Oblivion out today

Discussion in 'General Gaming and Hardware Forum' started by brandons1313, Mar 21, 2006.

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    Apr 3, 2003
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    Mar 18, 2004
    Well, that is certainly depressing, on several fronts (besides the obvious, the Bethesda forums are less than one would hope). The possibilities afforded to Fallout 3 by this particular business practice are also most unpleasant.

    Of course, IGN has dubbed Oblivion the "Best. Game. Ever." Certainly an accurate and timeless description.

    However, this made me laugh.
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    Aug 24, 2004
    As if paying $50 for a game or monthly fees isnt enough they have added features for sale?! How soon until you have to pay for a patch?

    I didnt think this could get worse.

    Thanks Kotario that made me LOL.

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  4. Bloodlust

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    Mar 19, 2005

    For fucks sake.This is unbeilevable.Bethesda has gone way beyond the limit.
    But can you blame them when morons like the one above exist?
    It's good to know that the fallout license is in such good hands.Every last hope I had for Fallout has been vaporized.
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    Apr 23, 2003
    The lack of ethics in the gaming industry is only matched by lack of intellect in the gamer community. Fortunately, my own lack of ethics is the reason why I can generally avoid dealing with the former.
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    Aug 24, 2004
    Heh...Ratty and his warez...

    The Vault Dweller
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    Nov 7, 2003

    On a related note, I just not think I'll be buying Obilvion anytime soon.
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    Apr 30, 2003
    Riding The Karma Cycle?

    Riding The Karma Cycle?

    The question of how 'free is a free patch', how metamorphic any commercial software can be, how many FU covers does it take to cover any FU, if a FU cover COULD cover a FU: we can leave to more willing pundits.
    Can't afford that optional time or hard drive space at this instant of our orbiting planet. Must spin on.

    Bethesda: doing well what they do best. Marketing the brand.

    Well, if the merchandizing of branded air fresheners, t-shirts, and virtual horse feathers,
    funds a perpetual, patch squad at Bethesda,
    then maybe, in some future space and time, ... , the - perfect - Oblivion will be achieved!

    Then, we'll all see Jesus (pardon me, or YOUR apocalyptic equivalent),

    and be sorted into the appropriate bin of history: Quick, or, Dead. (Pardon me, or YOUR apocalyptic equivalent).

  9. Montez

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    Jun 20, 2003
    Jeez, I thought paying for official mods thing was just for stupid 360 users. Why the hell would I or any other PC user pay money for a texture add-on? And "The Orrery" - that's neat, create a locked door in the original game and arouse some curiosity about it through a quest, let people talk to every idiot in the Arcane University trying to figure out how to get in there....... THEN let everyone know that you have to pay $2 more to actually access that room because the content was never in the actual game. Hmm.... How about I create my own room and quest for free instead, or wait until someone else inevitably does it?

    I can't wait until this inevitably leads to a home version of the arcade style "quarter for 1 credit" system:

    "You have died. Do you authorize CompanyX to charge $1.00 to your Visa to continue?"
    "You have reached 'The Lair of the Cash Cow'. Select yes to download this section of the game ($5.00 non-refundable fee through MasterCard. One download only. No backups allowed. Not responsible for corrupt or interrupted downloads)."

    If I haven't lost interest in gaming by that point that should be more than enough to push me over the edge.
  10. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I'm not surprised at how much these folks have now whored themselves out. Next question, do we have to pay for the Power Armor, or will Bethesda learn how to fully develop a game for the design and instead of the marketing dept, by then?

    Enough is enough. Rendelius = moron. He's now a certified ass-sucker. Sorry, Rend, if you're only going to contribute and excuse the problems in this industry, then you're simply a whore. I now wonder if "kickback" has anything to do with your reviews or the way you seem to excuse everything.

    In the same thread, you have:

    So longevitiy of the game doesn't mean anything in lieu of downloading "optional" content that probably should have been included in the first place, if Bethesda cared about design more than milking idiots.

    We can see where the greed takes priority of making sure people can PLAY the game past several bugs to begin with.

    Oh for fuck's sake...hilarious video. Bethesda scripting at its finest. Again, what playtesting?

    So, MrSmileyFaceDude, I think I found out the real story and where the development went to. I suppose you guys can swallow your integrity when it's greased by shitty marketing schemes and yet more console-itis.

    Busted. So it isn't "extra", it's just some shitty marketing scheme to otherwise waste development time providing for an item that should probably have been in-game, and certainly doesn't appear to be worth the EXTRA MONEY paid on top of the full price of the "full, incomplete game", to "enhance" their "less than TES" experience.

    I do have one question: how much are you guys going to charge for the "update mod" to remove the poor design from the game, since you aren't going to charge for patches?

    And, lastly, are we to expect the same shitty treatment and support in regards to Fallout 3?

    Now speaking as someone concerned about the Fallout community especially what it would mean to the modders: is the Fallout modding community similarly expected to fix the problems and mistakes with Fallout 3, adding improvements that Bethesda will half-ass rip off for Fallout 4, while similarly being given no credit for their work except that the modders should feel grateful that they joined the ranks of others who spent the hard work to help "mod the suck" from Morrowind, so someone at Bethesda can decompile the mod and then half-ass it for Oblivious? "They will be like 'OMG my work is in a game!', and then they pay $50 to see someone else use their hard work in the sequel without thanks, and they can do it all over again for us!" - Asinine Bethesda Marketer

  11. mortiz

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    Aug 21, 2005
    I find it absolutely hilarious that those morons would pay money for those so-called "extensions", I doubt any number of shiny new armors would give me hours of additional enjoyment.

    I hope any other perspective developers following Oblivion aren't intending to follow Bethesda's model otherwise the games industry really is going to go to shit.
  12. Bloodlust

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    Mar 19, 2005
    As i said in the codex,i can imagine bethesda going to the point of making fallout 3 a "buy as much of the game as you want" thingy.

    Buy fallout 3 for 50 bucks.You can only get up to the combat armor and the laser rifle in the retail version.Should you want to be able to get the Power armor and the Plasma rifle you have to pay 2$ for each.I mean,c'mon,it's extra content,extra stuff y'know...

    I can imagine how it'll look like.

    Pricelisting/menu :

    Retail game 50$

    Power armor 2$
    Power armor mkII 2,5 $
    Advanced Power armor 3$
    Advanced power armor mkII 4$
    Uber-Powah armor 5$


    Turbo Plasma Rifle 3$
    Uber-Avenger Minigun 3,5$
    Gauss riffle 4$


    Extra models: 4$ each

    Simple Fed-ex quests: 2$ each
    Complicated quests: 4$ each


    Monty Python references : 15$
    Hidden doors : 4$

    Fallout 3:Buy as much of the game as you want...
  13. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Let's take a look at this.

    Horse armor: $1.99
    Area already planned and developed in-game that requires money to unlock and load: $1.99, and your soul for having paid someone twice to play what was already designed for the game, and is now being beautified to hide this fact so it can be billed as "extra".

    Then $1.99 for a mage-type's home, I'm guessing.

    So, each of these are given the price 1/10 of an expansion, for significantly less for your money, and for significantly less than what the modding community has to offer, as Bethesda's been limping on that crutch to the point where they count on the modders to overcome their shitty design.

    When are they going to go for the core story to cost $50, and the story aspects that didn't suck (Brotherhood/Thief) are going to be an optional download, along with many of the non-random generated and cloned dungeons, so you will have to buy anything specifically hand-crafted outside of the RNG? I hope it isn't with Fallout 3.

    But that is where Bethesda is heading. They aren't really bothering to work on their own game aside from what they can unimaginatively take from their Morrowind modders (or fuck up via the level scaling system as a poor replacement for fixing other design problems), and then charge more money for comparatively little work. The sad part is, the modders still show Bethesda's incompetence in developing within hours of official release. Of course, Bethesda wants to be the ones making the money, but don't seem to be wanting to do the work themselves unless they can hype out "cool things" that should have been otherwise in the game. Or an expansion pack, but I don't think they planned on having to patch out their laziness (especially on the X-Brick 3xShitty) instead of working on more nickel and dime content at the price of 1/10 an expansion apiece, or even a real expansion.

    The industry used to rely on the sales of millions to help support games during development cycles, but the games sold well because they were made well for the times and offered great gameplay that kept drawing people back. But now it's little more than an attempt to squeeze as much as they can, for the least amount of effort, for a game that on its own sucks ass due to both design flaws, the illusion of design that falls limp hours into the promise, and technical ineptitude on Bethesda's part.

    Oblivious is proof.

    Now, if they want to make it up to their modders and community, they can include this "premium content" with the first patch, as there will have to be some reason for people to trust and waste time on the crapware of Bethesda's development over the fixes the modders have successfully made and released far faster than any Bethesda developer has made excuses for.


    You forgot one. :D

    Resolution and technical patches to un-suck the game: Priceless and free, from the modding community, because it obviously costs Bethesda too much to develop, much less playtest, on their own. So that is why they have unpaid people do this for them, and they just look into the mod's code to learn how to design their own software from out of house developers.

    (Damn...just considering that, I would feel insulted AS a Bethesda developer that unpaid people can do far better than what I was supposedly being paid for, but that doesn't seem to bother any Bethesda developer.)
  14. Bloodlust

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    Mar 19, 2005
    Is it true that Oblivion also suffers from some game-stopping bugs?
    I think that i've read somewhere that those "oblivion gates" ,whatever that is,can get stuck and not open when they should because of some bug.
    I wonder,are they going to charge the x-brick owners for a patch to fix game-stopping and crushing bugs?

    LoL :D

  15. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Indeed. Enjoy.

    Oh, and the skill rewards bug, which isn't quite game-stopping unless you want to skill up past the amount the reward gives you, but then, what's the fucking point of the skill reward except for a temporary buff to your skill until you earn it (again) anyways?

    Then comes the next worrying point, what about multiple instances of this with the same skill? A LOT of potential for corrupt games there.
  16. Hellion

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    Jun 20, 2003
    And, the LOL of the week: someone just posted on the ES Boards what seems to be a link to a fan-made Horse Armor mod available for download. :lol:

    EDIT: It seems that this was actually a link to the OFFICIAL Horse armor mod that someone hosted online, and the link has been deleted. I managed to download it before it was taken down, shall I host it someplace? :P
  17. Bloodlust

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    Mar 19, 2005
    Yes it was obvious that something like this would happen soon.Not to mention that it's really easy to find the horse armor upgrade cracked and for free.That's the advantage of owning the pc version,fan-made mods to replace beth's crap.
    The point is,what are all those X-brick owners going to do,since they can only get teh official mods for 2 bucks each?
  18. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I just have to state this again.

    (Damn...just considering that, I would feel insulted AS a Bethesda developer that unpaid people can do far better than what I was supposedly being paid for, but that doesn't seem to bother any Bethesda developer.)

    If anyone wants any reason why I consider Bethesda to have no integrity, your proof is all in this thread with that simple sentence to sum it all up nicely.
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    Nov 15, 2005
    Yea i saw this too lol.