Bethesda's Lore Recons

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  1. stlkr

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    Mar 16, 2008
    New Vegas also had perk for it. They put so many Power Armors in F4 without need for perk. It spoils the game imho.
  2. Monco

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    Nov 4, 2015
    IIRC, JSawyer's mod removes the need for power armor training, but yeah in vanilla you either have to make friends with the BoS or do Arcade's quest to get power armor training. FO1 and FO2 you didn't need to get to training, but in 1 you could only get Power Armor through the Brotherhood, so I guess you could just assume that someone in the BoS taught you to use it when you fixed the power armor or after you rescued the guy in the Hub.
  3. kelveen

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    Nov 12, 2015
    Not training, but you had to earn it. Also, it was rare and the 'armor'' to aim for.
  4. Practicat

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    Aug 25, 2014
    I think the mention of pre-war jet is a mistake by a developer in charge of writing that set of terminal entries.
  5. DarkCorp

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    Oct 27, 2003
    Myron was prettynfunny and interesting. Often had him on team for the laughs

    Pre-war jet, somebody dun fucked up.
  6. WastelandMenace

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    Jun 16, 2012
    Yet even more pre-war Jet..
    At Taffington Boathouse you can find an item called "Margaret's note".

    It details of Margeret and Russel finding a pre-war Holotape at the boat shed that hinted of a cache of chems they intended to sell. Anyway, if you bother following up on the hint yourself you'll find the cache and among the chems there is... Jet.

    Clearly Bethesda writers never played Fallout 2.

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  7. RangerBoo

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    Jun 15, 2015
    I don't think that they even played the originals. I think that they just picked a bunch of stuff that was cool and iconic in the first and second game like the Bos, Enclave, Super Mutants, Vaults, ect and just added them into the game. This is what I mean when I say that Bethesda Fallout is more or less fan fiction.
  8. Juza The Cloud

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    Jun 3, 2015
    Has anyone combined different chems to make hybrid chems like psychobuff etc?
  9. Ilosar

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    Apr 20, 2010
    Speaking of pre-war Jet, I found a Deathclaw hand in a pre-war suitcase located in the wreck of a crashed plane.

    I'm pretty sure that's just the random loot acting up. But it was pretty silly regardless.
  10. Doctor 0

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    Sep 8, 2015
    We had androids prewar, what makes you think we didn't also have Deathclaws?
  11. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
    Well... Deathclaws were made by the military to act as super soldiers... so maybe the flight had a scientist who was carrying a deathclaw sample to somewhere?
  12. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Another Retcon. Apparently Mr Handys now have fully fledged AI despite it being stated that they only ran simulated personality routines and that the only machines with AI were the humongous Zax computers...
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  13. Hardboiled Android

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    Jun 7, 2015
    And so do the Assaultrons... meet that one in Goodneighbor?
  14. GlowHound

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    Jun 12, 2008
  15. RangerBoo

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    Jun 15, 2015
    Its so that way every Bethesda Fallout game can have super mutants because "Rule of Cool". Bethesda is so uncreative that they think that every Fallout game needs super mutants and the BoS otherwise it won't be a Fallout game. You know, if you see New Vegas as the last Fallout game and the new ones as Fallout in name only it really helps you sleep better at night but that's just me.
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  16. Doctor 0

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    Sep 8, 2015
    Honestly, are they seriously going to shoehorn super mutants in every single game? Are they going to ever change the cover?
  17. RangerBoo

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    Jun 15, 2015
    No because "its cool man! Fighting mutants with the BoS is like awesome bro and that power armor is rad man!" Rule of cool! :V
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  18. Askorti


    Jun 30, 2015
    In Fallout 5 you will produce your own super mutants in your workshop. I'm calling it right now. And you will be able to customize them with animal parts found out in the wastes. Throw them into the FEV soup you have in your vats and there you go.

  19. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Create-A-Mutant, it's a feature!

    But yeah, FEV is popping up again. Probably in a DLC or something.
  20. shengar

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    Nov 12, 2015
    The Master Simulator? I'd play that :p
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