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    Aug 1, 2015
    What other issues are left?

    I fixed the unbuildable deathclaw issue. I fixed water and grass (this one you need to do it manually still on your side). I have fixed the issue with pipboy arm being blank when in New Pipboy mode. The distance horizon bug has been fixed and I think the game being laggy outside should also be fixed.

    I am working on F1, F2, F3 right now.

    I have simplified some code for sitting down and for night vision. Work the same way just less code.

    I m gonna stick with faction specific weaponry. Like junky weapons for Raiders (junk spear, junk hammer, shiv, junk blade), tribal or thrown weapons (ballclub, thrown hatchet, classic tribal spear) for tribals, mining tools for pitt raiders (pickaxe), big heavy rubble type weapons for mutants (rebar club, stop sign post) or heavy stolen gear (minigun, missile launcher, gatling gun). What do you think?

    There are a lot more weapons in the mod's files that are not enabled yet. So far I got flamer gun, shiv , junk scytche, ballclub, zip gun, explosive charge (5 dynamite sticks), classic combat shotgun (City Killer ), cup grenade, classic winchester plasma rifle. I don't even know. None of these are enabled but I will slowly add these up in time.

    Oh yea. I added two F2 spinoff weapons fit for FO3 and they are: Oven Mitts and Plated Oven Mitts. First one is essentially a pair of oven gloves that deal fatigue damage and the second is oven gloves with metal in them so they deal much more damage and weigh more. They are same as FO2 /NV boxing glove and plated boxing glove :) I think it makes much more sense. Not enabled yet but once is working you will be able to find them randomly inside oven sometimes . The plated ones may be worn by raiders as a special weapon. Good/Bad??
    I was even thinking of adding an incendiary Power Fist that uses an oven glove instead of regular glove . Might be funny. I dunno. I love funny weapons. I was gonna call it Oven Glove (got the idea from a mod on nexus).
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    Aug 1, 2015
    i disabled the new pipboy since it has too many bugs . i'll keep it simple. the code / mesh is still in there maybe i'll re-enable it later or maybe i can simply make it an optional install.

    meaning F1 F2 and F3 work again. for now i'll leave it this way. i m making things unnecessarily complicated. i'd rather keep it simple as close to vanila as possible but add things here and there.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    i have expanded the list of items in a tool box to include a hammer, wrench, handsaw, abraxo cleaner, spare electronics and a lead pipe

    hammer and wrench = useful in making repair kits
    also i am planning to add a new repair system and nerf default repair using hammer (in inv) + anvil (like crafting table) which you can use to repair equipped weapon. kinda like a stationary multi use repair kit. consumes 1 scrap metal from inv and you must have a hammer in inv.

    handsaw = not useful for anything except for adding more variety
    in the near future i am thinking of making handsaw required to have in inv in order to craft items. what do you think??

    abraxo cleaner = is an item added to repair list of most small and big guns (not for energy weapons) . logic is you remove rust and gunk from weapon parts making it work smoother.

    spare electronics= this item i just added . it will be used in repairing energy weapons or crafting electronics/robotics stuff.

    lead pipe= i am thinking of adding a more complex ammo crafting system where you must create a ball from lead using a mould. so you'd have to find the right mould or buy it. and the casing can be crafted from tin cans. to make it simpler i will have a rifle casing, pistol casing, shotgun shell and for ball a rifle ball, pistol ball, pellets. so mixing casing + pellets + gunpowder would give you the ammo rather than scrap metal + gunpowder.
    you will have to melt the ball separately using some other thing perhaps the chem lab + appropriate mould in inventory.
    what do you think?

    i love these little mini games. like crafting your own ammo or chems by doing certain tasks in certain order. i always found that fascinating.

    im even thinking of adding let's say 30% of spent shells back into inventory .

    some ammo like ap which uses a steel ball, or other odd ones will not be available for crafting.

    i really wanna implement this anvil system for repair.

    also i will add a cooking system using randomly found grills all over the wasteland. i wanna make meat make you sick if is raw.

    also lastly i was looking into adding some gambling into the game. maybe if tenpenny had a gambling mini casino area. i was thinking of die games or one armed bandits since i managed to find some free models to use. i have also found card decks including all cards invidually or as a pack and casino chips models

    edit: i am also interested in making everyone hate you if wearing raider armor (but maybe raiders will be friendly?)
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    Aug 1, 2015
    thrown weapons are surprisingly strong filling a unique niche between ranged handguns and melee weapons. since hanguns are very pricy now, the progression is gonna have to be at first cheap melee or unarmed likely rider junk weapons or really basic stuff - > thrown melee -> cheap guns or more expensive melee weapons -> expensive guns, big guns, energy weapons
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    Aug 1, 2015
    i'm gonna experiment with a much simpler crafting system that uses a modified container menu. i just got this idea recently.

    Essentially each known crafting recipe is displayed as an item in a container using "--" in front like
    -- Ammo: 10mm
    -- Ammo: .44
    -- Weapon: DeathClaw Gauntlet

    Mousing over each item shows the required components to build that item instead of the regular weight, value etc

    You add stuff into the Components container and all possible crafting results are added to the container as items you can place in your inventory. So if you add a lot of scrap metal and gunpowder you will get various ammo weights dynamically so this way you can craft as much as you wish any time you want simply by putting more or less.

    Any craftable item you take out of the container will consume the required amount of components and all possible crafting results are recalculated.

    Is reminescent of NV and is much simpler to implement and will neatly fill up whole screen rather than the way it is now using the dialogue menu.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    i edited menus a bit reverted back to a more basic game menu but more streamlined.
    im always complicating myself taking too much time i need to add those features i originally planned without taking detours every few days to add features that i later remove. so im gonna keep it as close to NV/FO3/F1/F2 as possible and no longer deviate from that .

    also i was thinking of disabling exploding cars altogether is kinda stupid unrealistic game feature. there's no way you can make a car explode with a couple of bullets.
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    Aug 7, 2015
    Good morning. Was a busy weekend and last few days as well.
    Thank you!

    I actually went to Springvale School in Raider Armor (prevents Raiders attacking you with YetAnotherDisguise Mod installed) to put the default pipboy back on -- the buttons at bottom are easier to navigate when I can't use F1,2,3.

    Sitting is a cool feature. When do you use it? I use it when cooking (campfires via Imp's More Complex Needs mod).

    I agree with you that Faction-specific weaponry makes a lot of sense.
    Regarding raiders, when you think about it they are nothing more than tribals who became violent and cannibalistic chem users. On that note, since they're using drugs, shouldn't they have perks that emulate that?
    Hopefully not a complicated suggestion but giving the raiders the following perks emulates their chem use:

    •Robotics Expert+Entymologist+Lady Killer+Black Widow (emulates Pyscho)
    •Toughness (Med-x)
    •Nerd-rage (Buffout)
    •increased speed 10~20% (Jet)

    The FO2 spinoff weps are a cool addition :ok:

    Also... I don't know if you can segregate raiders by SPECIAL stats (such as INT) but if so, isn't it possible that raiders with high INT might be using other junk weapons they've made such as the dart gun, shishkebob, or railway rifle?

    I haven't had a chance to use night-vision yet but looking forward to checking that out, especially since nights are pitch black with the "darker nights.esp."

    What do I need to do to fix water?
    I think this is a good call. I assume that the next release will make the F buttons available again?

    Wow that's quite a bity of work! I also enjoy the 'mini-games' of crafting items. I'd never though about them as mini games before.

    About cooking (and again referring to another mod), Imp's More Complex Needs has it implemented where you have a high percentage to get ill from eating raw meat and a food sickness effect. It includes a campfire as well for cooking. Check it out ;)

    Making Raiders like you if you wear raider armor+raider headgear makes sense -- they can't see your face so they probably wouldn't guess you're not really one of them. And making all other factions hate you for wearing raider gear makes sense as well.
    Looking forward to seeing that implemented!

    Very nice idea. Making technical weps both more expensive and more expensive to repair makes a lot of sense. I asked Crazy Wolfgang to repair a completely broken minigun for me and he wanted to charge 11,000 caps!!!!! :razz:
    It was awesome :)

    Wow that's a LOT of cool, new content! It sounds like a lot of work. I'll be happy to help test it out and inform if I find anything that doesn't work as intended.
    In the Fallout universe cars do *not* use combustion engines -- they have a miniature nuclear engine, which is why after exploding they have a radioactive after effect and mini-nuclear explosion.
    I'm a big enough Fallout nerd to have gone and searched out why that happens.

    If you want to take out exploding cars out of your game, is there a way to make that optional so I can keep them in mine? Again, since I'm a Fallout universe junkie I want to keep all of the "Fallout stuff" in my game. Any changes I'm adding to mine are just minor changes to the world to add some basic realism and that haven't been "changed by the lore."
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    Aug 1, 2015
    Hey thanks for all the input thus far.

    This latest 1.8 version I can release soon is much more stable reverting a lot of added buggy features to something closer to vanilla + my optional features.

    I think im not gonna remove exploding cars but I'm simply gonna make all exploding vehicles have more health.

    I have fixed all game weapon lists including vendor, ammo, repair and so forth to include all the "functional" weapons. This means most weapons should be found in the game including ammo .

    Not all ammo types are found in ammo boxes at this time. Mostly vendors have the new ammo types and sometimes NPCs might be carrying them. This means certain ammo is incredibly rare for example 4.7x33 caseless and some other ammo is better if you have Ammo Expert perk so you can craft it for example .223 remington, .45 , 7.62mm etc. All special ammo variations are removed temporarily until I add ammo swapping whenever it will happen.
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    Aug 7, 2015
    My pleasure! Again, I didn't like many things FWE changed from FO3's default settings (changing the default weights of items (though I was glad it added weight to "weightless" items), changing the repair skill of the famous four traveling merchants, and basically breaking both PERCEPTION and Sneak at the same time, to name a few things).

    And your mod does the Alternate Beginnings right!

    It's actually pretty neat that the rarer ammo won't be often found, and it makes sense. If I was a scavenger and found pennies and quarters but could only take one, I'd take the quarters. Rare ammo being sold by scavengers and not being found in ammo boxes makes sense.

    More health for vehicles before exploding makes a lot of sense as well. And it doesn't mess with FO3 lore so I for one am happy :ok:

    Regarding weapons for factions, Outcasts and their patrols will be well outfitted? They did take a lot of the good gear with them when they broke from the Brotherhood.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    I just made a little adjustment to dialogues in the game:
    -halved the amount of delays zoom in , zoom out
    -increased the amount of topics but reverted to vanilla bigger font size
    -made a scripting tweak to chem and craft dialogues to insta open skipping the "Do you want to ... " initial greeting (makes total sense since you're not talking to anyone you're building things)

    There is a modder resource for coins and I was thinking would be cool of adding that to the game as old coins are made of zinc and copper which make brass for casing. The resource has each individual coin type but I might simply make a pile of coins. Melting down coins would give you the casing material which you will have to place in a mould and create the appropriate casing type.

    Things is although it's quite realistic you would need a lot of coins and since coins would be rare it will make ammo crafting useless. I will stick with tin cans for casing since they are often made out of steel sheets and steel casing is quite common. Brass is much more expensive than steel.

    So in the near future you will have to melt lead pipes into lead (projectiles) then combine that with melted tin cans formed using a mould (casing) and with gunpowder (gunpowder). The primer is some form of chemical and I'm kinda simplifying the process here but maybe primer could be made out of abraxo or turpentine or something. Honestly I think the first 3 are good enough. Cause if you wanna be more realistic you also need some form of laquer to paint the bullet to seal it from the environment which would probably be the glue in the game. Meh. Too much :)

    I wanna add a BOS patroll.

    Outcast equipment? Perhaps add combat armors to BOS and Outcasts and recon armor?? I don't know :)
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    Aug 1, 2015

    I removed all non functional chem labs from the game and replaced only a select few with functional ones. Any area that had more than 1 static chem lab will now only have 1 functional one. The non functional chem lab has been removed from the game.

    There are two chem labs: a regular lab and a junky one . At this moment both do the same thing.

    Most techy areas like Outcast or BOS have one. Rivet city Science Lab ovs has one. There are in fact 3 in Rivet City. Only one in Megaton inside player house if you buy it. In total there are about 10 to 15 labs all over the wasteland. You will find random junky ones in underground areas or other odd places. Only military or pre-war or vaults or techy areas have clean ones. Follow your nose you will eventually bump into one.
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    Aug 7, 2015
    You want to add coins for the sole purpose of crafting ammo, right?
    That'd be cool, but they're likely to only be found in old banks, right?

    Except for the Enclave, Outcasts are likely to have the best gear in the Capitol Wasteland, because they took a lot of gear when they left the Citadel. I don't know all the weapons that are included in their 'possible inventory' list, but all heavy weapons will definitely be in it, as well as laser rifles, power fists, & rippers.
    And for sure, all Outcasts outside Fort Independence are likely to be in Power Armor, again, that they brought with them when they left the Citadel.

    I've been playing for the past three hours:

    All the junk weapons are great. Things like the rebar club are appropriately heavy in weight, worthless (from a cost perspective), and high damage :) I think the strength requirement for the rebar club is too low though.
    On the other hand, for a weapon like the Rock-it! Launcher, my opinion is that a STR 6 would be appropriate as it's comprised of a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, and a few other low weight components. Just my opinion :)

    Megaton has a flag now. Nice touch :)

    Is there a way to make wanamingos optional?
    I felt exactly the same in FO2: they don't fit it. so much right and yet so much wrong at the same time. :?
    Anyhow, my honest opinion of wanamingos is that there's no good explanation why they're around. Even reading the wiki basically just reads "they're a mutant bio-weapon" with no further details. Lame. Some lazy dev who'd just seen Aliens wanted Aliens in FO, and shoehorned them in to Fallout 2. Anyhow before I start ranting, I'd really like wanamingos optional so they can be turned off, the same way they can be turned off in MMM.

    The new price list is mostly great. The only thing I think is weird is that I can buy a gun and bullets for around 2000~3000 caps but a single grenade costs around 1300 caps. That doesn't really add up.
    If the price difference between reusable guns & bullets versus grenades is that wide, no one will be using grenades or mines. Anyhow, that's just my opinion. Maybe 300 per grenade is reasonable? I'll say this for it though: giving laser weapons to the Outcasts for some grenades now makes a LOT more sense ;)

    I still think the biggest problem with caps is that they randomly spawn in desks, boxes, etc.
    They shouldn't.
    And we should never find caps in safes, especially when they're mixed in with pre-war money as the loot. A safe with either all caps in it, or all pre-war money makes sense, and we'd know whether the safe has been locked for 200 years or not as well.

    Where is the font size tweaked? I like not having to scroll as much for dialogues, so prefer the smaller font size for that menu. I like the default larger font size for the HUD though. It's easier to see if boxes are [EMPTY] or not. That was what I hated most about Darnified UI.

    Before I forget, could you please tell me what I need to do to fix water color?

    I was actually in DC in July and the water in your Potomac is actually MUCH cleaner looking than the actual Potomac River in real life :nod:
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    Aug 1, 2015
    water color is fixed in next version . you need to edit the esm. but i already fixed it i am uploading 1.8 now.

    I read all you said and is relevant. Before I release it i'm gonna revert frag grenade value to vanilla. DONE.

    Plasma mine + grenade are very expensive but frag grenade + mine and pulse greande + mine are vanilla prices.

    HINT: you can craft plasma grenades+mines for caps since they have quite high value.

    For next version I will try to:
    - remove caps from safes
    - reduce flare when wearing sunglasses
    -make wanamingos optional setting
    -make rebar club require str 7 (i don't use any str higher than 7.. should i?)
    -add anvils that improve repair

    And eventually:
    -change ammo crafting to require molds
    -ammo swap
    -add tribal weapons to tribals and pickaxe to pitt raiders (not added yet)
    -make thrown weapons pickupable
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    Aug 1, 2015
    1.8 is up and it should fix all your major issues

    i included much faster animations for dialogue and pipboy so the game should be much more responsive.

    letme know if you got any issues i will give you an updated esp. but i checked it and should work fine.

    i updated the readme file and the credits file as well. it's all in there.

    this 1.8 version should be quite stable since all i did was fix issues and bugs and scripts and revery to vanilla features that were buggy or incomplete. i deleted some game objects so hopefuly will not crash. i tend to delete things that the game is not using or will never use again. use only CRAFT compatible mods for crafting since all regular crafting scripts and message objects have been deleted from the game. deleting rather than disabling game objects saves memory. i also deleted unused game objects and junk projectiles and test things that will never be used by anyone ever.
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    Aug 7, 2015
    That was a quick response!

    And thank you for making wanamingos optional! :) Very happy about that.
    I'm not a modder but I do know that I can change object value (caps price) in FO3edit, so if you feel inclined to make grenades/mines hella-expensive, please go ahead. I can always make a "patch" that overwrites just the "cost." ;)

    I'm not proficient at modifying anything graphic-wise so have no clue how to change any landscape settings, and also not proficient at FormLists (I think they're called that) so wouldn't know how to, for example, add miniguns and missile launchers back into a Faction's inventory if it was removed.

    Oh that reminds me -- it's just a small detail but, you know that one place where that one raider who's wearing the Torcher's Mask is, right? That's a raider who'd highly likely be carrying a flamer I believe.

    I'm actually really looking forward to reduced flare while wearing sunglasses because that's the kind of realism I'd love to have been included in the first place.
    And that lens flare is a nice touch! I'm just really happy about the additional realism feature. It's the little things that count :)

    I just read your post on chemlabs and that'll be interesting! My character regularly uses alcohol (like real life) and drugs (**not** like real life) so it'll be interesting to make my own :razz:

    Ah, and to address your question: I wish I knew the "real life" gauge for measuring things like STR. The US Marines when they do physical training (going on runs for example), sometimes train while carrying their weapon.
    Guns like the M249 is almost 25 lbs (loaded). So you have to wonder what "STR" they are if they were "in Fallout 3."

    So my point being is that Super Mutants are highly likely to be STR 10, which means that they can wield rebar clubs like you and I wield sledge hammers, and that they wield sledge hammers like you and I wield pool sticks.
    Rebar is *heavy*. Heck, a sledge hammer is kind of heavy! Anyhow if we think about that realistically and take the "weapon weight" into account then it's easier to calculate the "realistic" STR required.
    If the weight of "18" means "18 pounds," **I** could probably carry one around all day, I consider myself pretty average in the STR category (I'd like to call myself a "6").
    So, I know I'm overthinking this (it's the alcohol ;) ) but I think weps that weigh 18 probably require STR 7, and then incrementally increase of course
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    Aug 1, 2015
    great idea. i should support alcohol brewing and perhaps all alcohols can give empty bottles for refilling. i know that you can refill any alcohol in any bottle but you know is gonna be annoying as hell to create variations of different alcohols in different alcoholic bottles . moonshine should be made with yeast
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    Aug 7, 2015
    Awesome, and thanks! Downloading as soon as I finish writing this.

    Oh, I did edit my last post and added some comments I hope you take into consideration regarding weight requirements (going for realism of course!).

    Thanks again :D
  18. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    damn! firearms are heavy!! i'm like a 3 :)))
    i dont really want to make str 10 req because almost nobody picks str 10 . maybe 8?
  19. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    Yea, firearms CAN be heavy!

    But for STR requirements, in all honesty Super Mutants are definitely STR 10 ..well maybe 9 if they are weak? But they are special mutated humans.
    And PA-wearing Bos, Enclave, and Outcasts are all augmented by the suits and we have to assume their soldiers are all on a regular training regimen. So if the STR req for a weapon is, for example, 8, then you know those guys are like STR7! PA only gives +1 to STR, right?

    Anyhow it all makes sense -- heavy weapons are for folks who specialize in it (so they do STR training), while making chems or PC hacking is for people who specialize in that (so they have higher INT). Not everyone can be experts at everything.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    let me know how you find 1.8