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    Dec 30, 2010
    Bayonetta 2 might be the only reason why I might buy a WiiU in the near future. They say the PS3 version has problems with the loading, or is the 360 one? Can't remember, it's been a while since I played it, and I am thinking of purchasing it with my PS3.
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    Jul 1, 2012
    You seem to have misunderstood my criticisms of the game. I didn't say it was poorly designed, I said I didn't like its designs. Perhaps my use of the Spawn game as an example of frustratingly bad design gave off that impression, but I was simply using it to describe different dimensions of frustration with game design, not explicitly drawing parallels.

    But if I were to try to explain why I came to the conclusion of B having an "unresponsive" set of controls, again I would opt to delve into analogous examples. If you're familiar at all with the Tekken series, it's a fight game genre with MANY different characters with wildly different and totally distinct fighting styles. This is exemplified with each of their command inputs being different, whereas the same command inputs can work across characters in Street Fighter and you'll just get different attacks. If you were to pick up the character Forest Law, you could mash the buttons and he would seem to be endlessly attacking (the dreaded "button masher" tactic that most fighting game players loathe of newbies) because his command inputs are just that fluid. He DOESN'T endlessly attack, but his moveset IS fluid enough that it feels that way, and it equally feels like any beginner could pick him up and start kicking as with him for that very reason. Yet a skilled player would kick your ass if you tried. So does that make Law a worthless character? Actually, no. An equally skilled player can work wonders with that character, and put up a good fight against the guy who'd kick the ass of some incompetent button masher. These are even more the case with Eddie Gordo, who is infamous for being a button masher's ideal character to play, because he CAN endlessly combo just by mashing buttons. BUT the rule of skill still applies. However the opposite is the case of, say, Lei Wulong. THIS character, in the hands of a skilled player, will seamlessly transition from various kung fu stances and psychologically dominate unprepared players because it's hard to predict where he'll attack from next. BUT his command inputs are incredibly stiff and not fluid at all. Pushing buttons will result in Lei tossing out a punch and sinking into a vulnerable state of recovery frames, leaving the player wondering to themselves, "What the fuck? Why isn't he doing that shit I saw earlier?" Completely different set of controls to the other, much more simple-to-grasp characters. He's more of an expert-tier character to play than Forest Law, even if both have high skill caps, because a novice can't pick him up and kick ass with him. It's not bad design AT ALL, but it is stiff and feels unresponsive (since you have to KNOW your timings and positioning).

    That is what B felt like, to me. Like I said, I SAW friends play the game and pull off incredibly showy maneuvers, and I watched them rack up points, then restart a section because they were unsatisfied with their results, and I could understand why, having played plenty of games like that (not just NG). But that doesn't mean it was a game that could be picked up by a novice, mash a couple buttons, and pull out some of those showy moves on a first try. It's just not gonna happen. It doesn't cater to any degree of button mashing at all, so it's not a game that feels comfortable to newbie players, even if it feels great to those who have practiced their skills at the game. But NG has both, which is why I say its controls are so streamlined and fluid. You CAN pick up the game, not knowing at all what you're doing, and mash buttons, and Ryu will pull out a bunch of really stylish moves and you'll feel like a badass. You WON'T be a badass, but you could be fooled to thing that you were. =) Meanwhile, those controls do NOT cater themselves strictly to button mashers, because the tighter your control of the game and the more accurate your input of commands will yield infinitely better results than any level of mashing buttons ever could. So despite feeling entirely welcoming to the newbies, it's designed for practiced experts. Being able to satisfy such a wide gulf of varying skill levels, purely by its controls and designs, are why I give it such praise as being a masterfully put together series.

    And like I already said, same genres simply have no bearing in liking another game or not. Borderlands IS a FPS, as is COD4, but liking one is no guarantee of liking the other. It just doesn't work that way. Liking Journey is no guarantee of liking Dear Esther. My thorough enjoyment of NGS doesn't necessitate that I would like DMC, B, or any other third person action game with scoring system at all. It's just irrelevant to what makes me like the game.

    Quite to the contrary. As explained above, I played it enough to "get" its control schemes just fine. Enough to determine that they weren't for me. Not because I couldn't understand them or such...

    Like I said, that does nothing to me. The fact that Rachel or Sonia or Ayane are around and/or playable in the NG games doesn't motivate me to pick one up and play it over the other. Neither does it rile my bones and get my blood boiling and make me thing that it's misogynistic drivel... cause it's not. A bit on the shallow side? Sure. But that's not even remotely similar to sexist or the other complaints. That's just activist types who want to raise a fuss, and they'll raise a fuss about just about anything. I always get a chuckle for myself when I think back about all the accusations of rampant sexual objectification and poor female role modeling in GTAV, because when I heard a (I think it was Good Morning America?) network program levy these accusations on the game, I was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of playing Tennis with my loving wife in the game! Soooooo objectifying! Suuuuuch a negative female role model! XD Anyway, that's really an encapsulated example. But my point being, I couldn't really care less about any of that. The game is what matters. I bought Dead of Alive Extreme 2 because I read an article that said DOAX Beach Volleyball was a REALLY good volleyball simulator game, and it happened to have the DOA girls in bathing suits along for the ride. But the babes weren't the selling point for me at all. Little did I know DOAX2 was a woeful disappointment in terms of gameplay... ~_~ No amount of fan service can get me to play a game that sucks, and thus it collects dust on my shelf to this day!

    I said I didn't want to play it because it wasn't for me. You're essentially putting the cart before the horse here, that seems to be what you're not understanding. Not that I can't play it because it doesn't play like some other game exactly, but that I determined its feel wasn't something I liked, so I never felt like playing it more than the few hours I spent at the helm, incredibly bored, and incidentally it doesn't play like another game of no consequence.

    Yes, that was my point. It was a solid game with tight controls and I lvoed it for it. It felt nothing like B, and B felt nothing like it. The closest similarity in gameplay I got of ANY game was the aforementioned shitstain Spawn game, but that's where their similarities end... Whereas GOW was well-designed, S was little more than somewhat faithful to the source material (as opposed to that God-awful movie from the 90s) but otherwise a shit brick as a game.

    I wanna quote something Yahtzee said, but I can't remember the exact wording. But it's something along the lines of how silly it is when people suggest that it takes X amount of time for the game to get good, or that it takes beating it once for it to start shining. Maybe there was a being boiled alive analogy somewhere in his quote? I can't quite recall. Anyway, you're not doing the game any favors by telling me I gotta BEAT it before I start liking it. =P

    "Too serious" has nothing to do with it. There's plenty of dry jokes strewn about NGS, like a comment if you interact with an object that was the leftovers of something that had been removed from the game from previous versions, and it acknowledges that "someone must have removed it". XD Touche, Team Ninja! I loved how abstract Echochrome was. I love how totally absurd the heroes are in Dota2 (it's Valve, you should expect them to be very humorous) regardless of how grim or serious they APPEAR be. I adored the over-the-top childish cuteness of LittleBIGPlanet and how it lent itself to its clever premise of everything being the manifestation of everyone's dreams and creativity, brought to life. I'm not too serious to tongue-in-cheek humor at all, otherwise how could I love South Park so? It simply had nothing to do with my not taking toward B, just like the "sexism" was irrelevant to me, as well. I care about how the GAME plays, and I didn't care for it. Everything else comes second.

    I never said my lack of fondness for B was due to an inability to accept that getting my ass kicked in it was my lack of skill at the game. I never bothered with it long enough TO get my ass kicked. =P I was saying that NG was a series that (decreasingly so with each sequel) brought out the inner rage in most players who picked it up, kinda like what Demon's Souls and Dark Souls would do 5-7 years later. But whereas you could play through COD:WAW and legitimately complain that the game was bullshit for various reasons (infinite grenades, instantaneous "in cover" sniping, infinitely respawning enemies) at its highest difficulty, NG was jut frustrating at EVERY difficulty... but it was never bullshit, it was always fair. Supremely challenging, but fair. It came before DS and DkS and the paltry few games of their ilk which actually STROVE to challenge their players (*shudders* Soldner-X.....) in the time where games were becoming increasingly lax in their efforts to try and push the limits of players, and as such it undeservedly got tons of flak for being "bullshit". But that's where my comment on fragile egos comes into play. If you can accept the fact that you getting your ass handed to you in a game MAY be due to your ineptitude, and that a little thing like practice might be warranted, then you could foreseeably tolerate NG's level of challenge. If not, then stay away. Nothing of the sort deterred me from B at all, however, meanwhile I rose to the challenge of PLENTY of games that had insane difficulties (sans bullshit), such as the GOW games, the aforementioned S-X duology, KZ2, DS2's Hardcore difficulty, and plenty more... =)

    EDIT: I find it ironic that when I'm finished with posts such as these, the button I press to submit it reads "Post Quick Reply". There's nothing quick about any of that! XD
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    I won't get into quote wars so I'll keep it simple. I think my problem was with the Spawn comparison. Great example of a shit game that plays nothing like what we are talking about. I wasn't implying that the game only gets good after you beat it. I was saying that people like you, who are always on here talking about competitive games and are uber completionists, may like the New Game +. Personally I felt Ninja Gaiden wasn't hot shit as you make it out to be. Granted I haven't played one or two of them. I played the original but I never loved it like others did. When I was in Iraq two of my friends went through Ninja Gaiden Black on the hardest difficulty. I remember watching it a little, but then I went to playing Halo 2 on the LAN. NG never drew me in and the countless rehashes/updates turned me off from even bothering. I suppose I like the angel and demon motif in Bayonetta as opposed to ninjas and Dead or Alive characters. I like fighting the different ranks of angels like the Seraphim, Cherubim, Archangels, etc. Every time I fought a new enemy it was interesting since they had a very specific theme and purpose. I felt compelled to see what they threw at me next. The references to classic games like Space Harrier were pretty nice too. The new Bayonetta 1 and 2 on Wii U has lots of new updates that are pretty nice. Personally I feel as a fan of the genre you would be doing yourself a disservice not to play the games at some point but eh. I mean I picked up Lollipop Chainsaw and MGR at discount prices for just such a reason. I plan on going back and playing some of the Gaiden titles I missed as well. At any rate I was only suggesting a title I thought you might like, but I will take care not to bother next time.

    PS3 version has some issues. A Wii U is a no brainer if you like the exclusives. Fatal Frame, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, and Zelda whenever it comes out, are all solid titles. Also Mario Maker which sounds really cool. Oh and Hyrule Warriors doesn't look half bad.
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    Okay, for starters, you’re comparing fighting games to hack’n’slashes. That’s like comparing turn-based strategies to mobas! The multiplayer aspect and extensive rosters completely changes how the games are played. This doesn’t work. I’ve also noticed that you mentioned entirely Tekken characters and their respective functionality without a single conclusion to why you wrote one paragraph the size of three to illustrate this. This leads me to believe A) you just don’t have the deeper understanding of the difference between fighters and 1p action games, and B) you’re trying to invoke tl;dr. As for the details themselves, all you said here was that Tekken is less accessible to beginners and requires tons of research and practice just to get in to. That is inherently bad design. I’ll get to more on that later.

    The whole point of this is ridiculous, because you are effectively complaining that Bayonetta doesn’t play like Ninja Theory games.

    See, this is a good thing that directly contradicts your earlier splurge about Tekken. This makes a game more accessible to beginners in order to enjoy the game until they finish it while still allowing advanced players to discover the depth and complexity to the game and enjoy as much as, if not more than players of games like NG while not shooing away less experienced (or just downright more hardy) player because they don’t understand something. It also gives more dedicated beginners the opportunity to grow into the more advanced group of players all by themselves.

    You said yourself that people can do really showy maneuvers easily, while more advanced players can actually apply those showy maneuvers properly. That allows casual players to feel good about themselves without compromise. Casual players don’t care that there’s a whole game under the pretty animations and advanced players don’t care about how pretty the animations are and just want accurate input/output. Quite frankly, I’m getting confused if you’re talking about Team Ninja or Platinum at this point.

    The thing is, NG is actually what’s uncomfortable to newbie players not because of what you think makes Bayonetta inaccessible, but rather because of the excessive challenge (I’ve only actually played the original version, so correct me if they changed that much in the SFII-level remakes).
    (P.S. You’re wrong about the button mashing thing. Button mashing can encompass more than one button so long as it’s mindless rapid fire X)

    You seem to be ignoring the concept of genre hybrids here. There's a reason why people might like Borderlands but not CoD, that reason is genre, and it isn't FPS. Borderlands is an open world FPS-RPG. CoD is a railroaded spectacle action-FPS. Journey is an experience-based adventure. Dear Esther is effectively a visual novel. Similarly, Kamiya style hack'n'slash is very different from Itagaki style hack'n'slash. One uses hills and valleys pacing with rapid sound oriented combat while the other generally uses a more even and small-scale approach.

    This excessively defensive response to a side comment of a side comment is very alarming. Especially since you seem to have mostly forgotten the more important latter half.

    You literally write exactly that two sections above.
    “Really picks up” does not necessarily mean “becomes good”. As a long-time player, I can confirm that it’s always really fun for beginners and experienced players. “Picking up” can refer to (and does) picking up the pace, becoming more complex, giving you more opportunities, etc. It always shines, but that glow gains some new colors later on.

    All this meant was your complaints had to do with your own trouble with the combat system, not your failure rate. And difficulty levels all being frustrating is bad game design.

    As a conclusion, all you’ve said so far is that you’re uncomfortable playing Kamiya style hack’n’slashes in a very bloated manner.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    You basically said what I was too lazy to type out. Well put.
  6. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    It's almost like Snap Slav walls of text didn't make any sense ;)

    Also, for voting in that Golden Joystiq shit I got myself a free Xcom Enemy Unknown, so yay, Grreat Success.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Enemy Within is better but good deal. Xenonauts rocks if you like old X-Com.
  8. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Enemy Within is at 7 dollars right now, I might just buy it.
  9. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I had to get it for console, but the Long War mod with Enemy Within may destroy your life. Enemy Within at least added the base attacks, more customization options, new missions, etc... I still prefer Xenonauts strategic layer vs. New Xcom, but they both have their pros and cons. Xcom freezes up on me on a regular basis so that does suck. Then again, so did Xenonauts.
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    Jul 1, 2012
    I was never inteded to make a "quote war", I was merely addressing pertinent points where their being addressed was due... unlike some. But you just confirmed my suspicion that my use of the Spawn example is what led to a confusion with my points, so that's my bad. But you're wrong about me saying that NGS is hot shit. My point that fragile ego players CANNOT handle it is precisely why it's not hot shit at all. You can't play a game that hands you your ass and tells you "here's your ass back" if you're a smug prick who needs to feel badass when he first picks up a game he's never experienced before in a genre he's not an expert at. It's NOT a game for casual players, and that's a point against it. It has a very niche audience, and I happen to fill it. It makes the game great FOR ME, and a game I wish was more widely appreciated, but not a game that's universally awesome, which is what I'd interpret "hot shit" to encompass.

    Besides, being a compulsive completionist or fond of challenge isn't at all why I love the game, or what could determine that I would be drawn to a game, either. That was my point all along. Any comparisons you'd TRY to draw between these different games would simply fail to recognize that... they're different games. The fact that they're different games would mean I'd have to analyze the other game from the ground up as to whether or not I wanna play it, because any "similarities" don't matter to me. If anything, I DON'T like my nature as a compulsive completionist, cause I've been making inquiries about NG3 with friends who've played it, because the OCD compels me to own the "completed trilogy", despite the fact that EVERYONE returns with negative responses. Tales of how bad it is. Tales of how poorly the networking ruins an already not-great game. Tales of how I should avoid purchasing it at all costs. Well the compulsion isn't rational, and I can't shake it cause that's my nature. I don't WANT to own this game, but unless something can satisfy the urge, it'll be nagging me forever.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Now onto this mess of absence-of-logic...
    For starters... no I'm not. I was EXPLICITLY stating that's not what I'm doing. I'm making analogies, not comparisons. Learn the difference.

    1) Again, no. 2) What does Ninja Theory have to do with any of this? I never even mentioned Heavenly Sword or Enslaved: Odyssey to the West...

    You have a loose grasp of the purpose examples hold if you think my example contradicts my point. Not that people don't contradict themselves, but THIS is not me doing so to myself. I get the feeling I'm going to be repeating myself needlessly many times with "no I'm not" or "no I didn't", but seriously, time and time again you're just accusing me of doing something that I'm not. As to WHY...

    That's completely misapplying my description, right there. I describe what NGS DOES and what B DOES NOT, and you're defining the opposite to be the case. Hence my earlier analogy (again, not comparison, as you confused it to be) of fluid controls being so accessible. The challenge of the NG games doesn't mitigate the ease of which they seem to be picked up by beginners. You'll get your ass kicked if you're a slow learner or are starting out and don't yet know what you're doing, but you'll still FEEL like the controls are easy to grasp, immediately. This is not the case with B. My friends I mentioned ARE NOT beginners, nor did I ever say they were. If you interpreted my anecdote to indicate that, you weren't reading very much into what I was saying. Effectively wanting to see the faults where there were none. Entering into my post with bias firmly established rather that reacting to it afterward.

    That's funny. I'm confused if you think you're talking about B, cause you're describing NGS. Not joking, not snarky. That's LITERALLY what's happening. You're repeating what I said, almost word-for-word, about the NG games, and saying you don't know which game I'm talking about. If that's your roundabout way of saying without directly stating that my comments of one game would apply identically to another when I'm saying otherwise, then do yourself a favor and don't be a douche and just say that. I won't respect a slight or an attempt and a verbal jab as a valid criticism to address, but a straight-forward criticism will always warrant a proper response from me, whether it be a stern rebuttal or a humble, "I stand corrected!"

    Yet another instance of me being forced to repeat myself about you putting words in my mouth. I NEVER said button mashing was all about pressing one button forever and ever.

    Cue the "again, no" response, cause at this point I need that allocated to a button of its very own. Not only am I not ignoring hybrids, THEY'RE THE CRUX OF MY POINT. In layman's terms: that's the opposite of ignoring them. My very statements were illustrating how "same genres" ignores hybrids and design disparity across multiple titles, which is to say I was firmly acknowledging them, contrary to your misunderstandings. I specifically targets pairs of games that fell under the same umbrella of a single genre title to illustrate how same genre labels DO NOT cover differences of individual games, the key word being "labels", because those are just names, they don't define the experience each game actually represents. But we are creatures of particular, predictable habits, and so it's convenient to place labels upon games to try and form associations and familiarities for added appeal, and thus the tactic will continue on, regardless of its misapplication.

    I find your efforts to dismantle my comments "very alarming", but so what? That's your insecurities, your business, not mine. Meanwhile, I can't see what you see that my response was "excessively defensive". A comment was made, I addressed said comment. Nothing defensive about that. Now, it might be true that certain individuals here have made it clear in the past weeks, in the wake of this shitstorm gamergate debacle, that they are exceedingly overly-sensitive about gender issues, and as a result I do not want to be associated with targets for their wrath, cause that's just exhausting to put up with. If that wariness somehow manifested itself in my responses as "excessive defensiveness", then that was unintentional. Or perhaps you gauge how "defensive" I am by the size of each individual response, and because that one was 7 lines long and many of the rest were only 2 lines it appeared to be defensive to you? If that's the case, cue that button press, cause it's not the case. The length of a reply from me is dependent entirely on the number of words I personally deem appropriate to its addressal, nothing more.

    Am I missing something? Because you're quoting me reinforcing my point as though that's a bad thing? I say that my reason to not play a game was determining it wasn't for me. Then I reaffirm that I determined the game wasn't for me. Is that a bad thing? I hate repeating myself, but at least I only restated a point, using different words, only once.

    Preaching to the choir on this one... I know what it means. My criticism of it still stands; it's not a valid compliment because it ignores all that other time in which the game in question was NOT "picking up", regardless of what that may mean. Demon's Souls "picks up" after you beat it once, cause NG+ and NG++ (and beyond) are where the real challenge lies. No new collectibles, just far smaller of any margin for error, so it's indirectly becomes MUCH more challenging (because "takes more hits to kill" should not be confused with "is more difficult" let's not forget). But the fact that it was already a beat-down of a game "cherished" by many by how masochistic you had to be to play it was precisely why "compliments" comprising the phrase "after x hours of playing it" were useless to sell the game's merits. That doesn't mean the game was bad, just that the praise was misplaced. They don't do it any justice, so don't use the phrase. I PERSONALLY like how NG/B/S adds challenge on top of challenge, as opposed to what GOW does where they add challenge on top of mediocrity, but that's just me.

    Cue that button again. I can't figure how my openly stating "never had difficulty with" translates to an unspoken conclusion of "had trouble with", because one kinda contradicts the other. As I am want to do, I often point out where others mistakenly presume preference for adaptability. The game's controls didn't jive with my preferences, it was never a case of my being unable to adapt to them. I said this several times, so it puzzles me how you missed that, let alone arrived at the opposite conclusion.

    To that, besides the mandatory button-press cue, a simple "pot kettle black" should suffice as an adequate response.
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    Aug 4, 2013
    Playing Legend of Grimrock, a neat dungeon crawler. I'm having so much fun that is starting to become a sin ( doubles considering the infernal heat and drought that my country is suffering, I'm literally burning in hell.)
  12. Dr. Combat Shotgun

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    Aug 19, 2010
    If you ever want to play some deep fantasy strategy, try dominions 4. Seriously, man. Thats some deep strategy game you got there.
  13. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    I gotta pick up Legend of Grimrock again, got frustrated when a group of snails gangbanged me, I hate those animals.
  14. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    I feel your pain, man! There's only ~10°C here in Slovakia right now and Grimrock 2 is melting my poor video card too.
  15. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012

    I'm currently on a tiny adrenaline rush, cause I just completed my Hard run of NGS a few minutes ago, and my score netted me 60th place in the world!!! ^_______^ Oh I'm so friggin pumped!!!

    Better still, I already got top 250 on my Very Hard run a couple years ago when I wasn't even TRYING to go for a high score, and fewer and fewer players are on each subsequent difficulty, so if I can keep this up, I ought to get top 50 or even higher on Master Ninja in no time! =D Well, it seems to take me about 1-2 weeks to complete a full run of the game right now, with other obligations sapping my time as well as moderating my own use of games... so "in no time" is relative, I suppose! XD

    Welp, it's onward to Very Hard (again)!!! ^^
  16. H3rw00d1

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I went back and played GTA IV again, it was hard to get used to the vehicle controls again after playing GTA V for so long (in addition to trying to make some money in it, it was always hard to make cash ingame) but I had some fun with the multiplayer there and listening to the radio stations brought me back definitely. It's at this point I realize... why didn't they put the Stallion in for GTA V?

    Also, has anyone played Five Nights at Freddy's yet? Looks pretty cool (and would probably make you loose your sanity after awhile) but I want to see what others here think of it.
  17. Byzantine

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    Sep 4, 2014
    Having just looked up footage of Five Nights At Freddy's, I'm going to have to pass (I can't stomach horror games). Still, it looks fun. Terrifying, but fun. At the moment, I'm not really playing anything. I wouldn't mind giving the latest Broken Sword sequels a go, though; Revolution are apparently trying their hand at a second Beneath A Steel Sky game, which I hope is indeed the case. They seem to be going through a "remake every game we've ever made" phase, but I hope it'll pass.
  18. Harken

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    Aug 16, 2014

    Okay, I really don't want to do this, but there needs to be some clarification.

    I didn’t know that any logic that isn’t perfectly in line with yours didn’t exist. I apologize for not being omniscient!

    An analogy is a type of comparison. Here is the most basic type of analogy: Tekken is to Street Fighter as Ninja Gaiden is to Bayonetta.

    And I never mentioned Metal Gear Rising or The Wonderful 101. Who developed Bayonetta? Platinum Games! Who developed Ninja Gaiden? Ninja Theory!

    I am talking about Bayonetta and I am talking about Ninja Gaiden. Read this last sentence again:
    You even quoted that personally.

    Looks like I have to educate you a bit more on grammar. Do you know what implications are? Implications are suggested versions of declarations!

    In that case, you should have chosen games in which the label they share has priority over the one they don’t. And I apologize for not being omniscient!

    Addressing half of a sentence with a paragraph comes off as really insecure and defensive, in case you didn’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have pointed out this detail to you after all?

    You're completely missing the point here! I just said that you claimed that a game wasn't for you, but then went on to say that you never said that. Regardless if you hadn't written it by the time TorontRayne made the statements you were responding to, that's just flat out stupid. You reinforced his point and then claimed that point was wrong.

    In that case, why did you ever bring that up to begin with? What seemed to be the essential purpose was to compare and contrast NG and Bayonetta.

    I’m pretty sure that directly increases challenge (and this “padded enemies” thing came out of nowhere, Captain Obvious).

    Hey, I’m just interpreting the subtext. It can often be a lot more reliable than what is directly stated.

    All in all... come on, man! The last thing in everything you post here is a description of semantics! The least you could do would be to say, “Could you maybe enunciate? This is what I get out of what is said,” but no. You go, “Nah, stupid. This is what you definitely said!” I’ll admit I’m equally guilty of this, but at least I bothered to read over what you wrote multiple times and interpreted it several ways before picking the most suitable! We aren’t even arguing about the main topic anymore! It’s turned into a vector. Were you just mad about the whole goes-on-too-long shtick, or what? Listen to me or not, but if this still continues, then it won’t go anywhere. Try and be a bit more open-minded in the future, just in general.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Bayonetta needed more Kids wanting to be King of the Pirates for him to think it is the epitome of game design :V
  20. Emperor

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Here we are having 30°C in the morning, going to 40°C in the afternoon and by the night 28°C. Air Conditioners can't do shit and can't sleep well at night. Also my city is facing a water crisis, the river that we use is 40%+ dry and basically twice a week we are getting water, this with the growing criminality rate in my city I say that we might have a situation in hand. In before water riots.

    Of course, all of this will not stand in my way to play videogames.

    You didn't met the spiders, lucky you.

    Congrats man, but what is NGS?