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  1. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015
    i added a simple fix for armor pen flag not working on deathclaw gauntlet. is not accurate since the calculations are quite complicated and the unarmed weapons formula is not even known.

    is simply reduce the health of any enemy you attack as a flat damage based on weapon damage and the enemy's damage resistance
    total damage - total damage * percent armor reduction

    for ex:
    damage : 90
    armor : 50 (50% that is)

    90 - 90 * (100 - 50) / 100 = 90 - 45 = 45

    so i reduce target health by 45 in addition to regular damage

    although this damage is not applied to crit damage it is a damage that goes trough armor . now gauntlet will guarantee some damage no matter what armor target is wearing.

    but thinking about it i think ignore target armor flag should never be used ever for anything. is essentially broken mechanic. there is NO WAY anything goes trough every possible armor. what if you are wearing a 5 feet concrete wall armor . deathclaws go trough it still? is kinda bs.
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    Aug 7, 2015
    I agree that nothing can just ignore armor, and thanks for fixing the gauntlet! I'm going to be testing that out today.
    I was thinking about what you said about adding food poisoning and making a compatibility patch for Imp's more complex needs.
    One thing that that mod does not do is have it so that foods rot after a while.
    Once you have meat it just stays good for ever. That doesn't make sense, right?
    Even if meat does get grilled, it will still go bad after a few days in reality.
    The cool thing about Imp's mod is that it makes you have to be a certain amount of protein, calories, hydration. It also tweaks certain perks so that they affect the way foods affect you which is pretty neat.

    If a compatibility patch was written and then added meats going bad after a few days, that would be perfect.
  3. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    i been looking for a few more things to add to cb

    i think i am going to add the option to hook a ride on caravans as alternative to fast travel option. I will add a brahmin without pack following them a well and maybe few more guards.
  4. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    For DT mechanism, check out how Impervious Power Armor works.

    It'll be nice to have DLCs added in a less obvious way. That announcement right after you start/leave the vault is crap. Delay DLC works pretty good but I noticed it's got something to do as well in it with "canopy shadow" in it as well. Don't know why.

    The Triage mod has two decent perks for Medical knowledge. I always take both of those. I already think Medicine is important and I level it right after getting Lockpick to 100.
  5. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    Check out the "upgraded caravans mod."
    It does some of what you stated above as well as adding an interesting little twist to the unmarked quest "caravan empire."
    I think you would like it. I love the way it works!

    The Chinese pistol is a weird piece of gear. High-priced but doing little damage.
    Have you read the Fallout wiki info on it?
  6. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015
    i upped the damage of chinese pistol and i think value should be same as vanilla.

    i cannot use caravan mod permission is closed. but i will make regular caravans take you places they normally stop at for a few caps.
  7. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    It is the best mod for caravans so too bad permissions are shut.
    With vanilla pricing the grenades are now about 200 to 300 caps per each.
    Not bad.
    Plasma grenades on the other hand are around 2000 each.
    Not bad ;-)

    I still don't really think the pricing scheme works right though because all I need to do is kill one raider with a sawed-off shotgun and I've instantly gained about 500 to 1000 caps depending.

    Honestly, I think the best thing to do would be to not make Caps spawn in lockers, safes, and desks.

    And also to make raider gear, junk items, and cheap melee weapons worthless.

    Even at one cap each, junk items have enough value where people will be trying to use them for trade.
    Junk is Junk, therefore worthless. They should be worth zero.
    I don't know how to work out this with Wolfgang.
    May be the best thing is to do to make it so other traders can't repair very well, and give Wolfgang a repair 100.
  8. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    i can't make junk worth 0 because even non weapon junk items are worth something. i can lower the value of raider armor so you can't just kill raiders and get rich. in fact i could make all junk weapons and armors worth very little like 1 or 2.

    i used to do the same thing collecting every raider armor possible and was kinda annoying how easy it was.

    the advantage of junk weapons and armor is they have almost same damage as proper weapons but are practically worthless.

    making bottle caps not spawn in containers especially not in safes kinda makes total sense. i will replace bottle caps in safes with prewar money.

    fallout 3 DC are was (is) a much more urbanized and developed area with a lot of military installations so many military grade weapons or home appliances are easily found. this is the no 1 reason you see so many weapons everywhere. also why you can see ovens or nuka cola vending machines all over the place. etc.

    raiders are just junkies and low life criminals using any tactics to survive even cannibalism on each other if they have to. any military weapons they have is either scavenged which is probably much more rare or stolen which is unlikely. i m thinking the ones near Wheaton armoury should be much more militarized.
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  9. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015
    Okay. Changed up a few things

    I made Raider Painspike Armor and Raider Blastmaster Armor into Junk Painspike Armor and Junk Blastmaster Armor instead. The Badlands and Sadists are not changed.

    All Raider armors are 10 times less valuable.

    I am considering of making Sadists worth 0 because it has hands attached to the waist I doubt anyone would wanna buy that.

    What do you think?

    I was considering a few things. Make Sadist armor mask you as a Raider and make everyone hate you OR make Raider type armors mask you as a Raider and everyone hate you OR make junk and raider type armors mask you but only Raider type make everyone hate you. ETC I don't know. I might go for the simplest option.

    Should I revert the name change?

    EDIT: I am experimenting with Raider Junkspike Armor and Raider Junkmaster Armor/Helmet (so it doesn't sound like Blast aka big guns explosives anymore).

    Also I will revert sawed-off to vanilla prices.
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  10. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    I agree that you're highly likely to see a LOT of firearms, not just in the DC, but in the US in general. We love our firearms!

    I would definitely expect to see a lot of heavy weapons and other military grade hardware out at Wheaton Armory -- and other bases.

    I think the Raider Armors would be not worth more than 20 caps at most, and like you said, zero for sadist armor because you're absolutely correct: NO ONE wants to buy something with rotting/mummified hands hanging from them!
    I know how bad that must smell.

    The sadist raiders just wear hockey masks a lot it seems. I guess another piece of raider headgear would be interesting.

    I currently use YAdisguise mod and it does what you describe: when you wear any kind of Raider armor, you're in their faction and everyone who's not a raider HATES you. As in "Shoot on sight" hate. It makes sense.

    It's really interesting because when you're in the raider faction they actually have a little bit of dialogue and seem more "human" than before when I never got to talk to them.

    If the author of that gives permission to incorporate it into CB, that would be really cool.

    I kind of feel sorry for these raiders because on top of their crap life of being barely surviving chem-junkie tribals, they don't pose much of a threat anymore as most of them just throw baseballs or the occasional spear at you, and the ones that have a proper firearm usually just have a sawed off shotgun (low range).
    I guess that makes sense though.

    I love that you gave caps weight. Thanks :clap:
    It also means I have to leave a lot at "home" now because they weigh me down! :razz:

    I still think it's too easy to get "rich" because all I really need to do is take down some wandering Talon Company patrol and sell their gear.

    Honestly, having armors cheaper than firearms and firearms expensive is a little lore-breaking because of the words spoken by Lucky Harith and Crow.
    Lucky says, 'I don't give them away for free, but I come close."
    Crow says on armors, "....after all, this IS what they'll pay the most for."

    Just my opinion on that.

    By the way I noticed that about 50% of the time I check a desk, box, file cabinet, or even garbage cans, that I often find 7~8 caps and a Nuka-Cola. It's an easy way to get rich.

    One thing I think that really needs to be added in is all Geckos being added to list of animals affected by Animal Friend perk
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  11. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015
    Thank you for your continuing interest and support :)

    So. Geckos SHOULD be already added to animal friend perk. Wanamingos and Floaters are not animals but rather abominations and are not affected by animal friend perk.

    I have reverted the price of sawed off shotgun to vanilla like 200 caps.

    I have made most raider junk armors worth 8 to 18 caps.
  12. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015

    I didn't erase ALL caps from ALL containers but I erased about more than half. I re-adjusted the caps so all NPCs kinda use the NPC 50% chance caps. Most containers have half or no caps. Only kept the 100% chance caps, the 75% levelled chance caps and the fortune finder caps. Vendor caps are unchanged.

    This will remove the likelyhood of random chance caps appearing unless is a sure 100% chance.

    The gore bags need to be changed to contain edible body parts for cannibals.

    I am thinking of making cannibal food addictive so if you eat human flesh once you wanna keep eating it over and over otherwise you get negative craving side effects. So gore bags will sustain that hunger . No longer ammo and caps should be found in gore bags.
  13. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    Power Armor is sooooooooo weak. jesus christ. It's a joke! Hunting Rifle two shots any Enclave Soldier. NO .
  14. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    My pleasure! After all, this is my favorite start mod :ok:
    All geckos except for Gold Geckos are affected by animal friend perk. I went into F03edit and added the animal friend faction to Gold Geckos. Now they leave me alone as they should.
    It was reallllly getting annoying because now at level 13 Gold Geckos are everywhere and they were the only creatures to attack me except for the rarely spawning Albino or Giant Radscorpions. And since they are so easy to kill it seems like a waste of both time and ammo.

    I completely agree about abominations not been affected by that perk.

    On power armor, check out Impervious Power Armor mod. It makes PA deflect most bullets.
    Does its permissions allow it to be incorporated into other mods?

    Thanks for removing all the extra unnecessary caps spawns. Should be more realistic now.

    Speaking of human meat addiction, there is a cannibalism addiction mod out there that I read about and it seemed pretty well done. Have you taken a look at it yet?

    It'd be great to have all the current features completed and bug-free before implementing any more additional features.

    Speaking of which, I've noticed at the work bench that if you don't have all components of an item and try to create it, the screen pauses for a second, then returns to the build selection menu.
    A message should display that reads something along the lines of, "You don't have all the components you need to make this." Right?
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  15. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    which items are affected by the crafting workbench bug?? is odd because here works fine

    im gonna test this out.

    can u list all the bug unfixed thus far? im gonna focus on cleaning up bugs

    -golden gecko not affected by the animal friend perk
    -you dont have all the components not showing for specific? items
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  16. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    Bottlecap mines are affected for sure, when I have some time a little later on I will try testing out one of each and let you know.

    Only golden gecko's are not being affected by animal friend.
    Scorpions should not be affected by the Animal Friend perk as far as I know, because they are "arthropods."
    Technically, not animals in the "normal" sense like our four-legged friends ;)
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  17. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015
    Just tested the bottlecap mine issue and seems fine on my end. When I don't have all the items simply says you don't have all the necessary components. Might be related to the dialogue time delay changes. I have reverted the dialogue delay to something closer to default in newest version . and there but I think in the version you are using the changes are not yet implemented which is probably why the dialogue for craft is not working properly on your other computer and you might be having issues with bottlecap mine.

    Just fixed up a few issues with ammo weight for new ammo types plus changed up all ammo weights to make more sense.

    Missile is heavier now 1.5
    Mini nuke is correctly calculated at 3
    Dart is now 0.1 and is correctly calculated
    railway spike is now 0.5

    AP variations of 10mm, 5mm, 5.56 are calculated same as regular variant (but are unused for time being)

    .223 and .45 is same weight at .44 magnum

    7.62 is same as .308

    4.73 caseless is same as 5.56

    needler cartridge + variations and harpoon bolt (not yet enabled) are weightless for now

    also golden geckos have been added to animal friend perk faction and therefore they should work
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  18. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    If I don't have all items to make something, no "you don't have all components" message.
    I tried out all the vanilla craft weapons for this.

    Besides Gold Geckos not affected by Animal Friend, that's the only bug I can really think of off the top of my head.

    If I come across more, will post.

    You already took care of flying Geckos right?
  19. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    i changed the skeleton for deathclaw so it should be fixed now . both geckos and deathclaws should not fly anymore.
  20. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    I am gonna change the ammo for Chinese Pistol to .45 ACP

    • The full name of the weapon in ancient Chinese characters can be seen in the texture file. They are inscribed "Type 17" on the left hand side of the pistol, while the right side is marked "Republic Year Eighteen, Made in Shanxi." A number "1861" also appears but it can't be the date of manufacture since the Shanxi Type 17 was produced in 1929 and the Mauser C96 in 1896.

    real life

    in prev fallouts it used 9mm
    M1916 Prussian "Red 9" and American Obi used 9mm in real life

    there are so many C96 replicas made to use everything except for 10mm
    ex: 5.56mm, .357, 7.62mm, 7.63mm, 8.15mm, 9mm

    Since I added .45 ammo it would be locical to use this for it. This would also make .45 ACP ammo more common and useful.
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