Fallout 2 mod Fallout of Nevada/Фаллаут Невада

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    Jan 15, 2018
    As I see now, there's 3 versions of Fallout of Nevada v.1.0+:

    1) Vanilla. Have no idea where to find it now, since links on the official site are down.
    Has english translation led by Dionis, I did a major update on that. Not very compatible with crazy edition. You can find the updated translation a couple of pages back, and if you have the vanilla, just unpack it in master.dat/text/.

    2) Fallout: Nevada - Crazy edition. Made by Foxx. A lot of bugs fixed, many added contents, with mixed results - I personally liked some items added (megaradscorpion's armor or something, or the one made of tires), or some additional locations - gecko hunting grounds and deathclaw farm were nice - but I don't really dig the usage of talking heads from Fallout 1, and loads and loads of graphics from Olympus 2207. And that damn dog, i absolutely hate it.
    Mainly, that's the reason i didn't adapt vanilla update of translation by Dionis to this version, so it has only that. But most of the people play this one anyway. It breaks my heart :)
    I doubt Foxx will ever find time to apply my translation updates to the crazy edition. I believe you can find this one around some trackers.

    3) Fallout: Nevada - Fixed edition. Also made by Foxx. I believe, this is the most recent version. Includes major bugfixes, some cutscenes redone, and little-to-minimal changes of the content.
    I am now playing this one, and liking it for the most part. Making slight changes to vanilla translation, to fit to this version, and i would really, really like to participate in making this version available to the english-speaking public. As of now, it oficially has no english translation. Full and playable version can be found in one specific russian tracker, which i can't recommend because piracy :)
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  2. Foxx

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    Oct 31, 2017
    That's right.

    Released the original version without bugs.
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    Jan 31, 2017
    • 3 version, apart from the official release 1.00 + patch 02 (without hi-res & incorrectly configured sfall)
    • Vanilla with fixes: incluided 0.99b6 & 1.02c (mod version) - if necesary, can be found.
    • Crazy edition - current version 3.5.upd 3 - and this modification is no longer supported.
    • Fixed edition (actual version 2.0.1) - if necessary, is possible to make mod-version.
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    Jan 15, 2018
    Heyy Pyran, Foxx!

    By mod-version you mean what, exactly? An update for Fallout 2, turning that into Nevada?
    If yes - I'm in
  5. _Pyran_

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    Jan 31, 2017
    Hi, there.
    Exactly. We are waiting for version FE 2.0.2.
    Or you need the old vanialla version + fixes?
    Please clarify.
  6. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    This thread needs to be a sticky IMO...

    Anyway I just finished this mod after leaving it on my PC for several years. Great game...the best Fallout 2 mod I've played so far. There are still lots of issues with the game though, many dialogues still have error lines, the talking heads are screwed up, I made adjustments in my playthrough so the heads matched their critters properly. Some of the quests are are a little tricky to work out, and I needed to seek assistance more than once (by the way what's "Puke", I couldn't polish my rusty katana).

    Some of the features were great - the metal detector for instance, the remote control for the force fields in Area 51, fantastic stuff, crafting in general, the developers are really talented. Did anyone take on the bikers at Battle mountain, I really wanted the turbo plasma rifle, but knew I wouldn't survive the fight. The merchants in Salt Lake city were broken for me, no inventory items.

    I have installed the crazy edition and want to explore the differences. :salute: my Russian friends.
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    Meh, half the first page is stickies already.
    If at all, I'd say we should remove some of the ass old stuff.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    I'm certain that 'Puke' stands for hard alcochol in russian slang [because Pukeing is what people do after drinking too much of this stuff XD ]. It's just been directly translated without native english speaker touch. I'm not russian myself although i had been taught this language way back when I was in school, so more or less i understand what they ocasionally write here. Your best bet would be eigther find good 'ol "Booze" or "Rot Gut". You shoould be able to get both at bartenders. There are few around new reno ( mainly around boxing ring or casino).

    There are multiple quirks like this translation around the walkthrough. For example they use acronym of 'VC' as in Vault City by cyrylic equivalent of letters GG. I think it stands for Grhazhdanskyi Gorat in the original or a direct translation to english 'Citizen City'. The whole 'GG' roams around the walkthrough, but it get's better thay also use acronym a.k.a. 'GG' for acronym of the term 'Action Points' or 'AP'. So i guess google translate failed the translating teamin a convulting confusion at this, hence we get the untranslated 'GG' everywhere.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    During my Kill Everyone run I handed in warehouse parts in exchange for Combat Armor. Used Power Fist and Kubotan (custom knuckles you make out of keys). Pickpocketed everyone of consumables and extra ammo, took a dose of Psycho, Power Fisted their leader and then hid in the shed killing the rest 1 by 1.
    Overall around 4 reloads.