What the fuck happened to Fallout 4's weapons?

Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by ThatZenoGuy, Nov 9, 2016.

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    Dec 6, 2016
    I saw this post coming from far, and I desagree hehe.

    Visual is visual. Nuka Cola also has a diferent visual in the 3 generations.

    A sniper rifle is a sniper rifle. There´s one in each Fallout.
    A Rocket launcher too. We have that Red Glare in LR.
    Assaut Rifle the same. Gauss Rifle too.
    Tommy gun? We have the 45 smg.
    Mauser? We have that chinese pistol
    And so go on.

    Now, we can agree about the damage, or the ammo, or the wreight, or if power first uses energy cells or not, etc etc tec, but if I wanna use a char in F1 to 4 and NV that uses; for example; a Laser Rifle, I can.

    My complain is that Bethesda´s Fallout drops classic weapons. Why did they not put the .223 pistol? This is the most iconic weapon in the game, imho. Or the gauss pistol, or the pancor jackhammer. BUT, I understand that we cant have ALL the classic guns, because they need space to create their own guns. Problem is, what they create is shit in most cases. Like that bunch of pipe guns and that GOLIATH 10mm pistol in F4. Why is so huge?
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    Nov 8, 2016
    To be fair...This is fallout.

    Where humans can casually run around with a couple hundred pounds of gear, and weild miniguns. ;P

    It coulld work off some sort of revolver/magazine principle.
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    Judging by the tiny number of actually unique gun models in FO4, the "they needed room for their own stuff" argument sort of falls flat. It's not as if the game was flush with different guns or even different types of weapons like melee and unarmed ones.

    This wasn't a game that fit on a single dvd, it was generally downloaded from steam and could be as big or as small as they wanted. Space was never an issue, their inability to give a crap about consistency and to care about iconic imagery in the series beyond copying the vaultboy icon and abusing it ad nauseum was the issue.

    I'm unwilling to believe time constraints had anything to do with it either, since they supposedly worked on it for 7 years.

    Memory requirements? Nah.

    There's literally nothing I can think of that would prohibit them from putting in every gun from every Fallout game other than their own unwillingness.
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    Apr 18, 2015
    They had a ton of space, alright...which was then wasted in oversized textures on the environment, uncompressed. Hell, even if you get a mod to compress it, Boston Commons is still fucking terrible and laggy as fuck to enter. Oh, and weapons also had oversized textures. Good job, Bethesderp.
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    That's not really fair at all. It's not a principle of their science [or SCIENCE!], it is a principle of game mechanics, and that is unrelated to the world setting's fiction.

    Trademark & copyright infringement.
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    Dec 7, 2015
    Bethesda went turbo lazy with Fallout 4. That's the only way I can explain it. I mean the first thing that struck me was how empty and linear all the dungeons were. Some of the vaults maybe had 1 or 2 terminals with an entry or two.

    Even in Fallout 3 the dungeons had more lore in them than that. And compared to New Vegas ones? It's like comparing Michael Angelo to a middle school art class.
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    Todd Howard mentioned in a speech [possibly the one to George Mason University], of how players would click past verbose text to get to the end faster. It's why we can't have nice things anymore.

    *Remember: They are not out to make a grand RPG, or even a grand shooter... They are out to make as many grand as possible [millions] with a product that is just [barely] tolerable enough for every taste, without over seasoning the pot for any one palet; and nothing to inflame [gaming] allergies. :(

    It's the absolute worst mentality for any developer ~from a series fan's perspective. It means they don't respect it, and don't give a damn about anything but market tweaking.
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    It also kills any attempt of creativity, I mean I just can't see them at Bethesda trying to take risks, not like how they did it with Morrowind in some sense.