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    Oct 9, 2017
    I was thinking about it:

    I'm still not convinced this is worth the hustle, but the reason it fails (Highwayman) is probably that the dude starts the encounter too close to the critters. (i.e. sneak % is not as important, more important is the distance (aka detection range). If too close, increasing Sneak to 300% or more will not make a difference. The only thing that may help in such a case is a Stealth Boy (flat 50% reduction of detection range on top of sneak's 33% or 75%).)

    So perhaps this may be buffed by:
    - Moving the dude further away from the critters. (As Cautious Nature did originally (I think))
    - Or enable the “Stealth Boy” effect for the dude while in an encounter.
    - Or when the encounter starts it needs to be an automatically successful sneak check.

    I calculated detection ranges (to the front):

    Detection-range___33% (sneak)____75% (successful sneak)
    PE 10*5=50______50/1.5=34______50/4=13
    PE 9*5=45_______45/1.5=30______45/4=12
    PE 8*5=40_______40/1.5=27______40/4=10
    PE 7*5=35_______35/1.5=24______35/4=9
    PE 6*5=30_______30/1.5=20______30/4=8

    So the dude must be 13 hexes away to avoid detection (PE 10 critter). But 10 may be enough in most cases (PE 8 or less).

    Stealth-Boy_______33% (sneak)____75% (successful sneak)
    PE 10*5/2=25_____25/1.5=17_____25/4=7
    PE 9*5/2=23______23/1.5=16_____23/4=6
    PE 8*5/2=20______20/1.5=14_____20/4=5
    PE 7*5/2=18______18/1.5=12_____18/4=5
    PE 6*5/2=15______15/1.5=10_____15/4=4

    Or Stealth-Boy, but if sneak is failed (33%) then the dude will probably still be detected.

    However, to make the perk more successful it may be enough to include a “stealth boy” effect to it. When the sneak roll is then successful, it should put the player out of detection range of almost everything.

    So that may be a “simple tweak” (i.e. the player gets a “stealth boy” effect when in encounters). However, I'm not sure it will make it a good perk. First, it would be sneak dependent (requires a successful roll, which is repeated in intervals and may “suddenly” fail). Second it may fail in some encounters automatically (if dropped in the middle of a pack, aka too close). And last it will not result in critters patrolling the map (animals often run around confusedly, while others (tribals) give relentless chase, but many will just stop moving). So the scenario would not be as fun but often the player will just walk off the map (if not attempting to loot the crates or ambush). Although this may still be a (better) working “Cautious Nature” perk than the vanilla version, i.e. a level 3 perk that gives the player the choice to leave if not getting detected. Not sure.

    EDIT: I hope I didn't make a mistake (i.e. critters already attacking can behave differently.) The Sneak mechanic of Fo is rather cool (with many options) but also rather clunky at the same time.
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    Apr 15, 2007
    lots of good stuff,i will look into these,see if i can find a way

    - Moving the dude further away from the critters. (As Cautious Nature did originally (I think))
    - Or enable the “Stealth Boy” effect for the dude while in an encounter.
    - Or when the encounter starts it needs to be an automatically successful sneak check.
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    Jun 16, 2019
    I have a few questions about your Megamod mods and F2 scripts at nirran.com. Seems like some of them are already included into Megamod, but can't figure out exactly which ones. Is there some list of already implemented mods/scripts? I've read all readme files from the previous versions of MM but I couldn't find anything (or maybe I'm just blind?)

    I'm mostly concerned about the part "Mod written with Megamod 2.44 installed, not compatible with any other mod." - does that mean the newest version (2.47.3) won't work with them/will cause issues?

    Here's the list of mods/scripts I'm interested in:
    * Custom Skill Books
    * Repeatable Quests
    * Weapon Upgrades
    * Random Loot (included already?)
    * Mr Fixit Stimpacks
    * Correct Wrong Ammo (included already?)
    * Auto Loot
    * Custom Highlight
    * Custom Perks
    * Experience Master (included already?)
    * Rapid Perks
    * Experience Rush (included already?)
    * Party Member Perks
    * Push (included already?)
    * Random Encounters
    * Death Art Inven Fix
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    Apr 15, 2007
    yes the mods with "2.44" may be compatable,i havent checked,maybe MIBB altered the files related in 2.47.3 maybe hasnt,ill have to compare files in mod against MM current files.

    as for the sfall scripts that exist,.i believe MIBB altered my original mod and adapted it with current MM

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    Just a little bump here.... >_>

    Is it possible to make an option in Sfall to make random encounters occur when "resting until healed" on random maps. The idea is simple, just like in Baldur's Gate, when resting outside of towns you have a chance of being interrupted while resting, that wouldn't include caves. A pop up window could say "You have been stumbled upon" (something like that :P ) . Then the player must conclude the encounter, fight - run, whatever. It might be a trading caravan for instance with a high luck skill.

    Anyway the outdoor skill should be the key factor here, and skill 100% you get no encounters, at 90% you have a 10% chance of an encounter, 80% - 20% chance, etc. An outdoor skill below 50% will make it really difficult to rest until healed.

    Why this request? I think it make the game more challenging and unpredictable - good stuff I say.

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    Dec 31, 2019

    I'm playing vanilla Fallout 2 on GoG using your custom perks mod, and I've encountered a bug where some enemies won't take damage from my guns. For example: A mantis will not take damage (ive tried many many times!) from my .223 pistol, which is absurd (but the shot will still land). Has anybody else had this issue? I've gone through all of the ini files trying to see if there's something that would cause this. Any help would be great! And thanks for the scripts.
  7. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    ive not seen this bug,does it always hit for 0?does it hit 0 for other critters too?
  8. SniperPerkOP

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    Dec 31, 2019
    It depends. Some enemies will take damage from some guns and not others (ammo types too). I know certain ammo/weapons are better vs certain enemies but for example. When I play, a .223 pistol will deal damage to humans in leather armor but not humans in a leather jacket, which makes no sense either.
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    Jan 25, 2020
    Are you playing with Megamod? Same happened here... the custom perks work fine with Killap's RP. Have no idea why though, happens with Megamod... but i know it's something to do with the custom perks since the issue goes away when you remove it...

    Edit: got it... problem seems to be on the HS_Combatdamage.int file. Removing it ends the issue but probably will break some perks.
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    Jun 18, 2018
    Great idea. very useful for many other scenarios.
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    Apr 24, 2005
    I could swear that I have replied to this idea in the past, because it's really not a that great one for multiple reasons.