How in the hell can they say this game is Faction balanced?

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    Economics dictates that they do.
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    Hold on... so the NCR is STILL plagued with Raider gangs? Are you telling me that even after all that's happened since Fallout 2, the NCR cannot even deal with petty roadside thievery in their home states?
    This is what bothers me so much about New Vegas- everyone is so quick to jump on the NCR-hate train even though, similarly to the Legion, we have NO IDEA what the Core Region is like at this point. Sure, we have the reports from Cass that traders are being denied at Mojave outpost, but what about trade at home? We still have mention of the Far-Go Trade company, as well as the Hub and the production of NCR goods & their distribution across the Wasteland. Plus, from what I've read from the Wiki, NCR lands are almost as peaceful as a pre-war white picket fence neighborhood (well, with Wasteland elements.)
    So, a land that was nothing more than tribal villages less than 50 years ago that constantly warred against each other is more peaceful than a Republic that has lasted for nearly 150 years?

    Also, which raider groups would even still be OPPOSING NCR in its home states? Certainly not the Jackals, Vipers or Khans- they explicitly state that the Vipers and Jackals had their teeth kicked in, while the Khans had to flee California altogether.
    Is life in the Core Region STILL that bad?
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    Whoa. G-g-g-g-g-GRAVEDIGGER! How did you even find yourself reading this thread?

    Regardless, you do have enough to say to justify a resurrection, I think. I think the important thing to remember about the NCR is that as republics go, it's a fairly young, patchwork job, not even at its Centennial and with many of its important acquisitions taking place less than 50 years ago (as of NV). As you say, there's a lot we don't know about the core region, but they tell us enough in NV that it's a pretty fair assumption that it's a lot like the Wasteland as of FO2, only with some of the rough edges worn off and a lot more Westin- and Ascorti- types looking to take their piece of the pie.

    To my mind, the best model for the NCR is, fittingly enough, frontier-era America. You've got your New England analogue (Shady Sands, and probably south at least as far as The Hub), the grand, stable old seat of commerce and governance, which is safe, urbanized, and rife with bureaucracy. Then you've got your other states, which vary in their levels of organization as well as their attitudes towards the capital and the Republic itself. They're probably more concerned with their own affairs, and though the Republic keeps watch on things as well as its able, they're probably subject to more brigandry and lawlessness than the bigger cities except for more crucial areas where NCR (or business interests with the government's ear) prioritize keeping the peace. Areas like New Reno and their environs are still pretty chaotic and autonomous despite being a part of the republic, and the Brotherhood war is still on as well, posing a danger to certain Republic elements as well as taxing its military strength. That's why you hear about people getting hit on the roads and about caravans needing protection, though with the NCR military being a formidable force regardless of how thinly its stretched, it's all probably small-time gangs rather than large, named, organized groups. Aside from the Brotherhood, no one is tough or dumb enough at this point to give the NCR a target worth paying attention to.
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    Actually there is a group dumb enough to do it, the Khans.
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    Sorry, should have specified that I was talking about the core region, the NCR's consolidated holdings. There's no one left to do it there because they've been forced out of the core region, which is why the Khans are doing their harrassing on the Eastern frontier.