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    Point Lookout is one of my favorite areas of any Fallout game, honestly. The atmosphere and concept are incredible.
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    Wall of text about why I don't like Point Lookout (open at your own risk):
    It's a pity that it's the most unoptimized area of any Fallout game too. We have been "fixing" it for years in TTW and we still get FPS bogging down in some Point Lookout areas. We are still fixing it to this day.

    It's also a pity that enemies have magic damage added to their attacks that can't be reduced in any way, so it doesn't matter what your DR is, you always take that damage + some actual normal attack damage.

    Some close-quarters swampfolk hit harder than Deathclaws (even without the damage bonus), other swampfolk are more durable than Super Mutant Masters...

    Another thing about Point Lookout, is that if you play a melee/unarmed character, you can't defeat Professor Calvert's tank. Melee and unarmed attacks don't do any damage to it. So it can screw a player that doesn't walk around with any other weapons or that doesn't have enough ammo.

    Desmond is an ass, and I don't like how we are forced to help him the first time we meet him.

    In terms of side-quests, most are quite boring too, and the main quest isn't very good either.
    It's sad that the quest about the Krivbeknih was changed to be what it is in the final version of Point Lookout, the cut quest was way more interesting and (in my opinion) much better.

    The equipment added by this DLC is also not impressive and it's mostly boring:

    I like how it added Double Barrel Shotguns though. The Bio-Gas Canisters are interesting since they create a gas cloud, but they are pretty useless, since the gas cloud doesn't damage the enemies and if you ignite the cloud, the damage done is very little.

    The rest are not that interesting.

    We have Lever-action Rifles, but they are not comparable with the Lincoln's Rifle that came with the base game.
    We have Axes which is great (I'm a melee/unarmed kind of player), but I hate their world models (the axe's head looks weird to me, they could have picked so many different woodsman axe models that look nice and they went with that?).
    They added a unique Ritual Knife which is the best of all Kitchen Knife weapons, but it's still useless compared to other knife weapons in the game, so I don't know who would actually use it as a weapon
    They also added a damn Toy Knife... A Toy Knife... Are they serious? It's fast alright, but it breaks super fast, deals almost no damage (1 base damage) and you can't repair it unless you pay a merchant to repair it... That's dumb.
    They added Shovels as weapons, another good thing for melee players, but again, the model looks awful (like the Axe, the Shovel's head looks weird)... Also, IIRC they messed up the texture and the 1st person model uses the texture of the third person, which is lower quality and looks bad.
    The best weapon in the DLC is also the worse, the Microwave Emitter is one of the most powerful energy weapons in the game that doesn't use Alien Ammo (and it also ignores armor), but it has a lesser DPS than plasma rifles, it's a slow weapon, also has slow projectiles, it's shooting sound is annoying, it's enormous and blocks a large part of the screen, it's ugly, has small ammo capacity. It's also the damn reward of finishing the DLC...

    I find the hallucination part interesting, but it has some bugs/glitches/oversights that can destroy "immersion". Like how you can eat the non-real dead bodies if you have the cannibal perk (and still gain HP), how you can see Elder Lyons even if you haven't met him yet, how you can render illusionary Mister Burke unconscious and pickpocket his ammo (and still have the ammo after you wake up), how you can kill illusionary ghouls and their bodies stay there after the illusion ends and can be looted, etc.

    For these things and other smaller ones, I can't say I like Point Lookout that much.

    Things I like about Fallout 3:
    • Washington's Architectural Style
    • I like exploring the Museums
      • I don't like how there isn't enough to explore in most Museums though, I wish there was more to them and that some areas were blocked by ruble, instead of have actually been built and placed in the game.
    • I like being able to climb to the top of Washington Monument
    • I like the choice in The Pitt DLC.
      • Although it's quite black and white if the player actually listens to the characters. But it seems like it still manages to deceive quite a lot of players, that think helping Wernher is the good solution, so I guess that's something good in the DLC.
    I can't think of anything else right now.
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