It's again that time of the year ... or Muslim bashing!

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Crni Vuk, Jul 16, 2016.

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    Jun 14, 2014
    And he impregnated a woman.
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    Dec 20, 2008
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    For starters, I don't see how that thing is giving you any kind of protection. Like as if someone's deciding to rape a women, it's just about "sex" and sticking his Penis into a Vagina. Curious if those pants also protect her from a rock to the head or if the guy decides to strangle her once he realizes he can't get in to her 'pants'. But yes, it's a great way to make money I guess and selling those kind of products to people that feel constantly 'anxious' about men raping them.

    Second, that kind of shit fear mongering happens all the time. Do we really have to get in to that rape-statistic again? Statistically in Germany almost EVERY rape is done by Germans - what surprise, so technically we should be actually more worried about the ... Germans!.
    The article mentions that she got that idea because she encountered 3 drunk men which had nothing better to do but to throw insults at her while she was jogging. Wow! That equals rape!

    But yes, we git it. Rape happens only when you're a muslim.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Native Germans, or imported ones? This doesn't look as a bunch of Prussians to me:
    Fake news or what?
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Most of the numbers, if I remember correctly are released at the end of a year. So actually, I have no clue how the statistic for 2017 is, but usually the BKA is a pretty good source. So I am reading for the first time, that they are not 'thrust-worthy' or distorting the statistics.
    For example, they mention also things that actually make sense in my opinion. Like to include only cases into a statistic, which have been actually solved. Just recently, the owner of a bar in Germany was charged with serious allegations, because he created a false case of 'mass rape' which never happend, after the police investigated the case.
    Besides it often is (sadly) impossible to say if something did or didn't happen, if the case isn't 'soloved'. Like let us say if someone dissapears for example, you can't say the was murdered, if you don't find the body. Even if there is a strong case for it, so what do you do now? Do you throw the case to the 'murder' statistic or just to the 'missing person report'? What if the body turns up after you listed the case to the 'missing person report'? You would have to constantly change everything.

    However, sexual assault or even rape isn't THAT uncommon on large festivals as it might seem (and I am pretty confident that is not only true for Germany), even without the 'immigrants'. No one's giving a flying fuck what happens each year at the Oktoberfest, some of the largest festival of the year, and the fact that it sees a relatively huge amount of sexual assault among many other crimes, of which some are more serious than others. And why? Beacause it generates a ton of money for Bavaria and Munich. And I can tell you, the image of drunk italians, russians or americans runing around puking at every corner isn't something I am looking forward to - I am living in Munich by the way. But, so be it. It's just a few days of the year.

    I am not questioning the fact that there are criminal immigrants, but I do question the frequencey at which rate it happens. For starters, to my knowledge, there are only very few actual 'hard' statistics on the case, in other words there is relatively little reliable data. Our government doesn't make much of a difference between someone who's 'born' in Germany and owns German papers but is the child of immigrants, and someone who's a 'biological' German, for the lack of better words. Under the law, they are all the same. Call it the fear of being seen as 'nazis', but we do not have 'lists' where someone is registered as child of polish, russian or turkish immigrants or what ever if he has german papers.

    And why should we? People that are born here and attended german schools for all their life, have pretty much grown up in this society. It doesn't make sense to 'divide' people in categories, like a racial profiling.

    Second, the statistics of the BKA, as far as I can say, are at the very least very reliable when it comes to crimes in general, as far as ALL Germans are concerned. They also did surveys regarding refugees, and they actually comitt less crimes compared to Germans, this is possible beacuse refugees are not treated by the law like German citizens, for example they have less rights in general.
    What you can do however, is to look at those parts of Germany, with the fewest immigrants, like Saxony which has maybe a 4% muslim population and compare crime statistics from here with areas with relatively high numbers of immigrants. If I remember correctly the numbers in crimes, doesn't differ THAT heavily. It is no secret that for example that drug related crimes are controlled by neo-nazi groups in some parts of Germany. Yet, you often hear something about 'turkish' family clans with their crime business. How comes no one gives a shit about all the 'disappearing' witnesses in the NSU process?

    Imagine if a muslim group would have killed white christian Germans over the last 10 years and no one bothered to do some investigation during that time and suddenly very important files would dissapear and witnesses beeing killed during the trial. An outrage of epic proporations would go trough the German media and population. But, since we're talking about 'germans' here ...
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Yes, Sweden for instance. They've invented dat enchanted Bracelet +1 against rape, so they are safe now:
    (I kid, the bracelet turned out to be too weak against potent black magic actually.)
    Interesting cultural difference, you Teutonic barbarians! :P
    Fun fact - our biggest annual music festival Pohoda passed without a single sexual incident reported last year and I actually don't remember a single rape incident from here reported ever. Oktoberfest is much bigger though, there's only a few tens of thousands people from all across the Europe visiting Pohoda every year. And there's much more soft drugs distributed than alcohol here, that might be another reason. (Just for the record, the number of moslem visitors is close to zero.)

    Don't play that racial profiling card on me again, mate. This is moslem bashing thread, religion is not a race.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    *Shrugs* Yeah some festivals seem to be worse than others. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the music? Wacken, one of the largest Rock/Metal festivals in Europa, has acutally very few reported crimes. Same with Rock am Ring, like from 90 000 people only 337 reported crimes for I think 2014 or 15. But that's just what I have read in some article. At least after googling it. Which well surprised me.
    Of course, just the stuff that is 'reported' I am pretty sure that people do all sorts of illegal stuff, like taking drugs, which is illegal, but doesn't necessarily hurt someone.

    Which makes it even worse, as you can easily 'lie' about your religion as you can't simply do a blood test, so any profiling about it would be kinda moot in my opinion, even IF we would get the idea to say, no muslim allowed. Or we start to seriously check everyones facebook pages, their google history, the people they talk with and so on in other words seriously changing our current privacy laws ... and in 20 years we end up like China or worse ... who knows. Google is already getting all kinds of request from companies, beacuse they want to know something about an applicant, and we don't have to get in to Snowden and the NSA I guess. I am not sure if I want to live in such a society.

    I am all for fighting terrorism and crime. But I also think we should always keep a sense of proportionalty when we talk about the subject:

    But, talking about religion and racism, I think the nazis have easily proven, how it can be tied together and if enough people parrot it, it becomes a 'fact'. They classified Jews as a race, and even in the 1930s some people thought that was bogus, but that didn't keep the authorities from reating it like a race. I remember this documentary about the Wannenseeconference, and a secretary asked one of the nazi officials about the 'Rassengesetze' which classify Germans by 'blood' and that it doesn't make sense since judaism is a 'religion'. The answer the official gave was basicaly, don't worry my dear, I don't understand it either, and I have spend years to make those laws. And everyone in the room laughed.

    I would assume that even today, many people judge others by their looks first and compare that with the 'image' they have in mind, I mean stereotypes come from somewhere. Take a black guy with the name of Mohamad, what would most Germans think here? Which makes it even more awesome, if such a person suddenly starts to talk with a perfect Bavarian dialect ;). I mean not ALL stereotypes are wrong though, it doesn't take a degree in rocket science to assume that 'most' turkish people in Germany are muslims and that a large majority of Germans are christian. Of course that's not a race, but since when has that bothered people to treat it as such?
    I think it was pretty clear what the travel bann in the US was supposed to be and I think it is pretty clear that religion played some role in the racial profiling in Cologne as well. I am not saying it isn't a complex topic after all.

    It doesn't matter anyway because what ever if we talk about religion or races, profiling has proven to be a rather bad way to prevent or fight crimes.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Okay then. I'd suggest you getting that nifty anti-rape pants for your next Oktoberfest visit though, better safe than sorry! :whatever:
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    Nov 25, 2008
    And you continue preaching easy solutions for complex problems ;).
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    Dec 20, 2008
    What solutions do you mean? What did I preach exactly? Elaborate.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Then what do you want to achieve by highlighting the 'criminal activity' of immigrants? Or with questions like
    Native Germans, or imported ones? This doesn't look as a bunch of Prussians to me:

    Because let us assume for a moment children of turkish immigrants would comitt more crimes than germans. What would you propose we should do?

    I also don't understand what you're trying to highlight with a link to a meaningless 'rape-save-pants' in a topic about well ... bashing Muslims ... isn't that kinda telling?
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Okay, here we go.. REEEEEEEE!!1

    It's only fair to properly acknowledge who is responsible for raised criminal activity. According to you, all Germans are equally responsible, while I can clearly see in linked article that people with immigrant background, people from moslem countries to be specific, commited majority of these sexual crimes. What did you assume I'm trying to achieve actually? Let me know, I'm genuinely interested in your prejudice driven conclusions and strawmans.

    See above. Also this question was asked in order to make your previous incorrect assumption more clear. Try discussing more pragmatically, be focused on rebutting linked informations instead of resorting to clueless assumptions and blind blaming, will you? I know your head is full of literal holocaust and you see millions of dead Jews everywhere, so you don't have to repeat this bullshit in every motherfucking NMA thread. Thanks.

    Okay, back to the point - since our country is under heavy pressure by German (and European) foreign policy, forcing us to accept huge amount of these people, I'm trying to understand what's going on in regions they've been offered asylum already. Is this clear enough for you? Do you understand, or not?

    Prosecute them, punish them according to local law just as you punish any person without immigrant background. What did you assume I would propose instead? Why we need assume something actually? Do you really have to assume something in every second of your life? Are you actually incarnated assumption walking on two legs or what?

    Yes, it's telling that accordingly to the previously linked webpage there's suddenly a lot of sexual crimes commited in January, 2017 by people with immigrant background in Germany. According to you it's perfectly normal situation, I see. According to me, it's direct result of importing people en masse from regions supporting and appreciating rape culture for millenia.

    Now what, are you ready to assume another literal holocaust and another millions of poor souls killed due to my post?
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Muslims are the problem. Let us not step dance around those statistics anymore, you believe in that article, I say it's not reliable. - As far as I know the German government has never released any official information on crimes comitted specifically by 'German' citizens which are the children of immigrants while the surveys they did with refugees say they do not comitt more crimes than German citizens.

    But let us assume you're right. So what should we do with the muslim children from German immigrants now?

    Then why do we have to actually make a difference between second generation immigrants and german citizen?
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    Dec 20, 2008
    You can't do much with them, can you? Treat them fairly and accordingly to your law. The real question is whether you'll let another million in or not. Yep, the inhuman thing and literal holocaust - closed borders, or not.

    I thought it's obvious - second generation immigrant raised in moslem family will be most likely following the same religious and cultural lines his parents and their predecessors followed. Are second generations immigrants less religious? Are they rejecting religion? Are they less moslem than their parents? I think not, a lot of radical fighters in former Al-Nusra and all across the middle east are actually second/third generation moslem immigrant kids from Europe.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    And that's why your're a bigot for me.

    You write millions of people off, because a certain percentage might be 'criminals'. Well done *claps*. Hence why I say, easy but wrong solutions for a much more complex and broader problem.

    It always comes down to 'Close border to YXZ and it will solve the problem'!

    No, that's not what I am saying. What I am saying is that we have no clue how reliable that is, unless yo uhave some official statistic and actually did some 'cleaning' in the statistic. Like does it actually tell you if those crimes are solved ones, or just allegations, who has collected them? I mean if there are no official numbers released, from where do they have them? What kind of analysis can be done with it? Those are all just collected cases and I have no clue which one of those are actuall crimes and which one could be false - and yes, they do happen.
    There is a reason why the state doesn't release EVERY case in a crime statistic, but actually collects them all at the end of the year to see if you have an actuall rise in sexual crimes or not.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Fuck off with your false moralism, will you?
    And you write tens of millions people off. Yes, your own goverment realized that open borders and uncontrolled migration is not the answer, so they locked the gate already. Schengen area is not open anymore. No more free invitations for hundreds of thousands refugees from frau Merkel this year, deportations instead, haven't you noticed? You can let million or two in until your social system and available police/teacher/medics manpower reach their limits and another tens of millions refugees are still waiting all across the globe - Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, whole middle east, Africa.. What would you propose to do with them, huh? Instead of providing half-arsed solutions and endangering your own safety, we need to teach these people to be more responsible. FFS India accepted strict birth control rules already, why Africa or middle east cannot do the same before is too late? Are you personaly responsible for every stupid fucker on this planet who can't keep his schlong in his pants so he breeds 20 children he cannot feed, or what? Where's your awesome solution? Borders wild open, huh?

    According to the high profile police officer in linked article, a huge chunks of data from whole regions sharing big amounts of immigrants are missing in the annual statistic. Your source is actually as unreliable as any other, dude.
  17. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Yep. Look at some nations in Africa and the middle east, which took more refugees than anyone else in Europe, and they still do it, like Jordan, with a population of howm any? 6 million? And they took more than 1 million refugees alone. And Europe is 'Colapsing' with the one they got, while we have a population nearly 300 million. Let me be 'racist' for a minute. You east europeans, I am sick of it and your right wing rhetoric, you constantly talk about immigration and the issue with refugees, but the moment it's about money, you do nothing but whining. Give me a brake. You know, why doesn't your government return all the money they received from the EU and we take all the refugees from you. Those 10 000 that you took in or something like that.

    You seen the millions of people in Spain that marched for refugees? Imagine that. They have their own issues, and they still want to help. Have you forgoten how life was under Soviet regime already? When 10 000 of east europeans decided to leave for the glorious west? How easily we forget what life is under TRUE hardship.

    But yes, let us continue with Dublin I and II, let Greece, Spain, Hungary, and the other border states deal with the issue. Who cares? Right. It's just human trash.

    Germany managed to help A LOT MORE people, RIGHT after ww2 ... but all of Europe can't help those people now. The richest nations on earth ... it's trully pathetic. What do you fear those people could take from you? Those few subsidies you get? Don't worry, no one is sending 1 million syrians in your little hell hole. I definetly wouldn't

    We are throwing 200 milion each year around, just so that the European Parliament can move from Brussel to Straßburg for a couple of days. And we don't have the resources and money to help people ... what a joke. Please. Not even you believe that for a second when you consider such shit like the Hyporealestate and how much money was thrown at banks just to bail them out.

    Because collecting cases where you don't even know if they have been actually solved or not, is much better, of course. It fitts your narrative of muslims runing around and raping people. So it must be alright. But if it turns out in a couple of months that some of those cases are not true, or that they got the wrong person or that they could never find out who it was, will you turn around and acknowledge that it was lower than what the 'statistic' said here? I guess not. Because you're not concerned with accurate nubmers, but to find something that confirms your opinion of raping muslims.

    So far, that's just a statement on a website, of which no one of us has a chance to check if it's true or not. Just recently they found ot that a high ranking police officer received double payment for decades, while not being in active duty and he used constantly to 'talk' about criminal immigrants and the risks of refugees which got him a lot of applause from the right wing. Now they would ratner want to forget him, due to his 'own' activites for receiving questionable amounts of money for jobs he wasn't doing anymore. In other words. Corruption. If that is the kind of role model we're listening to these days ...

    I have no reason, to doubt the 'official' data from the government. And maybe there was a spike in sexual assaults in Januray. I have no clue or way to check that, unless some official data has been realised, but I would rather not want to jump to conclussions just yet - particularly when you consider how often people claim that they got raped by immigrants and 'refugees', and it turns out that it's wrong. Those cases definetly exist, but I am sure you will simply 'dismiss' them.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    You still don't understand how restructural funds works, I see. You know what? Fuck these funds, take them away right now and rest assured I won't say a word against it. We've had our half a million gypsies and tens of thousands refugees/minorities here long before Slovakia became EU member, so you're clueless deluded ignoramus driven by prejudices. Proved repeatedly.

    The same sort of people as you. Regressive leftist living from social benefits or working for minimal wage, which means their network contribution in form of taxes is too low to repay their own education or medical care - suckling on teets of more successful countrymen and lobbying for crazy ideas how to spend other folks' money. These socialists, I swear man..

    No, I haven't, lived through it. Let me ask though, what would you do if Putin would have decided to move his tanks toward Berlin tommorow? Would you grab a gun and fight for your new fatherland, or would you go the good old trololo way - packing your things up and running to the nearest country with strong enough economy as fast as you can? Hm?

    Slovakia is not a hell hole, you are welcome to come by and check out anytime. Also I'm well aware that these poor moslems dying from wars and stuff are not eager to end here, welfare is too low and no mosques at all..

    You guess, you assume.. Bile and prejudices. If any case from these dozens would turn out to be false or wrong, I'd gladly acknowledge it.

    This goes both ways, just recently "they" found that hundreds of immigrants are fraudsters actually, repeatedly asking for social benefits in various cities with false identities. They used constantly "talk" about war, dangers, and poverty, which got them a lot of applause from the regressive leftists. You see? What's your point again?

    Well I do. Official data being incomplete or inaccurate is nothing new.
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    Sep 11, 2010
    New meme's have arrived.

    Seriously though, new attack by some muslim guy happened in London:
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    You're basically saying the refugee crisis is caused by sex-crazed foreigners who can't control themselves and flood their countries with children? Congratulations, that is the most ignorant bigoted bullshit I've read in quite a while. Or, in your own words,
    First off, André Schulz is not an active police officer, he's head of the BDK, a police union. He's also known for taking outragous positions (he wants seperate criminal laws for senior citicens because they're allegedly overrepresented in property crimes) and is currently under investigation because he was paid wages for years of work he didn't do.
    Then again, I read the source that gatestone institute linked and he didn't even say that. There's no mention of immigrant crime being suppressed. They cite this article and claim that:
    "The actual number of migrant-related sex crimes in Germany is at least two or three times higher than the official number. Only 10% of the sex crimes committed in Germany appear in the official statistics."
    The first part is a flat-out lie because the linked article says no such thing, nowhere. The second part is basically true; not because the numbers are suppressed but because there's always a dark figure of crime and it is usually high with sex crimes. Although, by definition, the real figures are literally unknown and 90% is an educated guess at best. Crime statistics can't contain crimes that are never reported, which is neither new nor related to immigration in any way.
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