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    Dec 31, 2017
    I'm necromancer enough, they say, yeah... I am just affraid folks would start coming after me with poles and forks if i'd keep digging things up. :D
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    Dec 26, 2010
    You certainly broke the NMA's record of a necromancer without a tempban.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    watched utøya movie, titled "U, Juli 22" in English (probably to avoid the ø-letter)
    directed by Erik Poppe who also filmatized the high profile NOKAS bank robbery here, and has proven himself capable of dealing with subject matters that are likely to offend many (in the robbery a police officer was killed, and many were highly sceptical of Poppe's intention of making the event into a movie. In my opinion - and many others - he did an excellent job at it)

    With Utøya, he does an excellent job again. His approach has been compared to that of Polytechnique (and to a lesser degree Elephant). I particularily agree with the comparison to Polytechnique, in that Poppe focuses on the dread of the situation, rather than any potential for hootin-tootin action. There are little details, one that struck me right away was sound design - in the constant presence of the rifle blasts on the island, that the protagonists are always trying to locate and evade. The sound are unlike those of most movies, really, and in its own way, it reminds me of how Spielberg broke down and "re designed" rifle bangs for Saving Private Ryan, focusing on that shattering whip-like crack of the rifle blasts. In Utøya, even with smaller speakers, the sound has that chest-thumping quality, and reminds one of being near a shooting range more than being near actiony shooting scenes. Subtleties like these go a long way. After watching countless movies with guns, this movie immediately succeeded in making me dread the distant rifle bangs

    The writing is simple, and sticks to various eye-witness accounts, dramatizing them to some degree, while also realizing fully that exaggerations in this kind of situation is totally redundant. As a result, a lot of the "drama" is toned down. There isn't much "going on", no love-triangle, no misunderstanding, only a one-take(!) ditch to escape the unstopping rifle cracks. Blood and gore is kept to an absolute minimum, so is the perpetrator himself, as well as any motivation or political context. The acting is so-and-so, because all the actors are unknowns, and forced through the movie in a single take, but all in all, I was very pleasantly surprised.

    I always wanted to see it in the cinema screen, but felt bad about being that guy to bring popcorn and shit into the Utøya movie D:

    Beware of upcoming American versions (I've allready heard of such being in the making)
    Knowing Hollywood formulae, they will make it about love triangles, someones lame misunderstanding, and some "driving force" survival angle of saving ones gf or something. Read some subtitles, watch the Norwegian one!
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    Nov 22, 2009
    I would have preferred that a Norwegian director would have made this movie instead of a Hollywood-one. Yes, Greengrass is a Hollywood director, directed Bourne-movies etc. The movie was made for Netflix, not particularily 'prestigious'.

    The movie about this subject should IMHO be made by Norwegians mostly, be similar to Downfall/Untergang in style, meaning realistic and not glamorise the 'bad guy'. Now I'm not sure if this movie is exactly what Breivik wanted, a tv movie that builds his fame. And the money from the movie should go to some charity for the things that Breivik was trying to attack.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    Taking Breivik out of the spotlight was clearly one of the priorities in this film. As a character, he is practically non-existing. His actions are all around the movie, only detected by the repeating, neverending bangs, that - as I mentioned before - are very well designed, in terms of both realism as well as the emotional impact of these bangs, and how they don't seem to ever end.
    There is no "message" here, only bangs that won't stop, and this desperate urge to get away from them.

    A movie like Untergang can afford a lot more dialog and philosophy, a lot more exploration, and therefore can function more as a typical movie. If you can, watch Polytechnique. Apart from some small moments of character development, it too is very pragmatic in depicting what went on that day. Both Polytechnique and Utøya manage to give the viewer a genuine worry for the protagonists through pragmatic representation of that day, rather than inflating protagonist likeability.

    A stark difference is that Polytechnique attempts to give a 50/50 focus between attacker and victims, while Utøya, as mentioned, focuses entirely on the victims.
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    Dec 26, 2010

    The difference in grammar and punctuation between these two posts is substantial.
    It is confusing.

    Also, sounds like a good film, will watch it at some point.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    I'm smoking weed again
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    Nov 22, 2009
    Ever try snus/dip tobacco? It's legal in Sweden.
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    Dec 26, 2010

    oh no
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    Mar 11, 2012
    Watched Crank and Crank: High Voltage (they were on TV)

    The first was a fun cheap-thrill action flick, with - if you didn't know - Jason Statham. The premise is fun enough in that he needs to keep his heart racing, in order to not die from a chinese mobster poison injection. That last part of the sentence, "chinese mobster poison injection" is a good indication of the overall narrative reliability of the movie - there's none. Nothing makes sense, but it's fun to watch!

    Crank: High Voltage was on the next day. It's apparently someone's forced job. The director cannot possibly have wanted to do it, the scriptwriters must have wanted to be elsewhere, the actors, everybody. Nobody seems to be in this voluntarily. The movie seems to end when nobody can be arsed to continue making it, and if I didn't know any better I'd assume the actual storyline resolution (which is crammed into the end credits) were ordered after the first screening or something

    The camera work and scene cuts are absolutely insane, and not as a compliment, but as a continous (and slowly headache enducing) "wtf is going ON!?"-kind of way. It's beyond trying to be edgy, it's more like trying to make a whole new movie genre, like, improv-jazz-beat-poetry-action. Did you ever watch "Battlefield Earth" where the camera sway from side to side at an angle, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, other than to "be artsy"? It's like that, except it doesn't give you ocean sickness, instead just leads to long strings of "wait, wtf. Wtf? Wtf was that... what... now what!?"
    There's entire scenes that serve no purpose other than to underline a punch here and there. They may be clever gags, but if you make your audience "wtf!?" through several minutes at the time, it doesn't help to be clever at the end of it. You've been doing it wrong.
    It's not outright crap though, there's something about it that makes it more-than-crap. I've seen absolute shit movies, and this does not really qualify as outright shit. It's much too dynamic for that.

    In the end, fuck it, I recommend it, watch it. Don't pay for it though. Don't rent or buy, but check it out when it's on TV next. Lol.
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    Aug 16, 2010
    Reminds me that Battlefield Earth is on Netflix, and everyone should watch it, preferably drunk as fuck with a group of friends.
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    Jul 29, 2016
    Good for you, everyone should and the world would be a better place! Although it might also explain why you bothered to watch the below movies...….

    I remember when Crank came out, It reminded me too heavily of playing GTA Vice city. I mean even look at the way he runs in it and go watch the Vice city guy run, its to similar and I could not watch more then 20 minutes as it just ruined what was already going to be a bad movie.
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    Jul 24, 2007
    Anyone seen Venom?

    I've heard its so over-the-top that it makes for a great comedy. Just make sure you see it with a bunch of friends ready to laugh.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    Not a "movie" per se, but just watched "Making a Murderer" on Netflix, and my god, I don't think I've ever loudly exclaimed "my goood!" so many times before watching a documentary. The majority of these exclaims were during the interrogations as well as the phonecalls with that retarded nephew of Steven's, don't remember his name now, but holy stupid damn...

    The boy sat there and thought he was in a quiz show! His dumb little brain just went for the closest reference he knew: A difficult school quiz, he even admits that much over the phone to his (equally dumb) mother, "I guessed the answers." "WHY!?" "Because I guess the answers in my homework too."
    You can tell when the cops are asking how he killed the woman, he's just grinding his little brain for answers, what's the correct answer, how do I succeed this quiz, will I win a prize? "We stabbed her"
    The cops aren't asking about stabbing, they want the gunshot to the head, so they go "Okay, then what?", he has no fuckin idea, so he keeps guessing, "We cut her?"
    They guide him "nono - the head. You did something to her head."
    The little retard now adds "the head" to his previous quiz answers, and just goes "we... cut her hair?"
    Perplexed, they ask "why did you cut her hair???"

    He has no fuckin idea. He's just trying to nail this quiz, and now they seem angry at him, so he's insecure and ashamed at his incorrect answers, and just shrinks "Idunno... "

    After admitting to raping, killing, mutilating AND hairdressing a woman, he asks when he will be allowed to leave, cus he has a class at half past one. He thinks he is done with the quiz, and that he can leave. He can't! He's going to prison for life, where he remains to this stupid day.
    When on the phone with his mother - who is remarkably stupid as well, it always flips between "You admitted to murder!? MY SON! OH THE HUMANITY! HOW COULD YOU!? HOOOW COUUULD YOUUU!?"
    He thinks the quiz went wrong, and gets sad, "Idunno... "
    But whenever she *phrases* it as - "Did you REALLY kill her?" he just goes "Oh, no, not REALLY." like, nono - this is just the quiz mom. By the way, this is a very long quiz, it's been like 8 months, can I come home yet, it's hurting my dumb little brain :'(

    And I don't blame him, he's a hillbilly, full of meat and big bones, he's not supposed to be super-duper smert, he's supposed to scoop hay and drive vehicles in circles, he's good as he is.

    I kept thinking - this is why people need to understand the importance of shutting their mouths and get a goddamn lawyer...
    Movies keep presenting this as "the guilty thing to do", you always got some gangsta thug "Fuck you motherfucker, I ain't sayin sheeeeiiiit"
    and for minor things, like - you KNEW you were speeding - or they pick a baggie of weed RIGHT out of your stupid pocket, then of course, pay the fine, be a man about it (or a woman... ), but - but - if you KNOW you were at home watching TV, and cops knock on your door and tell YOU how YOU were out decapitating, raping and hairdressing corpses, when they do that - know that it means that they have not investigated properly - and most likely are not intending to. In cases like these it is *imperative* that you do not speak without representation.

    I'm not going to opine much about the guilt or not guilt of Avery, I just cannot believe how questioning an obvious retard can be considered - in any form - legitimate procedure... Urgh....
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Made me think of this.

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Watched "Get the Gringo" the other day
    Initially it played very similar to "Payback", the opening was pretty energetic, and I thought I was in for a fun ol' time
    I wasn't
    I think where I got really bored was when the noir-esque narrator explains how the protatonist would *observe* his fellow inmates, in order to *learn about* them, this accompanied by scenes of Mel Gibson - standing behind crates - and peering over said crates, his head popping up, as he spies on his inmates. In the same scenes, other inmates are walking past him.
    None of them go "broder" are you spying on our boss? And this behavior is supposed to go on for idunno, days, weeks. The scene is pointless, and it's there to let the viewer know how *seasoned* this old-timer is, he's no ordinary man, no, no, when he goes to prison - he does the old gangster thing - he observes, he learns, he figures out the ins and out of the place etc

    That's all well and good
    But how seasoned is he to stand behind *the same pile of crates* for days on end? Wouldn't a hardened, seasoned, experienced law-breaker be way more subtle about this kind of thing? Or even bold? Or - at the very least - not stand behind crates and peer around them like a lunatic?

    Also, Mel's old. The whole movie, the plot, characters, etc, seemed like a desperate vessel for Mel to be a young badass again. It really felt as if written by him. Then I checked, and it was.
    (I really got nothing against Mel by the way - or old people. It just looks a bit sad sometimes, when they really try to be young. Like "Rambo 4", that was... yeah... that was different... )
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Three fine music movies tips, rated from best to worst by me:

    1. 'Round midnight (1986) - masterpiece covering short life period of drunkard sax virtuoso disappointed by society and life itself. Depressive, slow paced, and full of excellent jazz music.

    2. Frank (2014) - nice indie movie where couple of lost existences and psychotics tries to find themselves in alternative music. Bittersweet comedial value with some priceless scenes and powerfull sad ending.

    3. Whiplash (2014) - intensive movie with strong drive from start to end, some may find the way jazz is explained here to be a quite inappropriate though. Drill above talent? Come on..
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    Apr 1, 2005

    Whiplash was pretty damn good. I caught it on one night, and was so compelled to finish I was shocked. I had no interest in the film, but that acting bro.
  19. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Gräns (Sweden and Denmark, 2018)
    Independent modern thriller with Nordic mythology elements, decent criminal plot, and disturbing arrangement. Have you ever wondered how troll sexuality works? If so, go for it! Those not interested in such theme won't be disappointed either, other much more realistic and actual social issues are tackled in this movie as well.
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    Aug 16, 2010
    I read Berserk, I know how troll sexuality works.

    Hint: It's rape.