode in this code?
  16. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    See constants this variable is compared to in the code? Search by these constants and you'll get the full hit_mode list. This is from sfall.h, for example.
    //The attack types returned by get_attack_type
    #define ATKTYPE_LWEP1           (0)
    #define ATKTYPE_LWEP2           (1)
    #define ATKTYPE_RWEP1           (2)
    #define ATKTYPE_RWEP2           (3)
    #define ATKTYPE_PUNCH           (4)
    #define ATKTYPE_KICK            (5)
    #define ATKTYPE_LWEP_RELOAD     (6)
    #define ATKTYPE_RWEP_RELOAD     (7)
    #define ATKTYPE_STRONGPUNCH     (8)
    #define ATKTYPE_HAMMERPUNCH     (9)
    #define ATKTYPE_HAYMAKER       (10)
    #define ATKTYPE_JAB            (11)
    #define ATKTYPE_PALMSTRIKE     (12)
    #define ATKTYPE_STRONGKICK     (14)
    #define ATKTYPE_SNAPKICK       (15)
    #define ATKTYPE_POWERKICK      (16)
    #define ATKTYPE_HIPKICK        (17)
    #define ATKTYPE_HOOKKICK       (18)
    #define ATKTYPE_PIERCINGKICK   (19)
  17. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    thnx,attack type then

    edit :

    thank you very much for this @NovaRain
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  18. Timez

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    Feb 12, 2019
    Do I understand correctly that formulas in stats.ini affect all critters?

    Vanilla critter HP = (15 + 1 * 8 + 2 * 5) + 17 = 50


    Example stats.ini for testing:
    ;max hp
    New critter HP = (100 + 0 * 5) + 17 = 117


    So it looks like all stats including HP bonus are same on proto but critter max HP now calculated using updated formula.

    If this is the case, would it be possible to apply changes in stats.ini to dude only or add some additional parameter that allows that?
  19. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    sfall 4.3.3 and 3.8.33 are released on SourceForge, along with their respective modders packs.
    The built-in HRP is the biggest feature in the release. It's designed to be a drop-in replacement for the original HRP by Mash, reads most of the settings from f2_res.ini of the original HRP and uses HRP's f2_res.dat for art files and map edge data as well.
    The built-in HRP is enabled by default (HiResMode in [Main] section of ddraw.ini), and sfall will pop up a notification and offer to disable the original HRP by Mash if you start the game with an exe patched to load the original HRP (e.g. Fallout2HR.exe).

    There are a few differences from Mash's HRP:
    • The basic graphics mode of the built-in HRP is now DirectDraw 7. That means in f2_res.ini setting GRAPHICS_MODE=0 is the same as =1.
    • Now you cannot resize the window during the game if you were using the windowed mode from the original HRP.
    • Currently HRP's in-game setting menu and the fog of war feature are not implemented yet.
    • Setting CPU_USAGE_FIX=1 in f2_res.ini now works exactly the same as ProcessorIdle=1 in ddraw.ini, so there won't be any conflict or extra slowdowns if you happen to set both of them.
    • BARTER_PC_INV_DROP_FIX is now part of general fixes in sfall (check the changelog above).
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  20. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Awesome! What's the end-goal with the new HRP?

    Also, wait a sec... party members with drug addictions?