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    And Collectors were created and controlled by Reapers. The millions of year old Reapers who had been doing this every 50,000 years and they hadn't figured out a better more efficient way? The Reapers are not to know the seeker swarms have been countered beyond the use of biotics. Even if they did, Mordin creates a counter measure in a matter of days/weeks do you not think the Reapers couldn't work out how he did it and make a counter-counter measure? Plus Mordin's defence was for a small team using kinetic barriers not a planet of mostly defenseless civilians. And as far as the Alliance and the Citadel was concerned the Reapers didn't exist and the Collectors had been defeated.

    Which is why he used footage from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' to show how you'd expect a more advanced race to harvest.

    He's analyzing the intro as it's presented.
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    Uh...what about all the obvious traces of a civilization like buildings and machines? They erase all that stuff when they are done? :? Honest question.
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    Reapers don't know that. And again, I suspect it was deemed an impractical measure for covering a whole planet. At this point your guess is as good as mine.

    According to him. Codex information avalable shortly after gives all the needed detailsabout how they harvest, they arrive in a big city, flush civilians out of buildings, disable transportation, then round them up in camps to be processed. We can argue the fine points on how more efficient they could be or whatever, but to me it's nitpicking. Suffice to know they harvest faily efficiently (2 million humans per day) and leave it at that.

    I get that, but if info made available shortly after sheds some light on what's presented, you would think many of these complaints would ring hollow. The game doesn't have to provide an immediate answer to the player's every questions. Again, the intro IS rushed and badly done but there's a point where he's just nitpicking.

    Yeah, they do, it's partly why the cycles take a century at their shortest. I suspect cleaning up buildings is far easier than covering up a giant fuck-off crater of mass destruction (the one on Klendragon tipped off the organics to useful information on the Reapers, for example). it seems like they don't do it perfectly, Feros still had many Prothean buildings for example, but it looks like they had been cleaned out of tech so I guess it's understandable. Plus they must leave something to facilitate the discovery of the Mass Effect in the future. Anyway, they don't want to destroy organics, but to harvest them, so WMD are a moot point. It's said in the game, if they wanted to just nuke the planet into oblivion they would do it.
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    Reading the codex to explain the intro is like having to read the foot notes in The Lord of the Rings to find out why Eowyn could kill the Nazgûl. Not the same impact at all, this is a big problem with the Mass Effect series too much telling and not enough showing.
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    That we can kinda agree on. It would only take a short dialog with Hackett to reveal all this info (there are some info revealed in-game, but not all) right here. On the other hand, the Codex remains handy to provide supplementary, non plot essential material. Origins and the first two ME games were better about this. This time around, some fairly important facts about the war (such as the Turian military destroying a few Sovereign-class Reapers, or the impossibility of using suicide attacks against said mecha-cthulus) are relegated to a secondary codex entry. It's not like it's hard to have Hackett's VA record these lines. I could listen to him all day.

    It's a larger problem with Bioware, however. Too many plot threads introduced or resolved out of the main games. Arrival DLC changing the storyline completely. James Vegas intoduced and met Shepard in some obscure comic. Reporter Emily Wong killed off on Twitter.


    Exactly how I felt.
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    How is James Vega exactly a "Plothole"?
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    Never said he was a plot hole. He just kinda comes out of nowhere if you didn't follow ME3's developpement or read his introductory comic. Not a huge issue, but still.
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    Mostly in that he isn't really well introduced. Apparently Shepard knows him (and they act like good friends who have been with each other at least several months, if not years) yet he was never mentioned in previous games.

    Of course it also doesn't help that Vega is quite possibly the least interesting character ever created, but never mind that.
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    Come on, he's not that bad. His little fistfight with Shepard was nice, as was his N7 dilemna. His inept flirtations with FemShep also got a chuckle out of me. Plus Freddie Prince Jr. does a fine voice acting job imo. He's not fascinating, of course, but he's not as dull as Jacob, or 90% of the characters Bethesda creates.
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    Mording was one of the characters I like the most. next to Legion. Oh and Garrus of course. But thats not fair since he is simply cute. Kinda. Yeah I am a bit weird.
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    Mordin was probably the best Bioware character ever made, I'd say Garrus and Wrex in ME1 are way up there too. Tali was good throughout the series, especially in 1 though. Vega's personality seemed trite, did anyone else NEVER use him unless forced?
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    I dont even remember Vega really ...
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    Hehe people have picked up yet another glaring plot hole.

    The Normandy (seemingly) broke it's Relay-generated mass effect field mid-flight. Yet, Codex says that doing that releases lethal amounts of radiation. How come everyone aboard is alive then? And how the hell did Joker precisely crash the ship on a temperate planet when it's clearly shown that the impact severs the Normandy's reactors on it's''wings''.

    The more you think about it, the worse it gets.
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    Not to mention Joker just getting up and walking out, after all the time spent explaining how such an impact would break every bone in his body.

    Ah BioWare. It's almost unbelievable how badly you messed up.

    The idea of a spacecraft making a straight horizontal drop onto a planet made me lol tho.
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    Pretty much, I used him and Ashley during the missions in which I had to have them with me but I never used him afterwards.

    There are quite some plotholes and 'rules of cool' situations in Mass Effect 3 to the point it has become quite cheap.

    Thing about comics and books is that they are suppose to add to a IPs universe, not become mandatory to people to understand what is going on.

    I have the same gripe with the Halo books, we are suppose to buy the books and such in order to understand the new games?
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    Hey. Joker. FU-- *audio cuts out*

    It's funny because it's juvenile, right? :)

    On topic: I almost want to kill myself for finding Mass Effect 2 a better rpg than 3 in some respects.
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    because you guys know its true. Kinda.

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    I take it Maxis had an extra life as it's currently walking around. :V