Will we ever get to join the Enclave? Or otherwise explore their organization?

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    Jan 23, 2022
    I knew that shuttle was a deathtrap. Best place for them.
  2. Gianna the Enclave Fan

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    Apr 18, 2023
    even though it is explicitly stated that the only one the only one with genocide plans was a malfunctioning robot
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    You mean their leaders? Can you show me the dialogue interaction where Autum or another member of the Enclave tells you they are open to recruit outsiders and that the whole deal with them still trying the FEV to kill anyone who drinks the water is just a goof?
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  4. Hardboiled Android

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    Actually there is one, if only one, and in the post-end game DLC. You meet Stiggs, a robot mechanic, on the Mobile Crawler at Adam's Airforce Base. It's a little unclear if he's moreso a genuine worker or moreso a slave, though I lean towards the former.


    That said, his case is treated as rather exceptional, and if the bulk of the Enclave soldiery in Fo3 was meant to be Wastelanders, I think that would have been (or, at the absolute minimum, should have been) addressed. I think the most prudent explanation is quite simply that all of the soldiers we see are California Enclavers. The reason it doesn't make sense is simply because it wasn't super well thought out.
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    Jul 5, 2022
    You know I just realized something, in regards to the upcoming Fallout TV Show, you guys think that it's possible for this premise to be explored in it? I mean, they've brought back the BOS ONCE AGAIN! So isn't out of the realm of possibility that they'll even bring back The Enclave at this point. :roll:

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    Dec 6, 2012
    Just like with the BoS, Fallout 3 forever ruined the Enclave's lore, or at least Bethesda's "portrayal" of it. From the fact they were ruled by a (more) retarded version of ChatGPT that could easily be destroyed just by uttering a self-contradictory statement to their big plan being poisoning the water with a magic green fluid that through unexplained means kills any and all life forms that ever suffered any form of mutation (Every single living thing on this Earth is undergoing some form of mutation at almost every single instant, but Emil was probably too busy eating his crayons to pay attention to his biology classes in high school.), everything about it made their shitty depiction of the Brotherhood of Steel as altruistic white knights almost quaint in comparison. I hope they don't bring them back.
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