Fallout 2 Restoration Project Gameplay Thread

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    my last playthrough, I never even found a hologram other than the science (1001010) guy. I explored each and every level, but never ran into the PR director [spoiler:06f09e2b14](or whatever position the female hologram is that supposedly gives you the password to some doors)[/spoiler:06f09e2b14]
    What did I do wrong? I literally went to each color level possible, I believe, and never found this person.
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    May 16, 2005
    I'm on modding hiatus. I still try and look at the boards every other day or so though.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    I agree with Magnus and Pixote, EPA don't need to be redesigned. For experienced players it can't be too difficult to solve the riddles - after all, it's abandoned pre-war base; some situations may be difficult to solve, but what? For me, many of the original locations were much harder to explore, than EPA. I'm worried, so many of new players wants to beat every quest on very first playthrought. It's nonsense. The most awesome aspect of this game is high replayability, when some unknown maps, quests and situations still remains somewhere, even after few playthroughts.

    all the holograms are placed in conferential room, but they are damaged - stuck in an endless loop. Their hardware needs to be repaired first.
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    Mar 6, 2005
    To clarify my intent: I don't want to make the EPA easier--I like it as it stands. I was merely curious to see how many were able to play through it without assistance. As long as some are able to complete it without outside help, then I don't think any change is necessary. However, if no one was able to play though it without getting stuck, then there'd be a problem.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Ah, now I understand.
    It took me few days and many hours to explore whole EPA - I was stuck many times here, but always due to my impatience. I just ran through levels like crazy, being curious what's new here and didn't noticed small details - floating texts, scenery descriptions etc. Well, I didn't finished all the quests on my first visit. But on second (and others) playthroughts, I did it systematicaly - examined almost every object with binocular and succeded, without reading the guides.

    Hm, maybe some in-game "regular" hints would be helpful:
    - detailed description of every single level in the messagebox, when visited first time. (this may point to important places, like the conferential room is)
    - some "forgotten" technical book, or computer file, where shall be the holograms hardware maintenance described.
    - new (added) floating texts for Myron. He's very smart boy and many of us take him to the EPA like companion - so if Myron will see unusual, scientific things, he can advise of it.

    I still think, so EPA is designed almost perfectly. It's like in the original game - without Per's guide (and *.dat file texts opening), I didn't discovered MANY features, quests and situations even after years of playing original FO2. :)
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    Mar 26, 2010
    It's really not that difficult. Pick up everything, use the binoculars on everything, use science and repair on everything... Just like the rest of the game.
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    Nov 11, 2007

    The last time I was here was some months ago so please excuse me that I have not kept up with posts here. One of the questions I asked at that time was if there was a walkthrough available for the Restoration Project & in answer I was pointed to http://service1.searchguide.frontier.com/search?qo=numerometria.com/F2RP_WT.htm&rn=BqmuWep8fZqRA8g
    & that was wonderful but then I left off playing the game for months & now when I have come back that link I was given is broken - nothing there & I cannot find the walkthrough. It's still gotta be here somewhere I would think. Can you help me please?

    Thank you much!
  8. Not Lost Hope

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    Mar 26, 2010
    I'm thinking of starting a dumb playthrough. Question on EPA:
    [spoiler:070c3cdcba]Can I get the serum?[/spoiler:070c3cdcba]

    This is a link that's come up a couple of times in the thread I believe http://web.archive.org/web/20080822095146/http://numerometria.com/F2RP_WT.htm

    It's not for the current version, but most of it is applicable.
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    Sep 8, 2010
    Well I stacked on the same place as Nova,the rest was easy and intuitive. I just rad that you need high science and repair and used that. I stacked there because I wasn't sure were to look and reading the beginning of the guide to rp 1.2 confused me completely(green zone,doctor,found a drill[btw. since it is absolute now why it is there?],found a piece of machinery with label that machine without this part will not work[so i searched for this machine as well]-i guess this is absolute two) . If I knew that there is a passage through utility level I would search more. To be honest I never reached those fans- I though that broken light generator would give me passage or those pump wheels (you can place hand on it) I also fought about those big floor fans and like I said the machinery part and the drill completed the confusion.
    I think that everything is ok through EPA-of course the place could be bigger.Especially blue level is a bit disappointing - for a completely top-secret level with a mark "unauthorized people would be shoot on sight" I expected more then a bunch of wonamingos and 3 cryo tanks. Science we are at wonamingos ,this is completely silly that you can dodge fight with them so easily, even more silly is a situation when my npcs go to wonamingos or alien queen almost stick their weapons at them and still you can dodge a fight. I could understand a stealth character... And there is so much potential wested there-there is a big computer there, a depressed robot-by this there could be a couple of quests-and about the reward-the agility serum is a such a threat that obtaining it through a quest would give much more satisfaction then by just taking it from a footlocker.

    I'm not completely sure what you are looking for-but at the times of distress I use those two links:
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    Jan 7, 2008
    Yes, but not without using mentats.
  11. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Several people have requested a walkthrough for the new EPA area.
    Well, here you go. 8-)
    There's two ways of getting this location on your map. First is by recruiting Myron and then try to dump him, he will either tell you of this location or of a secret stash in Golgotha. If he tells you about Golgotha you have to first go and dig it up and then try to lose him again to get EPA on the map.
    The second way is from a random traveler somewhere close to New Reno.
    You will need a rope here, so don't forget to bring one.
    When you arrive you will be greeted by a horde of spore plants spread out on most of the map. If you are alone you can easily cruise in between them, but if you have a party with you, they might wanna run around and take them all out. It can be a pretty long fight.
    To the left of the entrance you will find a white shed containing some useful items like a can of plant spray. If you equip it and use it on a plant it will die instantly. If you run out you can find another can in the garage (storage shed) just north of the shed, but unless your lockpicking skill is high you will have to wait with it until later.
    In one of the lockers inside the white shed you can also find a big metal pole, you might want to grab it (you never know when one might come in handy).
    There's also several pieces of junk spread out on the map, feel free to grab one.
    *  The locked storage shed contains a few odds and ends but nothing special except for one thing, if you have Dogmeat in your party and like to keep him alive that is. There are some cans of dog food there. Use the dog food on Dogmeat and he regains full health when injured. (I don't know whether it works like the first aid kit and disappears randomly after using it, or if it lasts forever.)
    When you enter the main building you will notice that the elevators are broken but luckily you can go down through the right elevator shaft.
    All you need is a bit of rope...
    Note that Skynet and all of the dogs cannot go down with you, but they will wait for you here until you come back. 
    Oh, and there's a locker with some stimpaks on the left side of the main building and a computer giving you a little bit of information on all the levels of the EPA, otherwise nothing much of interest.
    Going down the elevator shaft will take you to EPA's Air, Water and Power Facility level. It's crawling with rats, mantis and small scorpions.
    There's a few of lockers here containing a super toolkit, an electronic lockpick and a couple of books.
    Going through here you might notice that one of the four power generators is not working properly, though you don't know quite why so you better leave it.
    On the northern wall there are three big vents, if you go close to the middle one you'll find out that it's just big enough to squeeze through.
    Only problem is that big spinning metal fan. Here's where that metal pole comes in handy, use it to jam the fan.
    The vent leads you to the maintenance level which has two working elevators, on to the north-west and one to the north-east.
    The only point's of interests here are a locker with a laser pistol and a depressed Mr Handy robot walking around.
    Here's the layout of the EPA sub-levels (shamelessly copied from SoldierOfTruth):
    East Elevators with appropriate sub levels - Abbreviated by the letter E and followed by the number of the sub-level:
                E1 - Red Level, East Sub-level 1
                E2 - Violet Level, East Sub-level 2
                E3 - Green Level, East Sub-level 3
    West Elevators with appropriate sub levels - Abbreviated by the letter W and followed by the number of the sub-level:
                W1 - Orange level, West Sub-level 1
                W2 - Yellow level, West Sub-level 2
                W3 - Indigo level, West Sub-level 3
    Sub-levels W2 and E2 are interconnected. On the E2 level you will also find the elevator leading down to the Blue level.
    I suggest starting with the Orange level (conference rooms and cafeteria).
    To the west you see four holograms arguing with each other seemingly stuck in a loop and you can't talk to them. As you get closer you notice the humming from a magnetic field nearby that might be interfering with them.
    In the room to the left of them there are a couple of computers. Use the left one and run a diagnostics check, then use repair on it (over 40%) for 100xp.
    You can now talk to the holograms and get a few quests.
    1. Fix EPA lighting problem.
    You get this quest from the director of public relations (female holo), but first you have to try to open one of a few password protected doors, and ask her for the password. The closest door is the one to the room just south of her. You also need speech 81% (actually you only need 61% but then you will have to ask her twice).
    She wants you to repair the power generator located in EPA's Air, Water and Power Facility level. It's the left one of the four generators.
    With a repair skill bigger than 55% you'll learn that you need to fix it with a piece of junk (500xp). Return to her to get the password.
    * I suggest you do this quest first as several doors will be locked to you otherwise.
    2. Clear out the plant problem. 
    Hologram 10031 is the man in charge of the ground maintenance but he's having trouble with controlling the robots and as a holo he can't do anything himself.
    He'll employ you as assistant groundskeeper and want's you to clear out all the sporeplants on the top level. If you already did it earlier you can just tell him that. He gives you 500xp and the keys to his storage shed (the locked building on the top level).
    You may want to consider waiting with this quest until after you have gotten the "Test the Solar Scorcher for the Director of Science." quest.
    3. Fix the Voice Computer. 
    The obnoxious power armor wearing hologram is the director of security for EPA. Talking to him reveals that he has no control over the robots as the voice computer is malfunctioning. If you fix it for him he'll grant you access to the security wing (Red level).
    The EPA Robot control computer is located in the Yellow level. It's the one that says BEEP! from time to time.
    You need to run a diagnostic check to determine what's wrong and then repair it (%) for 500xp.
    Returning to the director of security, you will get an access card that unlocks most doors on the Red level.
    * The fourth hologram (director of operations) is completely useless. There's nothing you can do with him.
    * In one of the fridges in the cafeteria section, you can find a bag of Pop Rocks, and there's a cooler with some Nuka-Cola. If you take them together (equip the Pop Rocks and use them on yourself, then do the same with the Nuka-Cola), you will get a funny sequence. It's best if you surround yourself with eventual NPCs.
    Saving before doing this is highly recommended.
    * To the North there is a room with some mutated fruit flies, it's full of chemicals and is highly toxic. It's recommended to wait going in there until you have proper protective gear as it can be quite deadly. Besides, there's nothing there.
    Yellow Level:
    This level is connected with the Violet level via a room full of chemicals that is very toxic. It is much better to enter that room from the Violet level than the Yellow, unless you are already wearing protective gear.
    4. Fix hologram 00000.
    The hologram here is the Director of Science. Speaking to him reveals a small problem, he only talks in binary. You need 100% science and In 6 to understand him.
    He says there is a problem with the tape reel close by him ( 81% to repair it, 51% if you use any kind of tool). But that's not enough, he also needs to be rebooted (talking to him with 100% science and intelligence 6 will make you able to understand what's wrong). 500xp is your reward.
    5. Test the Solar Scorcher for the Director of Science.
    * The Solar Scorcher is the same gun that could previously be found in the Guardian of forever encounter.
    After you have fixed the science director he wants you to test out an experimental weapon for him. It is stored in a locker next to the tape reel machine.
    The locker is locked until you get this quest and there is no way of opening it before that.
    Anyway, your mission is to go outside and shoot something and then come back and report it (500xp), and you get to keep the gun.. 
    Note, outside means outside, critters in the sub-levels don't count. Ideally you saved a spore plant on the surface level for target practice, if not you have to travel the wastes. 
    Indigo level:
    No quests here but there are a few things of interest here.
    * In the room directly south of the elevator there is a beeping computer. It holds a few interesting notes, especially the ones on a cure for epilepsy.
    After you have gotten that info you can 'cure' the barking man in New Reno (100xp and 3 Stimpaks). If you push the "keep searching" option 22 times you will eventually find info on a Mass Fluoridation Project (200xp). With Luck 9 you can find the hidden message a little faster.
    * The room just below the computer holds three modified auto-doc machines. Using these will let you change your appearance.
    As a male you can go from normal hair, to long hair, to completely bald. You can even have that sex-change operation you've always dreamt about.
    Females can only do the sex change, for now... but more hero models are in the works for both men and women.
    * In a room to the far left is a silver toaster sitting on a desk. Apparently his name is "Brave Little Toaster". You can have a little chat with him.
    It turns out he's desperate to make you a toast, as it's been a century since he last made any. But that's not why you are here.
    As everything else here he is in need of repairs (fairly easy repair roll, 450xp) and if you talk to him again you gain the ability to jinx slot machines. 
    A handy little 'trick' if you are in need of cash, as when you use it a slot machine will surrender all it's money.
    Red level.
    Most doors here are locked and needs to be opened with the key card you get from the director of security.
    In the room below the elevator is yet another broken hologram, which leads to...
    6. Fix the hologram that speaks with static.
    When you try to talk to him you can't understand anything because of too much static. You need to fix the machine that controls the holographic projection (red blinking machine). IN 5 to understand you need to fix him and 51% repair to actually fix the machine, or 21% if you use any kind of tool.
    Talk to him again to get the password for the elevator to Blue level. This is the only way to get into it.
    He can also explain what a few of the things you find in the EPA are. If you can't figure it out by yourself.
    * You can check out the museum here and even 'watch' a little flick, if that's your thing.
    * The old electric chair here is still operational. It can be turned on via the computer in the room above the elevator.
    Be careful to step too close to it while it's on as it can lead to an unexpected demise. If you are feeling a little bit evil or just want to have some fun I can recommend giving your least favorite NPC a little 'push'.
    * There are lots of lockers worth checking out here, be sure to don't miss any.
    Violet level:
    This level is pretty empty but this is where you find the elevator down to the Blue level.
    Also, in the small wall locker in the hallway to the contaminated area you will find a gas mask. If you equip it in your active item slot you will be protected from toxins and can enter the chemical areas safely (the one on this level is the only one you really need to enter).
    Note that this contaminated room could just as well have been covered in the Yellow level section, but since the gas mask can be found in this level it fits better here.
    * To the right of the big computer you can see two fans that are clogged up with goo. Clean them for 50xp each and the air becomes breathable (you no longer need the gas mask).
    * The big computer here is "Mr. Chemmie", the local candy man. Well, not really. But if you have the knowledge and the right ingredients, he can create almost any drug you want. He can make:
    Stimpaks		      - Broc flower, Xander root, Empty hypo
    Super stimpaks		- Stimpak, Fruit, Nuka-Cola 
    Poison			     - Empty hypo, Scorpion tail, Nuka-Cola			                   - science 41%
    Poison antidote	  - Scorpion tail, Booze						                          - science 46%
    First aid kit		 - Stimpak, empty hypo, Poison antidote, rad away		            - science 56%
    Doctor's bag		  - Stimpak, empty hypo, Poison antidote, rad away, First aid kit	- science 61%
    Buffout			    - First aid kit, Beer, Nuka-Cola				                      - science 71%
    Mentats			    - First aid kit, Fruit, Booze					                      - science 81%
    Psycho			     - Mentats, Buffout, Fruit, Stimpak				                    - science 86%
    Rad-X			      - First aid kit, Nuka-Cola					                         - science 86%
    Rad away		      - Nuka-Cola, Empty hypo, Stimpak				                      - science 91%
    Special options:
    Heart Pills	 - If you have Cassidy in your party and science 101%, you can make these. Using them on Cassidy will 'cure' his heart problem.
    Marijuana		- Pre-war drug. CH +2, Lu +1, Pe -1 for 11 days, after 7 days you lose 1 more Pe. Science over 100% needed.
    ERSI			  - A substance vital to anyone just removed from a cryo-chamber. Need to know about it before you get the option to make it. 
    * There are some books and drugs in the lockers.
    Green level:
    Here you can find EPA's botanical garden and the spectacular petting zoo.
    The zoo could be seen as a bit controversial, as it holds humans too. Deformed and crazed from genetically experimentation.
    * There are no quests here, but there is one quest objective you can accomplish. On the east side there is a computer, the EPA's botany terminal.
    On it you can find a file on botany. If you have the quest from Brother Paul to find info on such things, you can download it to a holodisk and bring it to him.
    You can also extract some seeds from the seed storage tanks. They contain modified corn and some experimental seeds.
    * If you are up for it you can take a stroll in the lush trees and bushes of the garden. If you have some seeds you can even grow one yourself.
    The experimental seeds can be planted in the fertile ground in the south-west corner of the garden (100xp).
    If you come back three days later you will find a new random bush there (sometimes it's a spore plant).
    * You can plant the modified corn in Arroyo for 100xp, but it wont change anything for the village. It must be done before the fourth dream of course.
    The experimental seeds can be planted here too. I only managed to plant one package of seeds here even though there seems to be more fertile ground available for planting.
    * You can read up on the different critters on the computers near their cells and lower the force-fields holding them in.
    They are all hostile though, so the best thing you can do is probably to put them out of their misery.
    Blue level:
    This is the secret level of the EPA that officially is non-existent.
    You get down here by an elevator on the Violet level, but first you need the password that is given to you by a hologram on the Red level.
    When you get down here you will exit on a platform surrounded by a pack of wanamingos. If you paid attention to the hole in the wall in the wanamingo holding cell on the Green level, well, this is where they escaped to. If you stand around for too long they will walk through a hole in the fence and attack.
    The big force-field that is blocking your way up ahead can be lowered by using repair on the computer to the right of it. You need a pretty high skill here, repair 100% will give you an overall chance of 20%. You can try however many times you like though.
    A well placed explosive in front of the computer can accomplish the same thing if you aren't skilled enough.
    Up the stairs you will find a room with three hibernation chambers. They all contain possible NPC recruits.
    The computer just inside the door has information on all of them and from here you can extract one of them. Whom it will be is up to you.
    When the computer warns that you need a can of ERSI, you can run up to Mr Chemmie to get one, or you can just ignore it and see what happens.
    Mr Chemmie cannot create the ERSI up until now, no matter what your skill.
    * Behind each hibernation chamber is a locker for each NPC. When you extract a NPC from the chamber his or her locker will also be unlocked.
    The other lockers will remain locked and there is no way for you to open them.
    * Do not miss to check out the footlocker in this room, it contains amongst other things a special syringe. When used you gain a permanent +1 AG.
    The New NPCs from EPA:
    Need charisma of at least 5, or CH 2 or more + speech higher than 80 % for her to join you. You only get one shot, if you fail she's gone for good.
    She is, well was a Chinese spy working for the Americans. If you ask her about her past you can eventually get her to teach you some of her skills.
    You gain +10% to your sneak, lockpick and steal skills.
    Her main skill is lockpicking, and as long as her skill is better than yours, she will help you with it (like Vic with repair).
    As for combat skills, she's best with unarmed, melee, small guns and throwing - in that order.
    She can use all weapons, but she's rather bad with energy and big guns.
    She starts out with 80 HP and ends up with 130 HP and her AP will always be the 9 she starts with.
    If you have left her out of your party and try to get her back while having CH 1, she will leave and disappear for good.
    Cat Jules:
    He used to be in the army, but was reassigned to guard duty to the EPA where he volunteered to some human/feline DNA experimentation.
    (He's basically a tribute to Cat, a character from the British Sci-Fi-comedy series "Red Dwarf".)
    If you ask he can give you some weapon training (+10% to small guns, Big Guns and Energy Weapons).
    Notable skills; Small Guns, Energy Weapons, Unarmed, melee and on his final level a passable Big Guns skill.
    He can use all weapons, though he's not very good at throwing.
    He starts out with 80 HP and ends up with 130 HP and his AP will always be the 9 he starts with.
    Same as with Kitsune, if you ever have a CH of 1 when you try to recruit him or pick him up again, he will vanish from the game.
    A sociopathic killer and worse according to his files, innocent according to himself (He would say that wouldn't he?).
    If you play an evil character (negative karma) he will not pretend to be innocent. In fact, if you ask for his life's story, he'll tell you all about it.
    Good characters will never get to know, but maybe it's better that way.
    He is easy to anger before you've recruited him, so pick your lines carefully or he'll go hostile.
    If you ask him if he can give you any tips, he'll teach you +15% speech and barter.
    His main skill is speech, but unfortunately he cannot help you with that in any way.
    He's also good with Melee and Unarmed. Small guns are OK and Energy Weapons and throwing skill are passable on his last level.
    Unfortunately the weapons he can use are limited to knives, pistols and sub-machine guns.
    He starts out with 80 HP and ends up with 130 HP and his AP will always be the 8 he starts with.
    *Female characters has the option to sleep with him before he is recruited.
    If you are good or neutral though (0 to positive karma), he will kill you afterward. So maybe not such a good idea.
    I hope I didn't forget anything and yeah, feel free to comment.
    EDIT: I added some info on the new recruitable NPCs.
  12. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    The people need pretty pictures included... :P
  13. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    can I translate your guide and place it on a Czech Fallout fan-site? (With your nick in the credits and also a link to NMA.)
  14. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Are you volunteering, is that it? :P

    Sure, you can do whatever you want with it.
  15. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    I've taken the liberty to update and host the corpse of Morticia's walkthrough. But I don't promise to keep hosting or updating it forever. Hopefully Morticia will come back one day and say; Hey, that's mine! Give it back to me. Now!

    Anyway, come get the awesome and spectacular RP 2.1.2b Walkthrough.
  16. clippertm

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    Oct 24, 2010

    Thank you for this great mod.

    I am having a lot of fun replaying Fallout 2.

    However I do not understand why stores (New Reno Arms, Big Guns etc.) now only supply low end weapons and ammunitions.

    Money becomes useless, looting becomes uninteresting, and I actually stopped playing the game because of this.

    Is there any way / other mod / install option to restore the original inventories of the shops in the game?

    Many thanks,
  17. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    This is the fundamental flaw of Fallout 2, the RP mod makes no difference to the fact that the game has too much. You can still roam around the wastelands and kill all the nasty's, complete the quests, etc, try to just loot the bare minimum of stuff.

    I don't even use the NPC's any more, and I always play on the hardest settings, and just stick to a melee character. Early in the game I'm pretty tough, but once I leave the Den I run more often then fight in a random encounter...and it feels good, I know what battles to fight and what to avoid. In the future I'm hoping that every item in the game can have at least 1 weight, and 1 size, to slow down the hoarding that takes place... :roll:

    I don't think there has been any change to the original inventories of the shops, but Killap can answer that best.
  18. clippertm

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    Oct 24, 2010
    Hello .Pixote,

    I understand the implications of what you describe as a "fundamental flaw" of Fallout 2.

    However, this is the way I like to play the game: looting, trading, collecting weapons, stocking up on ammo, facing both weak and powerful opponents etc. and without NPCs (I find that the AI is a bit silly at times).

    I do not think the game "has too much". If it has, then maybe a nice way of "balancing" difficulty would be to add more opponents, not necessarily making them stronger.

    Example: more bandits/raiders/mutants during bandits/raiders/mutants encouters, more bodyguards in casinos etc.

    I thought that the Restoration Project & the Unofficial Patch was about adding contents to Fallout 2 and fixing bugs, not "balancing" or changing gameplay by modifying existing contents. I do not really know if those merchants are affected by the RP or the UP, so I might be wrong.

    In any case, I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to get those merchants' inventories back. RP & UP are the only mods I use.

    Many thanks,
  19. teukros

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    This is in reply to something Nevill posted over in the Fallout 2 Restoration Project 2.1.2b (Unofficial Expansion) thread.

    Nevill, I also play ironman but before I leave the village, I spend some time practicing my Steal skill with the tame geckos just outside of the village (plant-steal-plant-steal-plant nets you 150 xp). I think of this as practicing "Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off". :wink: Many consider this cheating, but IMO so is reloading from a previous save file if your character dies. You need 21,000 xp to reach Level 6 which you can do in under an hour, then put both of your perks into both levels of Bonus Move (which your non-combat character will probably want anyway). The only downside is you have to spend a fairly tedious hour (if that) and you have to spend your first two or three levels worth of Skill points to get Steal up to 60% or so.

    Another suggestion is, when you do leave Arroyo for the first time, leave at night.
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    Ahem.....this is surely not the way how i want to play with...??