What is your favorite Star Trek series?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by The Dutch Ghost, Feb 20, 2016.

What is your favorite series

  1. Star Trek The Original Series

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  2. Star Trek The Next Generation

    21 vote(s)
  3. Star Trek Deep Space Nine

    13 vote(s)
  4. Star Trek Voyager

    3 vote(s)
  5. Star Trek Enterprise

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  1. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    What have I done?! :sad:
  2. Hassknecht

    Hassknecht For hate's sake. Admin Orderite

    Aug 16, 2010
    So inspired by this thread I've started watching Voyager again (also, because it's the only one available on Amazon Prime besides TOS), and I gotta say, the first two seasons at least aren't bad at all. Janeway is not crazy bipolar yet, there's some decent character development and exploration, and some pretty good stories.
    Also, Voyager has the best ship design of all shows besides the Defiant, hands down. The only ship that doesn't look like it will break apart in a strong breeze, really. I think the Enterprise E was heavily influenced by it :D
  3. Spacemunkey

    Spacemunkey Vault Senior Citizen

    Dec 4, 2015
    That must be a regional thing because this thread had me go to re-watch DS9 and I'm on Amazon Prime.
  4. Hassknecht

    Hassknecht For hate's sake. Admin Orderite

    Aug 16, 2010
    Yeah, probably. We got Raumpatroullie Orion, though, which is even better than TOS :D

    Yes, I dance like this in the club, why?
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  5. Spacemunkey

    Spacemunkey Vault Senior Citizen

    Dec 4, 2015
    I will be watching that show first chance I get. From the look of it it seems a shame it only ran 1 season.
  6. Hassknecht

    Hassknecht For hate's sake. Admin Orderite

    Aug 16, 2010
    Yeah, there are only seven episodes, and I don't think there are non-german dubs, only subtitles.
    Enjoy a terrible yet awesome german scifi cult classic:

    It's a fun show, especially the sets. If you watch closely enough you'll find stuff like clothing irons and faucets used as props :D
    But beware, it is incredibly '60s. Way more so than TOS.
    And, don't forget that this actually came out before TOS :D
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  7. Lanfear

    Lanfear Mildly Dipped

    Jan 26, 2016
    TNG, because I'm from that generation and it's what I grew up with. Plus it had a lot of actors I was very fond of. However I kind of think DS9 was better in just about every way.

    Haven't watched Voyager or Enterprise at all yet.
  8. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    I still need to watch that last Enterprise two parter set before the awful final episode.
    Perhaps I will also start watching Voyager again as I am a bit sick of the Classic Series after reading so many Pocket Book TOS novels which these last few years have been either sequels to old episodes, or stories that have already been told before in earlier TOS books. (I had a chat with someone about it yesterday and when I mentioned a few elements from the latest ST book I read such as time travel he could already guess what the story was about without having read it)

    Or I am going to look through the TNG seasons to decide which episodes I would like to see again after all these years.
  9. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Abalutza oTO Staff Member Moderator Orderite

    Apr 1, 2005
    Well thanks guys now I have to binge watch the entire fucking series to catch up on what I missed. For the record I am torn between The Next Generation and the original series. I watched the old ones with my dad which has that nostalgia feel, but The Next Generation introduced me to sci fi. Ultimately the world building in the later series is what attracts me to it. I love the idea behind many people working together making a mythology which later generations can add on to. Star Wars is the same way.
  10. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Heh heh, seems I have filled your free time with more stuff to do. Guess you are going to have to resist sitting on your behind just relaxing as you now have Star Trek to watch.

    Yeah, Star Wars like Star Trek has inspired so many people to make their own addition to over the years, taking into various genres (still I really did not care for the New Jedi Order/Yuuzhan Vong stuff, and I wish the Clone Wars had been about wars between the Old Republic and an army of clones). I was rather angry at Disney for declaring the old EU non canon in favor of their own one which would be more 'consistent'. So far it feels more like a derivative of the old Star Wars EU than truly a thing of its own.

    The world building in Star Trek is staggering however lately, both the new movies and books only seem to want to tell old stories over and over again, instead of trying to push the IP and imagination forwards.
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  11. DouglasAdams

    DouglasAdams First time out of the vault

    Mar 24, 2016
    who the heck voted for deep space nine to the point where it could beat the original series DS9 is utter garbage and was the beginning of the slow decline tell its inevitable death.
  12. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    I don't completely agree with that but it definitely is one of the lower ranking Star Trek for me because of some of stories and themes that were used for episodes.
    I found some of it rather overrated by its fans and one of the things I disliked about it was how it replaced the wonder and curiosity about the universe with politics and 'faith'. (I feel that Moore started preaching his religious views in DSN before moving on to New Battlestar Galactica. It is also one of the reasons why I could not stand that show)

    Edit: heh, it seems my little thread has made various NMA members here start watching Star Trek again.
    If this continues I should contact CBS or Paramount on paying me for making people watch the show on Amazon or other online streaming services, I should be compensates for my services ;)

    I honestly love the changes to Starfleet ship designs Voyager, the Enterprise E, and the Defiant brought.
    I like the old Constitution, Excelsior, Ambassador, and Galaxy just fine, but I rather prefer the nice non neck streamlined looking ships we started to see in DSN, VOY, and the TNG movies.

    When Star Trek Online started to update the original designs such as a 24th/25th century Constitution Class I was rather disappointed by it as it felt like such a throwback.
    And don't get me started on the new Enterprise in the new ST movies.
  13. Spacemunkey

    Spacemunkey Vault Senior Citizen

    Dec 4, 2015
    The original series is pure camp, I don't care what it pioneered in the 60's. DS9 actually gave us story lines outside of the Federation being the last bastion of civility in the Alpha Quadrant. I liked seeing Ferenginar, the underbelly of the Federation in Section 31, and while it got a little too religious at the end it still showed a far bigger picture of the universe than most the other series bothered to.
  14. Crni Vuk

    Crni Vuk M4A3 Oldfag oTO Orderite

    Nov 25, 2008
    I tend to agree, DS9 definetly had its moments. Particularly with the Kardassians. However, I also have to say that I really missed also a lot of what made Star Trek well, Star Trek. The explroation, the moral narrative, and it was more about diplomacy than fighting.
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  15. Spacemunkey

    Spacemunkey Vault Senior Citizen

    Dec 4, 2015
    I think DS9 was kind of forced into being more action oriented. When it first started TNG was still going and starting to branch into movies, they constantly rotated it's time slot, and when Voyager premiered I remember that show being hyped as the greatest thing ever. If you look at the earlier episodes they don't have the same sense of urgency to them that the later seasons had and focused more on the dynamics between characters on the station. I loved Worf on the show, but that seemed to be the we need viewers turning point.
  16. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Voyager in a sense did that too you know. It showed what the size of the Borg Collective was really like.
    Imagine what would happen if the Collective decided to send ten Cubes or even a hundred to the Alpha Quadrant?

    On the top of that it also introduced Species 8472, a race that controlled an entire universe as far as we know and can stand up to the Borg Collective and was bent on eliminating all life in our universe or at least the Milkyway Galaxy.

    The later VGR seasons neutered both but imagine if VGR Season 4 versions of the Borg Collective or Species 8472 decided to go to DSN. These are not races Sisko of the Federation can intimidate, or bribe. They don't care about politics or territory, and the Borg takes what it wants from the Alpha Quadrant civilizations while Species 8472 would just exterminate them on the basis that they considered all other life impure or an infestation.

    Sisko and his crew were damn lucky that at best the most alien, powerful, and aggressive thing they had encountered were the Pah Wraiths who were more interested in battling their Prophet counterparts.
  17. Spacemunkey

    Spacemunkey Vault Senior Citizen

    Dec 4, 2015
    That's why I said most. :-) Voyager for me just never caught my attention like TNG and DS9, not really sure why. I think with the addition of the Dominion though, a Borg invasion may not be the face roll it once was.
  18. Crni Vuk

    Crni Vuk M4A3 Oldfag oTO Orderite

    Nov 25, 2008
    Meh, please not the Borg, I fucking HATE those things. They not only look ridiculous, but they always destroyted a part of Star Trek for me, definetly with what I saw in Voyager. It's not so much the idea to say that. But I never understood this. Why the fuck have they not assimilated the earth already. Billions of Borg, and the Starfleet can barely keep up with one fucking cubus. That was ok in Next Generation, because you didn't knew from where it came. The thing might have been traveling for decades. But Voyager makes it look like, oh hey! Transworp! We can get to earth in like 5 min! Screw all those Borg :p
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  19. Juza The Cloud

    Juza The Cloud Nanto Goshasei

    Jun 3, 2015
    I felt the longer Voyager went on the more comical the Borg became. It was almost Keystone cops-like at points. Some of the civilizations were kinda uh a bit corny, the 37's and the evolved Dinosaurs come to mind.
  20. Spacemunkey

    Spacemunkey Vault Senior Citizen

    Dec 4, 2015
    There was no tension with the Borg, it was always a fight when they were involved, no posturing like with Romulans or Cardassians.