Hey guys! We got mentioned in a Nuka World review!

Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by Deeves, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Deeves

    Deeves Well, he went a little funny in the head . . .

    Jan 21, 2016
  2. RangerBoo

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    Jun 15, 2015
    Me? I am not raging. I am laughing my ass of and enjoying salt mining the Steam reviews of Bethesda's magnum opus.
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  3. Vergil

    Vergil Banned

    Jul 8, 2014
    I feel nothing towards Fallout 4 and it's disregard for canon but cold indifference.
  4. Erich van Loon

    Erich van Loon Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    May 23, 2016
    me too thanks
  5. RoboStang

    RoboStang First time out of the vault

    Jun 10, 2016
    Yeah at this point I don't really give a shit, I actually enjoyed the DLC because it isn't even trying to be an RPG, and it actually has quite a few New Vegas references, which is nice. It's just a mediocre FPS where I can stroll around in Disney World.

    NMA no longer has a minority opinion, even Bethesda.net forums know how shitty Fallout 4 is.

    The only real safe space left for (mentally ill) people who actually like the game is r/Fallout4.
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  6. Erich van Loon

    Erich van Loon Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    May 23, 2016
    Yep. Not even /r/fallout likes it as much as you guys claim. It's really a mixed opinion over there.
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  7. Brivoo

    Brivoo Powered by Radiant AI

    Jan 20, 2016
    Incontinence is a serious issue and I will thank the reviewer not to mock me for it.
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  8. Mr_Beardman

    Mr_Beardman I love the NCR

    Jun 5, 2016
    At Least we got mentioned, An article much like that one brought me to this site.
  9. Earth

    Earth Vault Senior Citizen

    Apr 7, 2013
    See, here's the thing. I'm not angry about Fallout 4. I couldn't give a crap about the game. I find it sometimes mildly interesting to discuss and other times I grow bored of it. I haven't played it and I feel sorry for anyone who has (even if they've convinced themselves that they're enjoying it). Neither it nor Fallout 3 appear in my headcanon of Fallout, therefore I can happily pretend it doesn't exist.

    What I am angry at is the gaming community, and at gaming journalists in particular, for ALWAYS giving Bethesda the benefit of a doubt. Every. Single. Time.

    Doesn't matter what they do. Bethesda will always be seen as a gaming company that actually cares about the products they're making, even though it is so blatantly obvious from their practises that not only are they cash-grabbing, artistically bankrupt sellouts; they are also nasty corporate bullies.

    Off the top of my head they: sued a near bankrupt company for making plans to make a game said company had the rights to (Interplay with Fallout Online).
    Took Mojang to court over using the word "Scrolls."
    Screwed Obsidian over on their bonus payment with a BS contract.
    I can't remember what the details are, but I'm pretty sure Bethesda were involved in hostile acquisitions of certain gaming developers. (Arkane I think?) I'm not an expert on business law though so I'm not sure of the details.
    Blacklisted a gaming website for leaking information about Fallout 4 (because god forbid games news sites actually do anything akin to "real journalism").
    Then of course you have the usual shitty EA-style business practises of DLC, releasing unfinished games and charging full price and increased season pass price etc etc.
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  10. Walpknut

    Walpknut This ghoul has seen it all

    Dec 30, 2010
    At this point we are mostly just rolling our eyes at it than actualy raging.
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  11. Brivoo

    Brivoo Powered by Radiant AI

    Jan 20, 2016
    Bethesda isn't even top of the game; Zenimax is their parent company, and they're universally loathed for their shitty business practices.

    But I guess having a subsidiary pays off, at least as an alias; nobody who only casually plays looks up who owns Bethesda Softworks, so nobody associated it with them.
  12. Practicat

    Practicat Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Aug 25, 2014
    But is it Bethesda the publisher or Bethesda Game Studios that is responsible for that? Or are the two intertwined so much that the blame can't be put on only one of them?
  13. CerberusGate

    CerberusGate I should save my game in a whole new slot

    Jun 6, 2016
    Looks like Destructoid has a stereotypical and unresearched opinion of NMA which is funny because NMA is far different than what they claim to be.

    I, for one, am not mad about Nuka World being terrible and lore breaking. I just find it to be a bad joke that reminds me that the franchise is all but dead so no rage there, just disappointment that the franchise clearly belongs to people who do not care for it.

    I do agree with this. Gaming media has to stop venerating Bethesda at some point. Just because they made some popular games does not mean they are the equivalent of gaming gods and so should be judged like any other company who does not play-test games and have recently become more concerned about money than caring about its fans.

    IIRC the Scrolls lawsuit against Mojang ended badly for Bethesda.
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  14. Earth

    Earth Vault Senior Citizen

    Apr 7, 2013
    In answer to that, I found this little gem. While it's true Zenimax are probably pulling a lot of the strings here, our dear friend Pete Hines jumped into the "hostile acquisition of Human Head Studios" episode. Zenimax were deliberately trying to bankrupt Human Head Studios so they could buy the company at a reduced rate (the details are little more complicated than that, but that's the gist of it). Anyway, Hines had this to say on the accusations:

    "I think all of the stuff that you've heard at this point has been from one side of this, and it's been somebody putting spin on it, like, 'here's what happened.' No, that's your version of what you think happened. I haven't heard from anybody yet that actually sat in the room. There are quite a few folks at Human Head that I really like. Chris Rhinehart is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in this industry. He's somebody I would consider a friend. I love hanging out with him. This isn't anything to do with anything personal. I love that guy. I like a lot of the folks up there. It just has to do more with what the product looks like and if it's good enough. As we said in our last update, it's not good enough. It's not where it needs to be. When we have more info than that, we'll let you know."

    So it's safe to say there is some intertwine somewhere.
  15. Brivoo

    Brivoo Powered by Radiant AI

    Jan 20, 2016
    Honestly, it's fine, they're just joking around. Regardless of fact, NMA has a certain reputation, and as long as people don't come in and bother us about it, it doesn't really matter.

    In a perfect world, Zenimax would live up to that philosophy and fire every single self-appointed 'creative director' at Bethesda.
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  16. CerberusGate

    CerberusGate I should save my game in a whole new slot

    Jun 6, 2016
    Fair enough, though I can feasibly imagine some troll is making an account right now to bother us about it.

    I'd argue that in a perfect world, Bethesda is called out for their anti-consumer practices just like any other company who does something similar. Using the Scrolls lawsuit as an example, King Games was rightfully called out for trying to trademark the word "crush" but media is oddly quiet about Bethesda and "scrolls".

    EDIT: I really need to be able to discern typed jokes from actual snide remarks one of these days.
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  17. Earth

    Earth Vault Senior Citizen

    Apr 7, 2013
    In the long run I think it can only be a good thing. The mention wasn't derogatory. Just a reference to us being the hardcore fans of Fallout. It references us specifically when talking about lore inconsistencies, so who knows, maybe it'll garner us new members. People who also got fed up of Fallout 4's bad writing but hadn't heard of No Mutants Allowed.

    EDIT: I should mention that it was Bethesda Softworks specifically, not Zenimax, who sued Interplay (and sued them over and over again to force them to sell their last Fallout name and distribution rights)
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  18. Ediros

    Ediros Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Feb 4, 2016
    I don't hate Fallout 4. I dislike it and consider it a spin off because this is what it is. Fallout is dead and I know it.

    However, I do hate bethesda softworks who made this crap in the first place. They are apporoaching Konami level very fast. I do hope they will go bankrupt, because I am not going to spend a single dollar on their games. Even If it was a good game I would rather spend my money elsewhere.
  19. Hassknecht

    Hassknecht For hate's sake. Staff Member Admin Orderite Board Cop oTO

    Aug 16, 2010
    Seriously, the amount of plain trolls just coming here to make fun of people complaining about Fallout 4 feels a lot smaller than the amount of people doing that back when Fallout 3 came out. Maybe it's just because NMA has been shrinking in size and notority itself, but I like to pretend that it's just not really all that worth it to actually defend Fallout 4 anymore...
    I also like Destructoid's score: Complains about every single aspect of the DLC and how not-Fallout it is, gives it a 6: Slightly above average or simply non-offensive.
    Fuck you, if you think it sucks, don't give it a "slightly above average" score!
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  20. Brivoo

    Brivoo Powered by Radiant AI

    Jan 20, 2016

    They're probably scared of (or can't be bothered with) the amount of rabid fanboys that would come through if they gave it anything lower. Hell, just as it is they probably got a decent slice of drones chewing through the woodworks.

    Although, on the flipside, I think it's positive that the only people who come out to defend Fallout 4 anymore are usually absolute maniacs; it shows that most reasonable individuals have given up on it.