The Outer Worlds information overload

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    Hmm, it's difficult to make myself clear, I think. I'm not trying to imply that Valve is out to get me out of spite or something, or wants to hurt certain customers for its own sake. I'm saying they are prioritizing what every large business prioritizes, and that means caring about the part of their customer base that is the largest or spends the most money. [Also, I don't think many of the people working for major tech companies are very familiar with third world problems, or see them as something worth addressing.]

    Likewise, as a customer, I prioritize whatever service is best for me. If Valve is not taking my personal circumstances into consideration, I will use whichever product IS taking my circumstances into consideration. Though I'm not sure why we're still talking about this as if it were Steam vs Epic. As I said, I have no opinion on Epic. And this is not a political fight for me. Where I take my business in this instance is not about a vote I'm casting in some sort of capitalist election. In fact, if it was, I probably would use Steam a lot less than I do now. As a popular platform, Steam has probably been good for the PC games market overall, but there is nothing they do that strikes me as ideologically superior to their competitors. And in fact, some things they do that I would like to see discouraged (like the reliance on steep discounts, but that's a different conversation).

    Plus, if Steam hadn't been a success, maybe we actually would've gotten a Half-Life 3...

    Edit: I wanted to try to clarify a bit further based on one particular thing you said.
    "Again, this is unfortunate that Valve's interest doesn't take your personal circumstances into consideration, but is that still a reason to even slightly consider giving Epic some bucks?"

    No, it is not. If I use Epic at all, it will not be because of some perceived slight by Steam. It will be solely based on whether I find Epic convenient for me or because of a desirable product I cannot get elsewhere. This has not ever been about customer loyalty for me. I use all of these services.
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    To my best enemy, Black Angel:
    This time I am really done, it was fun while it lasted but my current heavy internet period is almost done, and since I am not the only one with deaf and blinders on, there is no point going on with this.

    In case you would understand the following short statements, here they are:
    1,OPTIONAL, in the practical context of my posts regarding steamwork or whatever ONLINE DRM, mean chosen by the CUSTOMERS. If it is chosen by the publishers, then it isn't optional anymore. It was already clear no? Galaxy is chosen by the customers, at least as far as I was ever concern with any game I bought or considered to on GOG.

    2, Again, I didn't ignore any definition of exclusivity, I applied it to the practical context. Since you can't understand that, what else can I say? (It's a rethorical question) A definition is worthless without a practical context, something your passion for semantics can't seem to grasp.

    3, Please, not the piracy excuse, steam's games are as much pirated as GOG or other stores. Pirates can't be stopped, but if things were like you say and people were mostly shortsighted bastards who constantly pirate, GOG would have sunk a long time ago, so would have steam and video games, for that matter.

    4, I understood the regional money problem and limited mean of payment as you had already described them. It can be a real problem, and I agree GOG should look into it if they want to properly concurence steam. Oh and my collection do include a few cool post 90's indie games, however I am really selective, whether the game is indie or from large companies.

    5, Digital distribution would have happened without steam, and NOBODY can predict if other steam and GOG like stores woudn't exist. It's not exactly rocket science to have the idea of providing digital games which can be installed and played without internet once they are downloaded, is it?

    6, Oh well I would have a lot more to say but I am tired of repeating things which should be clear enough, and I am expected somewhere. See you a other time, maybe.
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    But you kinda did when you said this:
    They don't really have any reason to screw you over, nor does they ACTUALLY try to screw you over. You're right that company prioritizing their largest revenue means they cared more for their major consumer base, but implying that's a reason for them to personally screw you over, and thus means you're considering to go to Epic however just slightly, is kind of ignorant of the current situation.

    I'm not talking about this as if it were Steam vs. Epic. Again, this whole debacles is Epic vs. PC gaming as a whole, because remember those games that went Epic exclusives either would have a GOG release or would definitely be planned to be released there.
    I'm not sure from where did you get the impression that I'm trying to 'fight a good fight' here, or how I'm saying that Steam is 'ideologically superior to their competitors', but perhaps you're just saying what you have in mind. But the way I see it, Steam is definitely applying good consumer practice overall even if they unfortunately didn't include your personal circumstance. Also, I don't see how Steam put a reliance on steep discounts, because once again Steam gave benefits to both consumers and producers (devs/publishers) alike even though you've shown that you don't care about them (which I guess why you think Steam relied on steep discounts).

    Except you missed the fact that there are many, many people (like me) who had meager access to video games, wouldn't even know that cool stuff like Fallout exists nor wouldn't be able to easily gain access to those cool stuff. And without Steam, I'd say GOG wouldn't even be possible in the first place.
    Going from how Steam really gave benefits to most consumers, do remember that without Steam indie games wouldn't really find a place in the market across the globe. Games like Underrail, Age of Decadence, and Tales of Maj'Eyal wouldn't as easily find audience as they did now with Steam. So Steam benefits both consumers and devs/publishers alike.

    Then you should turn your head away and ignore Epic Store entirely. Because their interest isn't in giving consumers more convenience compared to other stores. They're solely focused on one-upping Steam with a farce of giving devs/publishers more benefit through their lower %cut, but realizing it isn't enough because 70% of 1000 copies sold is absolutely more preferable than 88% of 50-100 copies sold they decided to stoop to such scummy tactic of bribing the devs/publishers for exclusivity.

    This isn't a good consumer practice, period.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    Most of this is nuts and bolts stuff, and barely worth arguing about any more.

    To the first two quotes by me, I think you must have misinterpreted one of those, because I don't see any contradiction between them.

    Steam is filling a niche in a market. If Steam didn't exist, there would have been other popular digital distribution methods on PC. And personally, I was playing indie games on PC long before Steam existed, so that doesn't hold much water for me.

    As to Epic, I've seen no compelling argument why I shouldn't use them. You said they're focused on one-upping Steam. Why should I care about that? I've already mentioned that I owe no loyalty to them. And I also mentioned that any company trying to break into that market is going to need a compelling reason to attract both developers and consumers. According to what you wrote, that reason is that Epic is giving their developers more money, whether it's "bribery" or sales cuts. Am I supposed to be angry that the developers of a game are getting more money? Why?

    To summarize, I don't give two slimy shits about any of this.
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    Putting the thread back on rails. Here's walktrough of Pax East demo.

    What do you think?
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    Actually niether. Just willing to save and... Wait. I'll get my shit eventually.
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    Stopped the video 15 minutes in. The players are obviously murderhobos that have no reaction to solving problems besides shooting their way through them. Which is fine- thats roleplaying, except for the fact they're showcasing a demo, which should show us the options we have available, not one we already know is there. Its just really difficult to form an educated opinion off what we have.

    From what I extrapolated:
    1. Companions having the ability to interact with dialogue is good. Whether this has actual gameplay ramifications more subtle than "make everyone hostile" is unclear, but at least showing off their personality a bit is a plus.
    2. There seems to be a variety of options that don't rely on stat checks when it comes to conversation, which is good, and some stat checks that seem a bit risky (also good, makes dialogue more nuanced). It would be better if the people playing it had the fucking patience to scroll down and show all the options though.
    3. I have mixed feelings about the design of the city. It looks big, having a second level and all that, but they didn't approach many doors so its hard to tell if the place is actually packed, or if its just eye candy. The streets seem a bit empty (in terms of named NPCs) outside of the place with the guards though.
    4. The combat doesn't look as bad as I expected. Its definitely not something to write home about though

    The verdict: uncertain. There's clearly some good here, but I'm not blown away, and demos/released gameplay usually is supposed to show some of the better the game has to offer. Would need to see with different players to form a more educated opinion.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    I never made it all the way through Pillars, but I thought they did a good job with that. Companions would often interject or start a conversation based on what was happening. No idea how comparable the amount of dialogue in Outer Worlds will be, though.
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    the number of dislikes in this video. it seems Obsidian will not get away with this controversy of the Epic store.
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    Who'da thunk that PC players where a bunch of whiny bitches? Look at all those people hating on this game now. Haven't seen Fanboying this hard since the console war of '91.

    You fucks just got drafted into the console launcher wars now.
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    Nov 28, 2015
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    It's too bad about the EGS exclusivity, because if it wasn't for that, the amount of downvotes on that video could've been an indicator that people didn't like the way the devs were showing off their game to the lowest common denominator, i.e. the shooty-bang people who make up 99% of the PAX audience. That might have been a valuable metric for the devs to tell them how they should demo games in the future.

    However, those downvotes are clearly about the EGS exclusivity, which isn't fair to the devs who had nothing to do with that deal at all.
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    The mods should maybe consider breaking this into two threads, one
    yeah big agree. It’s really simple, if you don’t like it or what it stands for don’t buy it. If you like it but it. You don’t have to ruin shit for everyone else who actually cares about how good the game is and not which company’s dick they want to suck. Downvoting a video doesn’t actually make them put it on steam, it just makes it so the game looks bad. Which makes it less likely to get onto another platform.

    Like seriously if you’re such a cuck/drone for Valve/epic that you care more about some stupid corporate bullshit instead of the game you should just KYS
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    I bought a PS4 and it quickly turned into a giant paperweight, nothing I can get on it that I can't get on PC or Switch sounds like worth spending money on, nothing coming for it exclusively sounds interesting either. Meanwhile I have a massive backlog on my PC that I can easily manage thanks to steam. :hatersgonnahate:
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    Am I the only one who hates the art style
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    I don't hate it, but there's something a bit bland about it. Then again, most of Obsidian's games look kind of bland to me...
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    It was kinda strange that the center of the presentation was mass slaughter of friendly NPCs.
    What happened Tim?
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    Wow, Jackass of all things? I wonder what the context was. I resent either Fallout or Itchy and Scratchy being lumped together with Jackass.
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    :lol: Todd is awesome
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    What a mess @Alphons
    Tim never said he's against violence in videogames. I think term "Heap of Gore technology" describing violent death animations in Fallout was coined by him and he also defended violent elements in first Fallout when the license owner was against it.
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